Good Seats Available

September 21st, 2011

Joe’s a bit surprised to be getting emails asking whether Sunday’s huge Bucs-Falcons game will be blacked out from television in the Orlando and Tampa Bay markets.

Yes, the game won’t be on TV. It’s just not happening. Stop praying. It’s not in Team Glazer’s gameplan to eat 10,000+ unsold tickets every week.

As for the Bucs’ return to Monday Night Football in 12 days against the Colts. That game is not sold out and hopes for that game were dealt a blow when it became obvious that Peyton Manning will not play.

Regardless, the Monday night game will sell a load of tickets and Joe hopes Team Glazer sees the value in forking over cash to buy up unsold seats and get that game on TV.

Joe’s racked his brain to find a reason why it wouldn’t benefit the Bucs — longterm and short-term — to have the team seen on Monday Night Football by the local television audience. Joe can’t think of one.

9 Responses to “Good Seats Available”

  1. Pete I Says:


    Why will the MNF game sell a load of tickets? Is a monday night a better draw to be at the stadium? I no longer am sure that the stadium or any Bucs game, as is, is enough of a draw. Dallas might sell out but did the last one? Nope (and it was a season opener in 09)

  2. nick Says:

    Certainly wont be able to blame it on the 1pm heat…

  3. Chris FWC Says:

    4 pm heat then! lol …and a 1 half team.

  4. bucsman27 Says:

    they should sell tix exclusively for the second half hahahah those’ll sell out

  5. Larry Says:

    If the Bucs do not sell out the MNF game, don’t expect to see another primetime game in Tampa within the next 5 years. The networks don’t like the Bucs on primetime already and this would be the final nail in the coffin if it’s blacked out.

  6. IMHO... Says:

    they might as well give them away and recoup some of tha $ on concessions, fan gear etc

  7. Patrick Says:

    There’s no reason for the Glazers to NOT buy up the tickets for the MNF game if it’s sold out! None. C’mon, just buy one freakin’ game? Didn’t they buy up all the games during the 2009 season when we were 3-13 and every game was meaningless? But now, they can’t buy ONE game when we’re more competitive now and actually playing for something.

    And of course, no surprise the Falcons vs Bucs game is blacked out. I doubt you guys will a see a game this year in the Tampa area.

  8. fridge bob Says:

    Hey I’ve got my NFL Rewind. That’s all I can afford working near minimum wage. And besides, I have to work all day on weekends, I couldn’t go to a game even if I could afford it.

    I’ll get to watch the game around midnight. Hopefully I can avoid overhearing any spoilers til then.

  9. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    This is embarassing for Tampa, on a national level.