“I’m Convinced Josh Freeman Is Not 100%.”

November 15th, 2011

Rich Gannon on Josh Freeman: "I'm convinced he's not 100 percent."

Monday, former Super Bowl quarterback Rich Gannon, who co-hosts “The Blitz” with popular sports radio personality Adam Schein, heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio, broke down what he thought was wrong with the Bucs.

Naturally, Joe transcribed the discussion.

Gannon had a first-hand look at the Bucs over the weekend. He worked the game as an analyst for CBS-TV, and Friday he spent time at One Buc Palace talking to coaches and watching practice.

“After watching practice and the game Sunday, I’m convinced Josh Freeman is not 100 percent. He has a sprained thumb in his throwing hand. Last year he started the season with the same injured thumb and he struggled the first few weeks.

“They are not winning at the wide receiver position. Mike Williams I think has taken a step back. Arrelious Benn, they are not speed demons where they can just run by you. they have to have creative ways to get open and get separation and right now they are not doing that.

“[Freeman’s] favorite target is his tight end, he wants to throw to Kellen Winslow. If LeGarrette Blount can’t have a big day running the football, this is an offense that is going to struggle. LeGarrette Blount was a non-factor [Sunday]. Turnovers are a big story and penalties continue to haunt the Buccaneers.”

Later in the show Gannon said he was skeptical of Bucs coaches claiming they had a plan on how to negate Texas linebacker Brian Cushing and Gannon said, in a discussion about the Redskins invoked the Bucs, “If they can’t run the football the game’s over.”

18 Responses to ““I’m Convinced Josh Freeman Is Not 100%.””

  1. csidedave Says:

    I have believed for the last few weeks, he has been banged up, probably with a rib injury. He doesn’t look comfortable throwing and seems reluctant to run.

  2. Meh Says:

    I think the thumb is definitely a possible explanation for some of the poor throws. I don’t think that explains ALL his issues, he has made some very poor decisions at times. However, fighting through a bad thumb on your throwing hand sure could lead to a lot of frustration which in turn could be making him force some things when he shouldn’t.

    As for Blount, let me go back to 2nd grade and just say No duh! That’s why it is infuriating to see him get 10 carries, 13 carries, etc. in game after game after game. That falls squarely on Olsen’s shoulders. Blount is being criminally misused.

  3. Architek Says:

    That’s it, now we know One Buc Place has a mole leaking classified gameplan information. No one was suppose to know if we can’t run we can’t win…

  4. mikeck Says:

    Freeman is fine and playing well. Here is the problem: we lead the league in penalties and we lead the league in dropped passes. On top of that, our defense is 3rd worst in the league. When you are down 23-6, your receivers cant catch and your teammates are commitiing penalties at a record rate…that makes it tough to move the ball. They know we are going to pass because our defense wont keep it close enough that we can keep running. Cant run LB in the 3rd quarter when you are down 3 Td’s.

    When they know you are going to pass, unless your name is Brady, Brees or Manning, the defense can stop you. Freeman is fine…need a defense so we can run, need receivers to catch the ball and we need discipline so converted 3rd downs arent called back on holding.

    All of this is coaching. We have the talent (although the OLb’s and SS are suspect) to be competetive. Drops, panalties and players out of position…lack of dicipline.

    Are these guys even practicing or just snapping eachothers butts with towels in the locker? Young team needs an authoratative coach. I hope Raheem can be that guy

  5. RichinNC Says:

    We don’t run when the we receive the kick off to start the game. We hand off once and throw twice. That is what this offense is. Not sure what team you are watching but we do not run at all. Not when having the lead and not when losing.

  6. kappa08 Says:

    And you wonder why people don’t go to these games?….why should people spend their money and beautiful day while this team trots out BOYS….

  7. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    I love the “You wonder why people don’t go sentiment” showing up again now. 10-6 last year and a decent start this year but this is the reason. The play over the last few games.

    If you aren’t going it is clearly your right. You are exercising your economic power. Don’t rationalize it, own it.

  8. Blubber Price Says:

    “RichinNC Says:
    November 15th, 2011 at 9:55 am
    We don’t run when the we receive the kick off to start the game. We hand off once and throw twice. That is what this offense is. Not sure what team you are watching but we do not run at all. Not when having the lead and not when losing.”

    Welcome to the NFL . Every team does that , it’s a passing league. If you want a coordinator that is going to run the ball every play you’re going to have to time warp back to the 1950’s.

    By the way , we do run the ball when we have the lead, we just haven’t had it often. We ran the ball to close out New Orleans game.

  9. OB Says:

    Joe, for weeks I have been saying something is wrong. I went to the Atlanta game and it was obvious then by the way he was off target. The receivers need to be benched with the ones on the second tier doing the first string and the ones on the practice squad being signed on to play, the one that was real fast for sure.

    For what we are paying the OL, we get four sacks and all the hurries and hits? Cut some of them also.

    Do the same with the two outside LBs and the poor performing DBs. I would rather have some one that tries the entire game.

    The DL is two new without the preseason to play together and learn so I will give them a pass for now.

    If they cut some of the bad ones now, the rest would see that their chances of catching on to another team the way they are playing is slim and none. It has been my experience that when you have a situration like this, there is one or two that are causing it by their attitude and effort, get rid of them and the rest will play.

    They need a new OC and a full time DC.

  10. Patrick Says:

    Greg Olsen needs to go after this season! This offense is never going to reach its potential under him. He’s gonna continue his pathetic playcalling for the rest of the season. Every game this year, we’ve been talking about the same thing over and over again and nothing changes. He refuses to use the best player on our offense……Blount. At least Dungy and Gruden were smart enough to use their running backs.

  11. Dave Says:

    That would make sense, but one thing everyone is overlooking:

    The offense was not that great last year. they struggled to start, they never passed for an amazing amount of yards against alot of bad defenses, and they had to come back late to win many.

    They have young talent that is a couple years away and they DEFINATELY need speed at RB and WR.

    It just seesm to me people are remembering last year as some sort of magical season on offense when it was not, it was efficient and they ran the ball better.

    ALOT of it all has to do with the massive amounts of idiotic penalties and mistakes backing them up on a consistent basis

  12. Joe Says:


    That would make sense, but one thing everyone is overlooking:

    The offense was not that great last year. they struggled to start

    Joe has written often about this. If there is a signature of the Raheem Morris era with the Bucs, it is slow starts. Happened in 2009, happened in 2010 and continues in 2011. Only difference is, the offense was able to overcome this obstacle frequently last year.

  13. Cleggly Says:

    I believe Josh was injured during the Atlanta game. He left for the locker room and came back with that protective padding around his mid-section. He looks tentative and unsure. His throws are affected and he is definitely not tucking the ball and running. Just my personal opinion.

  14. crazy Says:

    The answer is less trickery – less effort spent trying to “set up” later plays – and more plain, old, reliable plays. The only people they’re fooling are themselves. It’s past time to stop depending on the other team’s mistakes, stop making your own, and start playing a fundamentally strong game. If the coaches can’t see that then the remaining games don’t hold much room for optimism. This week should be a textbook example of why “it’s how you play the game that counts.”

  15. bucfanjeff Says:

    If they can’t run the game is over. True – BECAUSE, we have a dink and dunk, non-vertical offense.

  16. Patrick Says:


    Olsen’s dink and dunk offense is not even better than Grudens. At least Gruden had a consistent receiver in Joey Galloway.

  17. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Continuous slow starts over the course of 2 1/2 seasons shows that these players are not being motivated and coached properly. They only get motivated and urgent when they go down by several scores and this is a natural human response, having nothing to do with coaching.

    It has become crystal clear that this coaching staff is not NFL quality. They cannot right the ship, and the ship is sinking faster & faster each week.

    I’m gonna beat this drum until I bust a hole in it: Raheem Morris and Greg Olson must be fired at season’s end and replaced with real talent at the HC, DC and OC positions. Period.

  18. csidedave Says:

    I stand by my claim that Josh was injured early and I believe it was probably when Cleggly suggested in the ATL game. And it do not believe we run a “dink and dunk” offense. It’s the same plays as last year but Josh is checking down very quickly if the primary is covered. I don’t blame him for not wanting to expose his midsection or ribs again. You can clearly see something is wrong from my perch in the end zone. He looks in pain when throwing. And the Bucs have every reason to cover it up.