“You See Guys Taking Plays Off”

November 13th, 2011
Former Bucs Dave Moore and Ryan Nece, both on the team payroll, say the team’s effort is lacking and players are taking plays off.

There’s nothing worse as an athlete than to be called a quitter. You can suck or screwup, but you don’t want to be labeled a quitter. Just ask Albert Haynesworth.

But it seems that the some Bucs are quitting on Raheem Morris. These damning words come from the game radio analysts paid by the Buccaneers, former Bucs Ryan Nece and Dave Moore.

Moore said he’s not seeing the never-say-die Bucs from 2010. 

“That swagger and that effort from last year,” Moore said after the game, “we’ve lost that. You don’t see that. You see guys taking plays off.”

Moore went on to single out the defensive backs specifically for their lack of effort. “Last year a guy misses a tackle and three other guys are there to finish it off,” Moore said, claiming that’s not happening this season.

Nece said he’s disgusted by the lack of “intensity, the sense of urgency” and the Bucs are lacking consistent “nastiness.”

“Really, from the very beginning of game there was a lackluster intensity and effort, per se,” Nece continued. “It seems like there are some players waiting for other players to make a play.”

Nece called on the Bucs players to “feel embarrassed” and find a way to bring “anger” onto the field. He said as an ex-players it’s frustrating to see players “take plays off.”

Now Joe doesn’t have to be politically correct like Moore and Nece, so Joe will name some names. Joe would be stunned if Moore and Nece aren’t talking about Quincy Black and Sean Jones among the Bucs that take plays off.

To a man the Bucs say they love playing for Raheem Morris. Hopefully they realize that won’t last long if the effort continues to be questionable week in and week out.

13 Responses to ““You See Guys Taking Plays Off””

  1. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Its time to stop this “the players love playing for rah stuff.”

    A) its purely speculatice b.s;
    B) its clearly not true bc many of them dont and arent playing for him.

    A great player once said when asked about whether he was playing harder bc of his coach: he said, respectfully, no player is playing for a coach they are playing for 2 things only the money and/or the ring. That is it.

    The only thing these players like about rah is that they dont have to practice the way other teams do, and “he has their back when they do stupid s-it.”

  2. youngbucs Says:


  3. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I can take a loss, really I can. As long as the players are trying (their best) and they make it entertaining to watch, I don’t even mind a loss. I prefer to win though.

    But today was a very lackluster performance. It reminded me of the old Bucs…from before we had Sapp, Brooks and Lynch. It was so hard to watch this game that I literally formatted a complete 50,000 word eBook throughout the game. (woot! Will be my third published this year!)

    Some things I’d like to put out there:

    1) I remember reading some quotes from Brooks where he stated that way back when, he, Sapp and Lynch got together and decided they were going to turn this team around. And that’s when the Bucs got good. That’s what we need now. Some true leaders to step up and take over this team.

    2) I now think I need to change my prediction of 10-6 around to 6-10. I know these guys are good players and fully comfortable, but if they are not giving 150% out there, they will never be great. I want to see them turn things around. A winning streak would be great…maybe 3-4 games straight, but I’m not counting on it.

    3) Haynesworth actually did an okay job out there. Better than I expected him to do considering the short time he’s been with the team. If Raheem can get the rest of the line to adapt to his presence, maybe they can turn things around.

    4) Bowers and Clayborn. These guys are showing good signs, but I warned people to not expect a lot in their rookie year.

    5) And finally…I think Raheem is a great coach…and a fantastic secondaries coach…but he is losing his defense right now. He needs to find away to rally the entire team…soon. Or I’m concerned he might just lose his job as some naysayers are claiming.

    And if I was Olson, I would duct tape footballs to the hand of my WRs for a few hours or a day…they need to start catching these passes.

    6) On Freeman…I feel for this kid. I don’t know if it’s his thumb or what, but his passing is much worse this year than last year. I was expecting two steps back this year, but what I wasn’t expecting was the impact on his confidence. You can see it written on his face.

    He needs his pass catchers to start getting open. There is no way opponents should be shutting down ALL passing routes…and yet they are.

  4. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I suppose all the negative nancys will show up now. I hope my post isn’t taken that way.

    I actually think the Bucs can turn things around. But they have to change their attitudes and STOP GETTING PENALTIES.

  5. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Raheem lost me after the Saints game. Is there any way we can get him back into the DB coach role without him quitting? Because he’s awesome at that. He isn’t awesome at very much else, though. Unfortunately I don’t see his tenure lasting too much longer.

    There are two really good coaches in Fisher and Cowher available in the offseason and that’s pretty rare. The Glazers obviously know this. Gruden’s contract is up at the end of the season so they don’t have to pay him $4 mil a year any longer. If Raheem’s performance as a coach doesn’t drastically improve in the next 7 games do you really believe the Glazers will roll the dice on the possibility that after the 2012 season there will still be one or two top level head coaches available? I don’t think they will.

    If we see relatively similar performances the rest of the way my prediction is that the Glazers do what they’ve done a couple times previously: pull the trigger sooner rather than later. Three years is enough of a resume to determine if Raheem is the guy to take the Bucs to the promised land. Is he that guy? After 2 1/2 seasons of watching his team I have to say no, he is not that guy.

  6. lightningbuc Says:

    I’m sure they love playing for Rah – and some of that is the problem. Sorry, but Rah being “friends” with these guys is not a positive. This clusterf@&k today rests primarily on Raheem! Awful preparation. How many times is the D-line gonna jump offsides while they are staring at the damn ball in the center’s hands. I think Rah is getting exposed as in way over his head and I’m gonna side with Tommy 2.0 to get him outta here!

  7. squadoosh1 Says:

    What happened to Watson? He showed some promise early in the year…I think we have all seen enough of Quincy Black. He is a backup at best and it is time to let Watson play full time to see what he can do.
    I don’t mind watching an overachieving young team that is improving even if it building for a future superbowl run but that is not what this team has become this year. The lack of effort and poor tackling literally is disgusting….I don’t understand that aspect. These guys who are not giving everything are very quickly playing themselves out of the league….its unbelievable.

  8. Blubber Price Says:

    I’d rather guys take a few plays off then take the entire season off , like Gerald McBust does every season…

    Tweeting is still possible with one bicep , in case you were wondering…

  9. LiamBucsFan Says:

    LACKING NASTINESS! i want talib, jackson, hayes, clayborn, haynesworth, and anyone else on our defense with a criminal record playing nasty at green bay next week. Morris used to coach for the steelers, he knows what im talking about.

  10. gt40ear Says:

    Hell, I’d love to play for him too if I could suck and still have a job!

  11. Mt Says:


    Let’s be clear on one thing. Today, Ryan niece called buc fans quitters!!! He said all bucs fans that left the game quit too!!! He said don’t complain about players not playing 100% if the fans dont. He said players can see the fans leaving. I paid 110 dollars a ticket for today!! I have the right to leave with 6 minutes left when my team and coaches have embarrassed themselves. How much money was paid to players today for that effort. It would not be wise for a bucs broadcast team to call paying customers quitters!!

  12. Genocided Says:

    How has no one brought up Tanard Jackson’s weak-ass tackling???! He runs in, drops his shoulder and prays the guy falls down EVERY time. Somebody wrap up out there! We learn that in Pop Warner! WTF. totally embarrassing

  13. thibs5599 Says:

    the bucs took the first play off from scrimmage, tanard jackson and sean jones each could of tackled ford or whoever scored that long TD, they each did some half ass arm tackle and then jogged after him, almost like they were expecting the other person to tackle him and it didnt happen so they said oops get him next time