“You Can Sleep With That Effort”

November 20th, 2011

At least Raheem Morris won’t have to toss and turn tonight because his team didn’t give him effort. That was the message from the head coach during a postgame locker room interview on the Buccaneers Radio Network today. 

“We played the style we wanted to play. ..You can sleep with that effort,” Raheem said. 

For Joe, the quote captured a lot of what many Bucs fans are feeling: While the Bucs have an unacceptable record at 4-6, at least they played a solid game after three clunkers and gave the undefeated champs a run.

But the above quote from Raheem doesn’t mean he was anywhere near satisfied with the Bucs’ loss. In fact, click here to check out Raheem’s postgame media conference here. This may be the most ornery Joe has seen the head coach following a game.

As Ronde Barber said on the radio after the game scoffing at anyone that would call the Bucs’ loss a moral victory, “This is a bottom business.”

Raheem knows that, too. He surely has cash incentives in his contract that are slipping away. And nothing good comes from losing four in a row. Just ask Chucky about December 2008.

38 Responses to ““You Can Sleep With That Effort””

  1. Mt Says:


    Effort and discipline is the key for Morris. Fans are having heart attacks over these losses. Most reasonable fans thought 8-8 would be the record with a better team just to the schedule. To bottom line the bucs 6 losses have been to teams that are a combined 47-13!! That’s a fact, we face teams with a combined 24-36 coming in. You just have to wonder when Raheem is going to realize (like the broncos) that an offense that runs the ball and the clock helps a you g defense, keeps them fresh and not frustrated. If the bucs committ to the run. They will get to 8-8,9-7!!

  2. Patrick Says:

    “To bottom line the bucs 6 losses have been to teams that are a combined 47-13!!”

    Oh, so we can’t ever beat good teams? Why the hell not? Many of the issues on this team are because stupid things like discipline and penalties, two things that fall directly on the coach and should never happen.

    We’re in year 3 of this BS rebuilding process. I think the fans have been patient enough. This far in, we should be a lot better than .500 ball right now. Raheem and Dom have had a good amount of time to get this team on a roll. Yeah maybe they’re young, _____________(insert more excuses), but you know what? Dominick is the GM. He chooses constantly not to bring in any free agents, bring in any veteran leaders, and upgrade this team in positions that are obviously weak (LB, RB, etc). He could make this team better but he’s not. He’s in control of the show.

    No excuses. We’ve seen so many teams go from the NFL’s worst to playoff teams in one year. Look at the Bengals and Raiders this year. Look at the Lions. We’ve had 3 years and we’re still expect to WAIT and somehow have full confidence in this regime. It’ll be the same thing next offseason. No free agents, just draft picks and undrafted free agents. Same stupid youth mistakes by both the players and coach.

    If he doesn’t finish 8-8, Raheem should be on the hot seat no question. And I want to see him beat some good teams (Cowboys, Falcons) not just the bad ones (Jaguars, Panthers). Olsen better call better games like he did today or he’ll be gone too. I want to see more Blount.

  3. Jerry Says:


    Funny how when the team was 10-6 last year, no one wanted to claim it might have been because of the easy schedule.

    But now that the team is losing, everyone wants to claim the tough schedule is a factor.

    Why is everyone so excited because the team “played with heart and effort?”
    It’s the 10th week of the 3rd year under this regime and the most Bucs fans can be happy about is if the team “played with heart?”

    This team is a joke. And most fans are blind.

  4. Oahubuc Says:

    Is this the week we finally stop hearing about Blount’s supposed lack of catching abilities? Where did people even get that ‘information’ in the first place?

  5. CC Says:

    If the players and coach are not satisfied with today’s game why should the fans be. I know I’m not. Sure they hung around and played hard. But its just another loss.

  6. Mt Says:

    You want to see the bucs beat good teams!! They beat the Saints, they beat the falcons!! It’s real easy to say free agency!! Bucs don’t go into free agency!! Go into free agency and get who??? Who are those impact players the bucs missed out on this year?? Cromarti, asuamga, young, bush, sproilez(never was gunna happen)…… I mean really, teams don’t let good players go! The schedule is the reality! It was last year also! The playcalling has been aweful, the tackling aweful, some bad game plans… If Raheem doesn’t finish with a winning record, I’m in favor of them shipping him off, but only for Jeff fisher.. Other than that, it is a young team, just like the packers. Of course, they have Arron Rogers and know one talks about there young defense that has been torched all year!! Or what about belicek young defense that’s last in the league. If your tired about young player mistakes, jump back on the bandwagon in 2 years!! We have seen this story before, build something that last does not go quickly. You have to throw out year 1 of Morris as it was a lose/lose scenario. The plan will move toward, but for all we know, the glazers have a plan after Morris!! It wouldnt be the 1st time!!

  7. Architek Says:

    Dark days ahead and I feel for Raheem as a man. But when you are trying to be chummy with guys this is what happens. 6-10 happens

  8. Buc You Too Says:

    Mt says:

    “If Raheem doesn’t finish with a winning record, I’m in favor of them shipping him off, but only for Jeff fisher.. ”

    That means the Bucs have to win 5 out of the next 6 to get a winning record. Sorry, but that ain’t gonna happen dude.

    So, are you REALLY serious about this comment?

    Also, ANY other NFL coach with experience is far better than Raheem Morris at this point.

  9. Buc You Too Says:

    I like Raheem as a person. But not as MY Tampa Bay Buccaneer head coach.

  10. Adam Says:

    If anyone needs tickets to the Jacksonville/Tampa Bay game, I have a pair in the 100’s and I can’t use them because of a schedule conflict. Email me… heyitsadam@aol.com

  11. Anthony Says:

    For being a website for Buccaneers fans there are a lot of posters who do not like this team. I agree with Joe, if Raheem gets at least 3 more wins he stays. And they will win at least 3 more games, so he is going to stay. Sorry everybody, but it looks like this “idiot” coach is coming back for another season.

    So please, do not buy season tickets for next season either–that way you do not have to complain about blackouts. Why don’t you adopt a new team? You probably already do it for baseball, so what’s keeping you back?

  12. nick Says:

    Jerry you are an idiot we are the youngest team in nfl and had no off season we switched middle linbackers to a rook also rookies on dline and at te no time to jell the bucs need one more draft and a couple free agents and we will have a great team for 5 tp 7 years I just read an article that our schedule this year has been historically hard like the hardest of all time when you factor in we lost a home game to london with all the travel we are 4-6 and i strongly believe we will finish 9-7 at worst 8-8 whats wrong witht hat when your team is so young I am proud of the way raheem brought us out to play we showed so swagger and if we cuaght a couple breaks green bay would have lost. And if you hate the bucs so much BYE…

  13. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    First of all Jerry, no one says they didn’t have an easy schedule last year. However, my point was always that 1. it doesn’t matter, a win is a win in the NFL 2. The Falcons, Saints, and Panthers had nearly the exact same schedule (minus 2 games). Of course any fool could see it will be harder with a more difficult schedule. Hell, give the Packers our schedule and they will definitely lose a couple games. But it doesn’t matter. It didn’t matter last year, and it doesn’t matter this year. But it also doesn’t mean that we are a terrible team this year, just like it didn’t mean we were an excellent team last year. So no, it’s not an excuse, just a reality. Bottom line, we are 4-6, and that’s not good enough. You will not find one person on this board that will disagree with that. However, the intelligent people are smart enough to know that the season needs to be played out before any major decisions (like a coaching change) is made. Problem is, there are a bunch of idiots that have already made up their mind. I’m glad they aren’t running the team.

  14. Jerry Says:

    In my opinion, the problem isnt the team and it isnt the youth.

    It’s the coaching. According to the Tampa Tribune, Raheem’s gameplan all along was to use onside kicks multiple times.

    The guy is a idiot. He needs to go.

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    That is the type of irresponsible posting that drives me crazy about some people on this site. That is not at all what the Tribune said. They said his plan was to be aggressive, and he told his players that all week. How exactly you got he planned several onside kicks from that statement is beyond me. You must be hanging out with Thomas.

    They are in the champs house, why not? You want him to be conservative? Give me a break! WE ARE NOT A BETTER TEAM THAN THEM!!!!!! Do you understand that? In order to beat a team that is better than you, you have to take some chances. If you played sports (and I’m not saying you didn’t), you would know that. No matter what, some people will be unhappy. The onside kicks aren’t the reason we lost the game. Was it a good decision? In hindsight, obviously not. However, it’s funny how you assume we would have stopped them if we kicked off to them. I guess that means you think our defense is one of the best in the league, right? Nelson would have scored that last TD on a 400 yard field. You don’t think they could have killed 4 minutes of clock if they had 80 yards to play with? Then everyone would have been saying “his defense stinks, why didn’t he onside kick it?” It’s so easy for some people to sit back and make tough decisions like that on their couch. These are the same people that have less football knowledge than a blind assistant PeeWee football coach.

  16. Fear The Glo Says:

    This was the first post-game interview I have watched since the 2009 season and I can see why Joe thought it was worthy of a post. This is one of the only times I have seen Morris have a little bit of an attitude instead of his usual barrage of lame rhetoric and catch phrases in 3 years.

    I loved it!

    I think a lot more nastiness and attitude from Rah and the entire coaching staff could go a long way for this young team!

    Build that “us against the world” attitude.

  17. bobby Says:

    Same old dstupid posts from the usual suspects. Life is so precictable here at JoeBucsFan.

  18. Buc You Too Says:

    So when the Bucs are in 3rd place, losing games, and Raheem’s job s finally on the line, he decides to take his job seriously?

  19. Capt.Tim Says:

    Jerry- what?? The youngest team in the league, but you don’t think that’s a factor?? Lmao! Yeah, there’s an idiot running around! but I think he’s posting, not coaching

  20. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I have never seen loyal fans like Hawaiian and Capt Tim so thrilled by a head coach who just lost his 4th game in a row – by 9 points nonetheless.

    This really exposes an agenda. I m starting to think that those 2 are plants from the org, or related to Rah or something.

    No true fan has ever celebrated a head coach after a 4th loss in a row by 9 points in a game that they never led. The last 2 weeks they have been outscored by almost 9 points

    Next week at Tennessee, I guess you are hoping and praying for a terrific 3 point loss to the Titans – boy our coach will be doing an excellent job if he can just do that.

  21. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    By almost 40 points sorry

  22. Nick2 Says:

    Penalties and bad decisions took us down again. Kellen Winslow can’t catch a cold when the game is on the line and Raheem loves him. Our secondary pass interferes Rogers down the field for the winning score and our head coach is a secondary coach. Raheem needs to go. Three years in and we are happy that we played hard?? Are you kidding me? Not me I love the Bucs but please give us a new head coach for 2012.

  23. Nick2 Says:

    Anthony, we love the Bucs and just hold them to a higher standard than you do. I have watched the Bucs for 30 years since I was a kid and for some reason I want them to become like the Packers, Patriots and teams that win year in and year out or at least make that effort. Three years into a head coaching regime and more should be expected than what we have gotten. Don’t judge us for wanting a winning team. Why don’t you not buy season tickets because I want more fans that want winners and hold ownership to a higher standard not accept mediocrity as you seem to do. Take a hike! Go cuddle up to the Jaguars theres a mediocre team you can love.

  24. Eric Says:

    THe thing is a disaster IMO, on many different levels.

    However, I do not see the Glazer Boys making any change for 2012. The biggest clue is the CBA in which the low payroll teams(such as the Bucs) got an extension until 2013 for a salary floor.

    A big time new coach is not going to tolerate the bottom feeding payroll like Raheem will. Glazer boys love being near the bottom.

    I am expecting Rah to be retained and a similar non-FA effort like we got this year. More BS to flow.

  25. macabee Says:

    Stop with the fire Morris campaign already! Until we hear from Joel or Byran Glazer, we’re just adding CO2 to the earth’s carbon footprint! I don’t care who the coach is now or the next o ne will be, but I know we will neither influence or decide the outcome. So save the rhetoric, it’s meaningless banter!

  26. Eric Says:

    Meanignless banter and rhetoric is the backbone of Joebucsfan.com.

    And, I think the last Jettison was based upon the “feelings” of the fans, if I recall.

  27. Dave Says:

    The effort was great, but not a moral victory, just a step in the right direction.

    The same mistakes were there: bad penalties, execution mistakes, Freeman’s FOOTWORK. The last INT was him throwing off his back foot while leaning backwards ..AGAIN… just like most his INTs this year.

    As far as the “fire” Raheem talk: LAUGHABLE

    It is year 2 of a evaluation – rebuilding process.
    Last year was ahead of schedule and set expectations too high.

    I felt they could win the division
    I felt they should win 10 games

    I was wrong.

    They are not there yet, but the pieces are in place and the core group is gaining experience.

    My opinion: anyone who thinks they will not give Raheem 2 more years to see this through is a kne-jerk reaction fan who puts no thought into anything. I just do not get the mentality of screaming to fire a HC or GM after about 2 full years.
    Seems moronic but one fact is for sure:
    It is waht perennial losing franchises do

  28. Eric Says:

    I thought “effort” was a given.

    If it has been a problem, why?

  29. macabee Says:

    Eric, If the Glazers made decisions based the feelings of the fans, they would sell the franchise, wouldn’t they?

  30. Eric Says:


    Thats what they said when they fired Gruden. It was based on the “feelings” of the fans.

    Glazer boys wouldn’t lie, would they?

    @Dave: The only idiocy was hiring this guy to begin with. Keeping him is the definition of insanity.

  31. thomas 2.2 Says:

    This is year 3. I guess you are new to the party.

  32. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Btw : Eric I believe you are correct. If Rah loses the final 6 but the Glazers want to take advantage of the low payroll opportunities in 2012 and Rah’s low salary for one more year – they are going to do it. Since Malcolm got sick the history tells us cost-savings will be the dispositive factor.

    Who is this Dave guy who wants to allow 5 non-playoff seasons before replacing the coach? Must be Rah’s challenged brother little Davie Morris, or maybe his dad David, who they refer to as Dah in the family.

    Heck Dah, why not give him a full decade to accomplish a second place division finish? Why not a score to make the playoffs – I mean he is only 36.

  33. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Thomas, where in the hell do you see that we are celebrating him? What a bunch of garbage! I’m pissed that we lost, like I always am. But unlike you, I don’t blame everything on Morris and GMC. I actually have intelligence, which explains why you come up with the same BS every game we lose. But where are you when we win?

  34. Nick2 Says:

    Isn’t it sad that here we are saying “hey at least they gave some effort thats an improvement!” I mean really??? In any other workplace you get fired for lack of effort or the manager does if his people just don’t care anymore. So why should we give Raheem a pass after 3 years of this garbage? The guy makes millions . If he can’t motivate his players after 3 years he needs to go plane and simple!!!

  35. Nick2 Says:

    The saddest thing is Raheem is a defensive coach and after 3 years our defense is 31st in the league and could possibly set an NFL record for most yards per play allowed. This is worse than Gruden when his offenses couldn’t crack the top 10. At least Gruden got us to the playoffs. 4 years in a row no playoffs and some fans like Dave think we should wait another 2. Yes thats right lets buy some more tickets at $100 a pop to watch losers year in and year out. No thanks. When the Glazers start trying to win and hire a head coach who can motivate his players to do the same thing Raymond James will be full once again.

  36. BigMacAttack Says:

    These last couple weeks here have been ridiculous. I have never seen such an assembly of “Whine-Bags” in my whole life. Worse than a bunch of women at the beauty salon.

    Wah, wah, wah, shut the f@%K up!

  37. Patrick Says:


    Ok man, yeah, let’s just all be sheep and be happy with whatever they give us. We’re 3 years into this bs rebuilding plan, we should be further along by now. Look at where the 49ers and Bengals are. Horrible teams that are now playoff contenders in just one year. Look at the Lions. 0-16 just three years ago and now they’re among the NFC’s best. Three years ago we were a respectable 9-7 and now we can’t even be above .500. The Lions draft picks were much better and they also brought in free agents. Looks like it’s helping them.

    This isn’t just talent and performance we’re talking about. We’re disgusted by the lack of discipline, and the constant penalties. Two things that should NEVER happen. That falls directly on the coach and the whole attitude on this team.

    And we’re fully aware that we’re one of the youngest teams in the NFL. You know what? It’s always going to be like that! Because our only acquisitions every offseason are draft picks and scrap heap guys. We’re never going to be great if our starters are 1st, 2nd and 3 yr players constantly.

  38. BigMacAttack Says:

    I may not agree with every move Rah/Dom make, but to keep calling for their heads is stupid. The Bucs were a playoff contender last season, but the Refs ended it with one bad call. That call put the Packers on the road to the Superbowl. Have the Bucs regressed and been in a slump? Yes, but they have also been severely banged up this year, like last year, just not as fortunate. Do they need more good players? Yes. Could they use some free agents? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean the World ends if they don’t do what is popular. It also doesn’t mean Raheem and Dominick don’t know what they are doing, and they know enough to be in their positions, which is so much more than all of the armchair QB’s here. I may be a lot of things, but a Sheep, I ain’t. I’m about as far away from that is it gets.