Joe Calls The 2011 Season

September 2nd, 2011

When Joe makes a Bucs season prediction like this, he tries to answer as if a team of armed terrorists are before him demanding the correct answer with a knife to his throat.

In other words, Joe takes it seriously. So here goes:

The Bucs’ brass, from Bryan Glazer to Mark Dominik to Raheem Morris, is quick to compare the Bucs’ current construction of a “lasting contender” to the Father Dungy era. Even old school Bucs from that time like John Lynch and Warren Sapp have bought in — that the current plan replicates that of the glory years.

Well, history says that after the 1997 season, Year 2 of the Dungy era when those young Bucs went 10-6 and made the playoffs, the Bucs took a step back to 8-8 and a third-place finish in 1998. And that was with a slew of potential Hall of Famers on the roster and a smothering defense that came off allowing the fewest points in the NFC in ’97.

So what can be expected of the 2011 Bucs, likely the youngest team in the NFL once rosters are finalized soon?

While Joe will cheer and hope for a perfect Bucs season, Joe sees big question marks at linebacker, a team with a ton to prove in its rush defense and pass rush, questionable depth at the skill positions, plus two teams in the division that likely are still better than Tampa Bay. 

Thankfully, Josh Freeman is no Trent Dilfer, and Greg Olson is no Mike Shula, which means a hell of a lot. And the Bucs have plenty of playmakers, from Freeman, LeGarrette Blount, Kellen Winslow and Mike Williams, to Aqib Talib and Ronde Barber. But the Bucs don’t feel at all like a team ready to hit the next level up from the high standard of 10-6 set last year, much like their young counterparts in 1998, who needed one more year to win the division.

Coaching will be a big X-factor. Raheem worked miracles last year with an injury-ravaged roster and rookies and scrap-heap players. Joe doesn’t underestimate the ability of Raheem’s staff and leadership, especially with the addition of Keith Millard. Raheem deserved Coach of the Yearfor 2010, but the jury’s still out on his effectiveness as a defensive coordinator.

It’s painful to think of the Bucs taking a step back from 10-6 last year. But Joe suspects that’s where they’re headed.

Joe’s calling a 9-7 record for 2011. Maybe that’s good enough for the playoffs. It often is. The Bucs finish the season in Atlanta, in what should be an extraordinarily meaningful game.

42 Responses to “Joe Calls The 2011 Season”

  1. flmike Says:

    Joe, been working on this for a week now, I have to agree, but I wil also offer this. 9-7, but a better team than last season. This year we will see what a healthy and WELL Coached GMC can do. Because of the injury, the jury is still out on Price, but again we’ll be able to see what he brings, and with Big Frank looking more like a starter every day, we should have a heck of a rotation at nose. With the hopeful emergence of Michael Bennett and with our two newest toys at DE, we should be okay upfront, but a year of experience will do wonders for AjaClay and Bowers when it comes to the ’12 season. The offense will jell, it may take a game or two, but it will. I can definitely live with 9-7, with some luck and maybe an injury or two in NO or Atl, we can go 10-6, but I’m not expecting miracles. Third place but being more mature and a better team which sets us up for an extended playoff run from ’12 to whenever is a very good start. People expecting miracles are usually highly disappointed.

  2. Jrock Says:

    Man I’ve looked our schedule over a bunch of times, and I count 8 possible wins, 9 tough wins, or 10 unbelievable wins.

    I think we can tough it out to 9, but we have to start with a win vs the Lions. Our early schedule needs to be littered with W’s because on the back end, the schedule toughens up – and our young guys will need to do the same as they learn throughout the year.

    Here’s to hoping our D-line matures on the quick, because like Joe says, our linebackers do not inspire a lot of confidence.

  3. OB Says:

    Joe, Two things are different then in 1998, they have an offense that can strike at any time and a coach that is firey. The game against Detriot will clearly show who is good and bad on the offense line and how fast Freeman can get rid of the ball.

    Their record is based on too many unknowns in penalties and lucky breaks, but with a D-Line that will improve in every game, it should be interesting. They will lose some they should not and win some they should not, but I think they will end up either 11-5 or 7-9 depending on the breaks.

  4. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Joe, this is one of the better articles I have read in a while. I’m not one for predictions but this was no BS and to the point. I dig it.

    Great writing.

    I’d like to see more of this.

  5. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Not really an article so much as an opinion piece, eh. Either way, more of this.

  6. Real Talk Says:

    Football is a game that one play can change a game. You cant look at teams at this point before the season and say they are better than the bucs or the bucs are better than them. One injury can turn a team from a super bowl contender to a playoff hopeful. Hopefully we stay injury free on the Dline especially GMC. I believe if our Defense steps up and our Oline gels and gives Freeman room to operate and Blount room to run we should put ourselves in position to win games. Im ready to see how this season unfolds.

  7. Bucnjim Says:

    They really need fix the problem of slow starts! There is no way they can continue to come back every week in the 4th quarter. If they can start fast on offense and put some games away I can see 9-7 or 10-6. If they continue to struggle early in games it will be tough just to get to 8-8. Let’s hope the defense has some 3 & outs in them early this season. Last year was painful watching teams control the ball and move at will.

  8. Nick P Says:

    Can’t argue with that logic. Neither would Dominik, considering the strategy of going young and allowing the guys to mature into their roles. We need to be competitive in every game and develop a chemistry. That will set us up for the leap into the GB, NE, PIT pantheon in the next 2-3 years.

  9. Matt Says:

    @Jrock: “Our early schedule needs to be littered with W’s because on the back end, the schedule toughens up”

    Wait, what? No, our 2nd half schedule is MUCH easier than the first half schedule. In the 2nd half we have the Panthers twice, the Jags and the Titans.

    In the first half our easiest games are the Vikings and the 49ers.

  10. T in Orlando Says:

    Looking at the teams we play against individually, I think the only game outside of the division that you can absolutely mark down as a Loss for us is Green Bay (in Lambeau). Other than that, none of the othere teams you can say are clearly better than us.

    Indy is not the same team it was past, especially if Manning is at all rusty. I am not convinced that McNabb is the answer in Minnesota, and even if he were, their lines have taken a hit from FA. Chicago has a QB that’s prone to Turnovers. Houston, while a good team, I don’t believe is hands down better than us, especially if playing in Tampa. Same thing can be said about Dallas. SF, Jax, and Tennesse are all beatable teams (not automatic Wins, but teams we should beat).

    If we can go 3-3 in the division (or perhaps 4-2, if we can split with both NO and ATL), I wouldn’t be shocked with a 12-4 record. That being said, 9 or 10 wins is likely more realistic.

    I think the tone will be set in Week 1 agains Detroit. I SOOOO want shut that team and those fans up. If we win that, I think it will be double-digit wins. If that’s a loss, I think we’re looking at 8-8.

  11. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Damn straight Freeman isn’t Dilfer and Olson isn’t Shula. Nailed that one. I’d add that Mike Williams is better than Bert Emanuel or Reidel Anthony, Blount is at least equal to Dunn and while Winslow can’t block anywhere near the level of Dave Moore he is a more dynamic receiving threat. Penn looks to be close to the level of Gruber if not quite there yet.

    On the other side of the ball, though, and to be fair, Morris isn’t yet a Kiffin. Black isn’t Brooks, McCoy isn’t Sapp, Grimm isn’t Lynch, Foster isn’t Nickerson, Hayes isn’t Quarles and Price/Miller are not Culpepper. Our d-line has looked promising this preseason but being so young they’re gonna have their ups & downs.

    I’d say 9-7 is a fair prediction, with the optimist going with 10-6 and the pessimist going 8-8.

  12. Macabee Says:

    As Josh Freeman goes, so goes the Bucs. 9-7 or better is doable if Freeman can stay in the game. Our O-Line must, absolutely must keep him upright or it will be a long season. Everbody says we have a tougher schedule – in reputation only. A lot of those perennially tough teams have a lot of problems this year. The Colts, Vikes, Jags, Niner’s don’t scare me at all this year. Our challenge is going to be in our own division. If we can get off to a good start and hopefully split with the Saints and Falcons, we will have a shot at the playoffs. If not, as someone suggested, we will have laid a solid foundation for the next two years and beyond!!

  13. Dave Says:

    That is fair and logical

    But I see 10-6 again… better if the D front 7 plays very good.

    For one reason: Freeman. They have never had a QB like this.

    I see it this way:
    Detroit – WIN
    @Minnesota WIN
    Atlanta TOSSUP
    Indianapolis – LOSS
    @San Francisco WIN
    New Orleans -WIN
    Chicago – WIN
    @New Orleans – LOSS
    Houston – TOSSUP
    @Green Bay – LOSS
    @Tennessee -WIN
    Carolina – WIN
    @Jacksonville – WIN
    Dallas – TOSSUP
    @Carolina – WIN
    @Atlanta – TOSSUP

    Basically I have them winning 9 without taking into account the TOSSUP games.

  14. Dew Says:

    The Bucs aren’t going 9-7 unless they find a couple more players. For one they need to sign Tiki to be our 3rd down back. If you have a short memory go back and check out his stats. He would be a major upgrade at this point. And 2nd they need to start Zuttah at left guard and find another tackle on the waiver wire or thru a trade. Trueblood is just awful IMO in pass protection. Awful. I even like Dotson over Trueblood.

  15. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Dew Tell me that was a gag post.
    ‘Bucs aren’t going 9-7 without Tiki Barber and Dotson at RT’…. GTFOH!

  16. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Actually agree that Tiki would be better than any third down back we currently have. Lumpkin is the definition of average and boring. Graham is serviceable but not dynamic. But I still don’t think Dominik goes that direction with Tiki.

    Dominik did say during the game last night that they are looking closely at 14-15 guys on other teams to see if they get cut. I’m sure he’s considering RB and TE among those players.

  17. Four Fingered Fisherman Says:

    Joe – Great stuff BTW

    I agree with your take and analysis, except that I don’t know how much better you think the other two teams in the division are than us. New Orleans, probably so, but those games against Atlanta could have gone either way last year. Like you said, we had an injury-ravaged roster full of rookies starting and scrap-heap players contributing as well. And at the time, we were not even two full years into our “rebuilding project”. We might be the equal to Atlanta this year. Should be some really exciting games to say the least though. 9-7 sounds about right.

    And your right. Raheem more than deserved Coach of the Year in 2010. I’m calling Kangaroo Court on that one!

  18. Brandon Says:

    Have to disagree with most of you. Yes, the Bucs will be better this season, but much like last season when I correctly predicted 10-6n and the demise of the Panthers, I’m sure people will think I’m a blind homer when I say we will go 11-5 this season. And like last season I will go on record with a game-by-game pre-analysis. Yes, I got individual games wrong last season, but the end result was the same as the prediction… and this season, we’re going 11-5.

    Week 1 vs. Lions-This is a big game for both teams. Detroit will be a playoff contender deep into the season. Whomever wins or loses this game shouldn’t hang their heads, both teams are the rise. In what will be a tight game throughout, the Bucs will do enough on offense and absolutely stifle the Lions running game as Aqib Talib shows us what we’ve been missing. Bucs win 20-17. Bucs 1-0

    Week 2 @ Vikings-The Vikings are not as bad as last season’s record indicates. McNabb gives the Vikes instant credibility for the time being at QB, the defense is still stingy, and AP is the best RB in the NFL… but the offense won’t be clicking yet, and without a true threat at WR, the Vikes won’t do enough on O to stay in the game. Bucs win 24-13. Bucs 2-0

    Week 3 vs Falcons-The 2-0 Bucs will face the frontrunning Falcons. By now, perhaps fans will start to fill the seats. Of course by now, the chinks in the Falcons armor may already be showing on defense. Freeman finally gets over the Atlanta hump and the Bucs step on the accelerator. Bucs win 27-17. Bucs 3-0

    Week 4 vs Colts-A rematch of THAT Monday night game… Manning feeling his age, still not in synch with Colts receivers but smart enough to punish the young Buc defenders. Luckily the Colts defense is an annual work-in-progress. Bucs win a nailbiter, 31-27. Bucs 4-0

    Week 5 @ 49ers-Once upon a time, winning in San Fran was a difficult task. The Bucs embarrassed the 9ers last season and will handle them this season. 49ers improving, but won’t get over their new coach slump for another week or two. Bucs win 27-10. Bucs 5-0

    Week 6 vs Saints-Upstart 5-0 Bucs have the NFL buzzing. Saints QB Brees struggling with ball security but much like last season’s 1st Saints game, the Saints play at a totally different level than the young BUcs who appear over their heads. Saints win 31-20. Bucs 5-1

    Week 7 vs Bears in London-By now, the NFL will have realized the Bears aren’t the same team as last season. Another year older, another year slower and more dysfuctional. Bucs redeem themselves in London 23-10. Bucs 6-1

    Week 9 @ Saints. Cioming off bye week, Bucs still angry about dropping home game to Saints earlier. Saints back to struggling due to injuries and inconsistency, Bucs march in to New Orleans and take the Saints, 27-23. Bucs 7-1

    Week 10 vs Texans. Texans are for real. Arian Foster finally over early season injury concerns and Johnson, Schaub, and revamped prove to be too much for Bucs who are caught looking ahead to Green Bay. Texans win 31-17. Bucs 7-2

    Week 11 @ Packers. Packers still playing well after Super Bowl win. With talk of Bucs and Packers possibly meeting in NFC Championship Game, Packers pour it on early and often and take Bucs at home, 27-13. Bucs 7-3

    Week 12 @ Titans. Two straight losses and the Bucs need a break. Jake Locker making one of his 1st career starts provides that break. Chris Johnson is a non-factor as he’s battle injuries and inconsistency all season. Bucs prevail 24-6. Bucs 8-3

    Week 13 vs Panthers- Newton has had his moments, but most of them have been bad. He shows promise, just enough to keep getting him put out there. Bucs prove to be too much for Panthers and beleaguered defense. Bucs win 27-10. Bucs 9-3

    Week 14 @ Jaguars. Jaguars finally sell out a game… due to influx of Bucs fans traveling to Jacksonville. Blaine Gabbert sees the field for Jags as Bucs dominate in-state rivals, 17-10. Bucs 10-3

    Week 15 vs Cowboys. National TV game vs. Cowboys! Big game for young Bucs who stand alone at top of NFC South. Rob Ryan’s defense not quite as advertised with overmatched DBs, Cowboys don’t have quite enough on offense as Bucs win a close one, 34-31. Bucs 11-3

    Week 16 @ Panthers. Christmas Eve game brings many presents, like Bucs first division crown since 2007. Bucs win 12th game, 27-10. Bucs 12-3

    Week 17 @ Falcons. Falcons need game, Bucs don’t. Michael Turner, coming off injury plagued season helps lead Falcons over Bucs backups as the starters rest for playoffs. Falcons win 31-17. Bucs 12-4.

    Alright, there you have it… I said 11 wins, I give you 12… so somewhere the Bucs drop a game they should have won… hopefully not in as horrible a fashion as the Lions game from last year. So there’s my prediction, Bucs win 11/12 games this season and are virtual locks to win 10 again.

  19. Capt.Tim Says:

    I think the young’uns will do more than their part. I think the undressed old problems( o-line, OLBers), plus the lose of Ruud and Caddy will drag us to 8-8. Sad, but true

  20. Pete Dutcher Says:

    You put a lot of thought into that, but I think you are being unrealistic. Because we have such a young defensive line and our offensive line is struggling after the lockout, to win so many in a row doesn’t seem possible. Don’t get me wrong, Brandon, I love your optimism.

    But what you suggest just isn’t possible. This team WILL struggle early in the season. It cannot be avoided. Below is a more realistic but still optimistic prediction:

    Week 1 vs. Lions-Loss
    (strong showing but not enough)

    Week 2 @ Vikings-Win
    (close game)

    Week 3 vs Falcons-Loss
    (Bucs get spanked)

    Week 4 vs Colts-Loss
    (Peyton will play against us and we might have a decent showing)

    Week 5 @ 49ers-Win
    (Bucs spank the 49ers)

    Week 6 vs Saints-Loss
    (Bucs go in as the underdog and lose this homegame)

    Week 7 vs Bears- Win
    (Bucs deliver in London)

    Week 9 @ Saints. Win
    (The beginning of a new era in Tampa. The defense kicks it into high gear)

    Week 10 vs Texans. Win
    (Bucs spank Texans with 3-5 turnovers)

    Week 11 @ Packers. Loss
    (Bucs are suddenly the talk of the town; but they lose this game making everyone wonder if they are real)

    Week 12 @ Titans. Win
    (The Bucs get a mad on. No one takes them seriously and they are going to prove everyone wrong starting now)

    Week 13 vs Panthers- Win
    (Bucs look like a juggernaut against the Panthers)

    Week 14 @ Jaguars. Win
    (Jags fans brag about how they can sell out this game and how they’ll whip our butts…they learn the Bucs are more serious of a threat than they are)

    Week 15 vs Cowboys. Win
    (The Bucs won 3 straight and are still considered underdogs in this game. That ticks off the fans and the players)

    Week 16 @ Panthers. Win
    (Obvious Win)

    Week 17 @ Falcons. Loss
    (They are a pain in our butts. I hate to even say this one, but here it is)

    And there you have it….10-6 and it will be enough to make the playoffs. Notice I listed a winning streak as well, but it came later in hte season, which seems a little more realistic.

  21. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I think Josh Freeman and the Bucs offense struggles in the first game.

  22. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I do think Tiki should be brought in. I’m not entirely happy with our running game. I think Blount is our only weapon and he cannot do it all himself.

  23. Oahubuc Says:

    Brandon: Great read. Got me even more excited for the season!

  24. crazy Says:

    Play calls and slow adjustments probably have as much to do with slow starts as play execution. Only the coaches know their game plan and play calls but let’s hope they’re considering their own contribution(s) to slow starts. Joe’s right this doesn’t look like a playoff contender yet no matter how much they think they are. Looking forward to their proving us wrong.

  25. eric Says:

    any comparison to the 98 bucs is laughable.

  26. King Says:

    I dont think its laughable at all Eric. We have a young team that is growing together, a head coach that is making a buzz, and several future Pro bowlers on a team that is hungry for some play off wins.

  27. Capt.Tim Says:

    Careful Eric, it took you half the off season to swallow this years serving of Crow! Don’t wanna spend all off season choking another big bowl down!

    While I predict a step back this year, the future Is still very bright!! But of fans don’t start buying tickets- it might be for the Los Angelis Bucs!!!

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “any comparison to the 98 bucs is laughable.”


    Kind of like any comparisons to you being a real fan are laughable.

  29. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Brandon and Dutcher are neck and neck in the “see who can write the longest post” race.

  30. OAR Says:

    We’ll just have to wait and see! Our 98 Bucs did have 4 pro-bowlers!
    BTW Dungy’s second year, the 97 Bucs, had 7 pro-bowlers. One of them being the Trent “not-Freeman” Dilfer, believe it or not!

  31. OAR Says:

    Pete’s a writer, so I expect long posts!

  32. OAR Says:

    Anyway, like I was sayin’, crow is the fruit of the idiom. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey’s uh, crow-kabobs, crow creole, crow gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple crow, lemon crow, coconut crow, pepper crow, crow soup, crow stew, crow salad, crow and potatoes, crow burger, crow sandwich. That- that’s about it!
    Hmm! Yum! Crow, it’s what’s for dinner!

  33. Eric Says:

    Upon reflection, perhaps laughable was the incorrect word.

    Sickening is more like it.

  34. FL_Buc_Girl Says:

    I anticipate at least 10-12 wins. It all depends on how well they start gelling from the moment they step on the field for the first snap. The guys want this and they have the drive to win but they need to limit the mistakes and make something out of every play they have. If the ball is thrown and they are close I don’t care if they need to do a kart-wheel and catch it with their feet to save it and make the play, they need to pull circus acts and prevent the other teams from making the play. That is what will separate them from the boys and the men, fill the stadium, get them attention, and make true believers out of all those haters. (well maybe not all the haters… some you just can’t help) 😉 I think they have a real chance this year, there just can’t be any giving up or slacking!

  35. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    Joe has lowered the bar. I think that he over-estimates the total however. The realistic total is 7-9.

    I appreciate all the admissions that last year should be thrown out. Any person who says the team is better but the record will be worse is accepting my argument for 8 months that last year’s schedule was a joke due to all the bad quarterbacks.

    Last year’s team was a 5 or 6 win team under normal circumstances. This year’s team a little better to 7 wins. At this pace and based on the Glazer plan (no free agents), we will arrive in the playoffs about 2013.

    How many of you would have approved of the plan if you knew it would take that long in January of 2009? Zero!

  36. d clark Says:

    Detroit – WIN
    @Minnesota -WIN
    Atlanta – LOSS
    Indianapolis – WIN
    @San Francisco WIN
    New Orleans -LOSS
    Chicago – WIN
    @New Orleans – WIN
    Houston –LOSS
    @Green Bay – LOSS
    @Tennessee -WIN
    Carolina – WIN
    @Jacksonville – WIN
    Dallas – LOSS
    @Carolina – WIN
    @Atlanta – LOSS

    I honestly see 10-6 again could be a game that we cough up and loss and end up 9-7 or a ball could bounce are way and 11-5.

  37. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Lot’s of excitement for the 2011 season.

    Hey Homers, what happens IF the Bucs lose to the Detroit Kitties?

    I can hear it now…it’s just the first game of the season….the lockout caused the rookies on our team to be in disarray….Freeman is just rusty….

    The biggest problem with ALL of those predictions is this: You’re not taking into account the other teams and if those teams are better or worse than the 2010 teams.

    Take the Saints for example. Did anyone actually watch Drew Brees and company just walk up and down the field against the Raiders 2 weeks ago? Oh it’s just preseason you’ll say to which I’ll respond both teams had their starters play for the first half. The Saints have definately upgraded and improved from 2010. The falcons….some improvement but given that there was a lockout and they (Dirty Birds) aren’t starting the number of rookies that the Bucs are I’d be HAPPY splitting the series with them this year.

    To you Homers who wrote, ‘the Bucs will be better in 2011 than they were last year even if they don’t win 10 games’ – admit it…last season’s schedule HELPED the Bucs overachieve. This year’s schedule DOESN’T.

    2011 games that MOST of you have penciled in as wins but shouldn’t are:

    Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, any Saints game and Chicago.

    WHY? Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville and the Saints have all upgraded their teams (as have the Bucs).

    Detroit will have their version of Freeman; he’s called Stafford and he’s tossing to Calvin Johnson who beat Talib badly last year. This year Talib has had how much time on the field????? Is Talib really ready to play primetime? Oh don’t worry I guess Biggers will step up right? WRONG! This game could go either way.

    Houston has Matt Schaub who in 2011 is better than Freeman and he has Andre Johnson. In addition Houston’s defense is ahead of the Bucs as well. This is a winable game but I’m putting it into the tossup group.

    Jacksonville – Look I think this is the year that Jacksonville wins the AFC South. Who’s their running back? Yeah and I HOPE the Bucs will be able to hold Maurice Drew-Jones to under 100 yards. Another tossup.

    The Saints – well see above. I believe the Bucs lose both games to the Saints this year.

    Chicago – This game will be held in London. The Bucs don’t do well over there I would like to say this is a slam dunk but right now until we see some consistency this is a tossup game.

    Joe wrote his opinion piece about where he thinks the Bucs may be in Jan 2012 and unlike most of the optimistic posters Joe actually put some LOGIC into his reasoning. Now some posters did some good homework as well but others didn’t do any homework so they’re just HOMERS.

    Right now the Bucs are 0-0 and I’m optimistic about 2011; that a LOT more than I could write this time last year when I was trying to think if the Bucs would win 3 or 5 games. Last year I wrote that if the Bucs went 8-8 it would be a GREAT season. And yes I’m HAPPY to write that I was wrong last year.

    This year I can see the Bucs going 8-8 and with some lucky breaks 9-7. I HOPE I underestimate their 2011 season. I HOPE I’m wrong and underestimate them again but at least I have a reason for my beliefs.

    Unlike other posters…….DOH!!

  38. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    As of right now, the only thing I care about is going 1-0.

  39. SRQBucFan Says:

    I think if Blount continues to work hard. He can be an every down back with Ernest spelling him from time to time… Adrian Peterson can do it and a few others in the league. I know it’s not exactly the way the NFL is now a days, with everyone going to a RB tandem. But there still are work horses out there. And i think at least for 1 year Blount can hold it down. If he can continue to get better at Pass Protection, Catching the ball out of the backfield, and hit the hole HARDER on 3rd and short situations.

  40. Tampa2 Says:

    Any Comparison between a Kiffin led Defense & a Morris led Defense is hilarious. Take away Olsen’s game planning & Freeman’s execution of that game plan, as well as the surprise factor, and the Bucs would have won 2-3 games last year. Morris’s Defense was not all that last year and will not improve this year, mainly because Morris is not a DC.

  41. justmyopinion Says:

    I hope the Bucs show up in the regular season. Otherwise I see a team that as usual, can not run the damn football. I also hope Freeman finds his accuracy. Otherwise I see a 5 win season….justmyopinion. I hope for 10 wins though.

  42. Bucs Babe Says:

    Great job Joe and Brandon for the breakdown 😉 I like it! Go Bucs!