What’s Up With The Offense?

September 13th, 2011

One of the more cerebral video blogs here from Tampa Tribune beat writers Woody Cummings and Anwar Richardson. The dynamic duo explore the conundrum that is the Bucs’ offense.

14 Responses to “What’s Up With The Offense?”

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    The problem is the O Line Play. Last year, the same O Line ran for 115 yards against the Lions with Blount. Tampa changed O Line coaches on a 10 win team with a 1000 yard rusher. None of our recently drafted defensive players looks dominant. Some of the Detroit Blogs were calling Tampa “Paper Tigers”. The NFC North is not “in awe” of the NFC South.
    Minnesota expects to win this Sunday, and if we can’t stop Javid Best, how do we stop Adrian Peterson ?

  2. Capt.Tim Says:

    Joe, once again it won’t post my comment. Can you find it. I don’t wanna rewrite that. Thanks

  3. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Tim, I PRAY every time I post, sometimes it eats many of my comments too. But today I am batting 1000 – knock on wood!

  4. Freeman4President Says:

    Forgive me if I am wrong here, but doesn’t Oregon run a spread? Why not run the shot gun 1 back set with Blount, the only way he will improve in pass protection is reps…and wasn’t that the real issue with the O yesterday, not enough offseason reps = not ready to play cohesivly in a game. Besides Blount does his best running in space, spread them out and give the Beast a little room.

  5. tony2cents Says:

    A real coaching staff would have been able to coach Blount into the hurry-up scheme by now. But those amateurs are still learning it themselves.

  6. TSKAD72 Says:

    What’s wrong with the offense? Our young ultra-talented running back got 5 carries all day. The run will open up the rest of the offense. Olson needs to not give up on the run until we are WAY down, but he does it when we’re down seven (it actually seems there was very little attempt to get it started). Blount gets 4 yards on 2 straight carries in the 2nd then doesn’t get another touch until the 4th quarter! As a Bucs fan, that is sickening.

  7. TSKAD72 Says:

    Not to mention that our 31 year old 3rd down back got 14 carries, almost 3 times as many as Blount…wtf is that. Idc if “Blount needs work in pass protection” or “Graham is the 2 minute back”, that is unacceptable.

  8. buc40 Says:

    @TSKAD72….AGREED….Are we missing something here that the coaches are not? I know everyone on this site agrees that he should have many more touches whether little screen passes or what not. Morris said it was his fault for abandoning it to quickly, im verrrrry anxious to see how blount will be utilized in minnesota.

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    Apple – lol! Congrats buddy. That used to be the norm, now it’s a rarity!

  10. Nick2 Says:

    One thing thats not mentioned is that if the back stays in the backfield on a pass his repsonsibility is pass protection. We all know thats what they worry about with Blount, that he will get Freemans clock cleaned and our franchise qb is out. BUT WHAT about the plays where the running back goes out on a route? Blount was catching passes in preseason and had that one play against the Fins for 59 yards!!! Let Blount play don’t keep the B-Train in the terminal let the man run Olson or you will you be the genius out of a damn job just like your mentor Jon Gruden!!!!

  11. TSKAD72 Says:

    @Nick…agreed. Even if he needs work in the pass protection (if the coaches haven’t been coaching him up in pass pro, what the hell have they been doing?…and that’s coming from a Rah supporter), putting him in the game makes the defense respect the run a lot more than when Graham is in. No defense in this league is scared of Graham, they can just drop the linebackers and take care of him with the front four. With Blount in, you HAVE to respect the run or he’ll make you pay and defenses know that. The main question is, why does our staff seem to not know this?

  12. nick Says:

    Anwar looks like a crack head chris rock

  13. IMHO... Says:

    As I’ve said b4 and I’ll say it again, without Blount involved Free chances of succeeding are slim 2 none. Teams dont fear our run game and will solely play coverage and focus solely on K2 and Mike Williams.

  14. Garv Says:

    “the conundrum that is the Bucs’ offense.”



    OMG lighten the hell UP!