Is There A Hot Seat For Raheem?

November 27th, 2011

With five consecutive losses following a 4-2 start, it’s painfully clear that the Bucs have regressed in many areas, as well as failed to progress (see defense).

For Joe, it’s a no-brainer that Raheem Morris should be on the proverbial “hot seat.” Seemingly, Raheem’s got to win games over the next 35 days to return next season, and the Bucs aren’t winning. This is the NFL, and when your team is fading in Year 3 of a regime, job security has to be tenuous.

But Joe thinks the bigger question is whether there is, in fact, a hot seat for Raheem? Would Team Glazer bring Raheem back no matter what happens through the next five games?

It’s a question only Team Glazer can answer. Joe has no clue.

Logic says there has to be a magic number hanging in the bowels of One Buc Palace that Raheem must hit, but so much of this regime has defied convention.

Of course, Joe hopes it’s a moot point with the Bucs finishing the season strong — at least beating the losing teams on their schedule.

There’s plenty of football to play, plenty of time for the Bucs to salvage some respect, but the pressure has to be building.

81 Responses to “Is There A Hot Seat For Raheem?”

  1. justin Says:

    if they keep raheem im pretty sure every home game will have about 20 thousand fans there if that next year

  2. Patrick Says:

    Our team will suck next year too. More rookies will be thrust into the starting lineup, no free agents will be signed AGAIN, our team will be younger, the discipline problems and penalties will continue, the fans in Tampa will never get to see their team on TV, etc. We’ll miss the playoffs again and they’ll continue to say “we’re a young team, give it time”.

  3. Architek Says:

    And take your inaccurate QB with you also…You did marry him when you drafted him. I have seen enough in three years. Freeman is a 50/50 QB! Half of the time good and half of the time bad. I knew he would have to adjust after the NFL adjust to him but in year 3 he is still staring down receivers. Take him to the NFL Network Morning Crew team with you Raheem.

  4. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The Bucs could end up with four wins and Raheem still keeps his job, or they could end up with nine wins and he still gets fired. Or vice versa. You never know with the Glazers. I’m not gonna predict anything until all 16 games have been played.

    I did predict they’d go 2-5 in their final seven games to end up with only six wins, but I didn’t actually expect it to happen (guess that’s the ever-hopeful homer in me). But the way it’s going at this point it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  5. Michael Says:

    We need corners and safeties. Go after the elite ones in the free agency as well as drafting more talent in that are if you value your jobs Morris and Dominic. The Bucs are burned way too often in the deep game as well as the run defense outright sucking hard core this year. One defense or the other needs to shine next year if you HOPE to get close to the playoffs let alone get in. The Bucs looks like they will lose out the rest of this season and will be looking for an entire new coaching staff come Jan/Feb this season.

  6. macabee Says:

    Sure! The deafening silence of Dominik and the Glazers is telling!

  7. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Something tells me this will be a very popular article.

    Yes he is on the hot seat, and it’s hard to argue against it. The team has clearly regressed, on both offense and defense (although the defense looked pretty good today minus the last couple drives). We clearly lack certain elements necessary to win consistently (speed on offense, depth, etc.). Something needs to change, and the coach tends to be the quick and easy change for most teams. Now that we are out of the playoff race (officially), these last few games are going to say a lot about his future, and the future of a bunch of our players.

  8. Patrick Says:

    @FLBoy in Dallas……..I don’t even know if they can beat Jacksonville now. We’ll go 6-10 at best, 5-11 is a great possibility. Outside of Blount, we have no life on offense. Our rush defense is horrible, but at least our secondary improved a little today.

    Raheem no doubt deserves to be on the hot seat! Is that even a question? How long are we gonna have to be forced to believe that youth is the reason we’re so bad? Ever thought that our coaching staff and roster is just not that good?!

  9. Patrick Says:

    Screw the draft, Rah and Dom are gonna have to get free agents because they’ll be fighting for their jobs if they return.

  10. buc40 Says:

    “There’s plenty of football to play, plenty of time for the Bucs to salvage some respect, but the pressure has to be building”

    REALLY JOE???? that is what your going with…that will satisfy ???? a salvaged season???I recall you saying no more than a few weeks ago that they shouldnt call for raheems head saying if he gets to .500 he is safe. Now after this loss you say, “For Joe, it’s a no-brainer that Raheem Morris should be on the proverbial ”hot seat.”, change of tune i have noticed in your last few posts. Which is it it ???????????

    Joe can’t be responsible for your poor reading skills. You might want to go back and read what you’re talking about. –Joe

  11. Jake Says:

    If Morris is not replaced, then it should be very clear that winning is not the Glazers top priority. This coming offseason will be very telling as to what type of ownership this franchise has.

  12. j lynch Says:

    how bout the hot seat old sparky??? fire this bum…

  13. jb Says:

    My biggest fear as a long time ticketholder is that the Glazers simply reduced the price of season tickets to try and justify people to come to Raymond James. Why on earth would ANYONE (other than us fanatics that have let our loyalty get the better of our common sense) spend a dime to watch this caliber of football? They may just decide to keep Morris and his crew even if they finish the season with a 10 game losing streak. If so they can rest assured there will be at LEAST 40 thousand empty seats every game next season. They need to do something to show us this is unacceptable to them as owners. I’m not too sure after this season they even care! Accountability……….anyone?

    Maybe they are planning a move to London….

  14. JK Says:

    Only the Glazers could hire a coach with so few qualifications he could be the office janitor if he was fired1

  15. gotbbucs Says:

    I have this terrible sick feeling in my gut that no matter what happens they are going to give him another year.
    Obviously I haven’t watched a lot of other teams this year because for some ridiculous reason I keep watching this unwatchable team, but I have a very hard time believing there is a more sloppy team in the league than the Bucs.
    At some point I think heads will roll, whether or not it’s the right heads is anybodies guess. My guess is that Raheem will save his own head by chopping off Olson’s and breaking down and hiring a real-life DC, not that any decent one will want to come here though.

  16. Trox Says:

    Reducing ticket prices is a start, but unless the play dramatically improves, selling tickets will be a major problem if the current coaching staff comes back. The rush defense has been extremely poor for three years now. That alone is a severe indictment of a defensive minded head coach.

  17. Adam L Says:

    If the Bucs fire Raheem this off season I will personally put up a $500 bar tab at the LA Hangout in Lutz for anyone wearing Bucs gear.

  18. RastaMon Says:


  19. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Hawaiian: I never thought I would say this.

    Very astute, honest and thoughtful comment.

    I appreciate Joe’s honesty today as well. I know many of you (as well as I in early 2009) were dying for this cheap rah/dom experiment to succeed as any fan would; and you all (as did rah and dom which was foolish) thought last year indicated something positive – I just saw it for what it was – narrow wins against bad teams even further depleted by qb issues.

    The slow starts, penalties, loose approach was obviously apparent last year. That fraudulent 10-6 hurt is bc it gave the glazers an excuse not to fire rah and not improve the roster with vet talent and leadership.

  20. buc40 Says:

    @ joe…..HAHAHAHAHAAH, THATS UR RESPONSE….Thats all you could come up with joe????
    I dont believe its my reading, i believe its your hipocracy

    [Goodbye buc40. And everyone is always welcome to make intelligent informed use of the archives available on every page of this site. Mr. buc40 chose to attack Joe rather than do the research that would have showed him incorrect. Fine to come after Joe with evidence and decency. Joe has no time for such foolishness. — Joe]

  21. thomas 2.2 Says:

    If the Glazers fire Rah (and hire someone legit) I will immediately by 4 low level season tickets and parking pass and sign an extended contract.

    I am dying for a return to the Dungy/gruden era bucs – every year a belief that we were the best in our division. Now, we are probably the worst. Lookout for the Panthers.

  22. TJ Says:

    Has to hire a off cord and step down as def cord and be a head coach

  23. Patrick Says:

    @thomas 2.2 and Hawaiian

    I wished/still want it to succeed to. But I really just don’t have much confidence in them. I feel bad for Raheem somewhat, because he doesn’t have a great team to work. However, a lot of our issues are relating to coaching, discipline, and penalties all of which fall on him. This team can’t ever finish a game. It comes close, but that’s as far as it ever gets.

  24. Rickster Says:

    I don’t think the glazers watch the bucs.
    Honesty, i think rah will be given one more year, we’ll get a few fa, hire a dc.
    Glazers will see how he does with a little less on his plate. Because lets be honest, a first time head coach manning hc and dc?? That’s a lot to handle for anyone.

  25. Je Says:


    I don’t think the glazers watch the bucs.

    Joe can assure you this is quite inaccurate.

  26. Mt Says:

    The question is….. Does Dominick have the power??? Quincy black, Myron Lewis, 4 young d-lineman, a cb and a safety that could be suspended at any minute. Freeman at qb, willaims and benn at receiver and Winslow at tightens!!! All key pick-ups by Dominick!! If he has the power, Raheem must take the fall before he does. Raheem is the d coordinator of the worse run defense and tackling team in football. He is also the headcoach of a offense that he says will run the ball, but doesn’t!! So the 2 questions are… Does Dominick have the power to separate the marriage between him and Raheem? And does dominick have the power (and the balls) to hire a Jeff fisher who will demand input into personal but also demand accountability, effort, and execution?

  27. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    haha I know exactly which post buc40 is talking about a few weeks ago too. it’s hilarious when some people try to lie but the beauty of the internet prevents it

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    At this point, it’s very hard to disagree with anything you just said. Unfortunately.

  29. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Rickster: why did you tell Freeman to spike it on first down? I assume you must be rah rah bc only rah rah would say that.

  30. digitalone Says:

    I like Rah. It not all his fault. Shaun King was right when he called out the front office. The truth is, he will have to go if they want to fill up that stadium. The dirty glazers have dug themselves a pretty deep hole. We might not win another game. I said that at the start of this 5 game losing steak. Maybe the dirty glazser’s plan will be revealed in the off season. I’m too bummed to even lament on this crap any longer. Out

  31. thomas 2.2 Says:

    digital: everyone likes rah. Lets invite him to a tailgate party or something but that doesnt make him right to be a head coach. He needs to be let go or demoted back to D backs coach. Period.

  32. Danny Says:

    He would been fired after the first year if he worked for Al Davis or Jerry Jones.

  33. Bucnjim Says:

    All Season (and off season) long I’d hoped that you were wrong about the Bucs and the direction they were headed. I had thought that for whatever reason your views were biased against the coach and ownership. Your points always came across as almost hateful, but the points themselves are turning out to be very valid and for that I have to apologize for questioning. I do think there is quite a bit of untapped talent on this team that is not responding to the coaching staff. In today’s NFL youth is only an excuse that won’t keep your job for long. I just don’t see a plan in place on offense or defense. Dungy even when losing at least had a plan and stuck with it. Eventually they got the players to make the plan work, but what is the plan now.

  34. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Bucnjim: i appreciate the comment.

    I didnt mean to be hateful toward anyone personally, just the so-called “rebuild plan” using a cheap, no experience coach and no proven free agents – I dont blame Rah for accepting the job and trying – he is just not capable of doing it properly and we fans are suffering for 3 seasons now.

    I agree with you that there is some talent here, we need to supplement it and coach it properly and if we replaced rah with the correct person and brought in some studs – we would be very good.

    We also need to cut some of the least disciplined players like winslow, black, hayes, biggers, probably even Talib.

  35. FlBoy84 Says:

    Thomas, don’t think we should go cutting guys just yet. Would like to see how they would respond to a coach who doesn’t put up with bull…. first, and then make the decision to move on if necessary. Definitely agree with others that a few key free agents need to be acquired, though I don’t think going wild in that arena is the right answer either (see Philly). At least 1 solid LB, CB and RB are needed at this point, at a minimum.

  36. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Flboy: valid input.

  37. Bucnjim Says:


    I’m not sure if the Glazers have the confidence to keep Raheem running this show. If they do pull the trigger at then end of the season; who in your opinion is the best possible replacement. A couple of dark horses as well besides the obvious choices. For myself; I hope the next coach is a defensive specialist.

  38. eric Says:

    Plenty of time to earn respect? Sorry, but that train has left the station.

    Anybody going to be impressed if they pad the record vs. the panthers? If they can even do that.

    After awhile the thing just speaks for itself.

    And it aint a happy tune. A dang depressing one.

  39. Trox Says:


    Mike Zimmer -DC – Bengals – coached under Parcells and has kept a strong defense in one of the more dysfunctional franchises.

    Dark horse – Andy Reid if he becomes availiable. Bring the best out of Freeman and a perfect candidate on how the Glazers used to do business.

  40. sandbagrudy Says:

    The only way this team becomes competitive is when somone buys them and has vision to win. This bargain basement mentality is not a long term solution. The Glasers are not going to spend money lowest spending team in league for six years including coaching staff I’m sure the intire group of coaches don’t make a million total in salaries. I’ve heard it said you have spend money to make money.You parade these underpaid practice squad players out and the end result is what your see currently. The Buccaneers seem be missing out on elite draft picks they always seem to be a year away from that impact player. all of the top draft picks they had are over the last six years are useless Caddi gone Gaines Adams bless his soul gone Dexter Jackson bust Geraldine Mccoy soft as baby turd oh well I’m done

  41. gotbbucs Says:

    this team has made a major commitment to young players who seem to either be stalled in thier development or are regressing. at some point the money men behind this investment need to step in and protect it.

  42. Mr. Lucky Says:

    To you people who claim that it’s not Rah’s fault because he [Rah] doesn’t have the talent I say this – BAH HUMBUG

    The disgusting part of the Buc’s losing streak is this – THE TEAM LOOKS UNDISCIPLINED AND HAS GIVEN UP.

    Look at the penaltites and the body language of the players.

  43. Don Says:

    Friend of mine who owns a limo company says that Morris and Freeman are their best customers and party hard during the week. They need to lay off the booze and get their heads in the game.

  44. Patrick Says:

    Raheem has done a bad job this year, but Dominick should be getting bashed too. He failed to upgrade positions that were obviously weak this offseason, sat of free agency once again when there were players available that were better than the current crap we have on our team, and overall, he gives Raheem a mediocre/below average team to work with.

    Greg Olsen…..He sucks. great, he used Blount in this game. But he still failed to use him on key situations. Why do you put Lumpkin in at the end of the game instead of him??? Also….3rd and 2… you just had 2 good runs with him and all of a sudden you go with shotgun….throw an incompletion and the drive is dead. Horrible playcaller. He needs to go this offseason!

    Raheem: yes he hasn’t been helped by management this offseason, but he hasn’t coached this team up to where they need to be. Penalties and lack of discipline have been abundant all year long, and there’s no end of it ever in sight. Never corrects anything, never adjusts anything, etc. He’s too tight with his players, and they don’t fear anything.

    Wow, Geno Hayes got a pick today. Hmmm…..maybe it’s cause Raheem benched him? See what happens when you discipline your players! That’s the attitude this our coaches should’ve been having the whole year.

  45. Larry Says:

    I can understand the call for Raheem’s head but does anyone think we would be an elite team with any other coach. Last I checked the eltie teams have elite players. (Pro Bowlers, future HOF, super bowl champs, etc…) Name anyone on the team who fits this mold?

  46. eric Says:

    A “strong finish” makes it a moot point?

    So if we beat the Panthers twice plus the Gags it makes it all better?

    My how the standards have changed. Pitiful, just pitiful.

    “lasting contenders” my ass.

  47. gotbbucs Says:

    larry, we may never know sadly. we have a team full of young players with tons of potential that arent held accountable and arent generally put in great position to succeed.

  48. advertise here! Says:

    while i like raheem alot i am at a loss. i thought we would win 8 this year and would be ok with 7 as long as i saw progress throughout the year. this team has regressed to 09 and the close wins last year now appear lucky over anything else. i am that guy that defends this team to the end but today struck quite the nerve with me. i just don’t see anything positive happening with this team. ask yourself this: is this team any better than the one gruden left in 08. i say no and think they are worse. i see too much of gruden in olsen and can’t stand it anymore. next year will be much of the same if this group stays. including dom. i hate to keep changing things but i say blow this up and unfortunately start over. again. raheem seems to be a great guy and i like his candidness but it just isn’t progressing the way it should. same with dominic. i would like a telephone call made to jeff fisher as soon as the dynamite explodes at one buc on jan. 2. very disappointed in this team.

  49. Tampa2 Says:

    The talent is there. Even in Freeman. But these kids need a ‘real’ coach to come in here and develop & train them. Morris does not know how. Can that not be more obvious? If the Glazers wanted to do the right thing for the fans they would Fire Morris now and let an interum coach finish the season until they could hire a Real Coach.
    But we all know that all they are interested in is bottom line profit for the Glazers. So I guess we will simply get more Kool-aid thrown at us. Do they sill have that White House spin Doctor on the pay-roll?

  50. Patrick Says:


    Blount for sure, maybe Joseph and Penn. That’s about it.

  51. Patrick Says:


    Raheem and Dom have both screwed up.

    Dom: failed to address and deliberately ignored key positions that needed upgrades this offseason. gave Rah a mediocre/below average team to work with.

    Rah: doesn’t have a very good team, but he’s also not prepared this team many times, and the penalties and discipline issues are consistent. the overall attitude on this team is not very good.

    Olsen: still a lousy playcaller, even if he gave Blount the ball more. He still failed to use him in key situations.

  52. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Eric — C’mon, now. If the Bucs somehow win four of five to close the season. That’s “strong” and surely would 100 percent save Raheem’s job.

    Of course, the defense has to emerge from the depths for that to happen. So Joe will not be wagering.

  53. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Since we are talking hypothetical, the one coach I would love to have would be Andy Reid. We have gaping holes on defense (LB, CB, safety), but we have a lot of talent on offense. Andy Reid will fix that. His offenses always do well, no matter the QB. Freeman would put up big numbers, and we would actually have a chance to score 30 points in a game (imagine that)!!!! I would even venture to say we could score a TD or two in the first half. He’s done in Philly, but he’s been there forever, so it’s to be expected.

    The defense needs major work. Raheem obviously hasn’t done a good job with the defense, but we have some serious talent issues. Geno Hayes and Quincy Black shouldn’t be starting for any NFL team. Anyone want to argue that? And it’s not like we have anyone behind them that deserves playing time over them. Biggers is having a rough season, to put it gently. Sean Jones is not the answer. Our DL should be good in the future, but they aren’t even close to there yet. Too damn young, too many injuries, and not enough depth. I really don’t know what to do there, but I know we need to NOT do what we’ve been doing, cuz it ‘aint working. I don’t think Buddy Ryan could make this defense very good. It’s kind of sad, because it seems like we’ve spent 2 years trying to fix that problem. It’s not working.

  54. Sam Says:

    3 out of 5 of our last games are against horrible teams. A loss in any of those three games is a terrible let down. Dallas is a middle of the pack team which should be a W for any decent team. Atlanta is the only good team we face on the way out. 4 out of 5 doesn’t cut it. 5 out of 5 won’t cut it with most fans considering we’re pretty much out of the playoff hunt after week 12.

    I typically have to get up around 3 am to catch the games but I won’t now. There is really nothing worth watching. I’ll just check how much we lost by when I wake up.

  55. tnew Says:

    IMO Raheem the Defensive Coordinator should be fired to see if Raheem the Head Coach is any good. But wait, that would cost money… nevermind

  56. Patrick Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc………If Andy Reid comes here, he can bring DeSean Jackson with him!!!

  57. eric Says:

    Sign me up for Andy Reed. Jeff Fisher. Cowher, Joe’s brother in law…………………..Joe’s Sister in Law…………..whatever.

    But looks like we are in a race to 8, if i am understanding Joe right, so it may be moot.

    Or a race for a “consultant”.

  58. CC Says:

    This Bucs team is at the bottom of every offensive and defensive category in the NFL. To quote Rah “Stats are for losers”. That is the only thing he’s gotten right this year.

  59. eric Says:


    Line of the year IMO.

  60. Nick Says:

    Question: Honestly, how many years do you all think Gruden and Allen set this team back?

  61. CC Says:

    Lets not forget. Rah the genius, is the same guy who cut Derrick Brooks.

  62. eric Says:

    I thought i heard a short blond haired guy laughing his ass off in the greater Carrolwood area.

  63. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I almost wrote that too. I would love to have Jackson on this team, attitude and all. He would be an absolutely perfect fit for us.

  64. eric Says:

    If Rah does go, Jimmy Lake is the obvious choice. No need to interview anyone else.

    Or the DC at Kansas State.

  65. Plbuc Says:

    What good does it do to bring in FAs or high draft picks if they are going to be coached by Raheem and Olsen.the ineptitude in all 3 phases of the game,the penalties and turnovers will continue bc the way the Bucs are losing is proof positive the coaches have lost the respect and attention of the players. It’s also clear the coaches don’t know how to coach and are ruining Freeman. But the Glazers are too cheap to clean house from top to bottom. Sad to realize we are back to the pre Dungy era. If the Glazers think that lowering ticket prices next year will somehow fill the seats, they are sadly mistaken or just don’t care. There is no hope for this franchise. What we need more than anything are new owners.

  66. passthebuc Says:

    The Glazers could HYPE next years sales.

    Fire the coaches now.

    start spreading rumors about whom your next hire will be.

    discount next years now and fill the stadium.

    Then in the off season you can hire some assistant college coach to be your head coach

  67. FlBoy84 Says:

    Starting to get the idea of how a Cincinnati fan must feel.

  68. Patrick Says:


    Yeah, Derrick Brooks at 40 would still be a better LB than Black or Hayes. Hell, Joey Galloway would probably still be our #1 receiver too.

  69. Mark Says:

    Raheem wasn’t liked the time he was hired as head coach. And it pissed off a lot of his haters when he went 10-6 last season. This season is what the doctor ordered for his haters. Players and former players love him. But hell, what do they know. You guys know more then them. You guys won multiple Superbowls on Madden.

  70. Patrick Says:

    What about Jon Gruden’s younger brother up in Cincinnati? Bring him in as OC. Look what he’s done with Andy Dalton and that offense up there. He has strong ties to the Tampa area, so he’d probably love to be back here.

  71. Michael Says:

    Hell yeah there should be. I don’t care if this is a “tougher schedule” than last year. That’s no excuse for starting strong and having a total melt down in the middle of the season for 5 straight losses. They need to go back to the fundamentals and just play basic nasty smash mouth football. They keep trying these cutesy plays and costing them big. When they reach back and punch the other team in the mouth they do really well. The screen pass never works, the end around never works, the onside kicks don’t work for the Bucs. What works for them is getting LeGarrette Blount moving down field and over defenders either rushing or receiving. That opens up the field for their next best weapons, Mike Williams and Arrelious Benn. QUIT FORCING THE DANG BALL TO WINSLOW. There is plenty of receiving talent on the team use it. Oh and one last thing, FIRE LUMPKIN, HE SUCKS and get a defensive coordinator (maybe Monte Kiffin since he’s not coaching with his son anymore)! Blount has more yardage in one game than he does all season. Lumpkin has done less for this team than Derrick Ward did. Find a GOOD scat back and create that double threat. Maybe some full back dives with Lorig would be a good idea too. Bring back the glory days of the full back.

  72. gotbbucs Says:

    mark, of course his players love him. he’s a players coach and lays no blame on the players when they screw up. im sure lots of players in the jets locker room loved herm edwards, didnt make him a good head coach either.

  73. Patrick Says:


    Monte Kiffin is going to be 70 next year, but who cares, I’ll take him back anyday!!

  74. Jerry Says:

    Jesus Christ I dont give a DAMN about Gruden and Allen right now. You people who throwing excuses is getting ridiculous. Those two didnt set this team back in 2011! They havnt been in one buc since 2008!

    These draft picks are RahDom’s now. And they are all busting just as bad as GruAllen’s.

  75. Michael Says:

    I think Raheem has some pretty retarded moments. Like a comment mentioned earlier, why did he let go of so many good veterans that could still run circles around these kids like Derrick Brooks, Joey Galloway, Ike Hilliard. These players should have been kept to mentor this young team and make them fight for their spot on the roster instead of just giving it to them. I kind of like the idea of picking up Andy Reid, maybe he could get the talent on this team together and actually score some points instead of limping through the game and barely getting on the score board. Almost all of the secondary is useless. Need to hire FA and draft heavy in that area next year as well as a good scat back to compliment Blount. Why are we the only team that doesn’t have 2 good backs (at least it seems like we are the only one). If Freeman took anything out of last weeks game at Green Bay it should have been how Rogers spreads the ball around to all of his players, not just his favorite or the one demanding that he gets the ball.

  76. Joe Says:


    Players and former players love him.

    Ryan Nece and Steve White aren’t exactly singing hosannas about Raheem right now.

  77. Michael Says:

    @ Patrick, I really don’t care how old Monte is. If he still has the passion and can do what he did for us for 12 years I’ll gladly take him back. We had a top 10 defense for 10 of those 12 years and even broke into the top 10 all time defense in 2002 (The Bucs only decent run at the Super Bowl) at number 7. Match that with this offense when it becomes disciplined like last weeks game this team would be great. The talent and potential is there, it really is. But something needs to be done to spark a fire under their ass and get it together. They don’t need to go crazy in the FA this coming year but they do need some and a good DC (no more like Bates, who’s idea was that?) and OC. Greg just can’t put an entire game plan together.

  78. Patrick Says:

    Raheem needs to be more of an a$$hole like Gruden was and kick his players in the arse and discipline them like he did.

  79. Patrick Says:


    You’re right. I’d love to have Monte Kiffin back. He KNOWS how to run a defense.

    Maybe we can move Raheem back down to DB coach (if that’s possible). Cause he was pretty good in that spot while he was there.

  80. Niko (The Optimist) Says:

    Ask yourself, would you have fired McKay after the 1980 season? Would you have fired Dungy after the 1998 season? Do you not see the team heading in the right direction LONG TERM? don’t worry about the short term, thats irrelevant, because making a coaching change is a LONG TERM plan.

    For all those who want Bill Cowher, read this first. He will need 2-3 years to scrap the roster for 3-4 defense, plus he went 3 years once without a playoff team. You won’t give Morris 11 games after a 10-6 season, so what makes you think you’ll give Cowher three years?

  81. Mokeybear Says:

    Let’s face it…the Bucs owners and GM have a budget, not a plan. It’s all about how low can we go in paying for players and coaches. During the Dungy/Gruden/Allen years, we all could name the assistant coaches. Can anyone name a coach, other than Morris and/or Olsen? Morris is too inexperienced as a manager (and lets face it, that’s what a HC is) to be effective right now. He needs a few years seasoning under coaches like Bellichick, Reid, Smith to develop his abilities. He’s too close to the players to get their respect.