Finally, Offense

October 18th, 2011

Josh Freeman connected on a bomb of a touchdown. He also connected on a sweet seam route for a score. Earnest Graham ran for over 100 yards.

How special was this that the Bucs finally found an offense. Again. It impressed Joe about as much as it impressed veteran St. Petersburg Times columnist Gary Shelton.

Just asking, but where has this been? And now that the Bucs have rediscovered directions to the end zone, can someone put this offensive game plan in a safe place?

“We know we haven’t been hitting on all cylinders,” said offensive coordinator Greg Olson. “We still have some work to do, but it was exciting to see them come back. We had two ways to go. We could feel sorry for ourselves and get our butts kicked, or we could prepare and learn from our mistakes. I’m glad we played the Saints, because they’re a great team, and our players knew they were going to have to focus.”

Here’s an idea. Why not tell the players that next week’s game is against the Saints, too. And that isn’t London. It’s the French Quarter.

As always, it starts with the ground game. When Graham was able to run for chunks of yards, the Saints packed the box and opened up passing lanes for Josh Freeman.

It’s simply amazing what a running game, an effective running game can do for an offense. And a team.

6 Responses to “Finally, Offense”

  1. Freeman4President Says:

    Glad to see the O getting better…however still waaaayyyy to many missed opportunities. Dropped balls by wide open receivers, wide open receivers missed by bad throws, and some forced throws. If these things get cleaned up, you are looking at an elite O.

  2. raphael Says:

    running game is key this week…we run the ball and stop forte from running..we win imo

  3. Bucbeliever Says:

    On a side note: Bucs pick up RB Chad Spann from NIU. Worth watching…

  4. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Let’s not get overly excited here…26 points is really nothing to write home about, especially when only 14 of them came on touchdowns. It’s barely above average. You do realize that when you remove the 49ers game (which was an aberration) the Bucs are averaging 22 points, right? So scoring 4 extra points is somehow “rediscovering” the offense? Please…give me a break. Now when the Bucs start dropping 30+ on a regular basis that’s when I’ll start dancing. Until then let’s keep the exaggeration to a minimum, shall we?

  5. Buc_The_World Says:

    All I know is last year Faine goes out Zuttah comes in at center, the offense looks better, Freeman plays better, the run game picks up. This year Faine goes out Zuttah comes in at center the offense looks better, Freeman plays better, the run game picks up. I hardly think this is a coincidence. This team Sunday looked like the team from last year that we were all so high on. Why? Because it basically the same line we had at the end of the season with the exception of Joseph and Trueblood. There is no question that Zuttah at center makes this offense better.

  6. Mike J Says:

    Buc_The_World Says, I posted the same thing in the Bucs’ Usenet NG last year and this year.