Rodgers Says Blount A Potential All-Time Great?

November 21st, 2011

Joe’s been sold on LeGarrette Blount ever since he dragged Troy Polamalu at will in his debut last year. Give this guy the ball and good things happen over and over again.

And Joe’s convinced Blount would fare on third down at least as well as Kregg Lumpkin, not to mention the uncertainty Blount gives a defense just by being in the game on third down. Joe hates to jinx it, but Blount even has gotten over his fumbling issues of last year and his receiving hands look good to Joe.

So this is why Joe bangs his head against the wall when Blount isn’t fed the ball.

It seems Aaron Rodgers feels the same way. Relayed by Blount to Joe Smith of the St. Pete Times, Rodgers gave Blount some of the highest praise possible and said he can be an all-time great.

“He told me he thinks I’m one of the best backs in the league,” Blount said Monday. “He told me I have a chance to be one of the greatest backs in this league and he said he doesn’t just say that to anybody. He feels like me and one other guy have the potential to stand out and be two of the best running backs to ever play the game…
“Coming from Aaron Rodgers, it makes me feel amazing.”

The FOX-TV cameras picked up Rodgers and Blount chatting during the game yesterday during a break in play, so Joe suspects that prompted Smith to ask Blount about their conversation.

Joe can’t disagree with Rodgers. Blount’s proven an awful lot with limited opportunities. He’s averaging 4.9 yards a carry, primarily running up the gut on first and second down when everyone knows what’s coming. (Joe almost fell off his couch when Greg Olson called a pitch to Blount yesterday.)

Hopefully, the Bucs will decide to get the most of their biggest weapon and he’ll live happily ever after in a Bucs uniform.

47 Responses to “Rodgers Says Blount A Potential All-Time Great?”

  1. Snook Says:

    I still can’t figure out why the Bucs put Lumpkin in on 3rd down. Especially 3rd and short yardage. Teams don’t fear Lumpkin. They fear Blount. And if they don’t, then they haven’t seen yesterday’s TD run.

  2. Captain Stagger Says:

    Blount needs to be in on 3rd down, the offence is just too predictable. Also he needs to be in single back sets, Lorig seems to be one too many bodies at the line of scrimmage. (the stats back this as well) We also need to see more pitch’s, cut backs, swings, and screens. Blount needs a little space to get going, and I think the playcalling could adjust to get him moving before he gets the ball.

  3. Brain Says:

    Everyone who has seen the guy play knows that Blount is a monster, except for the person who matters most (Olson). There are more productive backs in the league but I doubt any of them get the yards after contact that Blount gets. He makes 8+ yard runs out of nothing, but just when he’s starting to pound the defense Olson will call a reverse to Benn or just take Blount out to put Lumpkin in and run 4 yard routes across the board.

    If Joe was running the offense we’d have more of an identity and maybe score more than a couple points per 1st quarter on average. Greg Olson is unbelievably stupid. I mean Gruden was stubborn but even if he was in charge Blount would have 25 carries a game.

  4. Eric Says:

    The dude is really good, no doubt about it.

  5. Bucs4life Says:

    I think Rodgers comments should be taken with a grain of salt; let’s remember he was pumping Blount’s ego DURING the game. We know Rodgers is a fierce competitor, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was talking up Blount to take him off his game. That obviously didn’t work and I agree the Blount it straight up nasty, but I don’t think Rodgers sincerely believes he’s even better than Adrian Peterson or Matt Forte (two guys in his own division).

  6. KD Says:

    He is our best skill player on offense by a mile. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Olson refuses to put him in on 3rd down/obvious passing down. I don’t know if he cannot or will not, but they need to bring in a coordinator who can get him on the field more. It’s absolutely ridiculous that he’s not out there. It’s not his hands, I have yet to see him drop a ball (maybe it’s different in practice, I don’t know, but running backs aren’t receivers for a reason). If he’s not out there due to his blocking, maybe someone should teach him how to/where to be/what to do…like, I don’t know, maybe his COACHES should COACH him up.

    Lumpkin and Blount have been here for almost the exact same amount of time (one month separation). There’s no excuse. As a coach you have to figure out how to get your best players on the field. The only time Lumpkin should be on the field is before the game in warm ups and after the game to shake hands.

  7. CaliBucFan Says:

    How bad must Blount be at picking up a blitz after watching Lumpkin fail miserably yesterday?

  8. canadianbuc Says:

    I dont understand why the media never talks about blount. On lets go prime time with deon sanders top plays and players of the week no blount but jordy nelson and tromon williams were in. you wont see a run like that for the rest of the year in the whole NFL and fox didnt even replay it. PATHETIC NO RESPECT FOR REAL TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. macabee Says:

    Will somebody please give Davin Joseph some props for that monster block he threw to free Blount when he was in traffic? It too was a thing of beauty.

  10. stimpy Says:

    Im glad evryone is asking the same questions: Why isnt he on 3rd downs?

    THey talked about it during bi-week, hes been on this team for 2 years and still nothing.

    He was a bruiser yesterday and would have been a threat on 3rd downs.

    Its been a long time since i have sat in front of my tv and not be animated to watch a bucs game. Im usually yellin’ and jumping around and what not. But the play calls and worst yet, our lack of effort and focus has me just watching and not caring.

    After the game my wife asked me if we had won and i answered; yes, we won at sucking.

    I have not been this frustrated with the coaching and the whole organization in a while.

  11. Joshua Licht Says:

    @stimpy Lack of effort? What game were you watching? Certainly not the Bucs vs Packers.

  12. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    I took a “wait and see” approach to Blount, but I’ve been very impressed with him this yr….

    I’d still like to see us add a big time back. Nearly every good offense in the league has two quality backs…..would love to see Trent Richardson or LaMichael James in pewter and red next yr

  13. RastaMon Says:

    Not until there is a shifty speed back lined up in the same formation…..basic age old PROVEN football…we have the bludgeon…in Blount….now we need the stiletto….everything will work then…why not give Madu 5-7 looks from this day forward

  14. buc40 Says:

    rodgers sees it, too bad olson doesnt!!!!

  15. BucfaninMI Says:

    He is by far their best player!

  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    The thing about Blount is that he is only effective with a bunch of touches. He will give you runs of nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, and then all of a sudden he will bust one. So I can kind of understand why Olsen gives up on him, since he probably doesn’t want to waste drives waiting for him to bust one (and our defense doesn’t exactly stop anybody). But at the same time, it’s not like our passing game is doing any better. Not putting him in the game on third down confuses the hell out of me. Exactly what does Lumkin do better than Blount. It sure as hell isn’t blocking.

  17. Biggers is awful Says:

    EJ Biggers is trash, He is awful

  18. McBuc Says:

    @Canadianbuc…I thought the same thing during the recap, but before the second half started they showed it as some sponcoed play of the week.

  19. digitalone Says:

    Agreed #occupyegbiggers

  20. Pete422 Says:

    My understanding is Blount hasn’t been in on 3rd down/passing downs because he still was learning how to pick up blitzes etc. Yesterday was the first time I saw Blount in on several passing downs and stayed in to block on most of them. Looks to me they are working him in as he gets more comfortable.

  21. BamBamBuc Says:

    What I wanna know is what’s this “bi-week” and where is the cheerleading section during that week?

  22. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Hawaiian – Don’t think it’s accurate to call Blount an all or nothing back. Stats don’t show it. And any back will get caught in the backfield when there’s a jailbreak from the line.

  23. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Yeah, I probably exaggerated that a little. However, what I was really meaning to say was that just because he doesn’t get 4 or 5 yards every carry, he will eventually make that average if he keeps getting the rock. I think he does tap dance a little back there at times, but usually there’s not much there anyway.

  24. Eric Says:

    Seems like a guy like that would have all the tools to pick up a blitz. Must just lack experience.

  25. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Isn’t it AMAZING that a competing QB can see things that the current Bucs coaching staff can’t figure out?

  26. Patrick Says:

    I’m almost sure we need to get rid of Olsen after the season. The guy fails at knowing how to get everything out of Blount. Also, don’t forget how he never used Graham for 3 years, instead wasting him at fullback.

  27. gotbbucs Says:

    macabee, i saw that too. that run was over if joseph doesnt destroy that defender. i loved that block even more than the run. davin joseph is great at cleaning up around the pile, and i love seeing that.

  28. Brad Says:

    According to Shaun King on 1010, and he’s mentioned it more than once, the Bucs won’t resign Blount in the offseason. If Dominic and the Glazers are that stupid I think everyone should demand wholesale changes from the top to the bottom.

  29. Cecil K Says:

    I think he was telling him that he should be a Packer & what we’re paying him is peanuts compared to what he could make for the skills he has. I think we’ll lose this guy if he ever gets a chance to hit the market. Another weapon for the packers. I’m beginning to hear the whispers already.

  30. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Blount made more guys miss a tackle on that one play than Lumkin has all season when he touches the ball. He catches the 3rd down dump off and gets tackled right away. No defence will fear him and from what I see, is not that effective a 3rd down blocker anyway.
    Stick Lumkin on the bench for 3rd downs and give Blount a shot. The man earned that with his production thus far and is a pleasure to watch. Keep it up Blount!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Patrick Says:

    “and he’s mentioned it more than once, the Bucs won’t resign Blount in the offseason.”

    Then why the hell do we even sign players and draft them? They’ll probably let Freeman and Mike Will go as well when their contracts are up.

    If they ever didn’t re-sign Blount, then I hope everyone boycotts the stadium. Your only consistent player on the offense…….and you still might do that?

  32. Brain Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc

    When Blount gets past the line of scrimmage, good things happen. Our OL rarely gives him opportunities to run with momentum, but when he does he gets a lot of yards after contact, and breaks big runs in the open field. Unfortunately we have Insanity Olson calling plays and so when the OL doesn’t give Blount room and it’s a 1-2 yard gain we immediately go to the pass on 2nd down, get a penalty, then it’s 3rd and long, then checkdown, rinse, repeat, Insanity Olson strikes again.

  33. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    If they let Blount walk I lose all respect for the organization. They don’t fire Olson, but they let our best player walk for absolutely nothing? They resign Quincy Black but not Blount? Come on this has to be made up because it makes absolutely NO sense!

  34. adam from ny Says:

    maybe the glazers dont want blount to be annointed as the next “pay the man”….joshua cribbs was the first pay the man…matt forte is the new pay the man….and if blount has a monster year he as well would be aother “pay the man”…..i would hate to think the instructions are coming from way up top to not really let blount loose and keep him contained stats wise just in order to somehow try and figure out a way to keep him at some budget price….sounds insane, but ever since the glazer boys took over for daddy, this team has clearly stopped spending….and with the coaches and ownership clearly realizing from very early on that this is not a superbowl type team, could the plan be to keep blount but not let him loose until figuring out a way to lock him up long term on the cheap…i would hate to think it, but i wouldn’t put it past the 3 little culverhouses….adam from ny

    ps it is soooo glaringly obvious how this team needs a shifty smaller back in the mix to loosen things up….and like an earlier poster said…the kid from oregon looks like a nice fit….lamichael something or whatever his name is….

  35. adam from ny Says:

    i heard the glazer s just purchased “south of the border” on I95 in south carolina….i hear they are gonna rip down the lil ghost town and put a stadium there and let the bucs share time there with man.U….just like the jets and giants share a stadium in NY……the 3 lil culverheads are cooking up a hot saucy burrito at “south of the border”……adam from ny!

  36. adam from ny Says:



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  40. Patrick Says:


    No, it’s more like this. We have two great runs with run after 1st and 10. It’s 3rd and 1 or 3rd and 2, and Olsen throws a pass. Or Freeman throws two straight incompletions and then Olsen will call a play that gets him sacked way back.

  41. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Snook Says:
    I still can’t figure out why the Bucs put Lumpkin in on 3rd down. Especially 3rd and short yardage. Teams don’t fear Lumpkin. They fear Blount. And if they don’t, then they haven’t seen yesterday’s TD run.

    I agree. The one time Blount was in on 3rd down…he got the first down.

  42. Pete Dutcher Says:

    adam from ny Says:
    i heard the glazer s just purchased “south of the border” on I95 in south carolina…

    Ahhhh, one of my favorite roadtrip stops when I when I was a kid…back then it was actually a tourist attraction. Now I think its just stores and a game room.

  43. Dave Says:

    They need to get him the ball 20 times a game and give the ball to a fast, speedy change of pace back 10 times a game.

    They do that and Freeman and Benn and Williams will benefit greatly.

    Kind of sucks that I am looking forward to the draft and offseason progress, but such is life when a team is being rebuilt.

    Mark my words: 2 years away. After the 2013-2014 season the Bucs will be a VERY STRONG contender for the SB in NY/NJ

  44. Patrick Says:

    “After the 2013-2014 season the Bucs will be a VERY STRONG contender for the SB in NY/NJ”

    What a joke. Five years just to get to the playoffs? Why should any fan put up with that BS? Definitely a losing culture around here now!

  45. Nate Says:

    You all do realize this is rodgers way of trying to get him to join the packers when hes a free agent……….

  46. adam from ny Says:

    dam joe takes away my freedom of speech…i am being censored here for edgy stuff but not over the edge…dam you joe

  47. IMHO... Says:

    Blount needs 2 be paid. He’s our best player