October 25th, 2011

Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru of ProFootballTalk.com discusses the downward spiral of Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman in this NBCSports.com video.

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4 Responses to ““Disappearing””

  1. stanglassman Says:

    Driving the ball to score a td and win at the end of the game like we often do and it was not that close? It may have not been close throughout the game but the game ended up being close. It’s just not a accurate or true statement to say ‘hey I watched the game and it was even close”.

  2. Mauha Deeb Says:

    I’m done talking about how certain people are regressing. That seems to always be the the only thing people talk about the Bucs is when a player is doing bad.

    What about Michael Bennett? Dude is having a Pro bowl year with out a doubt. I’d say only Jared Allen is having a better season but for different reasons.

    Clayborn is playing excellent pass rush.

    I’d put McCoy in there too but he got hurt. If he comes back against the Saints and picks up right where he left off, then he is back in the mix.

    Apparently two DL coaches was a great Idea. I’m sure the first round investments had little to do with it ;P. Perhaps we can do that for the LBs, DBs, and OL.

  3. Nick2 Says:

    I want to see Alex Van Pelt talking to Freeman on the sidelines after one of his INT’s. His coaching seems to be going out the window. Are these guys accountable? I mean Freeman still is a young raw talent and i think we were spoiled by his early success so its kind of like he doesn’t need coaching. To me this coaching staff is going south in a hurry at a variety of levels. Freeman is forcing the ball into Williams and K2 when Parker and Benn are really having the best year of them all as far as consistency. Why aren’t the coaches running more plays towards those guys???I think Dominick is at fault here too. I mean we have a guy with all of the tools so where are the pieces around him?? No running back selected in the draft this year in the upper rounds has been very bad for Freeman. He has very little weapons.

  4. frige bob Says:

    Without a doubt, Freeman performs best out of a spread offense and a no-huddle/hurry-up approach. Why don’t we do this more often then?

    We sorely miss Blount, the Bears were not buying what Lumpkin was selling. Without the running game, there’s simply too much pressure on Free, especially if he predictably throws to K2 or Williams. Let’s get 2-3 more receivers in our pass formation and let those two draw all the defenders while our other guys get wide open. A solid play-action would help, or at the very least, not have Free totally stare down his target the entire time he’s in the pocket. Roll #5 out on some bootlegs or designed runs, don’t ignore Freeman’s strengths.