If You Ever Questioned Brian Price …

September 16th, 2011

Joe’s written multiple times about Brian Price’s extraordinary recovery from a heinous series of hamstring/surgeries that are even painful to write about.

Now Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times brings it all home in an excellent feature story. Joe doesn’t want to spoil it for you, but here’s a paragraph.

“This guy has been in pain for literally a year,” Toriscelli said. “I’m not talking about just mild discomfort. I’m talking about driving home he’s got to sit on those bones, laying in bed, you just can’t get away from it. Certainly trying to play professional football … it’s just an absolutely remarkable thing, and a compliment to his drive and motivation. He is a very special person, I can tell you that.”

Yesterday, Price told the local beat scribes that he currently is playing at “60, 65 percent.” Yet he still made a powerful tackle for a loss against Detroit and earned the starting nod for Sunday’s Vikings-Bucs game.

Joe starting to wonder what kind of manbeast Price will be when he hits 95 percent, drops more weight and gets more game experience. At 22 years old, he’s got youth on his side, but Joe suspects we won’t see what Price can really be until 2012.

15 Responses to “If You Ever Questioned Brian Price …”

  1. jvato24 Says:

    One could say Price is an X-Factor for this Defense. If he were to pick it up that added threat would be trouble. Price and Okam … 2 NTs that can Rush the Passer and Get after the run could be just what this team needs. And that starts this SUnday against AD and company.

  2. Matt Says:

    Actually, that’s just the final paragraph on the first page. The final paragraphs on the second page is even better:

    “People labeled me as done,” he said. “I was like, ‘I can’t buy into that. I’ve got to make a comeback. I’ve got to stay positive.’ Nobody really understands, but people are going to understand one day because I’m going to have a voice.

    “I’m going to make people feel me. I’m going to make people feel my pain.”

    If he doesn’t have any setbacks, that man is going to be a force. Unfortunately, it likely won’t be until next year. But still, I’ve got high hopes for him.

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    God bless Brian Price. Man ! What he had gone to fulfill his dreams!
    You compare him to” Styles G White”, who bragged about taking it easy in practice, and it just makes you sick. I want to see Price grow into a Perenial All pro, and I think he will- what a story this young man has to tell!

  4. tony2cents Says:

    “I’m going to make people feel me. I’m going to make people feel my pain.”


  5. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Matt — Thanks. Joe read the whole thing just slipped on leading into the trainer’s quote.

  6. jvato24 Says:

    No Doubt … If healthy this kid will have a ceiling higher than GMCs to be an impact defender. But that is up too BP and Fate

  7. Stevek Says:

    Price is a beast, and I’m so happy we got him on our team. He is going to get it going this season and really le t it go full blast next year. Nothing is goingto stop him.

    Price and Bowers might me our biggest gamble/best DLine options looking forward.

  8. flmike Says:

    This year he is playing for the experience, next season when he comes into camp healthy he will work on technique (hands, feet, counter move, etc), but like jvato24, it’s very nice to have 2 NTs who can not only hold the point but also pass rush, that is something not many teams can point to, we can recreate the Williams wall with Price AND Big Frank., or work a 5-2-4 look with Bennett, GMC, Big Frank, BP & AjaClay along the front talk about some pressure. Just have to sure up that LB corps to do that, but it would be fun to see.

  9. Dave Says:

    I still don’t get why people are down on GMC after only 13 games. he has shown flashes. I guess it is because he is the number 1 pick and he wasn’t Suh (who was shut down in pass rush by Davin Joseph by the way).

    All I am saying is GMC, Price, Bennett, Bowers, Clayborne, Crowder, Okam, Miller….

    Weare talking 4 DTs and 4 DEs that, in my mind, will get better and better and end up with a 5 year run as one of the best D-Lines in the business.

    They are just a year away still.

    Hears to hoping and praying that Price and Bowers remain healthy and able to play for a long, long time

  10. jvato24 Says:

    Im not down on GMC … I have just always felt Price had the ability to be the more explosive player and GMC being more of a Brad Culpepper type force

  11. Pete Dutcher Says:

    It’s not a good sign…sure, it’s great he’s got a “never give up” attitude….but so did Caddy.

    If he is going to suffer injuries every year, we’re better off findind a replacement in the next year or so.

    On the other hand…if he overcomes the injury issue, he MIGHT be great. We really don’t know yet. He’s had some decent outings…but…they have been limited.

  12. Mark Says:

    The only reason why people are big on Price right now and have been is that while Gerald is a Technical tackle, it seems as though Price is the mean, youngry defensive lineman that many hoped McCoy would be. I feel that if McCoy can come out and play with just have of the energy and anger that Price and Okam bring when they were on the field the Suh conversations would stop and McCoy would be the clear cut best tackle from that draft. As it has been stated on here at various times McCoy seems like he has all the ability and talent in the world, but lacks the mean streak needed to be a “star” defensive tackle

  13. jvato24 Says:

    No Doubt … You need the crazies on the D-Line .. LBers too

  14. Brandon Says:

    I don’t know how people could possibly be surprised by Price coming back from this, he has overcome so much more than this in his life off the field.

    Not only was he a true freshman starter for UCLA that only played 3 seasons, but he left as UCLA’s second all-time leader in tackles for loss. His final year, a week or two before his bowl game he sprained his ankle badly. He couldn’t practice, he could barely walk, yet he suited up for the game, got pushed around in the 1st half a little bit, but came back to dominate in the 2nd half and lead UCLA to a win (I think he added 2 TFL).

    But even that was not what Price overcame.while growing up in Los Angeles, Price had two of his brothers shot and killed in gang-shootings. Not only did he escape the gang-life/demise of many other talented athletes, but he had to deal with the deaths of two brothers, but also excelled on the field. Brian Price is 22 years old and has lived and thrived through more pain than most people that are twice his age.

    I’m not surprised he’s coming back, I’m more surprised that many of you didn’t think he could do it or were ready to give up on him. This guy was unblockable in college as a 19-year old playing against 22-23 year olds, it’ll be only a matter of time before he’s unblockable in the NFL.

  15. Pete Dutcher Says:

    That’s some interesting trivia, Brandon.