TJax Isn’t Coming Back… Yet

September 21st, 2011

The fate of Tanard Jackson as a Bucs safety and an NFL player currently rests in the hands of NFL strongman Roger Goodell.

Joe knew the moment he posted something about Tanard Jackson early this week it would bring a flurry of responses.

Often, Joe would receive an e-mail or read a comment along the lines of “What’s the update on Tanard Jackson?” Even though there could be no update until the Bucs talented but smoky (allegedly) safety served his one-year sentence for getting popped with the bong (again/allegedly).

Jackson’s detention ends this week. Maybe.

Given the fact Jackson is a repeat offender, whether his suspension is ever lifted depends upon the soul of NFL chieftain Roger Goodell, so writes Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

The biggest hurdle, of course, is the approval of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has sole authority to determine if and when a three-time violator of the policy will be reinstated.

Before Jackson can meet with Goodell, though, he must “meet certain clinical requirements” detailed in the substance abuse policy, including earning a recommendation for reinstatement from the NFL’s medical director.

Whether Jackson has earned such a recommendation or even applied for reinstatement is hard to know, because no one associated with the matter has commented on it.

For Bucs fans who were of the mind that Jackson would start for the Bucs against the Dixie Chicks, whoa, Nellie! Better slam on the brakes. Not only does it seem that Jackson being eligible in four days seems like a Hail Mary. Further, who knows if Jackson is remotely in football shape?

Jackson has proved multiple times he cannot be trusted by the Bucs or his teammates. To bank on Jackson being ready to play against the Dixie Chicks seems, at this moment, far-fetched.

24 Responses to “TJax Isn’t Coming Back… Yet”

  1. IMHO... Says:

    If he’s in shape, I’d say start him. It’s been documented that he’s participated in tha lockout workouts. Being in his predicament and tha amount of money he makes will have make him a better player and person

  2. Dan Says:

    better player and person does not equal ‘isnt rusty’ or ‘will be back this week ‘ or next for that matter @imho

  3. IMHO... Says:

    will make him a better person

  4. Leighroy Says:

    IMHO… this isn’t rehab, this is the NFL. Tjax does not deserve to play over Grimm, Jones or anyone else on our roster because he participated in lockout workouts. What a farce!

  5. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    agree with Dan

    I think he’s probably in shape, but after not playing football at a professional level at all for 1 year he’s going to be rusty. IF he is reinstated, and IF he is still the player he once was, it will probly take him a few weeks to get back in the groove and work his way into starting.

    and I really hope that all happens

  6. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    No way should we start him, or even play him for a while. However, he’s good enough to give a chance to be on the team. I know that’s probably an unpopular opinion for many of you (I struggle with it myself). I know Captain Tim is going to blast me for it, and he’s probably right for doing so. However, we need playmakers on defense, especially the way we struggle to get off the field. Jackson is exactly that. It’s not fair that people with superior talent get a longer leash, but it’s just the way it is (not only in football, but in all walks of life). I wouldn’t count on him to save the team, but he can definitely be a bonus to come in and help us a little. If (hopefully not when) he screws up again, we will be at the same place we started. However, there is no doubt in my mind we are a better team with him on it. Capt., you have the floor…..

  7. Amar Says:

    If dog slaying Mike Vick can do it, there is no reason why Bong toking Tanard Jackson can’t do it.

  8. SRQBucFan Says:

    i don’t care if he plays right now. As long as we get him back, hope he stays clean, and can produce down the stretch. I seem him more likely to start sometime around the bye week honestly.

    I mean let’s be realistic. Even if he is pristine shape. He is going to need time to get the playbook down again. Most importantly he is gonna need a few week to EARN his spot back. That’s right I personally don’t want to reward a player that messed up several times. Allow him to fight and earn his roster spot again and prove his worthiness to the team.

    Jones and Grimm are not playing that bad really. Not great, but also not bad. They can hold the fort for a few weeks.

    Plus think of the advantage of being able to put a talent on the field down the stretch of the season like him. Fresh and more hungry to prove something to everyone when he has the opportunity? He will be our X Factor working for a playoff run.

  9. SRQBucFan Says:

    1 year can change a man. I believe he took the suspension seriously and got clean and stayed in the best shape he could. I guarantee he’s hungry to get back in and play the game again. He has so much talent. I just hope he realizes it before it’s to late.

  10. fridge bob Says:

    Well put, Amar.

  11. Leighroy Says:

    Mike Vick sat on the bench FOR A WHOLE YEAR before he started.

    So Amar and Bob, if your argument is that TJax can be effective as the second coming of Michael Vick, then sure I will agree with you… once September of 2012 rolls around.

  12. BamBamBuc Says:

    I think this has happened in the past, so I think it’s what we’ll see happen now. If he is reinstated, I believe the Bucs will get a temporary roster exemption for Tanard. I think the last time it happened for a returning player, the NFL allowed the team to have the player at practice but not on the active roster for up to two weeks before they have to make a decision. At that point, he must be on the active roster or cut. This is to allow the team to see what condition and ability level the player is at and if they wish to keep him after an extended period away from work with no contact.

    I also think, if this is what happens, that this is the best way to handle the situation. We don’t know what we have in Tanard anymore. He hasn’t played a game in a year, and hasn’t been allowed contact with coaches during that time, so the team knows nothing about where he’s at at this point. Two weeks in practice, but inactive, would allow the team time to evaluate him. Nothing should be decided before then unless he is fully ready to go and activated early. I wouldn’t expect to see him play for at least two weeks (if reinstated).

  13. Posey99 Says:

    what makes everyone think he hasn’t had any contact with the team? I bet he has a iPad playbook already.

  14. BamBamBuc Says:

    Well, he’s not SUPPOSED to have any contact with the team while under suspension… if he has, that’s another story. Probably the same story that says Raheem Morris contacted players during the lockout which he wasn’t supposed to do and will probably be fined for it. Let’s just hope the team doesn’t lose any draft picks if it’s found out that he did have contact. Actually, let’s just hope he never did have any contact with the staff at all, it’s safer that way.

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    HawaiianBuc- lol. Listen, even on the rare occasions we disagree, I always respect your opinion.

    And often after I post something, I read it, and it comes across alot stronger than I meant it too. Probably the drill seargent in me, lol.

    Smoking Pot isn’t the worst offense in the world. For me, that’s not the issue.
    It’s that, on 4 separate occasions, he’s said “screw the Bucs” and lit up. On at least two of those occasions, he knew he was going to be tested within a month. That shows a huge lack of commitment to his teammates, who were counting on him.

    My issue wasn’t so much about him being brought back to the team. It was the posters who were yelling he should start.

    Have they lost their mind? Jones and Grimm have done every thing the team has asked. They have been at every practice, and every offseason practice. They are deeply committed!

    And most importantly- they have both played GREAT this year. Both are playing consistently at a high Level.

    Yet some off the Zombies want to bring in a guy who hasn’t played in over a year, said ” screw the team when he was on it, and most importantly- wasn’t a great safety to begin with!!!! He was being critized when he got suspended, for giving up big plays! But some here don’t care. Bench a guy who’s dedicated and playing well, for a half assed mediocre player.
    It just amazes me. But these are the same guys who cried about how great Aqib is all Summer. Talib has been a very average CB again this year. After the way Calvin Johnson owned him, and that laughed at him in the papers- he probably is below average.

    Tanard on the team? Meybe. But he’s got a lot to prove before he sees field time. Much less starts.
    Personally, he isn’t worth the trouble. I like our safeties- and they are playing better than Tard ever did anyway. .

  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    It’s all good Captain, and of course you know I respect yours as well.

    I can’t really speak to the marijuana thing. I’ve never done it, so I can’t speak as to how addicting it is. I guess I am hoping it is more of an addiction thing versus a “forget my teammates” thing as you see it. If it’s not an addiction, then I am 100% behind every criticism you have ever give TJax.

    Yeah, I agree that our safeties have played well and have shown great commitment to this team. I just think they both lack true playmaking ability, which Tanard clearly has. Our defense needs that right now, at least until our offense decides to play an entire game. No way in the world should he start, unless he simply shines so much that it is impossible to not start him (highly doubt that will happen, especially after taking a year off). You also have to factor in the possibility of injuries down the line, and at minimum he adds excellent depth. I just don’t think it would be smart to cut him. We’re just not good enough yet.

  17. BigMacAttack Says:

    Maybe they can put him on the PUF list….

  18. Vince Says:

    “Jackson has proved multiple times he cannot be trusted by the Bucs or his teammates.”

    Enough said Joe!!

  19. Capt.Tim Says:

    HawaiianBuc- actually, pot is considered to be non-addictive.
    I have smoked Pot, when I was a kid in high school. I quit, because it wasn’t worth risking the things that were important to me.

    Oddly, for my line of work, I wish they would legalize it. They are making criminals millionaires right now, because it’s illegal.
    It’s the exact same thing we did with the mafia during prohibition. We made some of the worst elements rich and powerful.

    My issue isn’t that he smoked pot. It’s that pot is so unimportant, yet 4 times he picked pot over his team. Again, I may be a little outside the box on this. In my work- loyalty, Dependability, and trust are a matter of life or death.

    I just know that I want to be able to count on the guy next to me in a fight. And Tanard isn’t that guy.

  20. Capt.Tim Says:

    Oh, and all that said- I really don’t have a problem with him on the team. But he should have to prove himself, and earn both his job and his teammates trust again.
    But life is all about Redemption. I’m the biggest believer that people can change.
    But we don’t just give him a job, or stupidly trust in him again, without some work on his part to prove he’s changed.

    And which hard working kid to we put out of a job, to see if Tanard has changed? Asante? Corey Lynch?
    I’d have a hard time firing a hard working kid, to bring in guy I dont trust, and who has let me down repeatedly.

  21. Dave Says:

    I don’t expect him to start right now, but if he is in shape and re-instated, I think he should be given a chance to start during the second half of the season.

    Realistically, I see him just rotating in and getting more and more playing time around week 8 and beyond.

  22. Shmuckaneer Says:

    True he should have to prove he is the best player (which won’t be hard)…the trust issue should be settled before he rejoins the team.

  23. bucsalltheway Says:

    I say start my boy tanard because he’s in great shape and slide cody grimm back down to lb like in college and we should be able to keep Rb’s from going crazy. I have a vision and I want it to happen. BTW everyone tanard is in great shape he’s got faster not slower.

  24. bucsman27 Says:

    @bucsalltheway how do you know?