“Believe In Your Coaching”

September 24th, 2011

Here’s how you take on the NFL.com video linked here. Jack up your speaker volume and expand the video to full-screen mode.

It’s Raheem Morris in the locker room following the Bucs’ win in Minnesota. Among other things, Raheem implores his young team to “believe in your coaching.”

It’s a moving glimpse into the Bucs’ locker room. And if you were wondering how to spell the Bucs’ new slogan, it’s on Raheem’s fancy new lid.

2 Responses to ““Believe In Your Coaching””

  1. tony2cents Says:

    Nice link Joe. I’ve been on the fence with Raheem, but that’s what I wanted to see. I hope his pregame speech for tomorrow is even more intense. BTW, loved the hat.

  2. ronald Says:

    i want that hat joe could you look into selling them