A Big-Name Coach Would Sell Tickets

December 23rd, 2011

A new column on NFL.com has revved up the discussion

The familiar take that a big-name dude like Bill Cowher or Jeff Fisher coaching the Bucs next season would not only generate a rush of optimisim but also sell gobs of new tickets has hit a new pitch today.

Writing on NFL.com, Albert Breer has a new column sharing his view that Team Glazer will hire a big-name coach in the offseason, in part, because they have seats to fill and crave exposure.

One prediction

Miami won’t be the only team from Florida trying to make a splash coaching hire this offseason.

The Buccaneers have spent considerable time over the last five years trying to expand their market, even going to the home country of their sister franchise, Manchester United, to try to pull it off. New Jaguars owner Shahid Khan already has discussed similar maneuvering.

One way to quick-fix small-market problems is to bring in a big-city type of coach.

It worked wonders for the Glazers with Jon Gruden — at first, anyway. It could work for both these teams now, too, in getting fans to the gate.

Click on through above to read more of Breer’s take.

So what would Team Glazer say about the concept that a big-name coach would resonate at the box office?

Joe doesn’t have to speculate. Bryan Glazer himself offered his opinion back in September during an interview with Steve Duemig on WDAE-AM 620. Here’s the exchange:

Steve Duemig: You knew you would go through some growing pains. When people were calling for their jobs in Year 1 with the 3-13 record and tyring to win a game, was there every any thoughts of making a change? Or were you just going to go through and let this thing play out?

Bryan Glazer: No, we were very confident in what we had done. It would have been very easy to hire a big-name coach and sell a couple more tickets, but that wouldn’t have got us to where we’re headed today. It would not be coming off a 10-6 season with a franchise quarterback and heading in the right direction.

What Glazer meant by “a couple more tickets” is anyone’s guess.

Conservatively, if hiring a big name coach saved 1,000 season-ticket holders from cancelling and generated 1,000 more new tickets, then combined that means a new big-name coach would generate an additional $1.4 million in first-year ticket revenue, assuming an average ticket of $70 and no home game in London.

Maybe the projected cash is a lot more significant, maybe it’s under $1 million. But all that’s for the bean counters at One Buc Palace.

Joe’s still holding to Team Glazer’s statement that “money will never be an issue” when building the Bucs, so this is meaningless yet interesting chatter to Joe.

41 Responses to “A Big-Name Coach Would Sell Tickets”

  1. jvato24 Says:

    good article. Just 10 more days …

  2. thibs5599 Says:

    one million dollars is pocket change to any NFL owner. Look at what they through at quincy black last year. Clearly money is not an issue if they through around a 25 million dollar contract to a bum. I see where Bryan was coming from though. A big name coach gets you a million more dollars or so that is not that big of a deal. they would rather have a cheaper guy that they have control over and let the GM do his job

  3. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    At this point the situation has regressed so far that it’s about thousands and thousands of tickets, each game, not a “few” tickets any longer. The Glazer boys aren’t going to be happy with television money alone when they stand to make millions more each year with a marketable coach & a team that’s on an upward trajectory.

    Unless there’s an incredible turnaround where the Bucs win the last two games and show some competitive fire and live up to some of their potential in a decisive manner, you can take it to the bank that Raheem Morris has coached his last game at Raymond James Stadium.

  4. Tye Says:

    Often times the HC of a football team is seen as the potential of what the future for that team can become….. That is why so many flocked to get tickets when Gruden was hired and why SO many thought so little of the hiring of Morris….. Gruden had made a name for himself and therefore brought with him excitement to the fan base for the future…. In the same way Morris was not known and many were troubled by this hiring…

    If someone who has made a reputation for themselves were to be hired then many, MANY people would be driven by excitement once again to buy tickets to see a team that has a greater chance to become something great….. Keep the same guy and the excitement and even hope for the Bucs future to SO MANY becomes Very bleak!

  5. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Watch or read the real sports piece on the ticket sales impact of the seahawks hiring pete carroll. Also led them to playoffs in year 1 and they advanced with little talent.

  6. Chiman Says:

    You mean the same Seahawks humiliated by the Bucs in Week 16?

  7. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    If rah is fired, i will buy season tix.

  8. Bobby Says:

    Oh Thomas!! That is so lame even for you. You are going to throw the Seahawks out as a motivator??? They won their division with a losing record and this year they’ll probably finish with the same record. That’ll fill a stadium every time. I posted the NFL.com article for you to read that showed how changing coaches does little to nothing to change things. Playing musical coaches just ensures mediocrity for the most part.

  9. k_bassuka Says:

    I’m tired of jumping the gun and firing the HC and/or clean house like some have suggested… Why not look at the problem and deal with it instead. Last year the weak link of the team was the ineptitude of the offense to score TD having to settle for FG’s most of the time, well this year is about the same and the priority should be in fixing what’s broke. Olson clearly is not a good OC he has never been, he proved been a horrible one in STL and did a horrendous job in DET as a QB coach, why is he still calling plays for TB or still has a job is beyond me.

    If we get the offense fixed the young defense will play much more better and we will finally see that competitive team hit the field on game days…. Hope MD do the right thing and get the right coaches here.

  10. D-Rome Says:

    I would buy season tickets tomorrow if the Bucs announced they were hiring Marty Shottenheimer or Denny Green.

  11. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    The problem is we have a team that will lose 10 straight. This isnt for a lack of talent, its because we have a HC who is not respected by the players and there is no discipline on the team. When rules are enforced, it comes down on a guy who has two hamstrings nailed to his pelvis instead of the cab driver beating, pistol whipping, IR-for life freak show. Inconsistent rules=lack of leadership. I cannot understand why the media is making excuses for this guy.

  12. KD Says:

    @Chiman – that same Seahawks team also knocked the Saints out of the playoffs at home.

  13. Garv Says:

    You people who claim they would buy season tickets the minute a coaching change is made are liars. Loud mouthed attention seeking, lying jack wagons.

    Who the hell do you think you’re fooling? Maybe yourselves until it occurs to you you actually have to PAY for them.

    Please. Either you are committed or you are not, you can afford it or not. But insisting that after a 10-6 season a year ago you would NOW buy season tickets if a coaching change is made is flat out pathetic and everyone here but the liars themselves knows it.

    Merry Christmas!

  14. thibs5599 Says:

    I agree with you bassuka

    Olson is horrible. last in red zone the past two seasons and no explosiveness. WE ALSO HAVE THE SLOWEST GROUP OF WR IN THE NFL. absolutely no speed what so ever, which does not help. tie that into the rb position as well.

    On defense, we need a coordinator because RAH clearly is not a good def coordinator. dont care whether its a 43 or 34 because many players have made the switch over the past few years

  15. upthegut Says:

    The problem with the D is the defensive formation. Instead of debating a 4-3 or a 3-4, we should go to a 7-6-5 then maybe we can cover the field!

  16. bucfanjeff Says:

    Fools gold.
    A big name coach is only going to net a bump in ticket sales. It’s the product on the field that really matters. Unless it’s Jimmy Johnson, I don’t see the Glazers making a move this year with Raheem.

  17. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Garv, you use the term “jack wagon” entirely too frequently. Do you sit at home all day watching Mail Call reruns or something? Get a new moniker for people you don’t agree with already.

  18. ElioT Says:

    Yeah and the same Seahawks who would beat the dog sh*t out of the Bucs if they were to play this year. The Seahawks look in much better shape than the Bucs right now; a blind man could see that.

    Last year was, well; last year…

  19. SteveK Says:

    A big name Coach does more than just sell tickets, ideally he wins games and get the Bucs on primtime TV too.

    C’mon Glazers! Make my day, punks, I dare you to pull the trigger and land us a BIG TIME coach.

  20. SteveK Says:

    Garv, you can keep buying tickets and supporting this “lack of talent” coaching staff and tight wad owners. “Jack Wagons” are the sheep that are still supporting this ineptitude you call a coaching staff.


  21. OAR Says:

    Funny how Freeman had success when Olsen was his first QB coach and then his first(I know, second really, but not counting that Jagz fiasco) offensive coordinator.
    Not saying he’s great, but the success has been there. I think the execution has been the major problem on the offense, not necessarily the play calling.

  22. Garv Says:

    Trust me on this. The term jack wagon is a very tame version of the description I’d rather use towards those who continue to insist they would actually buy season tickets if a coaching change was made. They are lying. They would have done so last year after 10-6. It’s BS.

    Fans are fans and the base Buccaneer fan is a good as they get. The front-runners and bandwagoneers help out when things are good and run like scalded rats after a terrible season like this one.

    But why give up tickets to NFL games on Sundays in Tampa? Things will turn around and those of us who have always been there will reap the rewards. The rest can lie like a politician and claim to have been there all along. I don’t care about them or what they think of my rather toned down use of a term to describe them.

    Things will turn around but I know damn well that every one of you who claim they will buy season tickets as soon as a coaching change is made is flat out lying.

    Merry Christmas!

  23. Garv Says:

    And BRING DUNGY BACK? OMG………same “fans” who wanted him fired in the first place no doubt. And news flash………he’s not COMING back and has made that perfectly clear to anyone who can read, listen and comprehend.

    Merry Christmas!

  24. OAR Says:

    Relax man, you sound like a wagonista!

    BTW Merry Christmas!

  25. Patrick Says:

    I don’t think it necessarily has to be Cowher or Fisher to make the fans happy and fill stands. I think a good, well known coordinator who has a good track record with proven success would please the fan base. Dungy was a coordinator before he became HC here.

  26. mbaby Says:

    I think this the Glazer have money issue.http://thecitizen.co.tz/sport/-/18176-glazers-deny-drawing-uniteds-cash

  27. Garv Says:

    Wagonista nada. But apparently banned from posting here for the time being.
    Gosh forbid.

    Merry Christmas!

  28. OAR Says:

    Banned? No, not saying that. I thought, since you used the slang term jack wagon, you would know what the slang term wagonista is?

  29. ClayBURN94 Says:

    AGAIN people continue to forget how poorly we still played during the 10 win season. Free had to lead us back in the 4th quarter every damn time last year!! Raheem go back to montes D because yours SUCKS!!

  30. Joe Says:


    Wagonista nada. But apparently banned from posting here for the time being.

    You are fine.

  31. CC Says:

    @ Joe
    Joe’s still holding to Team Glazer’s statement that “money will never be an issue” when building the Bucs, so this is meaningless yet interesting chatter to Joe.
    For the last 5 years money has been the only issue! There will be some damn good FA’s this year. We shall see, but I’m not holding my breath.

  32. CC Says:

    Thanks for the link.
    Glazers deny drawing United’s cash Send to a friend
    Wednesday, 21 December 2011 21:32

    CC – Joe doesn’t post other publication’s stories in the comments. One, they are copyright protected and Joe is responsible for everything on this page. Next time, if you want to quote a few paragraphs or half a story, that’s fine. — Joe

  33. j lynch Says:

    maybe some working stiffs like me would by a single game ticket ,pay 25 to park 6 dollar beers if they put a decent team on the field and got rid om Raheem…

  34. eric Says:

    u dont hire a coach to sell tickets.

    u hire a coach to win a championship.

    that sells tickets and creates waiting lists. jon made tbe glazer boys more than they paid him

    fans were aware the 10-6 record was the real fools gold and were right.

    plenty of evidence of slow starts, lousy defense, and easy schedule led m

  35. Thomas 2.2. Says:

    I, like many others here, were long time season ticket holders until after the 2009 season, missed very few home games and traveled to many away games over 20+ years.

    I gave my tickets up after 2009 bc of what the Glazers were doing with hiring rah rah cliche being the crowning example.$ was not a part of my decision, feeling like I wasted thousands of dollars on an amateur product with a below amateur coach was why I gave up my seats.

    I will re-up when this rah-fraud ends. I would prefer a big name, but anyone qualified will do at this point, it is impossible to take this collection of players and have them play this bad – somehow Rah has worked a miracle.

  36. k_bassuka Says:

    @ OAR
    “Funny how Freeman had success when Olsen was his first QB coach and then his first(I know, second really, but not counting that Jagz fiasco) offensive coordinator.
    Not saying he’s great, but the success has been there. I think the execution has been the major problem on the offense, not necessarily the play calling.”

    What do you call success? The team played well, especially last year, but we been having the same issues of not being able to score TD. Olson failed to develop a QB in DET, he was an epic failure calling the plays @ STL with great players there too, and now the Bucs. Olson has shown the same issues with his playbook since the STL years why is he an OC and still keeps his job and no one seems to write about it is beyond me. He might be an alright QB’s coach but as an OC specially calling plays he’s HORRIBLE!

    I can’t remember a team having so many 3 and outs and the OC never come under fire from FO or the media, but we talk about the young defense being bad and Raheem not being a good HC/DC and all that @ least he has the excuse of having a very young unit, now a little older cause of head stumper signing, and the fact that we don’t move the ball on offense and when we rarely do we can’t score TD. That puts all the pressure on the D to always stop the other team, the way this offense is being run is a disgrace to all OC past, present, and future.

  37. Patrick Says:


    If you’re fired from DET and STL (two of the worst teams) then you flat out suck!

    One thing that’s guaranteed with Olsen: punts and three and outs. Boring as hell to watch his offenses. Even when they show life, they always find a way to blow it. He makes me want to smash something almost every game.

    “the way this offense is being run is a disgrace to all OC past, present, and future.”

    Agreed! Gruden’s offenses were even much more fun to watch than this crap. I’ll take Garcia to Galloway any day over what we’ve seen this year.

  38. TurnThePage Says:

    Thomas is the voice of reason around here, like it or not.

    I still can’t believe that people are STILL making excuses for Raheem. Today, I still read guys trying to put the blame on Greg Olsen and the offense, OVER the sorriest defense EVER to walk on the Buccaneer field, 3 years running.

    Why would someone blame Olsen and not the defense? That’s right, even the great Thomas would agree that this angle is nothing more than a ploy to protect the defensive coordinator… Raheem Morris. What a coincidence.

    Last year, Josh Freeman, Blount and the offense as a whole saved the Buccaneers from losing to losing record teams. The defense did NOTHING. Those few ints were off of backup QBs. JEEZ!!!

    Look at Rah’s secondary this season… and run defense.

    Raheem is actually the defenseless coordinator of the Bucs.

    Start with Raheem. Then, after he is gone, start applying pressure to the players. And Josh Freeman, if you keep the Trent Dilfer/Vinny Testeverde play up, then you are gonna be next… FRANCHISE!

  39. Patrick Says:

    Both Olsen and Raheem stink. Period.

  40. CC Says:

    No problem.

  41. k_bassuka Says:

    @TurnThe Page

    Yeah I’m sure that 1 first down (one freaking first down ONE) in a half by the offense is the defense’s fault, and the defense scoring as many points as the offense is the youngest defense in the NFL fault too, “rolls eyes”.