Stop That Chopper!

October 24th, 2011

Team Glazer had a rough day yesterday.

First, their kickball club suffered a resounding blow at the hands of their rival Manchester City, losing 6-1. This is the real football equivalent of the Bucs getting drilled by the 49ers 48-3 — at home.

Then, per a report, Team Glazer allegedly confronted an angry mob as they left the kickball game to helicopter over to catch the Bucs loss in London.

They were due to travel to Wembley to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, their American football team, take on the Chicago Bears in an NFL game, by boarding their helicopter at a car park near Old Trafford that had been turned into a makeshift helipad.

However, the car escorting them reportedly had to wait for up to 10 minutes before they could make the short journey, with their vehicle allegedly jostled by angry fans.

Dozens of security guards were needed to hold back a mob of 30-40 fans opposed to the Glazer ownership.

This soccer-friendly “Joe” can say that is a very reliable website, though who knows what really happened.

Regardless, Team Glazer had a lousy Sunday that left fans of both teams agitated.

13 Responses to “Stop That Chopper!”

  1. justin Says:

    you know you suck as owners when the fans of every team you own hate you with a passion

  2. flmike Says:

    @Joe I believe the beat down by Man City over ManU is actually the worst beat down in ManU’s history, this is beyond the the Bucs getting beat 48-3, this is more the equivalent of the Yankees losing 20 games straight to the Royals and being shutout in half of them, thats how historic that beat down of ManU was.

  3. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Glazers if you are reading this, YOU SUCK!

  4. Eric Says:

    Must have been part of that huge bucs fan base in that part of the world, many of whom decided not to go to the game Sunday.

  5. Nick Says:

    I can hear Arnold now…GET TO DA CHOPPA, NOW! AHHHH!

  6. Karl Says:

    The Glazers DONT! Suck IMO. But you cant tell me that we would’nt have played better if we had NOT gone to London and just stayed home and played at our stadium with 50,000 plus fans.I Hate the Bucs going to London and it’s BS that we have to put up with it as Bucs fans.If we miss the Playoffs by ONE GAME im gonna blame the Glazers and only the Glazers for us not making the Playoff’s.Us Buc fans DONT GIVE A CRAP about growing the NFL on the back of our Bucs so the Glazers and the NFL can make more money.I care about my Bucs and NOTHING ELSE when it comes to the NFL.If the NFL wants a team in London let them put one there Glazers,DONT sacrifice our Bucs season for your benifit or the NFL or you WILL see the Bucs Fan Base get Smaller and Smaller.Starting with me. IM PISSED Glazers!!!! P.S. Im tired of you and our coach’s trying to act like this is a postive thing for the Bucs to play in London.That’s BS. Us Buc Fans are paying the price for your and the NFL’s Greed……..BS!!!!! F%CK LONDON !!!!! KEEP THE BUCS HOME!!!!!

  7. Jake Says:

    Good take Karl, but I am of the mindset that the Glazers really do presently suck as owners. It’s their responsibility to make people want to go to the game and to want to buy season tickets and over the past few years they have done a poor job of that. What they have done is a very good job of eroding, dividing and alienating the fanbase by not doing the things successful teams do to build a team and attract fans. Their consistent low overall payrolls, their mandate to not sign veteran marquee players have all contributed to the current malaise that exists among the fanbase. Now the whole London campaign is just another slap in the face to the longtime, loyal fans who reside right here in the state of Florida. The fish stinks from the head and in this case the head is he Glazer brothers. For the record, I am not a hater so no need to go there. Just call it the way I see it.

  8. Capt.Tim Says:

    Again, why are we- or the Glazers- wasting our time in the UK? The only thing worse than their food, is their behavior

    Just what we need, a bunch of unemployed, uneducated, unskilled, unsophisticated, ungroomed, unsanitary young British waste of tissue chasing the Glazers. It must have been like a Zombie movie- except the zombies woulda been smarter, with better hygiene and cusine.

    And to our own local zombies, you have a winning team, undefeated in it’s division, and getting better every year- SO QUIT YER GAY LIL WHINNING! Move yer dumb asses to the UK, and follow sissy ass soccer!

  9. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Funny how after every loss people get their panties in a wad regarding the Glazers, Raheem, Ollie, etc, but when the Bucs win everyone is patting each other on the back and saying wonderful things. Don’t you idiots ever get tired of riding the emotional rollercoaster? Or are you really that stupid?

  10. Joke Says:

    Wow, the two comments on that article are awesome. They make the commenters at look articulate!

  11. Oahubuc Says:

    Got to say I never identified so much with a soccer mob before.

  12. Eric Says:

    Poor, poor misunderstood altruistic/pure as the driven snow Glazer Boys.

    Very sad.

    I can’t stop crying.

  13. Karl Says:

    FLBoyinDallas – Ive NEVER said ONE bad word about the Glazers since they bought the team.And ive NEVER Bitched about a loss before.If you dont think that going to London to play a home game is harder to win than staying in Tampa Bay and Bucs fans arent paying the price to grow the NFL for the Glazers and the NFL than YOUR AN IDIOT.Actually your just an Idiot anyway.