Adrian Clayborn Plays “Borderline Illegal”

September 27th, 2011

It was just one game of greatness from the defensive line against Atlanta, but it’s certainly fun to dream about what could be coming next.

Raheem Morris is among those fired up. And he’s high on the leader of nasty along the D-line, Adrian Clayborn, so he explained on The Raheem Morris Show last night on WDAE-AM 620.

“We’re talking about developing that meanness and toughness up front, playing hard, physical, borderline illegal. That’s what [Adrian] Clayborn brings to us,” Raheem said. “He brings a nastiness that’s only been around with those old school Buccaneers, taking about Sapp. He certainly brings that to the table. And he’s developing his room. That’s why I call him the Boy Dog. He’s a one-man wrecking crew. And I love everything he’s doing up there up front.”

Joe assumes a Boy Dog means some sort of relentess animal-like, half-man-half-dog beast of a football player.

With Brian Price and Clayborn, the Bucs have a couple of guys on the line that can really lead by example. Clayborn’s motor is extraordinary, and Price’s work ethic off his injury almost has him in Cadillac Williams territory.

24 Responses to “Adrian Clayborn Plays “Borderline Illegal””

  1. raphael Says:

    the dude is impressive,we have been missing that since rice left…..the defense has that nastiness needed with clayborn and foster…don’t forget about bowers …just take it slow with bowers he will be a big part of it.

  2. Dave Says:

    Clayborne, price, McCoy, Bennett, Bowers……… the foundation is set!!

    I love Clayborne!!

    And I hate how everyone is turning on McCoy. He has played VERY WELL and was in Ryan’s face ALOT. The guy came out of college last year and is engaging and talkative – everyone loved him.

    Now with 16 games under his belt people are throwing him under the bus and calling him a bust because he doesn’t have 12 sacks and a pro-bowl.
    Oddly, those same people were the first to point out that a DT takes about 3 years to really come into his own in the NFL.

    Enough of that rant. The bottom line is they have a fantastic foundation on the D-Line.

  3. adam from ny Says:

    for a hot minute there in the second quarter the defense, basically the front line and the backers began to look a bit like rabid beasts….kind of like the bucs defense of old…or like the ravens….if they can find that zone as they mature, this defense might become scary…then we are talking playoffs….adam from ny

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    McCoy has played fantastic the last two games. Anyone Who doesn’t see that, either knows nothing about Football, or is Thomas 2.2,

    Clayborn and McCoy are gOnna be feared for years to come. Think Price and Bowers are gonna be part of that” fearsome foursome” also

  5. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Clayborn has quickly become my favorite player on this defense….I love the way Foster plays the game as well, but Clayborn has a little Tazmanian Devil in him……just fun to watch

  6. Blake Says:

    With Price and Clayborn both stepping up, they won’t always be able to double-team McCoy and we will really start to see disruption across the board.

  7. gotbbucs Says:

    where’s all the morons that were screaming about the erbs palsy right after the draft?

  8. Bucnjim Says:

    Just give these guys a lead to run of off and you’ll be surprised at what they can do. That is the one element that’s been missing for a long time now. Get in front and put your foot on their necks as Sapp used to say.

  9. gotbbucs Says:

    there must be quite a few rocks with cry babies hiding underneath them out there right now cause i havent noticed the usual suspects on these comment boards for a while.

  10. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    gotbbucs: the haters & crybabies only come out after a loss. It’s as predictable as night following day.

  11. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    The signs for Clay are good. McCoy is a joke guys, accept it. Suh now has 2 sacks and 9 tackles and gets “a lot” more attention than McCoy.

    McCoy was in Ryan’s face twice. Once was a trap middle screen (meaning the play is designed to release him).

    It is difficult to play an entire game and be less relevant than McCoy. The good news is: clay, price and Okam are starting to impress.

    If you sheep and the org would just get honest about McCoy (and not try to cover for him, like Quincy, because of the money sent on him) McCoy would be better off. Price and Okam continually outproduce McCoy, when McCoy rests the defense is better. Objectively pay attention (look for some penetration to be traps or releases et) and the ineffectiveness of his play will be evident.

  12. raphael Says:

    your just stupid thomas or a troll..or both…McCoy looked like he was shot out of a cannon against the dixie chicks.the guy has some serious get off when they snap the ball.he will be a big time stud if he stays healthy…

  13. SteveK Says:

    McCoy looked better. He is no Suh, but so what.

    Hey Thomas2.2, how about you go to Bucs practice and play “Bull in the Ring” with McCoy, I bet he gets a mighty sack on you.

    McCoy is just getting started, and your pessimism quite frankly sucks. Go change your diaper.

  14. McBuc Says:

    Thomas…Go read Sanders article on Bucsnation. It will explain things to you. Again, please answer, did you call Sapp a bust after his first sixteen games? Did you cry when the Bucs won? Why have you not given it up for the great defenive play calling by the HC/DC? Oh, I know, they performed despite Morris and that silly McCoy and all his double teams could not have helped the others out. nope, cause football is not a team sport in your mind. You may call us sheep for enjoying a Bucs win, but I call you a tool for your negative agenda ridden BS.

    Can you guys imagine if these young guys had some great older guys around them, I bet a few including McCoy may have sack totals of two just like Suh.

  15. Nano107 Says:

    Thomas what game were you watching? McCoyvwason the backfield all day. Price is a beast!!!

  16. Diary of a Wimpy Ruud Says:

    If Clayborne is a Boy-Dog , does that make Gerald McCoy a Girl-kitten ??

  17. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    So far this year, rah has been much better than McCoy. McCoy has had always had above-average get-off. Unfortunately that is it, and one dimensional players like that get planned out of productivity in the NFL. Period.

    Price is not one-dimensional, I like the kid, per snap his productivity far exceeds McCoy. This list of excuses for McCoy is growing.

    At this point in Sapps career he had about 11 starts, in his first full season, year 2 he had 6.5 sacks and an increasing number of tackles. In sapp’s first 23 starts I believe that he had 10 sacks. McCoy has now started 16 games, 70% there and he has 3 sacks.

    Starters who put up zeros across the board on stat sheets used to get ridiculed and replaced, solely bc of hype and $ you sheep are falling fir this lowering of the bar.

  18. gotbbucs Says:

    thomas, you are consistent, i’ll give you that much. i do watch mccoy alot, partialy because i know you’ll show up here with your crap. he consistently redirects plays behind the line. okam, price, and mccoy is a rotation that most teams would kill for.

  19. Brain Says:

    I’d like McCoy to show better instincts and pursuit but I’d rather have him in the backfield than not. You can immediately tell what makes Price a special player and separates him from an “athlete” like McCoy: Price finds the ball and is an excellent tackler. McCoy needs to work on those 2 things but his get-off and hand use are at a high level.

    Clayborn also has a good get-off for his size but he’s gonna make a career out of being more physical than most RDEs and using inside moves. He’s no Simeon Rice athletically.

    Bowers is the physical effort player than adds power and pursuit. The model here is that the inside guys get penetration and the outside guys bear down and reap the benefits. I hope it works.

  20. SRQBucFan Says:

    I would like to see Bowers get out there a bit more often. Don’t get me wrong. Crowder is playing well. I just think Bowers would provide another spark. He plays just like Clayborn. Mean, nasty, and dominant. That’s the future 4 horsemen right there. These guys are going to be electric and soon.

  21. SRQBucFan Says:

    dominant was suppose to = relentless. both both could work 🙂

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I just watched the game again (ShortCuts on DirecTV is the best), and GMC had 2 QB hits, plus the one he got a personal foul on, which I assume does not count). Also, he did have a tackle for a loss on Turner, not to mention several plays where he blew the play up and funneled it to someone else. Not sure why he shows up as all zeros on the stat sheet, but it is simply not true. Don’t believe me Thomas, watch the game again.

    More importantly Thomas, why is it that you only comment now when it’s about GMC? Why don’t you seem happy we beat Atlanta? When we lose, you blast Raheem. Why is it when we win, you shrivel up like a prune? I’d love to hear your excuse for that one. But you and I both know you won’t answer it. You could at least discount this win, like you do every other win, and say that we beat a team with a losing record. Or you could think of another excuse as to why this win doesn’t really count.

    All you have left in your miserable little life is hope that GMC doesn’t become a good player. You can respond however you want, but you know you are getting very nervous, as he is starting to come on. He dominated the game inside (along with Price). Sorry, but you don’t give up 30 yards on the ground without excellent interior line play (not just from one guy). But I know, I know – the Falcons were letting him through on almost every play, in order to set up screens and traps. Sure they did buddy.

  23. fridge bob Says:

    Don’t feed the troll.

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    He’s not going to answer fridge bob.