Referees Refused Measurement

November 27th, 2011

Mike Williams said on the Bucs radio network that officials refused to grant a measurement on the fateful fourth down play that ended the Bucs' final drive.

Yeah, some can point a finger at Josh Freeman for spiking the ball on first down with over a minute left in the fateful final Bucs drive.

Yet the Bucs still almost converted for a first down. Kregg Lumpkin got nine yards on a pass from Freeman and the original spot by the linesman appeared pretty damned close to a first down if not a first down outright.

Then the ball was spotted short of a first down. The play clock was ticking. There were no more timeouts left.

As Joe pointed out earlier, it seemed pretty hectic. Part of that may have been because, per Mike Williams on the Bucs radio network after the game, the team was begging for a measurement, but the officials refused.

“We wanted a measurement, they wouldn’t give us a measurement,” Williams said.

Rarely on a close play is a measurement not granted to a coach. Joe can’t believe the officials in the replay booth didn’t call for a measurement.

To be honest, the Bucs shouldn’t have put themselves in this position. As Derrick Brooks is profoundly known to say, “It is what it is.”

13 Responses to “Referees Refused Measurement”

  1. Patrick Says:

    That really sounds pretty suspicious. But you know what, we had TONS of chances to score and take control of the game earlier and we didn’t do it. They deserved to lose this game.

  2. justin Says:

    fire raheem and bench freeman could it get any worse we still never score any td on offense its pretty sad

  3. k1ngAdroc Says:

    Josh Freeman is the least of our worries. Poor playcalling, dropped passes and stupid penalties kill this teams effort. Embarrassing, but it is what it is

  4. Adam L Says:

    Would they have refused Bill Belicheck? No. Sean Payton? Tom Coughlin?

  5. buc40 Says:

    enough is enough joe!!! Stop writing about what could have been……The fact is it wasnt, it didnt happen and thats the bottom line. Please do not keep writing about what if if’s and just write about how bad we suck

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    No excuses accepted in this game. None!!!

    As for that last play, if a 6’6″ 250lb QB can’t get half a yard on a sneak then there’s no point in even suiting up to play the damn game. How sorry a display that was. Incredible.

    Whoever was playing LG on that last play should be publicly caned until they fall unconscious. They didn’t even get an inch of push, but rather got owned like a little girl. It’s beyond understanding.

  7. Flmike Says:

    Here’s my feelings, Morris & Olsen are gone, hire new HC (Fisher is the best fit) and a real DC.Gruden is off the books we can afford a PROFESSIONAL coaching staff.

  8. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    He fumbled the snap, never had it actually. It had nothing to do with blocking.

    As for the measurement, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t give it to us. It looked to me as though it was a first down from where they spotted it (he got a pretty generous spot IMO). But I really didn’t expect to get that call anyway. Not one damn thing has gone our way for over a month now.

  9. BucfaninMI Says:

    This team is nothing more than fodder for the rest of the league! They never get calls! ESPN highlights, Bucs getting torched in the back ground. They exist to lose! The Washington Generals.

  10. Matt Says:

    That is B.S., plain and simple. Looks like the officials may have cost us a game this year, just like last year.

  11. passthebuc Says:

    I must admit, what I saw was a poor excuse of a professional team. The coaching is suspect at best and the tackling reminds me of grade school. If your not willing to tackle and wrap up a guy, (angle hitting with shoulder does not cut it), seek another profession.

  12. IMHO... Says:

    Lumpkin was almost a yard shy of tha first down by not extending tha ball after tha catch. It was no need 4 a measurement at all. Tha main problem is not being accountable and finding ways 2 improve as opposed 2 pointing fingers at tha refs. If tha offense had taken care of business, we would be celebrating a victory.

  13. derek Says:

    it is what it is maybe but thats bs if its true