Ryan Nece Wants More Fan Loyalty

November 13th, 2011

Watching the Bucs tackle today made Joe shake his head in disbelief several times.

That was bad enough, but Joe didn’t expect to be shaking his head the same way after the game. That came when Bucs postgame radio personality and former linebacker Ryan Nece said many Bucs fans need to show more loyalty to their team.

His take came after a caller said he left the Bucs-Texans debacle early.

Nece called today’s game “frustrating and disgusting” but chastised fans for leaving early, saying that if fans want players playing to the final whistle, then they should stay ’til the final whistle.

Joe’s not sure what could prompt the usually thoughtful Nece to have such an outlandish opinion. Fans pay cold, hard-earned cash for their tickets. If they only want to sit through 45 minutes of embarrassing Bucs football, then so be it.

Nece should be thankful the home crowd thinned out fast and early, rather than the Bucs being serenaded with a chorus of boos as they turned in a fourth-quarter effort worthy of words that rhyme with duck and spit.

45 Responses to “Ryan Nece Wants More Fan Loyalty”

  1. Dean Says:

    The Glazers need to make more of an effort. Some free agents and a real coaching staff!

  2. lightningbuc Says:

    Exactly dean. Gimme a break Nece. I sat there until 8 minutes left. I would have had more fun getting a root canal AND a colonoscopy in those 3 hours.

  3. Leighroy Says:

    Lightningbuc said it. I left after Freeman’s interception before the 4th quarter. I would have rather have taken a 4 hour nap or had done laundry or dishes. Would have been time better spent!!

  4. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The difference between the players and fans is that the players are being PAID to be there, whereas the fans are PAYING to be there. Big difference. The ones receiving the paycheck should give 100% to the final whistle, but the ones paying the paycheck can leave if the product is not worth sticking around to support.

  5. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I typically respect Nece and his opinions, but huh?

    Is it wrong to walk out of a horrible movie or concert? the purpose is entertainment – if you are not entertained you leave.

    It makes a ton of sense to sit through a miserable football game “for the players” who quit than to go home and spend enjoyable time with your family. Brilliant Ryan.

  6. KD Says:

    Nece is way out of line here.

  7. mbaby Says:

    @Joe,Did Gannon said we had 2 players fighting during practice? and Rah just let them fight then made everybody run afterwards? Sorry about been off the subject

  8. Architek Says:

    Try to tell 65,000 hard working people that…

  9. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    When was the last time Ronnie Lott’s son paid for a ticket much less season tickets. This was the second game in six years I left early. I pay Rah’s salary and Freeman’s salary and I will tell you I am disgusted by what I saw today. Ryan you can shut the hell up. Bad football Tampa. Bad football.

  10. Dew Says:

    My plan for next year is to cancel my four season tkts with the idea that if they actually put a good team on the field I will buy them after the two preseason games. If the Bucs want to be cheap so will I. We need to get more season tkt holders to say they plan to do that also. No way they will sell them to some other idiot.

  11. eric Says:

    I am loyal to sitting on my couch till the Glazer boys do something to show a committment to the fans and the team.

    And the BS plan aint it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. raphael Says:

    Rece doesn’t have to worry about food on the table….times like this with a product like that on the field they should be happy any tickets were sold at all

  13. champ Says:

    when it comes to passion, the team has to make the first move. When it is clear that the team is not into it, the fans are going to act the same way.

  14. Jake Says:

    Loyalty is a two way street. The Glazers have disrespected this fanbase for several years now with their fraudulent “plan” for building a lasting contender. Get some legitimate NFL caliber coaches in here. Get some legitimate veteran talent in here to guide the youth on this team. Spend some of your damn money on this organization and then we can talk about being loyal.

  15. Z-Buc fan Says:

    Fan loyalty is an issue? At least we were there for part of the game today, which is more than anyone can say for the team we pay hard money to watch.

    Fact is, this is a poorly coached team, and the Glazers are getting what they pay for. The offense has no strategy, I’m really tired of seeing a 3rd string cast-off running back on the field more often than the starter, and the stupid penalties on every other play suck the life out of the stadium.

    And whoever it was that decided Hayes was the problem with the defense should be fired immediately. At lest he made a tackle every so often. Black should be sent to the practice squad until he learns the basics of playing in the NFL. We let Ruud go so that this pack of studs could solidify the defense? It’s a really sad statement when a guy who’s been on the team for 3 days makes the biggest impact of the day.

  16. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    When we go to a Movie Theater, if the movie sucks, we get a refund ticket to watch something else.
    When the Bucs suck, we get nothing but a 200 dollar hole in our pockets, and a traffic jam.

  17. fanofkit Says:

    I love how Neece said the caller quit by leaving early, but later said he saw defenders quitting on the first play ( the 80 yrd TD). I sat there for every second of that embarassment- and I am the dumb arse. I salute you folks who left early you are waaaay smarter than me. Neece was out of line in my humble opinion.

  18. Pete422 Says:

    I never believe in leaving a game early.

  19. mudlite mike Says:

    I bought 40 tickets for the worst game I have ever sat through in twenty years of going to bucs games.we left early in the fourth quarter because I got tired of hearing my sons boyscout troop kids ask” why are they passing for 3 yards when we need 9?how come they don’t try to tackle?why do the refs throw yellow flags whenever we make a play?”
    Yeah 9-14 year old boys were pointing out mistakes the entire game until they became bored and frustrated and started chanting the SUCANEERS!I had to remind them we support our team through good and bad.They rolled their eyes like yeah sure you old fool.
    My boys cheered when I said back to the RV they could not wait to get out of there.


  20. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Neece should apologize for that stupid, dumb, idiotic comment. The way the Bucs have played the last 3 weeks they should be THANKFUL that the fans left early instead of booing the team like they desesrved

  21. FIRE RAH! Says:

    Went to Pacific high school with neece, played on the same team, wasn’t fond of him then wasn’t fond of him on the Bucs and I can’t believe he just said that. Really? Has he even watched our team lately?

  22. Nick Says:

    Hey Nece, news for ya. The “fans” have always left early, win or lose. They left early in the blowout playoff win against the Niners in 02, to beat the traffic. They left early today. I’ve witnessed it. you can’t tell me I’m wrong.

  23. nick Says:

    The Problems must be solved here’s how I would start,

    Jeremy Trueblood- Benched
    Quincy Black-Cut
    Geno Hayes-Benched
    Jeremy Zuttah-Benched
    Craig Lumpkin-cut
    Sean Jones-cut
    Aqib Talib-Sit One Game
    Jeff Faine-Released or cut
    Roy Miller-cut (worst D linemen I have ever seen)

  24. Greig Says:

    Slight difference.
    The fans overpay to be entertained by the team for the full 60 minutes not tortured.
    The players on the other hand are overpaid to play a game for the full 60 minutes.

    Now which one has the right to give up and leave so they can escape the nightmare.

  25. Piratic Says:

    I just deleted that guy, Piratic. Even though you were calling out that guy, I really don’t want to start a racist conversation. –Joe

    It has been said that a person’s true character is revealed under the worst of circumstances, and you have just shown yourself to be an ignorant racist.

    You are an embarrassment.

    Do the world a favor and educate yourself, there are more than enough dumb haters out there.

    Be different. Do you have the courage?

    Educate yourself so that your children aren’t doomed to your current way of thinking. Racial intolerance has less acceptance each and every day, and it will be your children who represent themselves as a disgustingly pathetic anachronism, not just yourself.

  26. BigMacAttack Says:

    @mudlite mike:

    Way to go Bro. I totally salute you for taking 40 scouts to a game. Even a bad game like today will be a memorable experience for them.

    Things are pretty ugly when they(Nece) start calling out the fans, like this is “Our Fault”. Really?

  27. Pruritis Ani Says:

    I think Nece has it backwards. The Bucs show some loyalty to the fans by putting a quality product on the field on Sundays. Is that really too much to ask?

  28. fire Olsen Says:

    Can’t stop shaking my head.

  29. scott Says:

    It’s funny how sports loyalty only goes one way. If the team moves it’s because the city “didn’t deserve a team”. If the team sucks the fans are supposed :to show their loyalty” anyway.

    You know like how you keep going back to the same restaurant that serves crappy over priced food because you want to be loyal to the owner.

  30. Mauha Deeb Says:

    I just deleted that guy, Mauha. Even though you were calling out that guy, really don’t want to start a racist conversation. –Joe

  31. Steve Says:

    Man Ryan Nece is a dumbass. Does he not understand the basic law of economics? If something sucks (like the Bucs) the consumer will find a better way to spend his hard earned money and valuable time. Oppurtunity cost! Hey Ryan its 101 jackass! Is he on the Bucs payrole?…sorry for tryting to sound like an academic nerd but this really pisses me off

  32. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Joe OK. I’m with you. Thanks

  33. SteveK Says:

    Ryan Nece is about as talented a radio host as Shaun King.

    Both of those fuss buckets have no pineapple in their diets. In fact, I heard they both have pineapple allergies.

    If you wouldve told me before the season, that the Bucs would be 1 game better then the eagles, I would’ve taken it.

    We look turrible.

  34. Eric Says:

    But the Glazers are picking up the huge ticketmaster charges.

    How can you ask for anything more?

  35. NashVegas Ryan Says:

    I am a season ticket holder that has moved to Nashville since last season. This game just made my decision for me. I will not be coming to the final 2 home games and not attending the game in Nashville. My bother told me the Texans players were laughing at us on the sidelines. Who wants to put up with that. Glazers, the Tampa Bay area is begging you, please, please sell the team. Debartalo is waiting.
    The direction starts at the top and there is no direction.
    Go Bucs!

  36. CC Says:

    Hey Nece. The Bucs quit on the first snap you ahole.The Texans kicked are ass without their two best players. That was the most pathetic excuse for effort I have seen this year. We are digressing as a team. I left at half time and damn glad I did. There was 0 entertainment value. Ryan wise up dude. Money is hard to come by these days. Oh yeah I forgot, you would not know.I paid for my tix unlike you.And leaving early is my prerogative. give me a reason to stay and i will.

  37. Garv Says:

    I stayed, my friends as well. But it was to laugh at was the most effortless game I’ve seen in years as far as the players showed on the field. They could not stop the run, they could not tackle, throw the ball, block or run and what was WORSE, it was obvious they didn’t even want to from the first snap.

    Thiangs have to change and fast.

  38. Mike Says:

    No, WRONG – I know Nece and I know the incredibly asset he is to our community, but I really hope he is second guessing his words today. If Ryan is at all seen as representing the general opinion of the Bucs, this can open a real can of worms similar to the situation with the Rays where it becomes fan base versus ownership. YOU HAVE TO EARN FANS IN THE STANDS. We’re paying for that dam building, in no way are we OBLIGATED to be there. You want us there, put a product on the dam field worth putting up money for. Better yet, you want us spending our hard earned money – SPEND YOURS!

    … you really want to help this team Nece?… take a visit to One Buc a few times a week and teach this linebacking core how to make a tackle. Or let this youngry team know they’re representing a community and OWE IT TO US to play all 4 quarters of football. I’m sick of gettin dogged on by my Pat and Saints friends because I’m sticking by this team; I feel like a dam Browns fan…

  39. FloridaGirl Says:

    I left the game 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter. I decided at the half to stay to see if they would come out with a little bit more firepower and a plan than the garbage they put on the field the first half. As expected, there were no adjustments and no changes. The unfortunate truth is that as a season ticket holder, I had zero expectations that they would actually win the game, but I thought there as a 50% chance that they would show a bit more “game” than the last two losses. The team lacks motivation and leadership, and embarrasment and anger from previous losses isn’t providing the proper motivation. If you don’t want me to leave the game, at least put something on the field that LOOKS like they’re making an effort.

  40. kappa08 Says:

    I heard that from Nece AFTER I spent that beautiful day doing everything BUT pay any attention to that horrible team…Let me tell you something Ryan..WE are not payed by the Bucs so spare us your indifference…nobody owes then spit. I feel the same way I do about the Rays….quit trying to sell us AAA or a Pee Wee team…when you put MEN on the field we will care…Until then this community has better things to do with a sunny 75 degree Sunday…dig it

  41. Sgt Mike Says:

    Hey Ryan, I think the fact that I have been a die-hard fan since 1977 is pretty loyal seeing that I was even a fan during all those dreadful seasons in the 1980’s. I remember asking for a Selmon or Wilder or Doug Williams jersey and not being able to purchase because they didn’t sell them unless you went to a high priced sports store to order it. I wore a Bucco Bruce orange tshirt until it about fell off from being worn out. Oh, by the way, I endured serious ridicule for being a die-hard fan over those years. Betcha it was pretty easy being a loyal fan of your Dad’s team when he played and they had a Dynasty with a QB they got from our sorry assed roster who followed Joe Montana. Please don’t lecture the Tampa Bay Die-Hards about loyalty. You don’t have the Right. Go Bucs!

  42. Bobby Says:

    That game should have had a stadium blackout too. Terrible effort on both sides of the ball. We just sucked.

  43. SteveK Says:

    Fans should file lawsuits and ask for their money back, bc no one should pay to see that fiasco.

  44. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Nece is 100% right…you people just hate that the truth hurts.

    A football team takes on the personality of its fans. Period. If fans give up, the team gives up.

    And about the ticket money? Stop whining. Half of you only “claim” to spend money on tickets when in fact you don’t.

  45. Mike Says:

    Disagree with you Pete, you trying to tell me the fan base builds the team – and that the team doesn’t build the fan base? I give you props for standing up among the slim minority, but the fans already paid for that stadium, we’re not in any way obligated to attend those games… That team is obligated to give their best effort, per an already dedicated fan base and those fat ol pay checks they “work for.”