Why The Bucs Will Fall Short

November 4th, 2011

Last week against the horrid Lambs, the Saints stunk up the Edward Jones Dome worse than a men’s room stall at The CITS following a September afternoon game.

Drew Brees couldn’t hit the broad side of Busch Stadium. The Saints defense gave up runs worse than those after Joe inhales a pot of gumbo followed by several beers.

Despite the fact the Saints allow over five yards a carry on the ground and the Bucs get LeGarrette Blount back, popular sports radio personality Adam Schein isn’t buying. He expects the Saints to prevail Sunday, so he writes for FoxSports.com.

New Orleans’ three losses this year all have come on the road, against the Bucs, Packers and Rams. This is a different team playing in the Superdome. Drew Brees was interception-happy against St. Louis. This cat is usually a surgeon with his accuracy. I don’t see him falling short again.

Running back Darren Sproles and tight end Jimmy Graham are matchup nightmares. Graham leads all NFL tight ends with 49 catches for 713 yards. He destroyed Tampa last time out with seven catches for 124 yards. Marques Colston plays well against the Bucs, and he had seven catches for 118 yards and a touchdown in the October meeting. Robert Meachem has four touchdowns in his past five games against the Bucs.

All of this against a Tampa defense that is coming off a bad game against Chicago before its bye week.

Schein makes an interesting point. The Saints have stunk on the road whereas at home, it’s a different team.

Joe is still of the mind that, barring turnovers, Blount will carry the Bucs to victory.

10 Responses to “Why The Bucs Will Fall Short”

  1. OAR Says:

    “New Orleans’ three losses this year all have come on the road, against the Bucs, Packers and Rams. This is a different team playing in the Superdome.”

    A different team? Is that why we’ve beaten them there the last two years?

  2. OAR Says:

    BTW anybody else think Brees, in that picture, looks like a 70’s pornstar in a bad football parody?

  3. SteveK Says:

    Go Bucs! We are going to be thump the Taints this weekend!

    Freeman and company know what’s at stake, and I believe we want it more then they do.

    Feed Blount the ball all day, and it will be a living he11 for the Taints.

  4. KD Says:

    Popular? Schein?

    ‘This cat is usually a surgeon with his accuracy’

    How could you be popular spitting out moronic crap like that? ‘Cat’? I will never understand why you like this clown Joe.

    And I guess the fact that we’ve taken the last two in Subpardome means nothing. LGB is going to have a field day and all day Monday we’ll get to hear about what’s wrong with the Saints instead of what’s right with the Bucs. I honestly can’t wait.

    After LGB goes over 150 I can only wonder what the Saints will complain about. That seems to be their new thing.

  5. stimpy Says:

    Im sick of all the talk! Bring on the game!!

    GO BUCS!!

  6. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Well, they might play well at home but not against us. We have won the last two games at the Superdome. Even our 3-13 team could win there. I am not worried about our 4-3 team.

    It could go either way but I am not worried one bit. Our DL will perform and Blount will run amok.

  7. dclark Says:

    So glad everyone is picking the saints this week, the sole reason being because they’re going to be pissed. Yea good analysis there. But I just don’t see us losing this week the only thing that can stop us is ourselves ie. not giving the rock to blount and turnovers or key injuries. Other than that it’s in the bag.

  8. bucswin Says:

    “Drew Brees was interception-happy against St. Louis. This cat is usually a surgeon with his accuracy.”

    Exactly, KD. Last year was Brees’ worst year for INTs with 22. This year, with 10 so far, he’s close to matching that number. I’d pass on the surgery with Dr. Brees. What is Schein smoking? Why is his ignorant crap posted here?

  9. Buc N' A Says:

    I used to get royally pissed when the Bucs would not get respect from the national news media, but now I think about it differently. Who cares what “they” say? All news channels including BSPN and yes Joe sadly NFL network (to a lesser extent) only care about creating drama. About controversy. That’s what people want to watch nowadays. That’s what drives ratings. (Thanks reality TV) I’ve gotten to the point where the only opinions I care about are from people that actually matter. Thank God for Joe Bucs fan. We get the straight skinny. We get well thought out pieces instead of marketing created drivel. Plus, we have a good young team that will only get better. Let every one else doubt us. It will be that much sweeter when we succeed. GO BUCS! Ground Brees into the turf and let the analysts explain how the Saints lost the game as opposed to how the Bucs won it. Whatever, we know the truth and that’s all that matters.

  10. mikeck Says:

    Yeah, Brees is a real surgeon….number two in the league for interceptions behind Philip rivers…real surgeon.