No Time To Lick Wounds

October 9th, 2011

Good guy Earnest Graham doesn’t have to listen to sports radio or read the Internet. The Bucs running back knows what happened today in the Bucs seal-clubbing at San Francisco.

“We didn’t have an answer at all,” Graham said on the Bucs radio network following the game. “We have to find out a way to get better. That’s what we have to do right now.”

As bad as the Bucs played, Graham noted how well the 49ers played.

“They executed with perfection,” Graham said. “We know what turnovers will do to a team. We just didn’t extend drives enough and keep drivings going.”

When Graham was asked about playing a short week from playing Monday Night Football and then flying to the left coast put the Bucs in a hole, Graham wouldn’t hear of it.

“Nah, we’re not using that as an excuse. Lots of teams have to deal with travel. The 49ers had to deal with travel the past couple of weeks.

“This league can humble you. This is a copycat league. We know now that teams will be trying to do the same thing as the 49ers did. We can’t get too down on ourselves. Look who we have coming in next week.”

9 Responses to “No Time To Lick Wounds”

  1. Mauha Deeb Says:

    You don’t have to use that as an excuse, and you shouldn’t, but I’m going to use it for you.

  2. Patrick Says:

    I demand to know from someone in the Bucs what the holdup is with T-Jax. We really could use him back in our secondary. Corey Lynch belongs on special teams, Sean Jones sucks, and our secondary overall isn’t playing very well.

  3. Joe Says:


    Joe has written this several times. It is totally out of the Bucs hands. Please read and memorize:

    1) The Bucs nor the NFL are not allowed to comment about this situation per NFL rules. If you are wondering why everything is quiet, this is why. It’s supposed to be.

    2) T-Jax has to apply with the league — not the Bucs — for reinstatement. In order to get back in the league, he has to meet a variety of predetermined goals — for lack of a better word — in order to be eligible for reinstatement. Joe is confident one of these standards is passing multiple drug tests.

    3) There is no timetable for reinstatement. It is all in the hands of TJax and Roger Goodell. TJax could be reinstated tomorrow, he could be reinstated in February, he could never be reinstated. See point No. 2.

    4) The only people who are allowed to talk about this situation are TJax and his agent. Both are not talking.

    In short, if you are hoping for TJax to ride in on a white horse and save the Bucs, you are better off hoping for Santa Claus to bring you Rachel Watson.

    Besides, Joe isn’t sure why people are pleasuring themselves over TJax. The dude hasn’t played in over a year and has had a grand total of one summer workout with Josh Freeman since getting suspended. There is no way he is in football shape. Even if he is reinstated tonight, he probably wouldn’t play until after the bye week, at best.

    Again, the TJax situation is totally out of the Bucs hands. It’s up to TJax and the league.

  4. fanofkit Says:

    Nope, no time to lick wounds… we spent the whole day sucking arse

  5. NickinMelb Says:

    The only thing that can be surmised about the T jack situation is that he must still be failing drug tests. If he is clean and ready to play then wouldn’t he put pressure on the league publicly or at least grant some sort of interview to say thats he’s ready to go and wants to join the team. Is there a gag on T Jack to say ANYTHING? The silence is deafening and if its all up to T Jack then obviously he hasn’t put down the bong. Oh and Joe I disagree with you on one thing. I think T Jack (if in game day shape) can immediately provide help to this secondary he is that good but it would take him a while to get into shape and thats the problem. Talib is having an awful year Rhonde is long in the tooth and the loss of Cody Grimm was huge as we are now finding out.

  6. macabee Says:

    Forget about T-Jack for now, T-Rex couldn’t have helped us today! We are going to have to reach down deep to stay supportive because the next 4 or 5 games could get pretty ugly and Carolina can no longer be taken for granted. In a way and beccaused it’s already happened, this could be a small blessing in that it should force Morris and Dominik to take a hard look at where they are going and how long will it take to get there with this “rookies are great” strategy! I’m a Buc fan forever, but somethings gotta change!!

  7. Joe Says:


    It is dangerous to assume anything here because, per the NFLPA, there is no hard timetable on when a player can be reinstated.

    As for TJax and his agent not talking, that is their prerogative.

    As far as TJax playing of course when he is in game shape he couldn’t be much worse than what the Bucs have, but it’s difficult to believe anyone who hasn’t had one legitimate NFL practice in over a year to be game-ready. And most players who have sat out a year for any reason aren’t as sharp as they once were.

  8. dave Says:

    Did anyone notice the helmet spearing that injured Blount .helmet tackel from the side of the leg with no attempt to tackle. this was done several times during game. look ref no hands

  9. Jerry Says:

    Unless the coaching makes a dramatic improvement, this team is in a lot of trouble.