“They Need To Look Like A Good Team Again”

August 25th, 2011

The dean of Tampa Bay TV sports news guys, Dave Wirth, of WTSP Ch. 10, keeps it real for freaked out Bucs fans in the video below. It’s all part of Joe’s new partnership with WTSP.

Remember, the Bucs-Dolphins game is blacked out Saturday. You can watch it tape delayed on Ch. 10 first at 11:30 p.m. Saturday, then again at noon on Sunday.

  • 14 Responses to ““They Need To Look Like A Good Team Again””

    1. Meh Says:

      Any replays of this game in orlando on basic cable?

    2. Joe Says:


      Can’t help you with that one. May want to call the programming department of whatever station in Orlando broadcasts preseason games. Might also want to check that station’s website as well.

    3. Pete Dutcher Says:

      I wonder if a petition was started and signed by enough fans…would the NFL stop the blackouts? Has anyone tried it?

      I can’t imagine many fans NOT signing one.

    4. FLBoyInDallas Says:

      The Bucs don’t “need” to look like anything in the preseason. All that matters is the regular season. Isn’t that simple enough to understand?

    5. FLBoyInDallas Says:

      Oh, and did you guys see Ocho’s tweet about paying Foster’s fine? He’s basically saying he’s gonna pay it and he doesn’t care what Goodell has to say about it. He even calls the Commish “dad”. I love it. Here’s the tweet:

      “Dad no disrespect but I don’t agree with @mason_foster fine n I’ll be reimbursing him personally.Please feel free to contact me.”

    6. Pete Dutcher Says:

      Yeah, I saw that, fly…I think it’s one of the classiest things Chad has done.

    7. Kensington Says:

      You better believe they need to look good. Goes to confidence … and my sanity.

    8. WeNeedADefensiveCoordinator Says:

      “Remember, the Bucs-Dolphins game is blacked out Saturday. ”


      How about we get a real DC once and for all to help the Bucs defense play calling?

    9. Gary Says:

      The game isn’t replayed on nfln until 11pm on SUNDAY!! why is it taking so long? Is it because the nfln can only replay after all the local replays are done?

    10. Joe Says:


      The game isn’t replayed on nfln until 11pm on SUNDAY!! why is it taking so long?

      That’s not long. That’s only 24 hours after the game ends.

      Remember, the NFL Network has 15 other games to rebroadcast. That’s 45 hours of broadcasting, not counting the Bucs.

    11. James in Memphis Says:

      Go to the damn game Bucnation!!!! This blackout stuff is getting old!!

    12. Macabee Says:

      Flyboy, I agree, in general, that preseason games don’t count. But this 3rd game does matter – It is where they game plan, put in installs, and various packages, etc. The first team will play the better part of the 1st half and they will want to have there their timing and execution down. This is as close to a real game setting as they will see before the opener. The final preseason game will be pretty much all rookies getting their last chance to make the team. So this game against the Dolphins will be a pretty good yardstick of where they will be going forward. You may prefer to hear Morris’ exact words from his 8/24 presser on Buccaneers.com.

    13. FLBoyInDallas Says:

      It would be nice for them to look good against Miami, but they don’t need to. The team they need to look good against is the Lions. That’s the real yardstick.

    14. Eric Says:

      Bucs/Fins games are notoriously vanilla and boring.

      If your gonna spend the dough, wait till opening day when its not a glorified practice session.

      At least it probably wont be a glorified practice game.

      Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm never mind.