“If It’s Up To Him, He’s Not Giving It Up”

November 18th, 2011

When a team allows more than 400 yards a game (second worst in the NFL), usually the defensive coordinator comes under fire.

Yesterday, it was Tampa Tribune writer eye-RAH! Kaufman  turning up the heat under the Bucs’ defensive coordinator during an interview on Primetime on WHBO-AM 1040. Unsolicited, Kaufman talked about how he’s getting lots of questions about Raheem Morris’ ability to lead the defense, and Kaufman said Raheem might be under pressure to ease his workload if he returns in 2012.

“If they don’t turn things around, it’s going to be a big offseason question, ‘If he comes back, should he relinquish the D-coordinator?’ If it’s up to him, he’s not giving it up,” Kaufman said. “So, you know maybe it’s a question of, ‘Hey, if you want to come back [Raheem], you have to go hire somebody.’ Look at Wade Phillips … a very good assistant can have a big impact. I’m not saying the job is too big for Raheem. But the numbers are the numbers. They can’t stop anybody right now.”

For Joe, it’s way too early to start thinking about next season. As Joe’s written countless times before, Joe would be happy to see the Bucs hire a coaching consultant now, to not only assist Raheem with the defense but scrutinize the Bucs’ slow starts.

As for Kaufman’s suggestion of Raheem potentially stepping aside as defensive coordinator, Joe can’t envision that scenario. Considering Jim Bates was handpicked to run the defense at the start of the regime, Joe can’t see another switch in the cards.  

30 Responses to ““If It’s Up To Him, He’s Not Giving It Up””

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    LOL IF he returns ? No way is Raheem coming back to coach Tampa next year.
    Tampa will see a new head coach for 2012.
    I say, why wait ?
    Hire the new coach now, so he can evaluate our talent under game conditions, and make a shopping list for the upcoming draft.

  2. Oahubuc Says:

    ^ It’s hard for me to disagree, Apple, except that I wonder who the options are right now. This season is a wash, pretty much; especially with the way he has lost the team. I spent all of ’09 believing in Morris, incidentally. It was after the last Saints game that I changed my mind.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    Talent was drafted based, in part, on scheme. So what is being suggested might happen is to revert to Jim Bates era with players – square peg, round hole. How did that work out for us? Does 55 want a DC job?

  4. macabee Says:

    Apple, I assume you are aware the Glazers are still paying off Gruden at 4 or 5mi/yrl and it’s been confirmed that there is no opt out in Morris’ contract. You are also probably aware that the going rate for a high profile coach like Cowher or Fisher is around 6 or 7mil/yr. So, I pose this question to you. Do you think the Glazers, the people that gave us an inexperienced coach at 900k/yr, then renewed his contract for 2mil while saving the salary of a DC, would fire Morris now, continue to pay Gruden, pay Morris the remainder of this year and all of next year while paying a new HC 6 or 7mil, plus 1 or 2mil for a new DC? I assume from your tag you are a business owner who in the course of your business, makes financial decisions. Please tell me that you were just kidding!

  5. Joshua Licht Says:

    Buc’s aren’t even made for Cover 2 anymore. We are too big. We are built more physically similar to the Raiders/Baltimore D now. Big Line, big LBs and big DBs(Outside of Barber of course).

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Raheem won’t be fired in-season unless things completely go to sh-t without much sign of it being able to be turned around. However, Raheem’s contract is cheap and they won’t have a problem letting him go after the season especially since he only has one year remaining.

    Remember, Raheem is not an architect of The Plan…he’s a tool to be used to further it. The architect is Dominik under the direction of the Glazers. Raheem is expendable. If he is considered to be of no more use in furthering The Plan then he will be dropped. Simple as that.

  7. Jimmy Says:

    ***IF*** Rah Rah comes back next year he’s a lame duck coach. Good luck finding a decent defensive coordinator to sign a one-year contract.

  8. NickinMelbourne Says:

    Macabee this is the last year we pay Gruden so next year that money will not have to be spent. Whats more yes they are on the hook for Raheem for $2million but to watch the fan apathy grow and less attendance the smart business move is to cut ties with Raheem and bring in a real head coach that fans have confidence in. I am sorry but this guy with his “fast physical blah blah blah” has totally lost me and a huge amount of fans after the lack of efforts this year. Raheem has lost his own players too.

  9. K2theSoldier Says:

    Are you f*%$$#@ serious Apple? SERIOUSLY, do you believe that? You can’t be that stupid, no way no how. He’ll be back and only a delusional idiot would think other wise. Maybe not as D coord. but he’ll be the head coach, as he should be. Everybody knew this rebuilding project wouldn’t be done in 3 years, next year is judgment year.

    Pertaining to the story itself, hmmm Bates couldn’t get it done, Rah can’t get it done, at what point do we actually hold the PLAYERS accountable for missing tackles and all around being very bad? Wah wah wah it’s always the coaches fault, but you have no idea if they’re running the right scheme but just suck too bad physically to get it done. In which case that falls on the GM.

  10. K2theSoldier Says:

    You’d think we were winless by these stupid comments. Oh my god Tampa fans……………………….

  11. NickinMelbourne Says:

    K2 put down the Rah koolaid are you kidding me? You must not be watching the games everyone else is watching. If you haven’t noticed you are now in the minority with about 75% of the posts wanting a new head coach. Raheem has lost his team and the fans. You need to open your eyes.

  12. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    K2: if this team continues the way they’re going without signs of improvement, THIS year could be judgment year. Raheem is not guaranteed another year just because. He has to earn it. These last 7 games will be the determining factor, not some theory that says coaches somehow have to get 4 years no matter what. I guarantee you neither the Glazers nor Dominik are thinking that way.

  13. the_buc_realist Says:

    not only will Rah be back, but there will not be any changes in the coaching for the Bucs. The Glazers will be patient and will allow for a couple of free agents. The Glazers measuring stick of raheem will be 2012.

  14. Fathom Says:

    Seriously Joe? You don’t think Raheem should bring in a DC? Please name other successful recent examples other than Belicheat (who even had Crennel in the position before taking over.) Raheem had no experience at either role, but suddenly it’s okay to have him handle both? Those are both full time jobs that only the best and brightest succeed at consistently BY THEMSELVES. And you think there’s a chance that a young, inexperienced guy has a chance at succeeding at both?

  15. McBuc Says:

    The realist is right…

    It is too early to tell if the team has given up on the coach. The only game they seemed to roll over in was last week. Even the great Saints fall apart at times. If they continue to give up over the next few weeks then we can say they have quit on the coach, but one game does not tell the entire story.

  16. macabee Says:

    Nick, you’re right about Gruden, but the post I responded to recommended that he be fired now, mid-season. The Glazers have every right to have any coach anytime they want as they did when they gave Morris to us. They have fired coaches for less that had better records. And Apple if you are reading this, I know you’re a good guy and only want the best for the Bucs. I’m trying to read the Glazers motivations and making the expenditures I referred to in my original post does not fit their usual economic profile. While I can’t prove this, I would be careful blaming empty seats on Morris alone. We had a 10-6 season last year and didn’t sellout home games – unless fans don’t want Morris regardless of whether he wins or not!

  17. K2theSoldier Says:

    NickinMelbourne, the point is that if we beat the Pack this weekend all you morons wanting a new coach will shut up. It’s a week to week thing with you clowns, one second you love Raheem the next second you hate him. At least Thomas is consistent with his stupidity. At 4-5 you don’t start looking for a new coach. Over-reactionary fans want a new coach when things aren’t looking well, even if it isn’t totally the coaches fault.

    2012 is the measuring year, not this year. We could finish with 6 wins and I’d still guarantee he’s back next year as head coach, as he should be.
    You don’t hand a coach a bunch of young inexperienced players and expect him to groom them in a few years. It takes time, and football people like Dom and the Glazers understand that. Not a couple of ignorant clowns on internet forums.

  18. K2theSoldier Says:

    I ask again, is it Raheem out there missing 10 tackles every game? Is it Raheem getting the pass interferences, the offsides, the false starts ect.
    You guys want Raheem to “discipline” his men, suggest to me how you coaches would do it? Take them out and beat the hell out of them?
    How do you know that Rah hasn’t done EVERYTHING he could possibly do to discipline them? Are any of you at the practices watching? Nah, of course you’re not. I don’t recall us having a huge penalty problem like this last year, did Raheem just suddenly forget how to keep his guys in order? I’d really like one of you idiots to answer all these questions for me.

    “OH BOY RAHEEM JUST DOESN’T HAVE HIS GUYS IN LINE” instead of the possibility that MAYBE just maybe, his players are idiots that just don’t get it. “OH GEE RAHEEM’S SCHEME JUST SUCKS, IT’S HIS FAULT THEY MISS TACKLES” Yes, it’s truely the fault of the coach that “professional” players can’t do the most fundamental thing in the book, MAKE A TACKLE.
    How many times have we seen our guys in perfect position to make a stop after 3 or 4 yards, but they end up missing and it goes for 70 yards? Tons.
    Look, I understand I’m ranting to a bunch of brick walls that don’t bother going to the games in the first place and have their stupid ideals stuck in their heads, but it’s gotta be said. Try to look outside of the box, instead of being narrowminded and just saying “well the team sucks, so it must be the coaches fault”.
    If we suck the rest of the year and go on to suck next year? Fire his ass. But c’mon guys, we’re mid season and you want his head. Give me a break.

  19. Capt.Tim Says:

    Joe, why aren’t my comments posting?

  20. ATLBucsFan Says:

    while i seem to be one of the few remaining believers in Rah, i definatly think we need some sort of change. when Sean Jones leads our team in total tackles we have a serious problem. dont get me wrong i love sean jones. he isnt flashy our particularly nasty but he’s one of the few reliable tacklers on our defense right now aside from mason foster and ronde barber. but simply put our strong safety should not HAVE to make so many tackles. there are up to 8 players who could or should make a tackle before jones ever gets involved. I would not be opposed to hiring a defensive coordinator in the offseason or even now. but i dont necessarily blame raheem morris as a bad head coach. i guess we just all miss those legendary monte kiffin defenses. Something obviously has to change. but ill be very disapointed if the bucs fire morris entirely at the end of the season. im tired of freaking rebuilding. we’ve seen what this team and this coach are capable of last season and i dont think a terrible season is cause to charge one buc with torches and pitch forks. but i guess as fans we always think we know the solution to everything lol

  21. K2theSoldier Says:

    ^^^Exactly ATL, fans think they have the answers to everything, and the cure-all fix so to speak is fire the coach. I wouldn’t be opposed to hiring a D coord. either however.

  22. McBuc Says:

    @K2 – I love it! Your are correct sir!

  23. ATLBucsFan Says:

    and basically i agree with everything K2theSoldier has said. you don’t call for the coaches job at 4-5. its just stupid. we’re playing terrible, yes, we’re missing tackles and assignments entirely, yes. but firing raheem morris wont fix missed tackles. most of you are way overreacting and if this team turns it around somehow this will all go away.

  24. ATLBucsFan Says:

    Ha! K2, i didnt see you agreed with me before i went back and agreed with you. but your right about all of it

  25. Meh Says:

    You can’t call Sean Jones a reliable tackler after last week. He flat out quit on plays.

  26. K2theSoldier Says:

    Glad to see there’s a few sensible people on this site. Was starting to lose faith in our fans.

  27. dadlad Says:

    As they say “a man has to know his limitations” apparently Rah does not.

  28. Joe Says:


    Seriously Joe? You don’t think Raheem should bring in a DC?

    Joe has suggested that before but here is the problem: What decent defensive coordinator is going to come here on a one-year contract?

  29. j lynch Says:

    Who cares whos available a cardboard cut out of a coach is better than this jerk….

  30. Capt.Tim Says:

    K2- while we haven’t always agreed, you are absolutely spot on here!