8 Things Joe Hated About Offseason/Preseason

September 8th, 2011

Joe loves the final hours before opening day. The endless spinning and prognosticating by fans, pundits and the Bucs dies down, and all that matters is how the Bucs play Sunday and how the game unfolds. It’s known as real football, something fans haven’t seen in 7+ months. To celebrate the start of the season, Joe’s spitting out eight things he hated since the Super Bowl — in no particular order.

1) Media coverage of the asinine lockout: If Joe were interested in legal affairs, he’d watch TruTV, reruns of the O.J. trial and scour the Internet for swimsuit shots of Ashleigh Banfield circa 2000. But that’s not the case. However, for months Joe was all but forced to have heinous legal babble about the NFL labor talks jammed down his throat from all media angles. Yes, Mike Florio, of ProFootballTalk.com, did a masterful job boiling down the miserable nonsense, but it was still boring as all get out. Joe did his best here to create a safe haven for Bucs fans.

2) The Bucs constantly selling their plan: Joe’s not sure why Mark Dominik, Raheem Morris and even Bryan Glazer were out there  explaining/defending over and over again their plan to build the Bucs by focusing on the draft. Was any of that necessary in 2011? A form of Warren Sapp’s famous “next question” retort would have been much more appropriate and would have opened up a lot more time to talk about the stars on the Bucs. When you finish 10-6 with a young team after a masterful coaching job, there’s nothing to say other than, ‘We’re young. We’re 10-6. We’re on the rise, and that’s what every damn team in the NFL wants. We evaluate every opportunity possible to build the best team for our fans. Check the won-loss column. We’re on the right track. Next question.’

3) Aqib Talib coverage and commentary: With all the resources of the local mainstream media, and nothing much else to report about the Bucs, why was Joe the only one to have published the available public information about Talib’s case? Shameful journalism around these parts, considering this is the 21st century and every big outlet has the Web space available. Last Joe checked, the media should be interested in informing and educating the public. For those who shouted from the rooftops that the Bucs must ship Talib out of town or feel their wrath, and for those who reported the Bucs had decided to dump Talib months ago, your silence speaks volumes.

4) Gerald McCoy talking too much about being a leader and more: Derrick Brooks, speaking on the Ron and Ian Show on WDAE-AM 620 last week, offered a fabulous, detailed take on leadership on an NFL team. You can listen here. It was as close as the classy Brooks might come to saying, ‘Shutup, McCoy, until your play defines you as a leader.’ Joe knows McCoy’s heart is in the right place. He’s just got to figure out what to say and when — and how to make some plays.

5)  Fans in disbelief over 2011 blackouts: Joe knows there are still fans reading this that don’t believe Sunday’s Bucs-Lions game will be blacked out, along with other games this season. Are there that many fans with their heads in the sand? The Bucs were 8-5 last year entering the critical December Lions game at home when only 47,692 showed up at the C.I.T.S. That was a game with massive playoff implications. Did anyone in their right mind think another 15,000 or 20,000 fans would cough up the cash and show up eight months later?

6) Cadillac Williams’ departure: Joe still doesn’t get it. The Bucs didn’t get better swapping Kregg Lumpkin for Cadillac.

7) LeGarrette Blount’s low profie: Joe gets no vibe that Blount is considered a superstar around town or nationally. This is mind-boggling to Joe. Never in a million years could Joe have imagined that a punishing rookie runner, who also hurdles defenders, could come to the Bucs and crank out 1,000+ yards in 13 games with limited carries and not be revered all across the Bay area. The man was heaven sent. Blount’s not getting the love nationally, either, especially considering his name recognition from his famous “punch.” Joe’s got to think this guy has one horrendous agent.  

8) London decision: Joe gets the upside of the Bucs giving up a home game and running off to London to play the Bears in October, but there is no escaping that losing a true home-field advantage in that game could easily hurt the Bucs’ chances of scoring a critical victory. When your team finishes 10-6 and a sniff from the playoffs, that’s just not a cool move to make.

27 Responses to “8 Things Joe Hated About Offseason/Preseason”

  1. Adam Says:

    8-for-8, Joe. If only the Rays batted as well as you do.

  2. BamBamBuc Says:

    Joe knows what TruTV is, but has never heard of Transformers? I worry about you, Joe.

    Agreed on Caddy though, we should have kept him around.

  3. TBSwarm Says:

    On Blount’s low profile:

    I actually think thats a good thing. Im sure the PR department is waiting for another good solid year, to hopefully push that “Punch” out of recent memory.

    Thought it’s kinda hard when every annoucer who does the bucs game, is like “Wow, what an amazing run, but remember he punched some guy. Here is a clip of it.”

  4. Gavster Says:

    Blount needs a 2nd season like that to get attention. Bucs have a history of having one player have a goof year then stinking it up the following seasons

  5. Joe Says:


    Joe knows what TruTV is, but has never heard of Transformers? I worry about you, Joe.

    And Joe has been known to watch C-SPAN as well during the dark days of an offseason.


  6. Gavster Says:

    Joe are we still going to do live chats like last year on gamedays. I heavily enjoyed those chats

  7. FishDaddy217 Says:

    I was thinking the same thing Gavster, Tampa’s been burned too many times by one hit wonders. Another 1000+ yard season though and there’d be no reason why he shouldn’t be on a Rockstar level.

  8. FishDaddy217 Says:

    How come some comments show and some don’t?

  9. Joe Says:


    Must be writing something that Joe’s spam filter is picking up.

    Pasting links into a comment box is one way for this to happen. Another way is to use boldface type. There are many others.

  10. Joe Says:


    Joe are we still going to do live chats like last year on gamedays. I heavily enjoyed those chats

    Not sure yet. Joe is leaning toward “no.”

    The chat software Joe uses has set limits of no more than 15 people to chat without being monitored. Any and all over 15, Joe has to approve each and every comment so the busier the chat gets, the more work for Joe and Joe cannot watch the game. Add to that people whining and crying about their comments not appearing right away, it’s more hassle than what it’s worth.

    Now if Joe can find chat software (free) that allows unlimited uses to comment without being monitored, Joe would love to learn of this.

    If Joe doesn’t have a live chat, he will have an open thread.

  11. Buc Neckid Says:

    Agree with the Cadillac vs. Lumpkin comparison.
    Plus Cadillac was a fan favorite.
    Lumpkin has an uphill battle on each front.
    Did you ever find the Ashley Banfield circa 2000 Bikini Photo’s?
    Please Post them.

  12. Adamant Says:

    On Blount:

    Well, I picked him on all of my Fantasy Football teams this year, so I believe in him. Blount, if he stays healthy all year, will likely break 1,500 yards rushing and probably 200-300 yards receiving. Beast!

  13. McBuc Says:

    Maybe you guys could refresh my memory…There was Clayton, he had a great rookie year than nothing else…Please list the giant list of one hit wonders that have been in Tampa Bay? I just cannot remember all that many. Don’t even bring up Bell or C. Williams either.

  14. McBuc Says:

    In fact, let’s just talk about the Bucs one hit wonders from the Dungy years forward…Please give me a list. At the running back position first,.

  15. FishDaddy217 Says:

    Players who had great 1st years with the team that regressed in year 2?
    Cadillac (id love to hear the argument that he was better in ’06 than in ’05, please enlighten me)
    Chris Simms
    Antonio Bryant
    Sammie Straughter

    Thats just me thinking while I stuff my face with a Moe’s burrito, theres probably more I’m missing

  16. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Unless you post “8 Things Joe Loved About Offseason/Preseason” I’m going to assume that Thomas 2.2 hacked into your blog and posted this litany of negativity.

    On the other hand, it does seem to fit perfectly with your increasing pessimism as we got closer & closer to the regular season. Almost every column had a sentence like, “Joe is worried about such and such”, or “Joe had a handful of adult beverages after reading such and such”, or “Joe had a cocked pistol pointed at his temple after the Bucs did such and such”.

    Or something along those lines, anyway. You get the drift.

  17. Espo Says:

    i can’t believe the Barrett Ruud debate didn’t make the list

  18. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Espo — Actually, Joe didn’t mind the endless Barrett Ruud debate.

  19. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @FLboyInDallas I read very little pessimism. Perhaps you are projecting something within yourself onto Joe.

    Not everyone thinks the way you do, FLBoy. Not everything feels doom and gloom when we read it.

  20. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Mahalo Dweeb,

    I’m heterosexual. As such, I have no plans to project anything from within myself onto Joe.

  21. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    If your impatience with the constantly selling their plan item suggests to you that they are behaving very defensively because their stated reasoning is b.s., I agree.

    Greg Olson’s coaching of the offense was masterful. The coaching of the defense was anything but.

    What do you mean you get the reason for moving the game to London? I assume you mean that the Glazers were giving a gift to their true fan base which increases their revenues at the expense of this area. To me, that move was nothing short of them spitting in all of our faces.

  22. BamBamBuc Says:

    Thomas, we all know your hatred for Raheem Morris. But let me clarify something impressive about our Defense last year. They shut opponents out in the 2nd half of games 5 times (including one total shutout against 49ers). Two more games they only allowed 2 FGs in the 2nd half. That’s almost half the games last year and if it weren’t for the play of the D in the 2nd half, Freeman and Olson’s offense wouldn’t have stood a chance at winning those games. When you come from behind to win 5 times in a season, the QB deserves a lot of credit… but the Defense had to stop the opponent from scoring as well, or you’d never make up any ground.

  23. McBuc Says:


    Great name!

    I would not argue Willimas was better, he was out with a knee injury then went right back out. I stated not to mention him because that was too easy, and he went on to mean a great deal to the team. he also has a decent year or two after he came back.

    AB, I will give you that one. His was due to injury as well though.

    I had already mentioned Clayton, I said outside of Clayton.

    Sammy was not as good, but still performed.

    I hardly call this list an over abundance of one hit wonders. Half were due to serious injury as well. Many players have a second year slump, so I am still a fan of Sammy…although Brisco will keep the starting role.

  24. McBuc Says:

    I FishDaddy, what about running backs outside of Williams?

  25. McBuc Says:

    BamBam, stop making sense, you are going to confuse Thomas.

  26. FishDaddy217 Says:

    Runningbacks…… None other than Caddy come to mind. Rhett, Dunn, Alstott, and Pittman were all pretty consistent whether good or bad. Although Rhett obviously never became the “Next Emmitt Smith” that he was billed to be, lol. I was speaking more in general not just one position. I think Blount is better suited for us anyway as he doesnt neccessarily need big holes opened up for him the way caddy does. Ive just kinda resigned myself to the fact that we’ll always have an average Oline in Tampa, so backs like Blount/Alstott will be more productive for us. I do believe in Blount enough that I threw down $70 to pick up an orange #27 tho.

  27. Tampa2 Says:

    Joe, Masterful Coaching Job? On which side of the ball? Olsen surprised a lot of people with his Offensive plays designed for Freeman, but Morris did no better than Bates did with his defense, and Bates was fired. how about the Glazers “kool-aid” plan. Even hired a Whitehouse spin Dr. to help them try to spin their cheapness in a positive light. The only successful “plan” the 3 Glazer sons have accomplished is to have taken an NFL team with a season ticket waiting list to the abyss it is in now. There are thousands of Buc fans that will not purchase a ticket to a game while the Glazer plan is in effect. The kool-aiders can argue all they want. but it is what it is, and the silent Majority isn’t buying into the kool-aid plan.