Texans-Bucs Preview

November 11th, 2011

Jason Horowitz and Pat Kirwan discuss how the Bucs match up against the Texans in this CBSSports.com video. Kirwan says the Bucs’ offensive gameplan “will get neutralized right away.”


3 Responses to “Texans-Bucs Preview”

  1. mikeck Says:

    Well, seeing as how teh Bucs are 1-3 their last 4…cant rally argue with what Pat is saying. You are what your record says you are and in the last quarter…we were 1-3.

  2. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I hope Tampa neutralizes Kirwan, and beats Texas.
    We have played tough at home, and we now have Albert Haynesworth.
    I am smelling Upset for us, and I think Albert Haynesworth is going to have a great game.

  3. Anthony Says:

    I CANNOT believe Kirwan went with Houston. Unbelievable.