Joe Hears Your Cries For Beer And Water

September 14th, 2011

Let this serve as a return email of sorts to the many that emailed Joe to describe personal concession stands nightmares — and/or missing beer and water vendor agony — at Sunday’s Bucs-Lions game.

First, Joe read your emails and doesn’t believe any of you were making up stories. But you’re emailing the wrong guy. You should be sending the Buccaneers your complaints.

Second, Joe knows there are water fountains all around The C.I.T.S. It’s not the Sahara. To the one guy who claimed he fell into a dehydration-induced hallucination and rage on a 60-minute concession line, dude, you need to stay aware of your surroundings.

Clearly there were concessions problems — againat the stadium Sunday. There also were numerous calls on the subject to sports radio stations on Monday and Tuesday. And Joe’s media partners at WTSP-TV, Channel 10 reported it.

Maybe the trouble was just in isolated sections? Perhaps some vendors weren’t ready for the half-price concessions offer in effect for the game? Joe doesn’t care very much about the details, just the possible lasting negative effect on Bucs attendance. Word of mouth goes a long way — good and bad.

10 Responses to “Joe Hears Your Cries For Beer And Water”

  1. buc40 Says:

    OH NO, this is bad and can be the dagger that had some people on the fence about getting tickets sway their decision. When it rains it pours!!!

  2. k_bassuka Says:

    How in the world they weren’t prepared? Is not like the stadium was packed or anything close to it… no excuse what so ever.

  3. Vince Says:

    Thanks Joe!

  4. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Wow. They had weeks to prepare and still got it wrong? Heads would roll if I was in charge.

    I hate to say it, but this will alienate yet more fans. Not me, but it will for some.

  5. FishDaddy217 Says:

    It doesn’t matter, its not like they will email you back. I emailed them Monday about two big issues I had and have yet to recieve even a response! I understand theyre probably overloaded with complaints but at least email me and tell me your working on it. Heck, I would rather them tell me to #$@% off than just ignore me. Ive been a huge supporter of the Glazers and love this team to no end, but I’m starting to see why theres empty seats. Ive always been the guy telling fans to get off their butts and find a way to get to the stadium. They front office absolutely screwed my friend and I over Friday for something that I wont get into here. Then my stadium card doesnt work on the 3rd level for the 3rd straight game? 3 days later, No response. Maybe thats the response theyll get in February when its time to renew.

  6. Brisbee Says:

    Considering how the Bucs played Sunday, to make it difficult for fans to consume alcohol is cruel torture. For the record, I had no problem in my 100 level seats, but I heard lots of grumbling from other fans while leaving the stadium. Terrible for this to happen again. Really stupid.

  7. RIs_Buc Says:

    It was not stadium wide (though I heard about lines being closed and running out of ice). The lines were long yes. But on two separate occasions I got everything I wanted (beers, pretzel, ice soda). Most was 1/2 off and they were so busy I got/took an extra beer the second time up.

    Considering how much I used to pay for fenway games…great $40 ticket.

  8. Vince Says:

    Glad it wasn’t stadium wide, but bad enough to make the news and radio shows is definitely not doing them any favors trying to get fans in the stands.

  9. Ben Says:

    The lines were moving very slow and the taps were once again messed up producing more head than beer. Yes, I complained to the Bucs, but I also drank tap water to avoid the lines and stay hydrated.

  10. Vince Says:

    Hind sight being 20/20 I should’ve stuck my head under a faucet in the bathroom or found a water fountain but obviously I wasn’t thinking clearly. Maybe I need to invent a beer fountain….Hmmmm