Slamming The Bucs

September 27th, 2011

As Joe has stated before, he likes monitoring media outlets that cover Bucs opponents.

Browsing through the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it’s pretty clear that the Dixie Chicks losing was bad enough, but losing to the Bucs, in the minds of the Atlanta Pen & Mic club is simply inexcusable if not embarrassing.

Consider the musings of Dawson Devitt, in particular of how he roasts the Dixie Chicks defense for not being able to contain Josh Freeman or LeGarrette Blount.

I guess Brian Van Gorder doesn’t have the excuse of not having a true training camp to blame this time around on the missed tackles. This defense has a serious issue, and has for some time now, on tackling and wrapping up. They made Legarette Blount look like The Bus Jerome Bettis out there. How many times did Blount get hit and then gain at least another 5-8 yards? On the last series of the game, the Falcons had the Bucs at 2nd and 9 and hit Blount in the backfield which should have been maybe a 2-3 yard gain and set up a reasonable 3rd and 6 or so. Nope. Blount broke several tackles on his way to making it a 3rd and 2.

They seem to stop the run well if they hit the back in the backfield and gang tackle, but one-on-one, they have major issues. Several times the Falcons defenders had Josh Freeman wrapped up only to see him break free and make a first down with his arm or his legs. How many times did the Bucs players on offense get the ball and keep going for a 1st down? When Van Gorder gave the excuse of “not having enough time” as the reason for missed tackles, we knew we were in a heap of trouble. Not trying to denigrate the talent of the Bucs, but we’ll be seeing more talented offenses along the way (Saints, Packers, Texans) and it doesn’t get any easier.

Talk about head-in-the-sand. Joe will venture to guess that Blount is better than any back on the Saints, Packers or Texans. Yeah, Adrian Foster may be better but he’s banged up; hardly healthy. And with the exception of Michael Vick, will the Dixie Chicks face a quarterback more difficult to bring down the rest of the season than Freeman?

Put away the violins guys.

32 Responses to “Slamming The Bucs”

  1. kh Says:

    awful article. Lets see that scribe try to bring down Blount and Freeman if he thinks its so easy.

  2. raphael Says:

    omfg what a idiot……… I mean the reporter

  3. Patrick Says:

    Blount lead the NFL in yds after first hit . So why suprise?

  4. Vince Says:

    Sour grapes?

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    “We need a case of midol to the Dixie Chicks secret lair!” , “And hurry, some of them are starting to look for bridges with Jumper stations!”

    Ahh, the lamenting of the vanquished! The sweetest tears if all! Please keep the Chicks “excuse columns” rolling in! That’s good reading!

  6. Meh Says:

    Being hard to bring down are pretty much the signature of Freeman and Blount.

  7. raphael Says:

    maybe they can spend some draft picks on thr OL next year……oh wait….nevermind

  8. gotbbucs Says:

    what this tells me is that the bucs are going to be flying under at least the media’s radar for quite a while yet if the media in our own division won’t even give us credit for a big win.

  9. SkookumSmitty Says:

    It used to be the tears of Packers fans that sustained me. These days, nothing is sweeter than the tears of Falcons fans.

    These are good days we’re livin’!

  10. McBuc Says:

    For some reason I dislike the Falcons more than Car or NO.

  11. Cannon Says:

    The picture to this article seems to show #71 trying to pat Freeman on the back like he’s telling a good joke or something, lol.

  12. Adam Says:

    The Falcons are a Vick concussion away from 0-3… and they didn’t even CAUSE the concussion.

  13. snook Says:

    Idiot AJC writer. I guess this was the first he’s ever seen Freeman and Blount? #5 and #27 do those things to a lot of teams. Not just the overrated Falcons.

  14. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Love watching NFC South opponents suffer. These past couple years with the Panties being bottom dwellers has been so sweet. I predicted the Falcons to finish third in the division this year and was told I was out of my mind (I had second thoughts myself, then Peter King gave them his Super Bowl nod and that made it worse). But I’m glad to see things are playing out positively for the Bucs so far. I’m not certain they can overtake the Saints before 2012 but I’m not doubting this young team, either. Go Bucs!

  15. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    In other news:

    Did anyone see Asomugha get abused by Victor Cruz, a 4th stringer, not once but twice on Sunday???

    Where are you haters??

  16. McBuc Says:

    FGO, yeah the new “dream team” of free agents is not looking so great right now. Now what happens with Vick out to boot?

  17. Capt.Tim Says:

    Skookum Smitty- lOL. To bad they won’t bottle those- Falcon and Packer fan tears! I could See me spiking a victory tequila shot with a splash of those! Victory couldn’t taste sweeter!! Meybe I could buy the CD” Dixie Chick Fans- the crying, the begging, the nashing of Teeth!” to bring a little jovial spirit to the party!

    It is indeed good times we are living in! Freeman and that D-line make me believe the best is yet to come!

  18. pierat40 Says:

    Pfffft Dream team. I was making dream teams before it was fashionable, and we see how it worked out for me.

    Stay classy Philly,
    D. Snyder

  19. OAR Says:

    Awe, poor Dog Killer is getting his due and it’s a bitch! Wonder if DK Vick can even spell kharma?

  20. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Asomugha was burnt for a TD and was flagged for PI in his only two targets in week 1 against the Rams. THE RAMS. But you know, Capt Tim would’ve emptied the bank for him, despite NEVER SEEING HIM PLAY A SINGLE GAME…

  21. Capt.Tim Says:

    Same story as always with Vick. He gets a lot of Hype from BSPN, half of whims staff is gay for him. The he gets hurt. They try to curtail his running, only to discover he’s ineffective if he dies utilize the running option. So they give him the flag to run, and he gets hurt. He’s to small and fragile to to run the ball, and not a good enough QB to play without the running option. Its an exact repeat of years in Atlanta, where Hebe WR played a complete season, and cried about getting hit all the time.

    It never ceases to amaze me, how short people’s memories are. We’ve seen this side show before.

  22. OAR Says:

    So, now Asomugha is a bad corner? Funny, you mention “despite never seeing him play a single game”, but your point is, just that, a single game! One game does not make the player.

  23. Capt.Tim Says:

    HGO, oh wait, it’s Fire Greg Olsen again. You change your mind more than a women!
    Amazing how you know so much about where I’ve been, since I’ve never you! Or at least I don’t think I have, I don’t recall noting”met hateful redneck today!”

    Actually, 3 years ago, I was in San Diego for nine months. I had a friend stationed their who was a raider fan, so I have seen Nnamdi live . Not that it matters- I have this really advanced technology called Satelite TV ( Direct Tv). I watch every NFL game On NFL short cuts, so I’ve seen his every game for two years.

    He signed for a 10 mil. Not much more than Penn. Contrary to rumor, it wasn’t a huge bank breaker. Nnamdi has always been a press corner. He will have to adjust. He will . He’s the best

    I wonder what would have happens if Nnamdi played Roddy White instead of EJ Biggers. Ask yourself what happens if Barber or Biggers gets hurt. Talib is already struggling. If any of you thought that he wasn’t playing White to “trick” Atlanta, then I have swamp land for sale. Talib is struggling this year. Haven’t heard why.

    But you keep buying the company line on not signing any Vets. WRll see how that works

    As far as psychics go- hang on to yer day job
    Yer Friend,
    Capt. Tim, football expert!

  24. MOBucs Says:

    The Eagles are a perfect example of how throwing money at over-priced FAs just does not work. Roster and coach continuity along with successful drafting does.

  25. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Many teams have tried the Eagles tactic in the offseason in the past decade or so, the Redskins being the most memorable of them. It never, ever works, yet a certain number of Bucs fans get all lubed up every year during free agency only to be left all alone when Last Call is made. When will the idiots learn that’s not how you build a team?

  26. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:


    I specifically mentioned two games, vs. Rams and Giants, but yeah the NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” league.

    @Capt Tim,

    Maybe I “misremembered”, maybe it was BigMacAttack who said it. I know some clown on here was talking about how we should sign Asomugha and bragged about never watching him perform. I apologize if it wasn’t you… and for the record, I’ve only changed the name twice (except for occasional lapses by my iPhone).

    But the point remains the same…

  27. Nor Cal Bucs Fan Says:

    I live in the East Bay, Ca and have had the chance to watch Nnamdi 8 times a year, as the Raiders don’t sellout either. He is a phenomin corner and a better person. But he has played with horrible corners next to him for years, hence he never had the ball thrown at him. The factthat he has nothing thrown at him is more a testament to who is next to him not so much him.
    I think there will be a time of adjustment for in he actually has to defend passes more then once or twice a game.

  28. Nor Cal Bucs Fan Says:

    Oh it’s not just the Atl papers, but BSPN who belivethat this was the Falcons losing and not the Bucs winning. I mean look at the power rankings, most have us ranked lower then the Dixie Chicks !!! Haters gonna Hate !!!!!

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I agree with you Capt. Tim that Nnamdi is an excellent corner and I would have loved to have him here.

    I disagree with you that Talib has been struggling. The big play to Julio Jones was in zone coverage (read this in 2 separate places. Tried to verify it watching the game, but stupid FOX never gave a good angle). Regardless, Jones is the safety and he let Jones run right by him. Even if it was Talib’s guy, he should have had his help over the top. That is actually the job of a safety last I checked. The same applies on the long TD by Calvin Johnson. That was acknowledged by both Raheem and Jones. I’m pretty sure they would know better than us. I know you don’t like Talib and you love Jones and I get that, but the facts don’t support your argument.

  30. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hawaiian Buc- I complained oddly about how undependable Talib is before the season. Once the season starts- he’s our guy, and I NEED him to play well.

    This one is easy. The NFL is ALWAYS about ” my best against your best”. Always. Atlanta’s best receiver is Roddy White. His numbers are among the Best in the League. Against him, you play your best Corner. Biggers played White all Day. When asked about it, Coach Morris threw out some” thought we’d fool Atlanta” nonsense


    If that was your strategy, why not but the waterboy on White- they’d never see that coming!
    I mentioned last week that Talib got pulled off Harvin, and seemed to be struggling. This week, when the Falcons went to a two receiver set( which was rare), Talib left the field, and Barber/Biggers stayed out there.I think Talib has some kinda minor injury or something. He’s not playing as well as he normally does.

  31. Capt.Tim Says:

    FGO- no problem. And now, without insult or hostility, I don’t agree with your point. Nnamdi is the best Corner in the league- by all accounts. The scheme is different in Philly. It will take Him time to adjust. Don’t judge him now- or the Eagles. January is judgement time in the NFL, and Philly is talented.

    Of Course, Michael Vick will be their downfall. He is to fragile to be a running QB- always was, never played a full season in Atlanta. Yet he isn’t skilled enough to succeed without the threat of being a running QB. Again , people have short memories. Atlanta figured this out before Vick went to prison. After all the initial hype about Vick, he was a mediocre QB in Atlanta. He seemingly has improved his QB skills, but Remains too Fragile for an NFL QB . Time will prove this again, and Andy Reid will miss Kevin Kolb

  32. OAR Says:

    Sorry, I missed your first post, but I should have just said, “I disagree.” I think he is one of the best and would have like to seen him here, but it didn’t happen. Again, a couple of plays doesnt mean he’s a horrible corner now!?