Shaun King Vs. Gerald McCoy Continues

August 23rd, 2011

Monday afternoon, former Bucs quarterback Shaun King, one of only three quarterbacks in Bucs history to lead his team to a conference championship game, continued his verbal assault on Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

Last week King, who co-hosts the too Jewish-sounding “King David Show” along with Toby David, heard locally on WQYK-AM 1010, unleashed a tirade on GMC who King believes talks too much and doesn’t produce. And until McCoy produces, King says McCoy should remain quiet and humble. King was particularly incensed over GMC joking to the Boston Globe that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was so good, that GMC asked Brady to slow down so the Bucs could catch their breath.

Monday, King continued his ire and defended his actions to a multitude of critics claiming King was not right in his lecturing GMC.

I stand by what I said. I think he talks talks too much for a guy who has not proven anything in this league. I stand by that. I am not a Gerald McCoy hater. I think, when you look at his track record, there has not been production that matches the ability that he has. And I think for Tampa to have success defensively, he has to play at a Pro Bowl level, period. I’ve seen the [Patriots] game, I’ve watched the coaches’ copy, I saw the rebroadcast. He did get penetration. He was pretty good at the point of attack. But at the end of the game, he had one tackle. There is a disconnect between his talent and his production. I feel like the gap needs to close. … I heard people say he played well. He didn’t play well — he had one tackle!

King didn’t stop there. He also mocked his critics saying, “Don’t call with those weak arguments about my career and how good you thought I was because that is irrelevant. If I can’t have an opinion, then if you didn’t play [in the NFL], then how can you?”

As always, Shaun welcomes your feedback by following him on Twitter @realshaunking.

King’s full diatribe from Monday can be heard by clicking the arrow below.

[audio: kingvsmccoy.mp3]

Audio clip courtesy of WQYK-AM, hat tip Justin.

50 Responses to “Shaun King Vs. Gerald McCoy Continues”

  1. Blake Says:

    Personally, I think its Shaun pouncing on a chance to get publicity. Its a win-win for him. If McCoy ends up flopping (which I don’t think will happen) he can say I told you so, and if he jumps up in production quickly, then King can puff his chest out as a motivator and/or still say I told you so (because he is still saying he’s talented).

  2. Feces Says:

    Yeah, stats tell you everything….

    C’mon, Shaun. Is Ruud one of the best MLB’s in the league? I mean, he does usually have around 130 tackles!

  3. tampa2ali Says:

    i understand what he’s saying…. But it could of been said better…

  4. TJ Says:

    Lead them to the NFC championship. Um that defense lead them to a Championship King was along for the ride . What has king done in the NFL . If he wants MCcoy to shut and play well King shut up and do your job . Dont be a hyporicrite

  5. SRQBucFan Says:

    I am displeased with King and his attack on GMC. I understand. Being selected 3rd overall, being compared to Suh the entire time (and Suh haveing a monster rookie year), and the expectations of what we want out of GMC. His rookie year was quiet especially compared with Suh’s. So i see why people are a little disappointed. But we shouldn’t be.

    So he didn’t have a break out rookie year. Most D lineman don’t (not even the great Sapp ). This offseason GMC completely transformed his body to be strong and quick. Stayed on his game by holding workout in Cali with Clayborn and others. He got a little hurt in Preseason and wasn’t able to play. His first time to play since his injury LAST season.

    I think he looked better in those 13 or so snaps then he did most of all of last year. So i see a big improvement already. Give him a few games to knock off the rust before u put the guy on Blast. He is obviously taking it very seriously and trying to get better everyday. And that’s all we can ask.

    Can not be mad, because the guy is a light hearted person who the audience tends to like. He was a 3rd overall pick and is suppose to be the franchise face for the D. Thats what people like about him. Off the field he is a joking, happy kind of person. On field he likes to get after it.

    Between him and Josh Freeman. It counteracts against the Thug image Talib and co. has given the team.

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    If he’s saying McCoy should keep quiet because he hasn’t played up to expectations, then why doesn’t King apply that same logic to himself? If he did he wouldn’t even be allowed to open his mouth, much less carry on and on like Thomas 2.2…oops, I meant like a fool.

  7. Ricky G Says:

    Wake up you morons. Shaun King is a sports radio hosts. The good one’s take stand and aren’t afraid to stand firm behind a take and take the heat. Duemig was like that until the day Gruden left town and it made him a career in this lameass town.

  8. Jon in Tampa Says:

    It easy to see where Shaun is coming from. McCoy is human like the rest of us. but he is playing in the NFL, he’s an insider. He is supposed to act above reproach. The comment McCoy made is common through every game. But usually players don’t share that with the outside. It was a human moment for McCoy.

    King may have sensationalized his criticism because of his media status. But the fact is, there are huge expectations squarely on the shoulders of Freeman and McCoy.(Is he really black-irish?) They need to hold those comments back.

    We all know there were times when Sapp and Favre had their limbs locked together on the bottom of a pile when Favre probably said, “slow down Sapp. I can get a pass off.” And v/v.

  9. nick Says:

    King does have a right to state his opinion, regardless of his accolades. The joking around by GMC isn’t the way to go in describing the azzkicking. It isn’t the proper way to be a leader on the vaunted D we want back. He should be a little pissed. Besides all that, he said it to the Boston Globe! As if that band of douches doesn’t have enough ammo.

  10. Mauha Deeb Says:

    So, I’m guessing Sean King doesn’t think Nnamdi Asomugha has been productive at all given his minute stats….

    This guy simply won’t admit he is wrong even though deep down he knows he is. Gotta save face by sticking to his words and hope people eventually forget them.

  11. bucfever4o Says:

    Hey Ricky G, this town that you call lameass must have something good about it if you’re weighing in with your pathetic opinion, get lost dork. As for King, man-give the man a break, he DID have a decent game, enough of your one tackle BS, he didn’t play the whole game for God sake, and it was his first back since last season, SRQBucFan is right, GMC has transformed his body and it’s mprofoundly obvious, so the man IS serious, and SO WHAT if he gives Mr. Brady props, at least the man has some class, what is the big deal, it’s not even a regular season game, so Shaun King and Ian Beckles need to realize that your opinion is no better than someone who has watched the game for years, my eyes are just as good as yours! Ian, that’s ALL he does is remind everyone that he’s played the game, blah, blah blah, uhm Ian, I watched you get owned up and down the field for years, so you ain’t all that Bubba Gump! Shaun, chill out, I respect you, but you are making this your mission, which means deep inside you’re wanting Gerald to fail soi you can say (just like Ian wants) that I told all of you! Well guess what, I hope GMC explodes this year and becomes a demon in the opposing offense’ backfield, he’s only in his 2nd year and he’s doing fine!

  12. Chace Says:

    Here’s and idea, Joe. Stop posting everything Shaun King says and he magically becomes….irrelevant.

  13. td32 Says:

    Amazingly, people still dont get it. No one addresses whether or not McCoy talks too much for someone yet to produce. In every business or sport, if a young guy shows up and talks a lot, he will have to back it up. It’s that way in hs, college, and pro sports.I’d imagine if his production continues to lag, he’ll begin to get more critics.

  14. Jorge Says:

    All you have to do is set up a free twitter account follow your athletes and media members of interest…and you too “through the wonder of technology” can see that Shaun and McCoy have a very amicable relationship…Shaun tweets (directly to GMC) that he is providing “tough love”..and GMC tweets that he understands this and how he doesn’t want people jumping all over shaun…they get each other, all in 140 characters or less

  15. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @td32 What “talking” is McCoy doing? You mean talking to the press? That is in his contract. He has to. He didn’t say anything like “I’m the best” nor did he make any excuses. He congratulated his opponent via his own jovial nature. Do you really want him to be a mindless drone during interviews? What would be the point? There is nothing wrong with a guy admitting failure in an interview without crying or looking like a butt hurt child.

  16. Max Says:

    Spit the real Mr. King

  17. Brandon Says:

    King has every right to state his opinion and McCoy has every right to be a big mouth… hopefully, McCoy will back up his mouth with better play this season.

    As for McCoy having only one tackle, sometimes a guy can have a great game without having great stats and vice versa. McCoy looks like he’s the reall…uh, thing… and hopefully his play starts to reflect that soon.

  18. Brandon Says:

    What I think is funny is that the same people critcizing King about his career, don’t get what he said at all… if they criticize him for not being a great player in the NFL, then they have no right to talk at all because they didn’t even play in the NFL.

    On top of all that, the same people that get all upset with King, are likely the same people that can’t stand the buddy-buddy relationship some horrible hosts like Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin have with their guests and how it is nothing but a butt kissing fest. I like sportscasters that formulate an intelligent opinion and aren’t afraid to stick to it. I don’t fully agree with Merrill Hoge’s assessment of Tim Tebow, but I respect his willingness to take a stand and stick to it.

  19. nick Says:

    Seems the two radio guys that get blasted on here the most, Beckles and King, are the ones who played with the guy we all want McCoy emulate. Sapp was, in Beckles’ terms, a ‘dog’. They don’t see a ‘dog’ in GMC. Or at least not like Sapp’s ‘dog’.Even though he has to have a little in him. Hopefully GMC is the Shaq of football. Entertaining, yet a beast.

  20. Posey99 Says:

    McCoy isn’t talking crap or saying how he is the best or anything like that. He’s simply having fun. He’s not Ochocinco or T.O his talking is that of donavan mcnabb just joking around but serious when he needs to be. Football is a game and games are suppose to be FUN! hello! what kind of example are we setting for kids telling players to shut up for joking around and being happy. Seriously?!!!! Seriously!??? King is a absolute moron. Football is a game… It’s entertainment… don’t forget that!

  21. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Brandon How does McCoy have a big mouth?
    Just tell me what he said that was anything like a premadonna Owens, Ocho, Moss, Desean. He has talked any spit at all!!!!

  22. Picked_Off Says:

    Shaun King would know about not living up to the hype. Talking but not really producing. Saying he lead that team to the NFC Champ Game is like saying Trent Dilfer lead the Ravens to the Super Bowl win….

  23. Eric Says:

    Ironically, Gerald majored in Human Relations at Oklahoma.

  24. Nate Says:

    All it takes for King to shut the hell up is to get a SACK!

  25. Garv Says:

    Shaun King is getting what he wants. He wants attention, to be relevant in his own head.
    When he played he expected things to come to him after 1999. That didn’t happen and his laziness washed him out of the league where he now throws pot shots at players and coaches who ARE relevant.

    Go away.

  26. Mark Says:

    Shaun King is on the money! For all the talent GMC has, he hasn’t produces anything on the field and has come up with some creative excuses.

  27. Mark Says:

    Produced rather

  28. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Nate He had 4 last year and Sean is still talking.

  29. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Mark Name some of these excuses.

  30. Gary Says:

    see what Chace said, ditto for me.

  31. Nate Says:

    If he would of sacked Tom Brady last week id be be happy to defend GMC…

  32. Jonny Says:

    Disagree with what Chase said. Like it or not, this is buccaneers buzz and without it, Bucs are more boring to the fairweather fans of Tampa that aren’t sure if they want to buy tickets.

  33. Greg Says:

    IF King was such a hypocrite his point might have more impact.
    I mean here’s a guy that sucked so badly playing QB that he got released twice in one offseason after one year with the Cards, then he lasted a whole 18 days in the CFL.
    Now he gets paid to talk about something he sucked at and all he’s babbling about is others needing success before THEY talk.
    King should take his own advice and quit his job so we don’t have to hear him anymore.

  34. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I don’t even understand why King is so upset. It’s not like McCoy is calling the media to him and trying to draw attention to himself. The media goes to him and asks him questions. Do you want him to be like Aqib Talib and not talk at all? If he does that, then everyone is criticizing him for being a jerk. It’s a true no win situation. And as to why the media always interviews him, he was the #3 pick in the draft last year! Hello idiot, that’s what happens! It doesn’t just happen here, it happens everywhere, in every sport. But I guess McCoy should either refuse to do interviews or give boring interviews like Freeman (love Freeman, very boring interview). I guess that would make Shaun King happy, which obviously should be a top priority for McCoy.

    For King to say he didn’t play well because he had one tackle is mind boggling to me, coming from an ex-NFL player. First of all, he played a quarter and a half. But more importantly, a DT does not have to have a lot of tackles to be disruptive. I’m no football coach, but even I know that. That’s a lame, Thomas-like argument, and he should be embarrassed for making it.

    King absolutely has a right to an opinion, but he is attacking McCoy for the wrong reasons. If McCoy speaks his mind on an interview, so what? At the end of the day the only thing that matters is his production on the field, but it’s stupid to say that he shouldn’t speak until he produces. You’ve had your 10 seconds of fame Shaun, now move on.

  35. Capt.Tim Says:

    I thought we told Shaun King to STFU. He had his chance. Now we have to call his station, and tell them why we won’t be listening anymore . If all the unhappy Fans from JoeBuc call, I bet Shaun will change his tune. It’s B.S. He’s just trying to be Beckles 2. They both should be ashamed.

  36. Bucnjim Says:

    I think McCoy is still getting caught up in trying to make everyone happy and in doing so is losing valuable time in mastering his craft of DLineman. I’m not sure I am liking this happy go lucky type of personality because it’s starting to scream finesse on the field. The first time I see him help someone up and slap them on the a$$ for a good play then I’m really going to have a problem. We’ll see if he’s got the nasty streak in him to play with aggression every down. Sapp did! I’ll take a face painted Brandon Carter and his physical style of play over anything else. Anyone who gets booted for playing too nasty is good in my book.

  37. NashVegas Ryan Says:

    Shaun, your hands are too small to have a radio show. Do us a favor and go away.

  38. OAR Says:

    King for the day…….er, eh week!
    Too bad we didn’t get the fakeshaunking playing for us, cause the realshaunking play did kinda suck!
    On of principle alone, cause of it’s name, I don’t listen to the show!

  39. OAR Says:

    Oops, “On principle alone….”

  40. Matt Says:

    Geraldini93: Oh and I seen people coming at @realshaunking wrong. Don’t do that people. Not right. You the man Shaun. Be easy. God bless bruh.

    realshaunking: @Geraldini93 lil homie u know nothing i say is malicious, just wanna see u become that dude.

    Can we please just drop this?

  41. Joe Says:


    Can we please just drop this?


  42. Sooner in Tampa Says:

    If Joe quit posting this information and tweeting about it…nobody would even know about it. Little hands/no talent is just doing what worthless radio hacks do…they say crazy outlandish crap that gets people going. The sloth has to do something to get people to listen to the hot garbage they put in the radio…otherwise, they won’t be on the air much longer.

  43. buccanr1 Says:

    Shaun King is right on this. I saw GMC with a lot of penetration too, but in a lot of those scenarios it seemed like their O-line allowed the penetration purposely to create holes. Similar to a screen play.

  44. gt40bear Says:

    Wait, Shawn King just said that Jon Gruden, or any other coach who hasn’t played in the pros, doesn’t know what he’s talking about and shouldn’t have an opinion about football? Well, by his logic he did. He is allowed to have his opinion (and has a valid point) but shouldn’t get his panties in a wad when others have theirs. I would venture to guess that there are many people who haven’t played pro football who know more about it then King does.

  45. Chris Says:

    Throughout McCoy’s career he will always be compared to Suh. In Detroit Suh had a great supporting cast on the d-line and I would love to see what McCoy would of produced in his situation. Shaun King’s opinion to me personally, is worthless.

  46. Matt Says:

    @Joe: Haha, at least you’re honest 🙂

  47. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I admit, though I like GMC, I have had a hard time getting used to him, since he came to Tampa. MY idea of a dominant defensive lineman is more of a “gangsta – killer” type of person, then a jokester like GMC. But I saw a lot of good things from McCoy recently, and I think he is going to be a great player for Tampa for many years. If you visit some of the New England Blogs, he was even mentioned quite a lot by the jaded Patriot Fans.

  48. jvato24 Says:

    For everyone wanting the Evil Defensive Lineman Persona .. Look at our 1 sole Hall of Famer .. What kind of person was he ??

  49. thomas 2.2 Says:

    It appears that I am not the only one who is disappointed by McCoy’s play.

    He did not have 4 sacks last year, that is not true.

    Shawn King is just being objective, you guys should try it. Just bc the org is trying to force him on you as a pro bowler player doesnt mean that you have to accept it if it is b.s. so far it is.

  50. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Thomas Meant to hit the 3 button. There is no way to edit so there is no way to take things back.