“Who You Gonna Put In The Game?”

November 22nd, 2011
Former Bucs quarterback Shaun King is fed up with Raheem Morris being used as a scapegoat for the Bucs woes.

Former Bucs quarterback Shaun King returned to the local airwaves after a two-week vacation Monday to join his co-host Toby David in the “too Jewish“-sounding “King David Show,” heard on WQYK-AM 1010.

King went on a rampage at Bucs management, all but saying the suits at One Buc Palace are letting Bucs coach Raheem Morris twist in the wind because of this season’s failures.

King, one of only three quarterbacks to lead the Bucs to an NFC Championship game, continued to point a finger at the Bucs for not filling the roster with ample talent for Morris to work with and, in so many words, said if the Bucs fail to make the playoffs the blame is on the front office, not Morris.

“If you don’t like Geno Hayes, if you don’t like Quincy Black, who you gonna put in the game? … Like if we had a new defensive coordinator Quincy Black would all of a sudden become a Pro Bowl weakside linebacker? … Hold on, hold on, my bad: so Myron Lewis and E.J. Biggers would be legit man-to-man corners? My bad people, I’m sorry.”

To enjoy King’s full rant, please click on the little button below.

(Oh, and please spare Joe the nonsense that because King doesn’t have a bust in Canton he doesn’t know football. Feel free to look at Sean Payton’s NFL numbers and try to claim he’s a lousy coach as a result.)

Audio courtesy of WQYK-AM. Hat tip Justin.

50 Responses to ““Who You Gonna Put In The Game?””

  1. Patrick Says:

    It’s everyone’s fault. Raheem, Dom, Olsen, and the whole front office deserve the blame.

  2. KD Says:

    3 out of 4 of the players named above were hand picked to play here by Raheem and Dominik. They have ignored these two specific positions due to gross overestimations of talent.That has to count for something. If they are unable to bring in talent or coach up players they believe have talent we will never be a legitimately good football team while the people currently calling the shots are at the helm.

  3. Patrick Says:

    I really enjoyed listening to King. He made a lot of good points.

  4. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    And the guy in Kyle Arrington who Raheem only considered practice squad material at best and who ended up being waived altogether, and who was subsequently signed by the Patriots, guess what? Oh, that’s right…he only leads the NFL with 7 interceptions this year. If anyone has seen Arrington play the past two seasons you can easily see he’s better than anyone we have except Talib.

    I know Raheem is a secondary guy, but his belief that he can coach up anyone to play back there is utter nonsense. Complete foolishness. I don’t know if he’s blinded by pride in his own DB coaching prowess or what, but it’s obvious to this fan that the Bucs secondary is a total mess. We need at least two, and probably three more talented DB’s added to this squad. Time for Raheem to stop playing around in the secondary like it’s his own box of Legos and he’s just having fun. Play time is over.

  5. Eric Says:

    Now wait a minute, other than Freeman, havent all the other top draft choices been for the defensive side of the ball?

    And Rah cant coach em up cause of lack of talent?

    Sorry, but that it total BS.

    But if thats true, do we have a rock star GM or not? Cant really have it both ways, can you?

  6. Patrick Says:


    This interview kind of altered my view a little on the situation right now. Yes, I think Raheem needs to do a better job. The discipline needs to be better. I’m not giving him a pass, but it’s not all his fault either. Dom and management is not giving him enough help, like King said.

  7. K2theSoldier Says:

    Nailed it Shaun. If you’re gonna tell me that Quincy, Geno, My Lew and Biggers would suddenly be all pro’s with a different coordinator you’re crazy.

    As much as people like Thomas want to fabricate stories about Raheem and Black being best buds and ridiculous, baseless, things like that, Dom is the GM and makes the majority of personnel decisions, with Raheem of course having a say. This isn’t the Redskins or Patriots where the head coach is making every decision.

    It’s like I used to say with Gruden, the guy is just coaching what he’s got. Maybe if the front office was more willing to try going into free agency and filling up some holes we wouldn’t be having this conversation?

  8. Eric Says:

    The lack of support from management is a big factor, as it was for the last few years of the previous coaching staff.

  9. K2theSoldier Says:

    And Eric, the top draft choices with Raheem have been Clayborn (beast) and Mccoy (beast when healthy). They’ve been coached up fine. He hasn’t had a top tier linebacker drafted early nor has he had a top tier corner drafted early during his regime. Those will be addressed this year. See, that’s what happens when you hand a man a bunch of garbage like they did in 09 when he was hired. You’ve gotta take a few years to draft some good players.

  10. K2theSoldier Says:

    Nailed that one Eric, Gruden didn’t have a lot of front office support either and we’re seeing that carry over to Raheem.

  11. kappa08 Says:

    Gotta love this:
    K2theSoldier Says:
    November 21st, 2011 at 2:47 pm ….”And at Kappa, quit it with the Dom bashing…”

    to this…
    K2theSoldier Says:
    November 22nd, 2011 at 4:23 pm
    “As much as people like Thomas want to fabricate stories about Raheem and Black being best buds and ridiculous, baseless, things like that, Dom is the GM and makes the majority of personnel decisions, with Raheem of course having a say. This isn’t the Redskins or Patriots where the head coach is making every decision.
    It’s like I used to say with Gruden, the guy is just coaching what he’s got. Maybe if the front office was more willing to try going into free agency and filling up some holes we wouldn’t be having this conversation?”

    ohhhhh my bad I guess K2 is the only one that can throw at the “Dom”…or what looks like to me is that sommmmebody is a s//ck up…

    weighed and measured K2. I told you that you were embarrassing yourself…and you just proved it…

    *ppppffftttt wave off

  12. K2theSoldier Says:

    Why don’t you copy the rest of what I said yesterday? Of course you won’t because what I went on to say cancels out your point. It’s called context my man.

  13. K2theSoldier Says:

    There are times to critique things (i.e. the GM) and there are times NOT to critique things. I didn’t find what you were critiquing to be appropriate, so I said quit with the Dom bashing. Context.

  14. K2theSoldier Says:

    “And at Kappa, quit it with the Dom bashing. Bringing back T-Jack was in no way a mistake. He’s hurt, but he snagged two INTs in his first 2 games back. He has potential to be an elite safety.”
    Of course when you take the first sentence out of context it will look as if I’m contradicting. When really all I was doing was defending Dom’s decision to bring back T-Jack and sign Haynesworth, which you disagreed with. Nice try my friend. But if you want to debate me debate me on actual points instead of trying to catch me in a contradiction, because that won’t happen.

  15. kappa08 Says:

    suuurrreeee…that’s why included the stamps so people can judge for themselves…I have NOTHING to hide.

    I have been banging on this GM for a month before the VERY insightful Shaun King went on his rant…but it wasn’t popular so I got hammered..no worries. At least I have the courage of consistency and don’t FLOP depending on the vibe of the day….

    Kudos Shaun I love your show(when your there) and you have become IMO the most prophetic and insightful sports personality in Tampa bay…that includes all sports….as for Duehmig(sp?).. haha sorry dude but the 20 seconds between the ridiculous amount of commercials during your show has become nothing more than being apologists only for those that will dine with you….

  16. Eric Says:

    How can so many beasts be playing on the leagues 31st ranked defense?

  17. Patrick Says:

    Another thing that bothers me, is I’m not even confident they’ll upgrade the positions that are weak this offseason. Linebacker was an obvious need last offseason, and they did nothing to address it. They got Foster, but still didn’t replace Black or Hayes. They haven’t spent money in free agency the last 3 years what makes you think they’ll suddenly think differently this upcoming offseason? Running back…….they let go of Cadillac. We obviously need one…..but Lumpkin? Would any other team want him? Really, c’mon.

    I thought it was “build thru the draft, free agents will come later”. Well I think it was already “later” last offseason.

    We need to sign free agents this offseason. And no, not sign everyone, but upgrade positions that obviously are weak. Hell, even Derrick Brooks would still outshine Black and Hayes. Brooks is obviously retired, but you get my point. We can’t continue to get younger and younger. We’re young enough already. Now it’s time for some experience and additional proven talent. And this team could go far.

    And please, I don’t want to see another fat contact wasted on a bad player (Black, Clayton).

  18. thomas 2.2 Says:

    I usually find Rah’s analysis insightful- here he is jut covering for his buddy rah I get it. Similar agenda to the Big Fraud – he is essentially a buc employee and a compensated apologist.

  19. K2theSoldier Says:

    You included the time stamps but not the entire entry. We’re banging on Dom for different things, and I disagreed with your particular stance (bring back T-Jack and signing Albert). Context is very important.

    [Sorry K2, Joe has a contract with Clear Channel.]

  20. K2theSoldier Says:

    [Sorry, Joe has a contract with Clear Channel. — Joe]

  21. Eric Says:

    I am confused,

    Do we have a bad Gm and good coach?

    Or, a rock star GM and bad coach?

    Or, a bad GM and a bad coach?

    Or just plain ole sucky owners?

  22. K2theSoldier Says:

    Is “a little bit of all of those” an acceptable answer?
    The GM has made some good moves and bad moves.
    The coach has made some good choices and some bad choices.
    The owners aren’t involved with the team and don’t like to spend money.
    Oh wait.

  23. Eric Says:

    Ah sucky owners hiring a mixed bag of professionals.

    Super Bowl here we come!

  24. Snook Says:

    “It’s like I used to say with Gruden, the guy is just coaching what he’s got.”

    Yeah, and what he “got” was a result of his crappy drafting with his buddy, Bruce Allen.

    The “Glazers are cheap” argument is fine and dandy until it sinks under the fact they offered Albert Haynesworth more money than any defensive player ever at the time.

    Gruden sucked. He won a Super Bowl immediately and did nothing afterwards. He left the cupboard BARE. And Raheem has done nothing either.

  25. K2theSoldier Says:

    I agree with part of that Snook. They did in fact offer Albert a ton of money, which goes unnoticed by a lot of people bashing the Glazers. But you can’t argue with the fact that they aren’t as involved as other owners and just don’t seem committed at all to the Bucs. I used to be on the side of the Glazer protectors, but it’s just too hard to defend them anymore.

    Like I said, at the end of the day Bruce Allen was the GM, not Gruden. I’d love to see what Gruden could do with this offense, it’d be far more exciting and efficient, I think. Frankly it’s more loaded than any offense he coached in Tampa.

    “Gruden sucked. He won a Super Bowl immediately” those words combined really don’t make any sense. Sucky coaches don’t win Super Bowls.

  26. Capt.Tim Says:

    The truth is – all parties concerned have had their highs and lows. They gave all done some good things, and they have all mistakes. It’s called being Human. If anyone here doesnt make mistakes at work , please speak up.

    I can find out who yer boss is. Bet he disagrees.

    Gruden, by the way, had free reign over personnel. Bruce Allen did what Chucky told him. The Glazers gave them free hand.
    Chucky made some excellent pickups in his first year. Some if the most talented Bucs ever.Later, his dislike of young players proved his undoing.

    Team is still young. Raheem needs to get them disciplined and focused. Dom needs to abandon this ” only thru the Draft” nonsense, and get Raheem some players.
    The Glazers need to get that wallet, and bring in some names/ talent to get butts in the seat!

    All those things can happen

    We need to show some patience. We have a talented young team. We have to replace Talib, Black, and Hayes( Gruden, by the way), and Biggers( Dom).
    That has to happen, just to be able to field a defense that can stop anyone.

    After that, we’ll see if the above issues get handled

  27. Patrick Says:

    @Capt. Tim

    Hayes was a 6th round pick. I never expected much out of him, but Dom and Raheem have been stupid enough for some reason to keep him in the lineup.

    I’m not gonna give up on Talib. I know you don’t like him Captain, but he was a hell of a player until this year. I don’t know what’s happened to him. The first CB that needs to be cut is Biggers.

    We need a cornerback no doubt! Two of them actually. But I say we keep Talib around and wait till his trial plays out. Barber probably won’t be back next year also, so cornerback might be our biggest need in the offseason. That and linebacker.

  28. Paul Says:

    I usually don’t agree with what King has to say, but he’s right. Those guys wouldn’t be starting on any other team.

  29. NickinMelb Says:

    King has it wrong. When the Glazers bought Man U they got together and came up with How to Run an NFL Franchise on a Budget plan. Cheap rookie GM, cheap rookie head coach, distaste for most free agents so while their player payroll was one of the lowest in the league when you add in the Head Coach and GM salaries they probably are the most frugal owners in the league in terms of spending money. So not only is Dom and the Glazers the problem but Raheem is as well. You get what you pay for. The Bucs paid for mediocrity and thats what they are getting. If I am Raheem at 4-6 in my third year I am giving players like Dekota Watson Ahmad Black and Gaitor some playing time and sitting Biggers and Black. I can’t imagine we could be any worse than 31st. Why is Raheem not benching players? Biggers had so many negative impact plays last week i am sure on some teams he would not be playing this week.

  30. Patrick Says:

    I agree, play Gaitor. We drafted him, let’s see what we have in him! Same with Dekota Watson.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Watson start in the Saints game? I think we won that one and actually played pretty well

  31. sandbagrudy Says:

    Quincy Black was drafted by Gruden as was Hayes and Hayward. Oh Yeah Dexter Jackson out of app state as well. That Kid amobi Okoye was available this year in free agency he would have been a perfect fit here in Tampa Marinelli scooped him up in Chicago he had two sacks on Freeman in London he’s disruptive and young I graduated from louisville at the age of 19 with the right couching he could be the next sapp

  32. passthebuc Says:

    to patrick. the answer is easy.

    on one hand Rah says that he does not want to throw them to the wolves but on the other when he is talking about the D line, he says that only game time will determine how they are going to react.

    which means, your never going to get an accurate answer to your question.

  33. mikeck Says:

    I don’t know what you guys want. Dom got a team that was a perennial 9-7 type first round knock out. After 2.5 years and a lockout, I think they have done fine. In 3 drafts, we got Mason Foster, Price, Gmac, clayborn, Freeman, mike Williams, regis Benn, Preston parker and Cody grimm….all of whom are talented. Not every draft will be stacked…they wanted to draft a core of young talent and build on it. Free agents come after. I think we are fine on talent. Coaching is the issue….so I disagree with Sean…we see what talent we have when we beat Atlanta and New Orleans…playing like we do against Houston and San Fran in contrast demonstartes bad coaching….the talent is there

  34. K2theSoldier Says:

    ^^^I like that post mikeck. good points my friend. i always forget about Parker when talking about our drafts.

  35. mikeck Says:

    Who is responsible for us leading the league in penalties Sean? The front office? How about bad play calls on offense?

  36. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    God, I just love listening to Shaun King. [Apple: Joe has a contract with Clear Channel.]

  37. Teacherman777 Says:

    We have the CHEAPEST PAYROLL in the league. This is not the GM’s fault like Shaun is trying to say. We have LaGarrette Blount thanks to Dominik!!! What are you guys talking about??!! Mike Williams is having decent second year. He was a 4th round GEM! Have you seen how Sam Bradford is doing this year?? It’s normal to have a hard time in the second year. The NFL is hard as hell. The guys needs time to hone their craft. Mike Williams is dangerous when he cuts! He is solid. Mason Foster was a great third round pick. We will be great! You haters need to calm down and give this team another year or two! Also, Josh Freeman’s INT’s are up because half have been tipped balls!!

  38. NickinMelb Says:

    [Nick: Sorry, Joe has a contract with Clear Channel. — Joe]

  39. Architek Says:

    Some of you guys don’t know whether you are coming or going? You want to pardon Gruden and blame Allen. Crown Dominik but blame Raheem. Blame Raheem but pardon the players. Through all of this who is the common denominator?


    Folks, no one cares about our franchise outside of us because of our organization and owners. You can go anywhere and find acknowledgement of some franchises. For example, you can go to Idaho and they will know who Aaron Rodgers, Eli, Brady, AP, Revis, Vick, and Romo. You cannot pay me to believe that people know who 95% of our roster is. Not because they don’t have potential or they aren’t decent players. It’s because the Glazers don’t pay for stars! As a result no one cares or even registers our team. Even at 10-6 last year no one cared and it’s even worse after we get TV time and the Bucs look sloppy and poorly prepared.

    I am done with the excuses by Raheem and Dominik. I am done listening to [Easy Architeck, Joe has a contract with Clear Channel. — Joe. ] TJ Reeves ass kissing. It pains me to see that we continue to make head scratching moves as a organization and you all continue to be optimistic about the direction. This team deserves criticism and questioning. I loved hoe Lombardi went at Raheem because he is a joke. I hate that my heart is with the Bucs because the Glazers don’t deserve any of us as fans. We deserve stars also and electrifying playmakers. How long will you all continue to excuse and permit this type of management? Bicker with one another while the Glazers are cashing in from being cheap. How many teams would Lumpkin be on the active roster? How many teams would Lewis and Biggers be in the team? STOP bickering and go in at the Glazers.

  40. Architek Says:

    I hate the Cowboys but I love Jerry Jones committment to his team. We need owners like that.

  41. lamarcus Says:

    Wait right there Joe! King and White views, my belief, our negative vibes. King us one of my favorites cuz he got rid Dilfer. A hot Dilfer. A injured Dilfer. King and White our not Bucs fans,they are ex-players. So King and White made huge difference when they where playing? I don’t think so. Whit salavates to bad technique and King cries about management decisions? What about drafting Shaun King in the second round?

  42. Architek Says:

    My apologies Joe for my comment and referencing Clear Channel. I assure you Achitek’s views does not reflect those of Joe Bucs Fan.

  43. Capt.Tim Says:

    Love Jerry Jones??? Oh yeah, that’s Just what we need! You are aware that the the Cowboys have sucked for about 20 years now, Right?
    Since Jimmy Johnson left, Right?

    And even you can see that it’s because of Jerry Jone’s constant interference right?

    They gotta stop having “Internet day” at the mental facilities!

  44. K2theSoldier Says:

    @ Capt Tim, it was also because of his interference that they dominated the NFL for so long. It goes both ways my man.

  45. K2theSoldier Says:

    And @ Joe, we’re really not allowed to bad mouth Clear Channel employees on here? C’mon! The contract really says “no comments allowed on your site speaking the truth…err…bad mouthing our employees”? No fun!

  46. Joe Says:


    No problem. Joe understands how people can get carried away but Joe wanted to explain why that was edited.

  47. Joe Says:


    You may write that you don’t agree with a Clear Channel personality. That’s fine. But you can’t go personal.

  48. BigMacAttack Says:

    Everyone knows how to fix it when the truth is that it isn’t really broken. Raheem, nor Dominick are going anywhere, anytime soon. Biggers is a good little CB. He just went up against the best passing attack in the league. He got beat but was close on most plays. It just isn’t as bad as fans are making it out to be. You need to know that what you see as a fan, a Coach sees too, and from numerous angles. Everyone (parent/fan) wants to tell a coach, any coach what the players are doing wrong, when the coach already knows this. They have probably critiqued the same mistake you are talking about a thousand times. It is hard to be a coach, in any sport, especially the NFL. I happen to think Raheem is an excellent coach that will continue to improve like the majority of his players. This team may have taken a couple steps back, but this is a better team than we had last year in most areas. I also think the coaching staff could use a little tweaking, but again, if I see it, the Coach sees it, and he knows a helluava lot more than I do.

  49. Patrick Says:


    Bottomline is he’s getting beaten. Being close on most plays isn’t good enough. If he fixes it, that’s one thing. But he never does. Week after week it’s the same thing. We can definitely do better than Biggers. Play Gaitor.

  50. BigMacAttack Says:

    Patrick, my point wasn’t about Biggers, it was about the fact that most fans like you ,that think you know more than a Coach, don’t. And in most cases don’t know Jack Spit.

    If Gaitor was a better option than Biggers right now, he’d be on the field. Gaitor has been hurt, but I guess you didn’t know that. Not to mention T Jax was hurt, Grimm is on IR. Talib has been banged up since the start of the season. This all together doesn’t bode very well for the Bucs, but it is what it is. There isn’t a CB in the league right now, including Nnamdi (also hurt) that Aaron Rodgers and his receivers/TE’s can’t slay or haven’t slain. Wake up dude, and quit complaining until you know what you’re talking about. Otherwise, address your comments to someone other than me.