Alphabet Soup

December 12th, 2011

When Joe was a youngster, his kindergarten teacher taught him what letters of the alphabet are important.

In his Monday afternoon press conference today, Bucs coach Raheem Morris emphasized what letters are important to him.

“The only criticism I care about comes from people with names that end with G… the next, his name has to end with a D,” Morris said per Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

In short, Morris responded to a question asking about the mounting firestorm that has hit the Tampa Bay area with the masses surrounding One Buc Palace with lit torches demanding Team Glazer jettison Morris in the midst of a grotesque seven-game tailspin, and counting.

Morris shrugged off the mobs with the long knives and his (alleged) soon demise, saying it is not writers and bloggers who sign his checks or critique his coaching, it is those with the G’s (Joel and Bryan Glazer) and D’s (Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik).

“None of that stuff matters,” Morris said. “We have to prepare to beat the Dallas Cowboys (this week), and we’re not going into the Dallas Cowboys game not to get fired. We’re going into the game to win, period.”

While Morris is correct, on face value, the NFL is not high school in that the masses in the long run very much do have a say, and that is ticket sales and luxury box sales and ad revenue from various sponsorships.

For a company willing to drop six figures or more on a product, that price plummets if said product is not popular with the masses.

The one way to calm down the mobs is for the Bucs to win. That hasn’t happened in this woebegone season since October and Christmas is a handful of days away.

So it comes back to the letter G as in G’s, in other words, bunches of Benjamins.

103 Responses to “Alphabet Soup”

  1. BucForce Says:

    Joe, did u catch that he even screwed THAT up? The Glazers’ names don’t END in G and Dominick’s name doesn’t END in D? Seriously, can someone please get the Navy Seals team to locate the Glazers and bring them out of hiding or the witness protection program, and do or say SOMETHING about what they have done to our team?

    The Chiefs fire a coach that has a better record than the Bucs, who lost their starting QB and RB, who won their division ONE year ago, and no one can get a peep out of our mute owners?? This is ridiculous…

  2. Adam Says:

    From the Raheem Morris Press Conference Today:
    “Obviously, the only criticism I care about comes from people with (last) names that end with G,” Morris said. “Next, the criticism, his name would have to end with a D and that would be Dominik….”

    I know what you’re trying to say because I’m smarter than the average fan, but Raheem…. Glazer ENDS with R. Dominik ENDS with K.

    You. Are. A. Moron. Not only can’t you call a game, you can’t FREAKIN’ SPELL!!!!

  3. FlBoy84 Says:

    He makes it too ezy.

  4. Bucc Fan In Hawkeye Country Says:

    i think Raheem needs help from G, D with an O inbetween for him to save his job. maybe he should talk to Tebow… wow Sparano just got fired too. Im sorry 7 losses in a row, 7 turnovers, 41 unanswered points to the Jags, penalty after stupid penalty. I was on board with keepin him next year til what happend to the Jags (maybe its just a day after thing, but damn) Ring Ring Jeff Fisher.

  5. eric Says:

    But were the “stockholders”………………………..

  6. Brad Says:

    [Maybe you didn’t read Joe’s countless warnings to LAY THE F’ OFF the on-air talent of Clear Channel? Or maybe you just don’t give a s(p)it? Too bad either way. If you need this explained to you e-mail Joe. There’s a zero tolerance for this crap now. — Joe]

  7. RED MAN Says:

    The only firing I care about should happen to the person with a name that ends with a M… the next, his name has to end with an O

  8. BamBamBuc Says:

    Brad – the players have packed it in, and I don’t care who the coach is… you can’t get players to play that have already packed it in. I swear, Donald Penn looked like nothing more than a practice tackling dummy on the sack/fumble/TD he gave up. He stood there, got punched in the chest and simply run around. We all know he can play better than that, but he packed it in. Blount is still fighting…. so much so that he stayed up too long and got the ball knocked out. Sure, the coaches are at fault, but the players have contributed significantly to this fiasco. If Williams and Talib had been playing at the beginning of the year like they were the past few games, things would be different. This is not a game where you step up only when you feel like it. And that’s on the players. Coaches can give speeches and try to motivate in whatever way they want, but if the players “think they know better”, it’s just like telling a teenager they shouldn’t do something… they won’t listen.

  9. eric Says:

    “Our fans are our stockholders. They’re what we play for every week. They’re the people in our stadium and who watch on TV,” Glazer said during an impromptu interview at the media headquarters for the Super Bowl. “This is what it’s all about winning, and how they feel about the team. If they don’t feel good about the team, something’s wrong.”

    He added, “Not to speak for the fans, but I think you all know the sense that was out there. It was time for a change.”

    Glazer boy, explaining the firing of Jon Gruden………

    Glazer boys wouldn’t be hypocrites, would they?

  10. flmike Says:

    Don Banks –
    “… As for Morris, well, he appears to be in full-blown meltdown mode these days, dropping an f-bomb in his post-game news conference last week in explaining why he banished defensive tackle Brian Price to the Bucs locker room in mid-game, making repeated excuses for his team’s shoddy performances, and generally acting like someone who wasn’t quite ready for the lofty position he was handed. In short, it could be said he’s acting his age.”

    Read more:

  11. Dew Says:

    I just went by One Bucs Place this afternoon and cancelled my 2012 season tkts. Sounds like they are getting an earful from a lot of season tkt holders for trying to collect for 2012 season tkts before Christmas and with three games remaining. They tried hard to get me to change my mind even giving me more time before paying. But in the end I said I wasn’t going to decide until the Fall when I see how committed to winning the owners are so went ahead and cancelled. I’m not too worried they won’t be there down the road if I change my mind. Sad it came to this and truthfully I don’t feel Rah had a fighting chance to win with this team.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think I may wear my Tebow jersey to Saturday’s game.

    If Raheem is acting his age, 35, its hopeless, I’ll never grow up.

    What about Tony Sparano for DC and Todd Haley for OC???? any thoughts?

  13. flmike Says:

    I rather have Mike Nolan or Dick Juron as DC, but Haley as OC would be cool, he was the OC of the Cards when Warner was there.

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I really like Raheem Morris. I think he did a fantastic job last year. Yes the schedule was easier, but it still takes very good coaching to win close games, as we did all last year. However, he is not doing the job this year. It may not even be his fault, but as the head coach, it doesn’t really matter. The players aren’t responding to him, which is the kiss of death.

    I can live with losing close games. I can even live with occasionally being blown out by really good teams. I can live with the occasional coaching mistake. However, I can’t live with lack of effort and being blown out by crappy teams. I can’t live with virtually all of our players regressing. For the first time ever, I don’t even get excited to watch a Bucs game. Again, it may not even be something he is doing wrong, but he’s no longer the right guy for this job. You can’t fire all the players, so the coach(es) have to go. I really hate saying this, but it is the truth.

  15. stevek Says:

    42 unanswered points to Gabbert,

    “Hey Rah, come step into my office, bc you are f****** Fired”.

  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I also noticed Morris is not the same guy on the sidelines. You can tell he is frustrated and really doesn’t know what to do. He is coaching with no emotion, and the team is playing with no emotion. T-Jax had a tackle for a 5 yard loss yesterday and not one player congratulated him. This team is not having fun, and their body language is awful. That lack of excitement and emotion trickles down to the fans as well.

  17. K2theSoldier Says:

    Agree 100% Hawaiian. Morris is a great guy and did an awesome job last year. But the ridiculous amount of blowouts that we’ve been in this year is unacceptable. He’s gotta go, and I hope he gets an opportunity to play with a team that’s more mature and has veteran leadership to help him out a little bit. Everybody needs to lay off the Fisher and Cowher talk however. Neither is coming here.

  18. stevek Says:

    Albert Haynesworth is our best player, that is on the GM.

    True Buc fans should cancel their tickets, until the Glazers get their heads dislodged from their heinekens and spend on a decent product.

    The underdog, rebulding story was a great little fairy tale, but truth be told, the Glazers just want to spend as little as possible to maxmize their profits.

    Glazers= Lazy+ Cheap + Not Interested in WINNING

  19. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Albert Haynesworth isn’t even our best DT. Talent is not the reason we are getting blown out by the Jags and the Panthers. Do you think for one second we would have lost to them earlier in the year or last year? No way. We really haven’t even had that many injuries this year (especially compared to last year). That is not the Glazers fault, although it can definitely be argued that they are the backbone of many of our problems.

  20. K2theSoldier Says:

    Very wrong Stevek…Haynesworth is one of the least disciplined players on the team, and the most undisciplined on the defensive line. The guy is never in his gap and takes off plays all the time.

    Also, saying “true Buc fans should cancel their tickets” is just stupid. TRUE fans stick with their team no matter what. If the Packers, Steelers or Eagles went 0-16 they would still have sold out stadiums.

  21. Dave Says:

    I got nothing left to say. It has been a disaster.
    Raheem HAS to go at this point.
    I would keep Mark D because I simply do not buy into the “lack of talent” argument. they have talent. they have the building blocks here on the Lines at WR at RB at QB.

    They need LBs and some DBs and COACHING.
    They need to grow and they need discipline.
    It seems obvious to me they are not getting that from Raheem.
    He tried to be their buddy first so now it is too late to be the tough guy disciplining them.
    He should have been tough at first and then ease off. I guess that would have been difficult being so young as well.
    In hindsight, he was probably too young and not ready…. so be it.

    I still like the guy and am not going to berate him as many are. 1 year ago he was mentioned as a coach of the year candidate.

    Heck, because of that, it would not surprise me if he is back with a new DC, but given the contract situation … who knows.

    Bucs’ fans need to wake up though: gruden & Dungy are not coming back. Jeff Fisher is NOT coming here – 8, 8! teams have already contacted him.

    That leaves Cowher and I just do not see him coming either, hell, we all know it won’t be because the Glazers make an awesome offer.

    So what does that leave them?

    It will be interesting, that is for sure.

  22. Fire Rah! Says:

    We need a coach like JJs college coach. Look what Jims done with Frisco. Just when everyone starts losing faith in Alex and that offense Jim comes in and shows what that team can really be. I personally feel our Bucs have mountains of talent and just need the right guy. All in all I do like Rah, but I think with his inexperience this team is just to young for him. I would like for him to step down to D-coordinator with a head coach to over see the whole team. Doubt its still a possibility though. I think with this mess and learning under a head coach from here on he will make a fine head coach down the road. Well either way I hope somehow we get back to winning. Go Bucs!

  23. Jon in Tampa Says:

    My head hurts

  24. flmike Says:

    @Fire Rah!
    Harbaugh had a proven track record at UCSD and Stanford, Rah was a DB coach, with no track record of success at any level. Like I said, if he worked out they look like geniuses if not, fire him and use the stockpile of talent we have to entice a name brand coach to come here. Looks like Plan B.

  25. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    stockpile of talent flmike?

    You cannot be serious. Name one player on our offense that opposing DC’s gameplan for and worry about

  26. K2theSoldier Says:

    @Creamsicle, I think it’s fair to say that opponents game plan for Blount. The dudes a horse.

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I wouldn’t say there’s a stockpile of talent, but there is talent there. Freeman has TONS of talent, it’s just not being groomed right now. And like K2 said, I guarantee you every single DC worries about Blount. Problem is, we don’t have any speed, so the DC doesn’t have to worry about the deep ball, so he can keep his secondary on the short and intermediate routes. I guarantee you that if we had a deep threat, Mike Williams would produce big time numbers.

  28. sandbagrudy Says:

    Sparano got wacked hope we don’t get left with uncle Junior. You can’t blame this mess on Morris he’s playing with the cards he’s been delt. I don’t think I’m going to renew my season tickets I dispise the feeling of being surrounded by opposing fans at Raymond James Stadium getting beat up in your own back yard with the whole school watching. The Glasers need a taste of thair own medicine Boycott the games until they start signing premier players in free agency. The Buccaneers seem to be cutting loose all the players who can contribute to winning.Before you let Derrick Brooks go replace him before you let Warrick Dunn go replace him so forth and so on the never replenished the pass rush Rice Sapp Lynch Dexter Jackson Brooks Quarles. What do these youngry kids do in film sessions watch slapstick movies. Come on this thing runs deep and distant. You give a guy five bucks to buy grocerys he’s not comming back with filet mignon The Glasers are feeding Tampa a can of dogfood.

  29. Raheemstinks Says:

    Its going to happen sooner or later we will get the last laugh on Raheem the Dream

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    One thing I refuse to do (and I’m a little embarrassed by those who do it) is throw a party when Raheem does get fired. Like him or not, good coach or not, he has worked his butt off for this team for 3 year. Most of you have no idea how much time and effort goes into coaching at any level, much less at the pro football level. For that, I give him my respect and appreciation. For the record, I give the same to Gruden and every other coach that has led this organization. When it does happen, I would hope the fans of this team would have enough class to not celebrate at his expense. If you think you should, I would be interested to know how you would feel if others celebrated the loss of your job. Have some class people.

  31. stevek Says:

    And Freeman, if he had a GAMEBREAKER to throw to.

  32. stevek Says:

    @ Hawaiian:

    You are right, Rah’s firing should not be celebrated.

  33. K2theSoldier Says:

    Now Hawaiian, you know people are going to celebrate. You’re going to have this website blow up with disrespectful little nerds yelling about how happy they are he’s gone. I’m with you, I think it’s a terribly sad situation and in no way will I be happy he’s a goner. But I’ll move my full support to the next guy and hope he can get more support from the front office than Morris got.

  34. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    But I will throw a party if he is hired by s division opponent!

    Also, i question how hard he works, it bugs me that he was at 717 Friday night with Free. I am not saying he cant go to bars but really a day and a half before a game against the Jags during an extended losing streak.

  35. K2theSoldier Says:

    Give it a rest Thomas. The guy isn’t a freaking robot. If you don’t let the man get his drink on every once in awhile you’ll have him posting on this site cussing guys like you out.

  36. stevek Says:

    Bring back Dungy!!!!!!

  37. Joe Says:


    Also, i question how hard he works, it bugs me that he was at 717 Friday night with Free

    Joe realizes your are high on life right now because Raheem Morris’ days as Bucs coach are numbered, knowing that your near-three-year crusade is about to reach its zenith, but you really need a cold shower. He and Freeman were there to support Joe Maddon’s celebrity charity event.

  38. stevek Says:

    I don’t have a problem with Rah having a drink, after all the way we are playing you only have 1 choice: drink through it.

  39. stevek Says:

    Thank you JOE, always to the point and enlightening.

    Agreed, Tommy 2.2- take a chill pill and hit the showers.

  40. K2theSoldier Says:

    Haha thank you for clarifying that Joe. Shut up Thomas.

  41. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Thanks Joe. He should be fired at once for attending a charity event, right Thomas? Once again, another perfect example of how your hatred for another man (which frankly scares me that perhaps there is a bit of a special feeling you have towards Raheem) leads you to twist the facts to fit your agenda. You are an embarrassment to the true fans of this team.

  42. Patrick Says:

    Sparano and Haley both fired today.

    If we’re going to fire Raheem, do it NOW. Miami and KC are gonna be the ones that land the top candidates if we don’t act now.

  43. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    The top candidates are never hired until the end of the season. Top potential candidates always wait until the season is over to see all the job openings. For example, Fisher is not going to accept the Miami job until he knows what other jobs are available. He will want to take the best possible situation. KC looks as if they are going to hire McDaniels. You want him coaching here? I sure as hell don’t. Like Joe has said, who are you going to have be the interim? Olsen? There’s nobody there. Just wait until January 2 and we will have every opportunity to get a good coach.

  44. Greg Says:

    Sandbagrudy says “The Glasers are feeding Tampa a can of dogfood”–I say it’s more like dog S%#T!

  45. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    I understand why he was there. Write a check to the charity or support it at a different time. This is just more of the same, I dont ever recall in-season hearing about Dungy or Gruden out at bars on Friday night in-season.

    One time would not be a big deal but we hear about this stuff frequently.

    Listen, I am not arguing thst Rah is a bad guy, he isnt, just a horrible horrible coach making a team much worse than its talent level.

    This hasnt been a 3 year crusade Joe, I have just been providing something that you sheep were incapable of: objectivity about how bad this team has been for 3 years. Sure the budget (previously called rebuild) hurts, but under any budget a team plays better than this debacle.

    I love how the last 3 Rah supporters have shifted their argument to blame the Glazers when just weeks ago this budget (rebuild) was a brilliant 10 year plan for success.

    Just some advice: watch the games without listening to the Glazer, buc, Dom, Rah b.s. and just concentrate on the football. It was obvious that the team was not good last year and was, but for their opponents, indistinguishable from this years horribly prepared team.

    They have lost by nearly 50 points to the last place terrible Jags and Panthers in consecutive weeks. You could have no coach and no practices and do better.

  46. crazy Says:

    Wonder if the Glazers have Skip Holtz’s number…

  47. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    The dogfood is called: Rahpo!

  48. Nick Says:

    LOL!! Dolphins looking for a young head coach according to PFT. There goes that “fire Rah now and get the best big name” theory

  49. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I don’t know where you think I’m blaming the Glazers, Thomas. Apparently reading is not your strength. I dispute the notion that he has been horrible for 3 years. He has been horrible this year, beyond horrible actually. However, he did a great job last year. I don’t care how easy the schedule was, it’s not easy to win 10 games in the NFL, especially by winning close games. It’s true he doesn’t deserve ALL of the credit for those close wins. However, by that same token, he probably doesn’t deserve ALL of the blame for this year’s losses. But that’s what happens as a head coach in the NFL, fair or not. You are on a personal mission against the guy from day one. EVERYONE on this board knows it, it’s amazing to me that you still try to deny it. Just be a man and admit it. You make excuses after every win (if you even show up), and you pin all the blame on him after every loss. You even stoop so low as to make up things about his personal life just to further bash him. I was obviously wrong at the beginning of the year in saying he was the right coach for this team. I am man enough to admit when I am wrong. However, I will never behave the way you behave towards another man. You are an embarrassment to all the good fans of this team (and there are many), regardless of if you are right about everything you’ve said. So you go ahead and continue to gloat in someone losing a job (not to mention his family, the other assistant coaches and their families), I’ll choose to be a classy individual and wish them all nothing but the best.

  50. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    I am sure when Rahpo is canned (pun intended) NFL teams will be anxiously trying to hire him as a head coach.

    Why don’t we do rah a favor and turn him loose now to give him time to catch on with a division opponent.

  51. Nick Says:

    his is just more of the same, I dont ever recall in-season hearing about Dungy or Gruden out at bars on Friday night in-season.


    Internet and twitter and bloggers these days…

  52. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    And by the way, when I lived in Tampa, I worked for the Hyatt. There were 2 charity events during the season that Dungy attended. I know this because I worked those events. I don’t recall (or care) if he was drinking, but there was alcohol there. What’s the difference between that and an event at a bar? Was Raheem dancing on the tables? I don’t think he chose for the charity event to be at a bar, he was just supporting a fellow Tampa organization and friend.

  53. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Hawaiian: I have maintained my desire to have him and staff rehired immediately even at a raise, hopefully by a division opponent.

    When you become a NFL head coach, if you go 17 and 31, you will be fired 95% of the time.

    When you get blown out repeatedly by bad teams, you will be fired 100% of the time.

    When your team is not competitive, undisciplined and embarrassing – you should feel like you have stole a salary for 3 years and be thrilled.

    I am not on a crusade against rah, I was merely objecting to a horribly undeserving, unqualified person hired bc he was cheap. Many of you bought this hiring hook line and sinker – I didn’t and remained consistent.

    Hawaiian – I know you love the team as I do. I just want what is truly best for it, not what I hope is best for it. Young undisciplined players need not be prepared by undisciplined loose unqualified coaches.

    This was an obviously dumb idea from the beginning and it was based on money not winning football games. Can you honestly say that the Glazers would have went cheap on players and coaches to rebuild if it was the MORE expensive. Hell no. They selected rah, Dom and no expensive vets bc it is cheap.

  54. K2theSoldier Says:

    Sad sad days in Tampa Bay.

  55. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m not stupid, your sarcasm about wanting a division opponent to hire him is neither funny or classy. Then again, I expect nothing less from you.

    I agree 100% that it is time for him to go. The team is not responding to him. Once that happens, it’s over.

    I disagree 100% that he was hired because he was cheap. As much money as the Glazers make, they can afford to hire a head coach making big money. Not to mention that they have continued to pay Gruden. They save plenty of money by not bringing in high priced free agents. I believe it was more so because they didn’t want to lose ANOTHER assistant coach, and have them go elsewhere and be successful. As for how little money he made, that certainly can be attributed to his lack of experience. He simply can’t command big money without having past success. That’s just business. However, I really don’t believe that’s why they hired him. They are smart enough to know that only a successful team will sell tickets, and a successful team needs a good coach. They thought they had one in Raheem, as he was widely considered to be an emerging great coach within the organization.

    I don’t know why I waste my time dealing with someone like you. Why don’t you go out and party on the streets, as your wish will be coming true soon. There’s no need for you to be classy, it would just be an act.

  56. Patrick Says:

    @Thomas 2.2

    I think we need to fire Raheem too, but I really feel for this guy.

    Raheem wasn’t helped anywhere near enough by his “rock star” GM Dominick and management.

    I also think he wasn’t qualified to begin with. That’s why it makes me mad that the Glazers just threw him into the HC role just like that when it was clear he didn’t have any noteworthy grooming or experience for the job. Not only did the team underachieve, but it also ruined Raheem’s career and there’s gonna be a big stinch on his resume after his likely firing.

    He could’ve been a very good coach with a few more years as a DB coach and then SOLELY as a defensive coordinator under a stable situation. The Glazers set him up for failure by putting him in a position he should never have been in. And then when he became HC, they didn’t help him enough or give him any support. No money spent to improve talent (we’ll never know if it’s really Dom or the Glazers, or both).

    Makes me mad. Whether Raheem is fired or not, I wish him the best. But I think he needs to go. Him and the team have just fallen apart.

  57. K2theSoldier Says:

    Totally agree with Patrick

  58. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Patrick: I almost entirely agree. I believe that Rah is a good D Backs coach, but that is the extent of his skill set. He can make a nice living in the league in that role.

    Seriously, I desperately want Rah to be hired in a leadership role in the division, but of course that is unlikely so it partially in jest I guess.

    The Glazers were not going to pay Gruden and another big salaried coach – so yes it had everything to do with the money. The Glazers thought that they were giving the fans what they wanted by firing Gruden so they believed they had a pass with a cheap head coach – the got three painful years at about 20% of what they would have had to pay someone qualified.

    The Glazers have not prioritized winning since 2004, Rah is a symptom of that philosophy. Guys – it is okay, you will be okay, as soon as a qualified coach is brought in here and the undisciplined problem players like Talib, Winslow, T Jax, Black, Toast Biggers, and Softy McCoy are shown the door – the on-field product will change almost immediately.

  59. BigMacAttack Says:

    To heck with the dog food, where can I get some of those $5 fillets?

    If Raheem keeps his job, will Thomas’ head explode?

  60. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    That’s a stupid list of “undisciplined” players. McCoy? Biggers? We’ve been so much better without McCoy right? You and every other expert agree, right? Oh wait, you are the only one that feels that way. Idiot.

  61. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    No, but Gene Deckerhoff’s might from another year of embellishing entertaining football on the radio broadcast – it is hilarious to listen to Gene this year.

  62. jb Says:

    Does anybody else get the feeling the Glazers are just sitting back laughing at us while they take our money? The fact that this MORON who can’t even differentiate between a first & last name is still Head Coach today speaks Volumes as to what the Glazers think of the Fans.

  63. Mr Lucky Says:


    Once for each loss in the current 7 game streak!

  64. Mr Lucky Says:

    How about this as a PR ploy:

    1. Team Glazer fires Raheem Morris

    2. Have a drawing for an ‘average Joe’ to coach the team for the remaining games.

  65. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    I will only allow my comments to filtered by a person whose name starts with “e” = Joe of course. LOL.

    We kid because we love. Also, I thought stats don’t matter unless it is 7 turnovers or average team age compared with the league.

    FYI – someone suggested that when the Bucs placed McCoy on IR and signed Albert, that they were no longer the youngest NFL team – that shows you how ridiculous that stat is.

    FYI- the Bucs are less than 120 days per player younger than the Pack at the beginning of the year and less than 180 days on average younger than KC, Seattle and Carolina. New England isn’t far off either.

    This 1/4 year age difference than other teams is sad excuse for s-itty coaching.

  66. Anthony Says:

    Wait, earlier this week you wrote ticket sales won’t factor into the Glazer’s decision and now they will? Which is it?

    And you were wrong about that. You said since the Glazers earn so much from TV revenue they won’t care about ticket sales…since when did NFL owners suddenly think they make too much money? Did you notice that lockout?

  67. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Well Hawaiian: the team’s big win, The Saints, again came without Softy.

    Yes, softy is very undisciplined, which partially explains how weak he is and injury prone, why he jumps offsides too frequently and loses his gap by taking the path of least resistance too frequently. Why he is statistically absent, Price’s year so far has exceeded Mccoy’s career numbers.

    Biggers just stinks.

  68. FIRE RAH! Says:

    Hey guys, I was thinking and pondering, if rah stays and we get a head coach, rahs salary may not be different or may go up or down just a hair. That’s at dc. Might try it, then again may be too late. Just a thought. I do like the guy a lot, just not head coach.

  69. ronnie22 Says:

    U guys should have listened to jacksonville jaguars radio blasting us during the game.. They made it seem like the jags just won the super bowl.. The bucs will have a great draft pick and i think instead of drafting for need, we draft either richardson or a speedy wr.

  70. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Price had more offsides penalties than McCoy genius. We beat Atlanta with McCoy (a much better running team). Besides, we didn’t win that game because McCoy didn’t play. That’s foolish and you know it. I am not saying we are losing because we don’t have McCoy, but to say that he wasn’t a factor in our early success is just stupid. As for Biggers, the guy has been put in a role he is not suited for. He shouldn’t be a #1 corner, which is what he’s been asked of all year. It would be similar to putting Preston Parker as our #1 receiver. Not to mention that he is only in his second year. He’s no Darrelle Revis, but he’s not half as bad as everyone makes him out to be. The guy plays hard and competes every play.

  71. SteveK Says:

    LOL at Thomas.

    We are in a bad place right now. The Redskins got more fight than the Bucs.


    new coaches, new expectations. No excuse for how bad we are playing.

  72. SteveK Says:

    Bucs FRont Office needs to take the bandaid approach:

    Fire Coach, Hire beast of a Coach

    Cut all dead weight.

  73. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Sure Hawaiian: Biggers is just slightly behind Revis. He has not been asked to the #1 corner, Talib was and when he went down against Carolina Ronde said that Rah Rah asked him to shift over to Steve Smith.

    Biggers is horrible, he should be a backup AFL corner.

  74. eric Says:

    hey joe

    regarding clements from green bay.

    anything about him that makes u mention bim over the packers oc?

    also i wasnt aware that winston moss was their assistant head coach. he played here for perkins.

  75. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You really do have comprehension problems Thomas. I said he’s no Revis! Where in there does it say he’s slightly behind him? And if you watched the games instead of typing nonsense during the games on the thread, you would know that. He played the #1 receiver virtually every game until the last few (I believe because Talib had been not healthy). Saying otherwise is just false. I suggest you go back and watch the games. By the way, how many catches did Smith have against Carolina?

    My point is that he is a slot corner playing as a #1 corner (or #2 at worst, Ronde rarely lines up outside). It is kind of like putting Brian Price as a DE. He’s playing out of position, but doing the best he can. Put him in the slot and I guarantee he will give much better results. So yes, he is not good enough to play against another team’s #1. But that doesn’t mean he is horrible. If I’m not mistaken, I don’t remember anyone from the Bucs claiming he was when they drafted him. Idiot.

  76. SteveK Says:

    Thomas2.2, great point. BIGGERS should be TE last CB on the roster at best. That should be our goal, trade back and double dip a CB, and take LaMichael James in the 3rd.

  77. SteveK Says:

    TE= the*

  78. SteveK Says:

    Quincy Black should be cut, as should Anyone loafing around on any play. Talib and Hamsworth should be cut on principle alone.

    McCoy, we love you, but 2 strikes, brother. Let’s have a healthy 2012 and forward.

  79. Patrick Says:

    This offseason:

    Trade Black: see if there’s a team retarded enough to give up something for him. 7th rounder is better than nothing.

    Release Sean Jones, Lewis, Lumpkin, and Hayes. Draft CB and LB with first two picks. Sign two free agent LB’s and one CB. Sign two veteran DT’s since McCoy and Price have health issues. Sign DeSean Jackson (c’mon……we need a receiver that SCARES defenses!!!!!!). Draft a speedster running back to pair with Blount.

    But first, we need to make sure we have a GM that is open to bringing in proven free agents.

  80. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Damn Patrick, I like every single idea you just made (except nobody’s giving us squat for Black). I don’t know if all of that is possible in one year, but I would be happy with just half.

  81. eric Says:

    i aint gonna lie.

    ill celebrate rahs departure.

  82. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Good for you Eric. You must be so proud.

  83. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I’m going to surprise some people here…

    I will never bazsh the concept of the Buccaneers or our owners, whom I respect a lot for brining us a superbowl. I don’t believe for a second that they are “cheap”. I think they are wise spenders.

    If I were grading our owners, I would give them an A+, regardless of what idiots like Thomas 2.2 think.

    If I were grading GM Mark Dominick, I would give him a B. I think he’s hit more than missed in the draft, and that’s really all you can ask in terms of the draft. Its a crapshoot at best, and I DO believe he has brought in some really great potential.

    And then we come to Head Coach Raheem Morris.

    And this is where I will surprise people. I like Morris. I never viewed him as a top coach, regardless of what people might assume I’ve felt. I have always viewed him as a coaching talent in development, just as our young players are in development.

    His first year, he downright sucked, but maybe that wasn’t all him. I mean, having so little experience, it seemed to me like his coordinators had more power than he did. Finally, Dominick fired them and that’s when I think Morris got the power.

    From that point on, things started getting better. That season record still sucked, but there were positives from the time Morris got the power.

    That was followed by last season. It went well obviously. 10-6 isn’t bad. But if I’m honest, there WERE red flags for me. The London trip for one. Talib cussing out Morris and Morris blowing it off. That’s a prime example.

    I remember in several comments last year, I mentioned that being nice to the players, being all buddy-buddy got good results during the good times, but what happened when the pressure was on and the team was losing? Would they quit on him?

    Have the players quit on Raheem?

    It sure seems that way. The players have given the fans that impression. If they have not, they need to prove otherwise…because Raheem’s job is counting on it.

    I like Raheem a lot. Clearly.

    But his dropping of the F-Bomb, his other media mistakes, all of the problems rearing their heads…I can see a case being made for firing him.

    There, I said it.

    I do see that he is handling the current criticisms badly. Do I think he should be fired? No. But I can see a case being made for it.

    Truth to tell, if I were the owner, I might even consider it. But here’s the thing:


    Understand something. A member of the coaching staff would be made interim head coach. In NFL history, when an interim HC is named, how many times was that same guy signed on as head coach in the off season?

    Look at it this way…the rest of the coaches need stability, right? If they are assuming they will lose their jobs at the end of the season, just how much effort are they going to put into their jobs until then?

    And then consider this…who would be the interim HC? Usually it’s one of the coordinators. We only have one. So, are you all ready to see Olsen made interim head coach, and possibly signed on officially as head coach at the end of the season?

    Because that is the risk being taken if you fire Raheem Morris before the end of the season…even with just a few games remaining.

    Let Raheem finish the year. Some of you say “let a new coach come in and evaluate the players in the remaining games” and then you ask “who will be the interim coach?”

    Clearly some of you are not thinking this through. So we watch a few more crappy games. Really, does it matter? It’s only a matter of weeks now. Why force the owners to make a hasty choice when after the season ends, we could end up with a prime HC choice?

    Don’t get me wrong…
    I still want Morris to stay…but I just don’t see there being no backlash to all this now. I certainly think Mark Dominick should stay. I think he is a top-notch GM.

    But IF Raheem Morris is going to be fired, and we are not going to keep him no matter what, at least give him to the end of the season. It would benefit the team that way.

  84. K2theSoldier Says:

    I’ve always believed Desean Jackson was wildly overrated, but as of this year its become clear he has a severe attitude problem and is wicked selfish. We already have a few of those on the team, I don’t really want another. Desean doesn’t belong here. I like releasing Sean Jones and Hayes. Black will hopefully ride the pine behind Dekoda Watson next year.

    Draft Luke Kuechly, move Mason Foster to outside linebacker. I’m liking that idea.

  85. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Hawaiian Buc Says:
    As for Biggers, the guy has been put in a role he is not suited for. He shouldn’t be a #1 corner, which is what he’s been asked of all year. It would be similar to putting Preston Parker as our #1 receiver. Not to mention that he is only in his second year. He’s no Darrelle Revis, but he’s not half as bad as everyone makes him out to be. The guy plays hard and competes every play.

    On this point I have to disagree. I remember seeing him on a play in the Jags game where he had to opportunity to immediately take down his guy who caught the ball…he hesitated as if he were deciding if it were worth the effort…and then another player came running and yelling at him, and he finally reached out for the guys shirt.

    Biggers does not give the effort you suggest. Maybe he is in the wrong position, I’ll allow for that possibility, but I hate his level of effort. And he can’t tackle without being assisted at all unless he falls into a WR.

  86. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Do not move Foster…he’s developing fine.

  87. K2theSoldier Says:

    Move Foster in order to get the atrocious tackling of Quincy Black off the football field. He can develop at outside linebacker fine, he played it as often in college as he did middle linebacker. The Boston College MLB is a stud textbook tackler that will immediately help our run defense out. Foster can keep calling the defense from the OLB position.

  88. SteveK Says:

    Yo Dutcher,

    “A” for ownership? You gotta be kidding me?

    We stink this year, and it is bc they won’t spend. Jonathan Joseph, Sproles, and Doug Free should’ve bee Bucs.

    Dom gets a “B”??? Name 1 game breaker? Derrick Ward or Michael Clayton? No wait, Quincy Black? All those extensions are crap.

    Rah is not suited to be a head coach, yet. It is our honor roll owner/GM that are the real Culprits.

  89. Bucnnole Says:

    This year’s Jim Harbaugh… Mike Gundy from Oklahoma St. Just throwing it out as a young, upcoming coach WITH HEAD COACHING expierence.

  90. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    ^^^He’s a man! He’s 40!!! Sorry, I just can’t get that rant out of my head from Gundy.

  91. Nick Says:

    I remember seeing him on a play in the Jags game where he had to opportunity to immediately take down his guy who caught the ball…he hesitated as if he were deciding if it were worth the effort…and then another player came running and yelling at him, and he finally reached out for the guys shirt.


    Was this before or after he got a penalty for making a football play on a receiver catching the ball? Just a question. If after the play you describe may be a result of that one. Just sayin…

  92. Rah Supporter Says:

    I don’t think it’s any secret Rah was hired as head coach because he was cheap , but he is also a good football coach. We learned that when he left for K state and the Bucs defensive backfield suffered. He was really slated to be the defensive coordinator but was also being courted by another team at the time for a head coaching position. The Glazers said hey we are hurting , why not? The Glazers knew his first season was going to be a bust and a learning experience. They were ok with losing if it helped the rebuilding plan and they saved money, but they thought the fans would still show up. They were wrong. Raheem really worked magic last year because he is a good coach who is learning with young players. What the Glazers failed to do this year is make the team stronger with some veteren help. Because of a 16 game season, everything is highlighted and things can change dramatically in a few games. Tebow can’t win, The Eagles just beat the Cowgirls, they will win the division. Fitzgerald is the one to bring the Bills thier first Superbowl extend him NOWll See how these young players react the next three games. See If Josh Freeman can get the magic back. He has been pathetic during this losing streak and Breathe Buc Fan!

  93. shortybuc Says:

    Steve.. some of those contracts were not fully paid to the guys who got cut (Clayton Ward) and what was that two years ago?..Those are once a year mistakes for Dom..He cant help that mccoy and price are oft-injured..give the guy a break. His draft this year rocks he still gets the nickname..not to mention he helped sign all the free agents who helped chucky win a superbowl..Nobodys another GM who not allowed to spend money? He told the media that Bucs arent a player in free agency till we have a playoff team (You know this man!!)

    He drafted a bunch of captains with reportedly good character when one of those future leaders steps up..Hopefully it will be the next sapp or brooks..were just gonna have to weather a few bad seasons..because you cant have a good odds when only allowed to sign or get one free agent a year..and of course have somebody sloppy at the wheel driving this thing

  94. Nick Says:

    Wow, the Rams just took seven plays to give the ball to Steven jackson from the two. We think olson sucks. How bout McDaniels?

  95. sandbagrudy Says:

    The Saints have been blowing inadvertant wistles on the sidline when on defense causing offencive teams to stop in the middle of plays Tenneessee has proof of it on film maybee that how they have been taking advantage of teams

  96. Brent Says:

    Ok time to follow suit to the other two Florida NFL teams fire RA-Heem make it a clean sweep all new coaches for Florida teams!!!!!

  97. Joe Says:


    hey joe

    regarding clements from green bay.

    anything about him that makes u mention bim over the packers oc?

    also i wasnt aware that winston moss was their assistant head coach. he played here for perkins.

    Packers offensive coordinator is an offensive line coach, much like Bill Muir.

    If it’s really all about No. 5, lets get the guy who was instrumental in developing Aaron Rodgers. Phil Sims said the difference in Rodgers as a rookie and Rodgers when he took over for Brett Favre was night and day.

  98. Joe Says:


    Notice how the Bucs rush defense has collapsed since GMC got hurt?

  99. Joe Says:

    I will only allow my comments to filtered by a person whose name starts with “e” = Joe of course. LOL.

    Good one Thomas! 🙂

  100. K2theSoldier Says:

    @ Bucnnole, that’s an interesting name you toss out. Then compound that with the possible selection of Justin Blackmon? Haha. We’ll see. That would certainly be an exciting hire. He IS a MAN, and he IS forty. We know both of those for sure about Mike Gundy.

  101. Dave Says:

    Joe Says:

    December 13th, 2011 at 1:16 am
    “Notice how the Bucs rush defense has collapsed since GMC got hurt?”

    EXACTLY what I have been saying for weeks!! Thank you JOE.

    Alot of McCoy bashers, but he was playing real well and making everyone play at a higher level aorund him. he was demanding double teams and opening up the other guys. Since he left, Price has disappeared except for the one game Haynesworth played well. It is clear that Price NEEDS a real good DT who demands double teams next to him.
    It is also becoming clear he Clayborne will be an absolute stud within 3 years.

    That D-Line has the players there, they just need discipline, coaching, and experience.
    Just like the WR group IMHO.

    I don’t think alot has changed from a talent stand point. They need to draft (in no particular order):
    field stretching WR
    speedy, shifty fast RB (unless MM is showing he is that guy)

    Of course, this might finally be the year the delve slightly more into fre agency and fill a couple spots and some depth with that.

    New LB coach.
    New WR coach.

    As far as Raheem… I want to see get a new coach, but who? Forget Dungy, Gruden, and Cowher. Fisher is not coming here either, he is already being contacted by 8 different teams allegedly.

    At the very least, strip Raheem of the DC job.

  102. Nick Says:

    Joe, wasn’t Muir the o-line coach for Chucky while he was here? Don’t think anyone from that regime wants to come back

  103. BigMacAttack Says:

    For the time Biggers has been in the league and time actually spent on the field, he’s a pretty good CB. I would say he is better than Talib was at that same point. His first full season was spent on IR as well. I believe Biggers will continue to improve and I find it a little unfair to compare him to Nnamdi, Revis, or Samuels, that have considerably more experience and occasional freakish ability. This team has a number of problems and I don’t see Biggers as one of them. I have yet to see a CB in this league that doesn’t get beat from time to time, or have a bad season. They all do, even the ones mentioned above, or players like Champ Bailey too.