Shaun King Questions Dominik’s Drafts

November 7th, 2011

In addition to calling out the Bucs' drafts under Mark Dominik, Shaun King says "Josh Freeman stinks right now."

Rockstar general manager Mark Dominik isn’t a rockstar GM, so says former Bucs quarterback Shaun King.

In a passionate segment today on The King David Show on WQYK-AM 1010, co-host King read the name of every player in the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Bucs drafts in an attempt to reveal a list that doesn’t make the grade, and King said the Bucs’ picks have to be held to a higher scrutiny because of the Bucs’ build-through-the-draft philosophy.

King also commented that “Josh Freeman stinks right now” in many facets of the game.

“If you’re going to tell you’re fan base you’re going to build through the draft, then you have to have more names doing something,” King said. “And it has to happen quick or it’s going to come down on Raheem.”

King went on to say he can tell Freeman is being affected by the negative media coming his way, and King told a caller angry at Greg Olson to point a finger at Freeman for missing “wide open” Kregg Lumpkin and Erik Lorig on “wheel routes” that “should have been touchdowns.”

King said Freeman isn’t playing aggressively and wonders whether he can deal with criticism.

After yesterday’s game, Joe’s as angry and disappointed as the next fan, but Joe’s hardly ready to criticize Dominik’s three drafts. It’s too early to grade them completely and so far they stack up well against the league. Again, as Joe wrote earlier, the Bucs had enough talent to win 10 games last year and beat the Saints and Falcons this year.

It’s up to the coaches to figure out how to get the most out of the players on the roster. That’s the essence of coaching, and the coaches aren’t getting it done in 2011. 

67 Responses to “Shaun King Questions Dominik’s Drafts”

  1. Sensiblebuc Says:

    I disagree with Josh missing on the route to Lumpkin. If Lumpkin keeps on running the ball was perfectly placed for an over the shoulder catch and run.

    That was a coaching error in that either they haven’t run it enough to get Free and Lumpy comfortable in throwing and catching it or they mis-evaluated Lumpkin’s ability to catch.

  2. Meh Says:

    Ya that was more Lumpkin’s fault that Freeman’s imo. Although at least one overthrown pass to a wide open Lorig was Freeman’s fault.

    I don’t know about Dom’s drafting. I don’t think it is that bad, but it is too early to tell. I pretty much assume half the picks are going to be busts for almost any team.

  3. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The rats are always the first ones to jump off a sinking ship.

  4. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    But for once I actually agree with King…Freeman is having one hell of a slump. The lockout killed any chance of him getting better in the offseason. These games are his offseason, unfortunately.

  5. Meh Says:

    I didn’t think Free was the major problem in the Saints game. A few mistakes, sure, but all in all I thought he looked better than he has.

  6. mikeck Says:

    I thought Freeman looked fine…Lumpy stopped his route and turned. I had to climb back into my chair when i read that King was accusing Freeman of “sucking”. Its hard to put stuf on Freeman when we are not running teh ball. Once its 24-9…tough to do much else.

  7. IMHO... Says:

    Free was off on plays on numerous plays, along with his ball location.

  8. Burg Says:

    Burger boy sure likes to run his mouth these days, me thinks the fay boy is bitter that he hasn’t been able to land some sort of gig in the Buc’s organisation or with the national media. He has probably run through his NFL money by now and is trying to get his profile up by trash talking on local radio.

  9. Sensiblebuc Says:

    I still can’t decide whether I liked Freeman getting in peoples faces yesterday and yelling at people. On one hand he was obviously holding people accountable for their mistakes as they happened which is what you want out of your leadership.

    On the other hand his 1st 2 years he’s been very complimentary of everybody almost to the point of denial. He, like Rah and the rest of the coaching staff, seem to be attempting to change mid-stream (due to fan or maybe ownership pressure) to a more aggressive/accountable standard and the cracks are starting to show. Maybe they should stick to the collegial/relaxed atmosphere that got them 10 wins last year? I don’t have the answers but I hope Rah does.

  10. flmike Says:

    Freeman made some errors yesterday, saw a few throws from the backfoot that didn’t need to be, Lorig and Lumpkin both missed plays they should have made, I can excuse Lorig, he’s a DE being converted to FB and still exhibits the hands of a DE sometimes, but Bumpkin is a bust, tg we didn’t actually draft this guy and all he cost us was the $100 waiver wire fee, but you are here which means you must make plays which you are not. Bottom line is this coaching staff is not getting it done, when you have 2 weeks to prepare and the best you can come up with was yesterday;’s debacle, you need help. Be it outside consultants to help with the planning or just another set of eye’s to go over the game plan, something or someone has to give.

  11. KD Says:

    King’s right…for as much as Dom preaches about ‘building through the draft’ he sure misses a hell of a lot. If not for Freeman, the 2009 draft would’ve been worse than almost all of the Gruden/Allen drafts. Everybody seems to be seeing through the veil of this regime. I hope I’m wrong, but I think we will have a new Gm and a new head coach by 2013.

  12. d clark Says:

    Yea shaun king should be the one to talk about a qb “sucking.” In that case you must of sucked after that 2000 season and the rest of your career shaun. Freeman is playing better now then you did all 7 years of your career GTF outta here. Shaun should also be the one to talk about how another qb handles media pressure. Because we all know the first sign of criticism shaun how you crumbled under pressure and sucked ever since. LOL this guys a joke. Im really starting to think he’s jealous of freeman or something. See shaun freeman had no offseason to speak of to even plan and get better against the D’s he would be facing and all the D coordinators did was plan ways to defend him. I guarantee you Free looks 10 times better next year. Shaun leave your critiquing to yourself you got benched in favor of Brad and Rob Johnson in your career. Talking about another qb sucking shouldn’t be something that comes outta your mouth.

  13. MTM Says:

    The offense is a mess from top to bottom right now. Stupid playing followed by stupid penalties.
    Every offensive series has at least one penalty, one throw away play or stupid run into a pile for a loss. Its hard to watch. The offense and defense has no discipline whatsoever. Once that is taken care of they will win some games.

  14. Eric Says:

    Freeman is still an excellent pick.

    However, some of the luster and broo hahah has gone from the Dom picks. Wiliams, Benn, McCoy, Price may or may not pan out. Miller, Lewis, and others arent looking too good. Nobody is a “home run” yet except Josh. Obviously QB is a huge piece of the puzzle though so credit goes where earned.

    Some Folks have hastily put labels of greatness on the drafts. Calling people “beasts” during their first training camp and stuff. Like most, some picks work out, others don’t.

    Thus the folly of exclusively relying on it.

    It is fair to say we are not partying like it is 1995, with or without a “rock star”.

  15. Bobby Says:

    How does anyone know how the drafts are panning out? It’s only the second year into a rebuild and way to early to tell who’s gonna be a bust and who’s not. Time will tell but we definitely need to build depth in a lot of positions. We’ll know a lot more next year with a complete offseason including OTA’s and training camp. Maybe a new offensive coordinator??

  16. Eric Says:

    I thought we were in the third year.

  17. Bobby Says:

    I don’t consider Freeman starting until last year when we really started the draft to surround him with weapons and pick up the D-line etc.

  18. Al Picazio Says:

    I cant say enough about our ” coach ” not using the right game plan all the way around. Building throug the draft is good, if you have at least half your team stocked with vets. Young players are at a big disavantage without older players to guide them and it also means the team would have accountabality for poor play with vets on the team. Lots of young players thinking they are stars and none has anyway to prove it. Get rid of the coach, make him a D coach and bring in COWER…..he would be what this team needs…..also a vet behind Freeman would be VERY helpfull…..Hell I could fix this team…..

  19. zech miller Says:

    Well McCoy sucks and he’s soft and I’m not that high on freemen he hasn’t progressed but ill give it til the end of next season and if freemen And McCoy suck next year then the Bucs should look else where or draft a new qb and a new d-tackle!

  20. Brad Says:

    I have no issue with Freeman or the draft classes (yet). The problem with Dominic is building your team only with the draft. Ignoring FA’s to at least add depth was a critical error. As far as Freeman, his only problem is Olson has his OC.

  21. Blubber Price Says:

    The pass to lumpkin wasn’t bad , but it tends to look bad when you have a slow unathletic bum as your 3rd down back who takes the wrong route angle , stops running , and then jumps too early.

    When are we going to bring in some top-notch talent for Freeman to work with? Right now we have Mike WIlliams who rarely gets seperation and drops half the passes thrown to him , Arrelious Benn who never gets seperation and drops a 3rd of the passes thrown to him . Lumpkin who belongs in the Arena football league , Winslow who is slow and washed up….

    …and we can expect no help to be forthcoming via free agency. *sigh* , I’m so excited for the future…

  22. Meh Says:

    Benn doesn’t have that many drops on the year. He usually makes the catch and is our biggest threat. Of course we barely throw to him for some incomprehensible reason.

  23. Blubber Price Says:

    He is 2nd on the team in drops behind Williams actually , and it’s really not that incomprehensible that he doesn’t get the ball often because the guy can’t get open. He’s a poor route runner.

  24. Buc you Says:

    Freeman wasn’t horrible at New Orleans. He wasn’t perfect, but I agree that the WR’s do not get separation consistently. Aslo, Benn targeted twice is unacceptable. They need to get the ball in his hands on slants more often like they are giving to Mike Williams. If 19 can do it so can Benn, and he’s more dangerous after the catch.
    This team really needs a legitimate number one target outside so that the other players can operate in space, and a 3rd down back with speed (and one who can actually catch the football).

  25. kappa08 Says:

    Sorry but this organization isn’t worth my hard earned dollar and most certainly 4 hours of my rare day off….

  26. Meh Says:

    He has what, 3 drops? I agree his route running needs some work though.

  27. Kyle Says:

    This site has turned into a non stop whine fest, go root for another team I’m sick of other bucs fans most of you constantly whine and want the team from the 90s well this isn’t that team its 2011 stop whining and cheer for the damn team. It’s such a downer to come to this site anymore. Joe, it has been a pleasure reading your site but I suppose I will just come back when the bucs start winning so all these fair weather fans come back with all their bucs love.

  28. K2theSoldier Says:

    You’re telling me Kyle. Big whine-fest in the comment section of this website. So ridiculous.

  29. McBuc Says:

    Just a question, how do you guys know if a reciever is running the correct route or not?

    The recievers to to get with it, it looked like Williams waqs starting to but Benn needs more targets.

    Did I miss a run by Moses? I do not remember him getting the ball at all. I really think they screwed up when Olsen gave up on the run. They started to panic. 13 touches for Blount is not enough! Morris and Dom need to sit him down and say “Greg, RUN THE F’N BALL”. I agree with Joe on the benn End around, STOP. Also, WTF was up with the cute little option play. That would hacve been a great time for a play action pass.

  30. Pete Dutcher Says:

    King said Freeman isn’t playing aggressively and wonders whether he can deal with criticism.

    Like King would know. Freeman is handling things fine. What? Is he supposed to show no emotion and act like his offensive teammates are not screwing up?

    How many penalties has Freeman had this year?

    Blubber Price Says:
    The pass to lumpkin wasn’t bad , but it tends to look bad when you have a slow unathletic bum as your 3rd down back who takes the wrong route angle , stops running , and then jumps too early.

    When are we going to bring in some top-notch talent for Freeman to work with? Right now we have Mike WIlliams who rarely gets seperation and drops half the passes thrown to him , Arrelious Benn who never gets seperation and drops a 3rd of the passes thrown to him . Lumpkin who belongs in the Arena football league , Winslow who is slow and washed up….

    It doesn’t help that Freeman and Lumkin have barely worked together either.

    I like Williams and Benn. Parker isn’t bad either. Has Sammie even been active?

    Benn would be having a great year if he had more opportunities. Williams doesn’t need seperation, he just needs the ball thrown to him more often as well. He can battle for and catch a lot of things. Truth be told, Freeman’s placement has been more off than on. I’m sure he’ll get it together though.

    On a different note…
    Comments have been made elsewhere about this being Raheem’s 3rd year. Technically it is, but keep in mind that he wasn’t given much power leading up to his first year. Most HCs get to pick their own coaching staff…he didn’t. It wasn’t until two weeks prior to his first season that he was able to convince them to go with Olson.

    It took longer to get his way with the defense. Not to mention he was a rookie himself. Growing pains.

    So if you ask me, his time shouldn’t start until year two. And if we do that, he’s got a winning record. But even if you don’t count his record that way, consider this…if he had no real say-so in the beginning, was he really behind the big release of our veteran players?

    Could it be that those guys were let go because they didn’t fit the profile of coordinators who were destined to be fired?

    And then you have the CBA. It became clear that the Glazers were NOT going to spend money before a new CBA was worked out. And now that it has, they see a team coming together and want to wait and see what can be addressed by the draft first.

    A good rebuild takes 2-3 years. Morris has been at it for 2 years, regardless of when he was given his position. And most teams focus on one side of the ball for a rebuild. Morris and Dominick are trying to rebuild both sides.

    It’s going to take time. Frankly, I think having a winning record this year would be an accomplishment. I want 10-6, but that means only losing 2 more games, and I can’t see that happening.

    Not with the penalties and attitudes of key players.

    If Morris is smart, he’ll do some benching and send a message, the bigger the name the better if its deserved. Regardless of the cost.

    “I will tolerate you until I can replace you,” Morris said. Now he needs to follow thru on it.

    BTW, if you take away the penalties in the last game it may have been a win.



  31. McBuc Says:

    Sorry for the typos and I meant “receivers”…

  32. Meh Says:

    Kyle, optimists are never going to be happy with any complaints. There would be little point of the blog if we were never supposed to discuss the Bucs with a back and forth. I think the team has earned the criticism after what they showed Sunday. The day after a huge loss like that they’re going to get some deserved heat.

  33. Meh Says:

    McBuc, I don’t know what routes they are supposed to run, but you can watch things like how they get separation and how crisp the turns are on the route. I concede it is not an exact science, but a lot of the route running looks sloppy to me this year.

  34. Blubber Price Says:

    How do you guys know the Bucs aren’t calling Benn’s number consistently , but every time he is the primary he is not open , so Freeman is checking down ??

    I tend to think that is the more likely scenario…

    SHow me where Benn is running wide open and Freeman wont pass to him…

  35. Meh Says:

    Because he’s not even in the game most of the time.

  36. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Hey Pete Dutcher, you make me sick dude. I read some comments you made earlier, who the hell are you to call people haters and posers? Do you have any idea how many years I have been a Buc fan? since the beginning thats how long. rah is not a good coach, he has had three years, the team is worse than when he started, that is a fact, does that mean I hate the Bucs, hell no it doesn’t, don’t ever question other peoples love for this team.

  37. zech miller Says:

    I give rah and domain 1 more season or if they loose the rest of the remaining games then the glaziers need to look at other options like Jeff Fisher their was a reason he was in Tennessee for all those years! I love my Bucs and I want the GM and coaches to have accountability for every lose and won’t be afraid to dabile in freeagency!

  38. Architek Says:

    Please don’t try to validate your loyalty to the Bucs to some of these clowns. If you are a first-time visitor or just learning about JBF feel free to post your thoughts and opinion. Thats the problem with some of these Doe Doe’s. Who in the hell is lining up to be a Bucs fan? The loyal fans we have we try to question their loyalty when we are arguably the hardest franchise to love and support because of the organization’s philosophies. Dude I am honored to have a Bucs fan in Iowa. I am a realist and imo, the Bucs are a mess but it’s fixable but not with this personnel. I don’t want Raheem fired because he deserves some time and he is not the one being ignorant. I just say that after a bye and 3 weeks straight it looks like we are under-prepared but that can be due to execution which comes back down to the players again. Time fixes all and it’s gonna take time. I lowered my expectations weeks ago so that I can still enjoy the season.

  39. Adam Says:

    Building through the draft is fine… but building through the draft and completely ignoring free agency means ONE THING: your draft better be G.D. Spot-On.

    And I’ll remind you: When the Bucs picked McCoy, Dominik when OUT OF HIS WAY to tell us how SURE he was about McCoy and that if N. Suh was on the board, he STILL would have picked McCoy. Now was he blowing smoke to pump up his McCoy pick? Maybe, but he still said it. And if you’re going to stick your neck out like that, you better be damn prepared when the blade comes down.

  40. Garv Says:

    Gee, maybe Shaun King should be the HC AND the GM. After all, he’s so much smarter and puts it so much more effort than anyone else.
    Maybe not as a player but he was a darn good finger pointer in his day.

    Ian Beckles could be wrong hand man.

  41. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Some of you are truly unrealistic. We are 4-4, which is not great, but there are a bunch of teams that would love to be 4-4 right now (and only 1.5 games back in their division). Is our talent better than the teams we have lost to? Not to me, not yet anyway. Are we still not (by far) the youngest team in the NFL? More importantly, have any of you the credentials to say who is or isn’t a good coach? When were you a head coach or GM of an NFL team?

    We all hate when the team loses, but it takes time to build a team from the ground up. I know the organization made that decision and you have the right to disagree; but guess what-too bad! It is what it is. What is the point in whining like my wife when she’s on her rags? Does it make you feel better? If some of you would spend half as much time supporting this team as you do b!tching about it, you may just find things aren’t that bad. Half of you clowns were praising the team all offseason, and now you want everyone fired (if you don’t like that comment, than more than likely you fall in this category). Stop being so damn melodramatic.

  42. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I just listened to the rah Morris slobberfest otherwise known as the rah Morris radio show. He just called aqib Talib physical, huh?

    When asked why the team starts without energy, he mumbled some unintelligible thing about excitement coming from the fans (what about road games) and basically had no explanation for these repeated horrible starts. I am convinced that he has no clue about the problem and consequently no idea how to address it.

    Every statement was some sort of cliche which exposes an inability to evaluate below the service level. This guy is so horribly under-qualified that it is embarrassing. Rah could take the Packers and make them a 6 win team. Rah would coach LSU to losing record. It is clear that the unprepared are totally confused – because it is clear that he is.

    It is time thatnwe abandon this experiment.

  43. Blubber Price Says:

    “Adam Says:
    November 7th, 2011 at 6:21 pm
    Building through the draft is fine… but building through the draft and completely ignoring free agency means ONE THING: your draft better be G.D. Spot-On.”

    It’s almost impossible to hit on every pick , but it’s exactly what you need to do if you completely ignore free agency. That’s why this plan is doomed to fail. We’re seeing it already with our lack of depth and lack of dynamic playmakers…

  44. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Hey dip sh!t (that would be you Thomas)- of course he has no explanation for the slow starts!!! If anyone did, they wouldn’t continue happening. And oh no, an NFL coach that says a bunch of cliches!!! He should be fired at once, along with about 30 other NFL coaches (leaving only Rex Ryan). Reality is, no matter what Raheem says, you will always say the same thing. Your mind has been made up, and it will never change. This is why when we win, you virtually disappear (please try to deny that – I love catching you lie). You are a clown, and I think less of you than I do of any fan from other teams. You are the worst type of fan – one who only wishes failure upon your own team and enjoys every minute of it. You hide behind your little computer, but we all know you don’t have the balls to say any of the things you say to anyone’s face. Obviously you have a miserable life, and all you have is your little whining moments of JBF. Poor Thomas.

  45. SteveK Says:

    IMO, we need to make a Free Agent Splash this offseason


    DeSean Jackson/Peyton Hillis


    Cortland Finnegan/Laron Landry

    Can I get a playmaker?

  46. Ed Says:

    To all fellow Buc fans, always remember, good things will come for those who are wait. There is a reason for everything and all will be clear in due time. Picture may not seem to clear now but that doesn’t mean it can’t change. Watch and be patient

  47. Steve Says:

    How the hell can it be said that “its too early to grade them completely” (in regards to Dominik’s drafts). The way this team is playing is indicative of a team that sucks, not only in the short term but in long term.

    Raheem, Dominick, Freeman, Tanard, Faine, Trueblood, McCoy, the whole DL the LBs the DBs, Ownership all of it Mediocre.

    Anybody who try’s putting a positive spin on this team is clearly happy with mediocrity. This team is going nowhere, lets face it.

    I’m not about just getting into the playoffs and filling a void and then getting trounced in the 1st round. I’m about seeing a team perform well if not dominate in the regular season and then making some noise in the post season. This current lineup cannot do that.

    And for Mr. “it takes time to get these things going” yeah I’m aware of that and guess what we’re nowhere near getting “things going”.

    And for Mr. “we just need to get in the playoffs cause anything can happen their” guess what nothing’s happening with this crap called a football team.

    The Tampa Bay Fukinqueers

    Venting frustrated fan (for the past 10 years ( jeez, almost a decade of this crap))

  48. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Is it possible Raheem would stay on as the DB position coach?

    Okay, just kidding…but seriously, when DB’s were his sole focus he was awesome at it. As for head coach he doesn’t seem to be adapting at a rate that’s fast enough to keep his job.

    If he finishes 8-8 or worse I don’t see any way he keeps his job at this point. I used to believe otherwise as recently as Sunday, but after that debacle it’s clear he doesn’t know how to make adjustments that benefit his team. In fact, even a 9-7 record doesn’t guarantee anything.

    Remember, the Glazers & Dominik are committed to building through the draft and following a specific plan. To my knowledge they’ve never said that Raheem has to be a part of that plan indefinitely.

    And that’s unfortunate…because I happen to like Raheem.

  49. shortybuc Says:

    That Lockout….uh..London..uh.. hangover still hurt this morning..

  50. NickinMelb Says:

    I agree with Shaun that this team has deficiencies in talent at key skill positions like wide receiver, running back, impact linebackers etc but his defense of Raheem Morris has one problem, if Josh is the problem Raheem practically gave his first born to get him. One way or the other Raheems future is tied to Josh Freeman. I believe if WE had thrown Sproles a ton of cash during the FA period then regardless of where his best buddy or brother in law played we would have him instead of the Saints and then yesterday may have been a different story. Glazers have Doms hands tied and the hatred of free agency is really a way to save money plain and simple.

  51. Blubber Price Says:

    “Meh Says:
    November 7th, 2011 at 5:49 pm
    Because he’s not even in the game most of the time.”

    Probably because Dezmon Briscoe and Preston Parker are both better than him , not some grand conspiracy.

  52. Alex S Says:

    Joe, why do you call Dominick a “rock star?”. At best I think you would call him average (although I believe he is near the bottom). Trying to stay on his good side, because he truly does no deserve the love you give him.

  53. BluMoon Says:

    CANNOT blame everything on dom. he has a boss – it is with good assumption his boss has a lot of say so in the direction that they are going. its the walmart analogy gruden used years ago. i remember reading a story a while back that gruden told the owners off bc they (him & bruce allen) finally got under the cap and they STILL couldn’t sign certain key players that gruden wanted badly (moving up to get calvin johnson comes to mind)! i heard grudens comments pissed off the galzers hence grudens firing. well, the truth hurts. I dont know if its a ManU thing or whatever, but imo i really believe dom’s hands are tied. and unfortunately its a domino effect from there.

  54. K2theSoldier Says:

    Oh PLEASE FLboy, Raheem can finish with 6 wins this year and his job will be safe till at least the end of last year. I can personally guarantee, for whatever it’s worth, that we get 8 or 9 wins this year, which is fine in my book. The whiny fans that think the sky is falling after every loss and push the panic button in the preseason are the reason we can’t fill up the stadium.

    @Steve, I don’t even know if that stupid rant you went on is worth a response but I’ll give one. This team is 4-4, not 0-8, the team doesn’t “suck”. Did they suck when they beat Atlanta and New Orleans? The team is the youngest in the league and still growing. Freeman, Blount, Williams, Kellen, Clayborn, Foster, Gerald, Tanard and Talib didn’t just suddenly turn into crappy players over night. These are super talented players. That’s not even mentioning guys like Bowers, Benn, Briscoe and Parker that can play ball too. The potential for this team has shown at times this year and it’s just a matter of eliminating stupid penalties, slow starts and inconsistency. The talent is there. Now quit freaking complaining about lack of talent, be patient and wait for THE YOUNGEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE to grow into it’s own.
    I mean seriously guys, you’d think we were in the Suck for Luck campaign. The Bucs will be fine.

  55. Patrick Says:

    Not making the playoffs again this year would be inexcusable. That’d be FOUR years in a row! Sorry, I’m not accepting that.

    Let’s take a good look at Dominick’s drafts for a sec.


    Josh Freeman- I’ll say good pick, but he’s been very medicore/below average this year

    Roy Miller-BUST

    Kyle Moore-BUST

    Xavier Fulton- BUST

    EJ Biggers- ok pick. He’s a backup at best.

    Sammie Stroughter- waste of a pick. haven’t seen him at all this year. but hey, he’s a 7th rounder

    Other than Freeman, this draft was horrible


    Gerald McCoy- getting closer to being a bust.

    Brian Price- Good pick!

    Arrelious Benn- Good pick, but our staff won’t use him or throw to him

    Myron Lewis- Waste of a pick

    Mike Williams-Did good last year, but no where near as effective this year. Sure hope he’s not another Clayton

    Brent Bowden- Waste of a pick

    Cody Grimm- Ok pick for where he was selected. But Tanard Jackson is better player

    Dekota Watson-Ok pick for special teams i guess

    The 2010 draft looks ok/solid, but right now none of them are there to help.

    I won’t judge the 2011 draft because it’s their first year of play.

    So to summarize everything, many of our draft picks have been somewhat disappointing. Josh Freeman is our best pick, but he’s not keeping up what he did last year. Same with Mike Williams. McCoy’s season has ended for the 2nd year in a row and has proven he can’t be there for our D. This is not how our high picks should be playing. We drafted them for a reason.

    Price has really impressed me this year, but he’s had injury problems too.

    I like Benn, but the coaches won’t use him. All in all, we’re just not getting it done in any area. The coaches and the players both stink this year.

    Don’t blast Shaun King. The drafts haven’t been THAT great. They’re good, but not great. They’re A LOT better than the Bruce Allen drafts.

    None of our picks from ’09 and ’10 are making a huge enough of an impact on this team. They need to step it up now.

  56. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Hawaiian: when you have lost the argument substantively you revert to personal attacks – I know it really sucks to be wrong – especially when your adversary is proven right simultaneously.

    I take no joy in the Bucs embarrassing themselves, that is why I want it to stop. It was obvious last year that the team was benefitting from facing bad back-up qb’s week after week.

    The reason I have been “negative” is because the circumstantial evidence is undeniable that this org has gone cheap and consequently young – not vice versa. Cheap is the ONLY reason rah was given that job and our fan base is suffering as a result. I honestly believe that this team could do no worse if Hawaiian or Capt Tim took over – you both have just as much ability to correct these problems as our poor coach.

    That is not personal, he is a nice, dedicated, well-intentioned young man who is successful as a position coach or get-back coach or teacher or many other things. He does not know what he is doing as a NFL head coach.

    I have said dozens of times, I will stand up and say I am wrong and credit rah if they made the playoffs – they wont under him – ever.

    You fools who want to extend this charade another year are not fans at all. Fans on accept half a decade without a post-season only to say “let’s stay the course.” this is a win-now league built to turn teams around in a year or two.

    There is no evidence that anything that has been done since 2009 is establishing a “lasting contender.”

  57. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Damn Patrick,
    I guess you expect Biggers to be Revis? He’s a 7th round pick halfway through his second season! Not to mention that in every game he has covered the other teams best receiver. Considering those facts, he has done very well. Sammie Stroughter has been out with a broken foot. You know, on the play he returned the kickoff 74 yards! He has been battling a bunch of injuries (I’ll give you that), but he has been very effective when healthy. Definitely not a waste of a pick. Please give me a 7th round pick in the last 3 years from another team that has been better than either of those 2 guys. Cody Grimm was another excellent pick, especially for a 7th rounder. Yes, T-Jax is better. He is better than most of the safeties in this league. Dekoda Watson has had a very good season. Not sure what you have been watching.

  58. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You are a fool. Raise your hand if you have had an entire article on JBF dedicated to this fact. That person raising their hand would be you. That’s not a personal attack, that is the truth.

    Again, what makes you qualified to say he doesn’t know what he is doing as a head coach? Find me ONE person in the media, current or ex-player, or any other credible person agreeing with you. He came in second in coach of the year last year, so obviously the facts lean more towards me than you. But go ahead and give your ridiculous spin on the facts, it’s what you do best.

  59. Fish Says:

    I think I’m going to stop paying attention to what Shaun King says. I would suggest you all do the same – including you, Joe.

  60. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    We Draft McCoy, then have our head coach tell us all he is prone to Injury because he tackles wrong.

    Sorry guys, but a number one draft pick must be close to perfection in tackling, or he is NOT a number one draft pick.

  61. Meh Says:

    Blubber, that just isn’t true. He has performed well when he gets chances. He has made several big plays this year. He is kept out because of Olsen’s schemes in the same way that Blount is never in for the 2 minute drill or 3rd downs. It is entirely a schematic limitation, and the blame falls squarely on Olsen.

  62. Blubber Price Says:

    No , he’s just not that good Meh. Face it. The only reason he plays as much as he does is because he was a 2nd round pick and the bucs are trying to find ways to force him into the game plan. He’s a role player , not a star , and probably always will be. Yet another high round miss by Dummynik

  63. Meh Says:

    No I’m not going to face it. He is our best threat by a mile right now. Your opinion isn’t even remotely grounded in fact. He has 6 receptions for over 20 yards this season. Mike Williams has one. He has two TDs despite not being in on a ton of plays. Mike Williams has one TD.

    He is, by a mile, our biggest deep threat and we misuse him terribly.

  64. Meh Says:

    And 2 of those 6 are for over 40 yards. Mike Williams has NO catches over 40.

  65. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas- thats a lie! It’d be much worse if I took over. I’d be drawing plays in the dirt. I’d spend all my time coaching the cheerleaders. I wouldn’t holler at the really big players, cause they might kick my butt.

    It would be horrible! But I would have signed a couple FA OLBs, and Nnamandi- so at least we could stop the run, and Meybe defend against SOME pass plays.

    Hawiian- but isn’t that the point about about Biggers? He’s playing a little better than you’d expect a 7th round pick to play. Because you’d expect a 7th round pick to suck! And why is Biggers playing all the number one receivers on every team?? Because Talib- a first rounder- sucks.

    Secondary should have been adressed in the preseason. We have no talent there except Ronde and Tanard. And we knew that in April! That’s the part that irritates me.

  66. Meh Says:

    I like Biggers a lot, but he is not a starter. Maybe borderline nickel corner. He is great depth, and was a good pick. He just shouldn’t be doing the lion’s share of the corner work.

    And man, you are right, Talib is stinking up the field this year.

    We should have gone for Jonathan Joseph is FA, but we’re allergic to free agency other than for a punter. Instead we’ll have to face him this weekend.

  67. Architek Says:

    Your optimism is patriotic but the truth is we are a mediocre team. We are not Bad classification worthy but we have regressed and what’s wrong with acknowledging that? We didn’t have an off-season so its ok but the staff and the players should be held accountable for penalties. You cant convince me that all the packages and detail work of plays aren’t discussed with the position coaches throughout the week. Dude, you need to chill and stop attacking people for their opinion because you look stupid yourself. Some of this is fandom but some is the truth just as something are not. You made a comment about the stadium not being full because of people like us. No its called Maslow Hierarchy of Needs son…when the majority of the region has other pressing needs than entertainment then guess what happens? It doesn’t help that the Bucs brand is trending below an demanding level so between the region economy, brand Buc ball, and lack of star power the stadium won’t fill.

    By the way, feel free to shoot holes through the truth because come Sunday you will be stuck defending a immature – unprepared team again. By yourself.