James Lee Waiting In The Wings

September 3rd, 2011

Last year the Bucs offensive line seemed to get better as the season wore on, which was very strange.

Why strange? Because injuries decimated the line. Jeremy Trueblood was hurt late in the season and the Bucs had lost Davin Joseph. They also lost Jeff Faine. At times, the Bucs were down three starters.

Yet the team got better up front, which is virtually unheard of.

A lot of people believed the way backup tackle James Lee played ahead of Trueblood, that the young man had beaten out Trueblood for the starting gig at right tackle.

But thus far in preseason, Trueblood has regained his starting role and Jame Lee, playing as a backup left tackle and right tackle, is a shell of his 2010 self.

Some fans wondered if Lee would make the final roster cut he struggled so bad. But not to fear, says ESPN’s Pat Yasinskas. He believes Lee still has a shot of unseating Trueblood, so he mentioned in a recent BSPN NFC South chat.

Andrew Hawkins (WV)

Hey not sure if it went through because it froze up but who do you think should be starting – Trueblood or Lee? I know Trueblood is paid like a starter but I think Lee looks better out there.

Pat Yasinskas

Think they’ll give Trueblood first shot. If he struggles, then you could see a switch.

Yes, there was no question Lee had a rough preseason. But Joe believes part of that is he was playing the left side of the line. For whatever reason, some linemen just play better on one side of the ball; it fits there skill set sometimes.

Joe believes this may very well be the case with Lee. But the way he played in preseason, Trueblood likely would have to impersonate a turnstile for a few games for Lee to dethrone Trueblood.

9 Responses to “James Lee Waiting In The Wings”

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    What are the posts not showing up ?

  2. Macabee Says:

    Nobody falls off the end of the world without a reason. It could be just trying to adjust to a position change or it could be resistance to a position change – not Fat Albert resistance, but maybe psychological resistance (acceptance). When you’re riding high from your recognition by local media as a solid Buc performer, humanitarian, and honorary mayor of Muck City, it’s quite a shock to your system to lose your position before you have even taken another snap of the ball. I think he will eventually be OK, but it’s clear to see something has happened!

  3. Architek Says:

    Joe, Chester Taylor was released will the Bucs make a move on him to upgrade or poor RB group?

  4. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The Bears don’t have the best backfield in the league. If we’re gonna sign a castoff it should be from a team with talented depth throughout their entire corps of RB’s I think. Plus, Taylor only averaged 2.4 yards per rush and 7 yards per catch last year. Not impressive numbers. We can do better…much better.

  5. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Derrell Smith and Mossis Madu have been released.

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I’m really, really hoping Tommie Campbell gets released by the Titans and we pick him up. He’s looked like a stud at CB this preseason even though he was only a 7th round pick. I’m getting tired of Myron Lewis being inconsistent and injury prone. We need an upgrade if possible.

  7. Architek Says:

    Better true but whose available that can block, catch, and run? Also Chicago line is worse than I porous line.

  8. Capt.Tim Says:

    Better look for linemen.Nobody is gonna get any yardage the way we’re blocking.

  9. jfgobucs Says:


    RB Armando Allen

    C Matt Allen

    T Will Barker

    S Ahmad Black

    T Cory Brandon

    QB Rudy Carpenter

    G Thomas Claiborne

    QB Jonathan Crompton

    G Marc Dile (injury settlement)

    WR Ed Gant

    TE Daniel Hardy

    S Dominique Harris

    LB Brandon Heath

    LB Simoni Lawrence

    RB Mossis Madu

    DE Alex Magee

    LB Tyrone McKenzie

    DE Kyle Moore

    TE Nathan Overbay

    WR Maurice Price (injury settlement)

    TE Ryan Purvis

    LB/FB Nick Reveiz

    K Jacob Rogers

    LB Derrell Smith

    DT Al Woods

    Terminated/Vested Veteran:

    DT John McCargo

    Placed on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform List:

    LS Andrew Economos