Tim Ryan Upbeat About The Bucs

August 18th, 2011

There was a lot of national media types out at One Buc Palace this week to do features on the Bucs and as Joe has documented, two of them were Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan who host “Movin’ the Chains,” heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

The duo spent much of Tuesday interviewing players and coaches and executives learning every little nugget they could about the 2011 Buccaneers. Ryan, the former Bears defensive lineman, came away nearly giddy over the Bucs chances of making a run to the postseason this fall, so Ryan Twittered.

@TimRyan99: Love Raheem Morris. Bucs fans get your buts in the seats and support a quality team. Get on now, there may not be room soon

Joe will have much more from Ryan later as he graciously spent time with Joe Tuesday and gave a six-minute interview that Joe has yet to transcribe (whew). There’s some good stuff in this interview including why Ryan thinks Kellen Winslow will blow up this year, and what Bucs player will be responsible for Winslow having a Pro Bowl season (other than Josh Freeman).

6 Responses to “Tim Ryan Upbeat About The Bucs”

  1. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    That player will be Mike Williams. Likely to draw quite a bit of double coverage, clearing out space for Winslow to do his thing.

  2. 1BUCFAN Says:

    I agree, Williams will take a lot of attention from Winslow and allow him to explode. However, if that much attention goes to Williams and Winslow pulls his share of extra attention, imagine what numbers Benn or Briscoe may put up from there position.

    A great deal off topic, but, would you submit a 6th round bid on Pryor just to see if he slid to you? Do you think he has next year’s 6th round value to put on our bench and groom for a while, preparing him for trade bate if he flourishes or Freeman’s back-up if JJ leaves next year?

  3. Four Fingered Fisherman Says:


    Great question! I was thinking the same thing this morning when I heard the news. I instantly thought a 7th round pick, but with the luck we have had in the 7th round lately and not the 6th (hopefully Bradford shows up), I wouldn’t be against it. In saying that though, JJ is a weapon and I really hope we can retain him next year.

  4. WeNeedDefense Says:

    I refuse to donate to the Glazer fund.

  5. 1BUCFAN Says:

    If you truly are boycotting Buc games because of your distaste for the Glazers you seriously need help. I hope you have a complete understanding of the numerous of business within the Tampa Bay area of which they are heavily invested if not complete owners. That way you can boycott those also.

    Glazers brought winning football to the city when every damn one of us begged for “just a competative team”. They have done nothing outside of what they have stated they would do. They spent the money and draft picks to get your prescious “Chucky” as the head coach and rewarded us with a superbowl. They were gods of the city then. None of you were complaining at all. When “Chucky” had ran his course and to their belief no longer had the team headed in the right direction, they swallowed the remainder of his contract and moved in a new, more promising direction. They clearly laid out the plan of direction by stating they would draft talent, develop that talent and then resign that talent when it proves worthy. Accordingly, they have spent money in the top 10 of all NFL teams this off-season resigning he payers that they feel worthy. Outcome: The team appears to be headed back to a sustainable winning direction. Exactly what did the Glazers do that has you so bent that you refuse to support the team that you claim to be a fan or?

  6. Hector Says:

    1Buc, couldn’t been said better! what the cry babies want is a coach who won super bowl in 15 years as a head coach (Cower), and all the FA’s that the eagles signed. personally I’d like to see the head coach and players grow together and win a SB together. imagine if Dallas would have fired Jimmy Johnson in 1989 after going 1-15. these cry babies don’t realize that a coach like Cower doesn’t want a team with young players. he want to take over a team that is a player or two away from winning super bowl. personally i think that the assistant coaches he had were the ones that made that team go, hence Az made it to the super bowl once they got Pitts O & D coordinators. anyways either like the team or don’t they don’t need you.

    P.S. Thomas, GMC went out of the redskins game 6 minutes into the game, he didn’t play an entire half as you always claim. look it up buddy.