Price Has Ankle Troubles; Okam To Return?

November 28th, 2011

The official word from the Bucs is that Brian Price has some type of ankle injury. Fans saw him carted off the field in the first half yesterday.

Per Roy Cummings, speaking today on The Fabulous Sports Babe Show on 1040 AM, Price was walking around with a boot but regular footwear after the game and was strolling around One Buc Palace this morning. Cummings speculated that Price would be questionable for Sunday. 

Price’s absence ushered in the John McCargo era in a big way, and Joe’s not impressed. Joe wonders whether Frank Okam will be off the practice squad in a matter of hours. Joe would wager a few bucks on that happening.

Joe must take a moment to commend Tim Crowder’s performance yesterday. He had a couple of tackles for loss and seemed to be effective rushing inside, which is hardly his strength. The Bucs sure could use a veteran backup type like Crowder at other positions.

13 Responses to “Price Has Ankle Troubles; Okam To Return?”

  1. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Crowder has been solid all year. Not flashy, but solid. I hope he is our back up for a while. On some other teams he could be a starter.

  2. knucknbuc Says:

    Does it really matter at this point who comes in? lol. Even if they get good push the lb’s 1.either cant get off their block. 2. get washed out of the play. 3. miss the tackle.

  3. Meh Says:

    Crowder had a good game. I really, really like Crowder. We just have to understand he is a backup not a starter and have those sorts of expectations.

    I still have NO idea why we got rid of Okam from the roster. That move made so little sense after all the DT injury troubles we’ve had, his solid if unspectacular play, and the fact that we kept Miller over Okam even though he is atrocious.

  4. NickinMelbourne Says:

    Veteran backup???? Hold on Joe those are fightin words to the Glazers. Do you realize what you just said?? Veteran?? You mean with experience?? Someone who can help the rookies??? Wooooooahhhh Joe slow down where have you been LOL????

  5. macabee Says:

    Meh, Not sure but I think Okam had a bad calf injury and whoever makes these decisions didn’t believe he was going to be of much value in the short-term. He was immediately put on the practice squad once he cleared waivers. I like Okam too, but you might want to remember that at this point in the season with so many injuries across the NFL, Good DTs don’t clear waivers!

  6. dustin k Says:

    I figured they carted him off to beat the concession lines.

  7. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    no sense in rushing him back next week. if he isn’t a 100% let him sit it out, the season is over.

  8. Captain Stagger Says:

    Someone needs to squir a little hot sauce on Cam Newton so we can watch AH and Okam eat him.

    I wonder if Grudens retread experiments left the glaziers sour on the veteran idea. We as fans surely grilled the organization for allot of those moves.

  9. Joe Says:

    Captain Stagger:

    I wonder if Grudens retread experiments left the glaziers sour on the veteran idea. We as fans surely grilled the organization for allot of those moves.


  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Panthers and [Come on BigMacAttack, you’re a veteran here. You know Joe runs a PG site. — Joe]. I hate the Panthers almost as much as the Saints. Break his leg Bowers.

  11. Patrick Says:

    Wow, it sure gets me confident that our 2 high drafted DT’s who we’ve invested so much time and money into can’t ever stay healthy. We really need to add some deep depth to defensive tackle this offseason.

  12. Blubber Price Says:

    Only one thought came to mind as I watched the tub of lard Price get carted off the field AGAIN on Sunday :

    “What a warrior !”

  13. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I think the sudden emergence of Bowers and Crowder are due to Albert Haynesworth.