The Play Of The Game

September 25th, 2011

Bucs backup safety Corey Lynch is used to making big plays on special teams but it was his batted down pass from Matt Ryan that was aimed for Jacquizz Rodgers that all but sealed the win for the Bucs when the Dixie Chicks were driving to what appeared to be a go-ahead score.

Lynch described to Joe after the game how the play went down.

Rodgers “came off the line and bum rushed me and when he did that, at that time, I knew they were coming inside,” Lynch said. Running backs don’t usually run fades, so I got inside leverage and batted it down.

“You just see their tendencies through their film, but you are talking about Matt Ryan here, nothing is a giveaway. It was great to stand up for that long.

“The Falcons series has been that kind of a series. We had two games last year where we were on the one-yard line late and then here, we had a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter. It’s been that kind of a series but we came out on top today and it’s a great feeling to come out on top.

“We were ready to go right from the beginning. I was proud of all the guys today.”

3 Responses to “The Play Of The Game”

  1. toolman Says:

    You’d think after almost three years the media or bloggers would learn to spell Corey Lynch’s name correctly.

  2. Max Says:

    This guy is not as consistent as Grimm or as physical but he makes tons of splash plays and I love him on special teams.

  3. Espo Says:

    They tried to pick on him while he was out. They were successful, but he came through huge on 4th down.

    I haven’t heard anything on Grimm but this makes the Tanard situation very interesting.