Will The Slide End?

November 25th, 2011

Jason Horowitz and ubiquitous Pat Kirwan break down the upcoming Bucs-Titans game. Kirwan says it’s time to give LeGarrette Blount the ball “a ton” to take advantage of the Titans’ porous run defense. Kirwan also makes a bold prediction.

3 Responses to “Will The Slide End?”

  1. Patrick Says:

    LeGarrette Blount. Porous run defense.

    Sounds like he’s in for a big day! Here’s to hoping Olsen does what he did last Sunday in Green Bay.

  2. Leighroy Says:

    LeGarrette Blount + Barret Ruud trying to “tackle” him= 10 yard gains every time, ALL DAY.

  3. Architek Says:

    So last week I apologized for blasting Kirwan for his off-season remarks about the Bucs and this week it is apparent that Kirwan is intimately familiar with the Bucs. He is national media but he is a Bucs follower. I tell you what, the disgust and emotion he displayed when talking about the Bucs says a lot and he has earned my respect. Joe and fellow bloggers, this man is on his details and I respect his work.

    With that being said, in an unemotional mindset about my team, I truly think that Freeman, Blount, and Mason Foster are the cornerstones for the next coach that comes to Tampa. I watched football all day as a fan and it is ever so clear that the organization is nowhere near the class of organization it takes to become a deserved champion in the near future. For example, listening to Aaron Rodgers comment on the win, he talked about how great the Packers organization is and how they take care of their players. I have no beef with the players on this roster, they are who they are but being brutally honest, we are not in their league as a franchise and until we get there we will be subpar and no t deserve the Lombardi. We will get there one day though. Go Bucs