Adrian Clayborn Is Down On His Play

December 18th, 2011

In this mess that is the Bucs season, at least Joe can bank on the play of rookie defensive end Adrian Clayborn.

The gentle giant from St. Louis by way of the University of Iowa has a motor that just won’t quit. When you hear others claim the Bucs give up, they are not referring to Clayborn.

After the game, Clayborn actually didn’t want to talk. The soft-spoken man was upset with the team’s loss, of course, but more so over what he perceived as poor play.

It was Clayborn who helped put the Bucs on the scoreboard first with what NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock called “relentless effort,” chasing down Tony Romo for a sack and a forced fumble that Dekoda Watson scooped and scored with.

“It was just one play in the game,” Clayborn said. “I messed up a lot in this game but [the sack] was a critial play. I was lucky to come up with a sack. I could have had a lot more if I played my normal game.”

Now that Clayborn has played in 14 games, more than any college, one could argue he is hitting his rookie wall. Clayborn quickly dismissed such a notion.

“Nah, man. When you love football you can’t hit a wall.”

9 Responses to “Adrian Clayborn Is Down On His Play”

  1. sandbagrudy Says:

    Great pick he’s doing it alone constant motor just think if he had some inside help He’d have double digit sacks. Roy Miller McCoy and price were supposed to be the inside forse to free up these edge rushers and backers. this team needs a better rotation of d lineman.

  2. Tampa2 Says:

    Many people on here thought Clayborn was a bad pick because of his arm. I hope that these same people have learned that the heart & will of a man counts more that physical perfection does. Clayborn will be in the Pro Bowl within the next 3 years.

  3. Macabee Says:

    This has turned to be a great pick because I thought sure the Bucs would have taken Cameron Jordan over Clayborn in the 1st round. As Tampa2 stated, I had my concerns, not because of his arm, but I saw the 2010 Mizzou game and I thought he looked out of gas and lacked endurance. I think his motor is going to carry him a long way. When he learns to swim and spin effectively to get off a block and not let his speed take him pass the play, he is a pro bowl player.

  4. Captain Stagger Says:

    Nice to know we got at least one pick right….way to go Dom….:(

  5. thibs5599 Says:

    He is my favorite player on the team right now, constantly battling and putting pressure on the qb, your right Macabee he needs to learn an inside move and he will take it to the next level. He has two games left hoping he gets to 10, that would be great. He needs some work against the run, but he will get their. It is not that he gets pushed all over the place he simply gets out of position here and there and with weak linebacker play they give up big gains. Along with linebacker play the safety play is horrible I think as it stands now Cody Grimm starts no matter what next year even if he has been injured past two seasons, would love to see this defense with a healthy grimm and mccoy for a season. Along with with bowers and our boy CLAYBORN

  6. Bucfan34 Says:

    He and Bowers are starting to look like great picks as DaQuan gets healthier. We have to keep Haynesworth on the team because both of them have really really improved since we brought Big Al in. Actually the DLINE as a whole seems to have improved. The back 7 though has been awful in that time.

  7. AtlBucsFan Says:

    Adrian is my favorite player. Love the effort he puts in and energy he brings to every play. I agree with others that when he learns to control his push to the qb he will be unstoppable. It will be even better when he gets so fed up with teammates on the line that he demands better performance from them. That too will come in time.

  8. Oahubuc Says:

    The Clayborn favorite player thing. Yes.

  9. Jorge Says:

    Clayborn and Bowers are the only guys worth a damn in this front 7, period…