September 11th, 2011

Veteran sports columnist Gary Shelton discusses the Bucs’ ugly, season-opening loss to the Lions at The CITS in this St. Petersburg Times video.

9 Responses to “Warts”

  1. Dew Says:

    Like most fans at the game I spend most of my time watching the playmakers. And I listen to the radio broadcast. But I don’t remember hearing Suh’s name one time today. So the OLine must have had some bright spots.

  2. jlynch Says:

    Short and sweet… they need a lot of work un prepaired poorly coached stop looking at last year run the ball get another back bench mc coy for starters…

  3. James Pearls Says:

    I can see this team being pretty similar to last year.. good enough to beat the poor teams but without anything special on neither defense nor offense to beat a team much better than us.

    Whilst last year that allowed us to win 10 games, this year with the tougher schedule we’re only looking at about 7 wins. Play calling on offense needs to improve, and maybe let Freeman do his thing a bit more IMO

  4. big007hed Says:

    F Gary Shelton!!! He is still butt hurt after the stats r for losers comment… Does this loss mean the season is over? Should the Bucs start thinking about the 1st pick in the draft? They didn’t look good but it was still the first game…

  5. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    Haven’t looked at the other feeds, so I’m sure this was talked about but holy crap did Olsen ever call a terrible game. I usually don’t shout at the TV, knowing no one can hear me and it feels a little silly. But I was cursing Greg Olsen that entire game it was down right pathetic

  6. Architek Says:

    Pretty much…Looking at the Dallas – Jets game and again I see some coaching happening on both sides. Im just saying…Dallas is actually coached up and the Jets are playing subpar on defense. But this looks way better than the Tampa presentation on the field.

  7. John Says:

    when we win.. this guy will call us a playoff team..

    These tampa reporters flip flop more then a politician

  8. Dylan Says:

    this guy is a idiot lol who does this guy think he is.

  9. Tom Says:

    Well, Gary probably should avoid video appearances. It certainly doesn’t do him any justice. However, he is correct in the basic message. The Bucs have a lot of work to do. You knew watching the pre season that things just didn’t seem to be clicking. The Lions were the better team and look like they could be playoff contenders… at least against the Bucs. Now if the Bucs can find a faster start and keep other offenses off the field we will make some progress. But until then they definitely need to work on improving all facets of the team.