Kyle Moore Talks To Joe

August 23rd, 2011

Anyone who has watched the Bucs first two preseason games has seen a changed man in defensive end Kyle Moore. A fourth round draft pick in 2009, Moore was pretty much invisible on the Bucs roster. Battling injuries for much of his first two years, when Moore did get on the field he was pretty much a non factor and has yet to record an NFL sack.

Perhaps because this is likely a make-or-break year for Moore with the Bucs, or perhaps because he worked out in the offseason with Kansas City sack machine Tamba Hali at Penn State with Nittany Lions defensive line coach Larry Johnson, and partly because Keith Millard and Grady Stretz are coaching up the Bucs defensive line, Moore plays like a far different player who is putting heat on quarterbacks.

  Moore spoke with Joe after the Patriots game about how he has evolved as an NFL player.

JoeBucsFan: Joe had his binoculars on the defensive line virtually all night and, like last week, you were in the backfield a lot, making plays. In the past couple of years here you never really got a decent start. You came in with a coordinator who wanted you to gain weight and he was gone after a few games. Then you battled through injuries and you never really got into the flow of things. You seem like a different player. Are the new defensive line coaches helping you that much?

Kyle Moore: We have great defensive line coaches who know how to pass rush. We have only had a short with them. I wish we had a whole offseason with them to learn everything they know. But in the time we have known them, we have had great improvement on the defensive line. We will get better.

Joe: What has Grady Stretz taught you that has helped your game?

Moore: Get off and get into the outside shoulder [of the offensive tackle]. Learning that and putting it together with what you already know helps a lot. We weren’t really taught that the past couple of years and in the past, I wasn’t taught that at all. Learning form him and getting to the outside shoulder, and if we can’t get that to come with a counter move, just [along with Keith Millard] their wisdom has taught me a lot.

Joe: Personally, how does that make you feel that you now have coaches that can bring out the best in you and you are starting to see the results in your play? How does that make you feel about your game now?

Moore: It makes me feel good. As you can see I am taking the coaching in and when you have coaches who know what to do, it really helps my game all the way. I’m happy about that.

7 Responses to “Kyle Moore Talks To Joe”

  1. Eric Says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh its the ole previously neglected outside shoulder trick.

    For a minute there I thought we were in trouble.

  2. Dave Says:

    I thought for sure Moore woas going to be cut this year and Crowder & Bennett would be kept but now I think they will keep 5 DEs. Moore is playing that good. He looks quicker.

    The only issue is they might have to keep 5 DTs if they can’t get healthy there…. unless someone goes on the PUP.

  3. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Think he was thinking about Wash while making those comments . . .yeesh.

  4. gotbbucs Says:

    whats sad about this whole thing is that these are nfl football players and they didnt know coming in that you should try to attack a half a man? thats basic highschool knowledge, seriously.

  5. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Short interview this time, Joe!

    I think there is a lesson to be learned by us all in this…
    Tampa fans are fans of extremes. Either we give up on players too soon (Moore) or want to keep them too long (Stovall).

    In this case, last year people wanted Moore out of here. Maybe they felt it was justified at the time. This just goes to show you that it’s not always the player at fault.

    For example, we had horrible special teams for most of the Bucs tenure. no kick returns for how long? Then the right coach come in and bam! We have good ST.

    I think it’s because of coaching styles. young players always need to be taught. A coach that teaches can make a bad player good. Occassionally, a players comes along that is just destined to excel…and usually that player was taught in High School or Collage properly. But that’s rare. In most cases, College focuses on winning, not preparing kids for their future.

    We see it all the time.

    I wonder…if quartbacks were taught properly in college, would it be easier to predict whether one will be a bust in the nfl? IT amazes me how many college QBs have never taken snaps under center…and have all their experience in shotgun.

    That’s why I think schools that have pro-style offense and defenses do well…the other teams just can’t handle it (in most cases).

    But I do believe we gave up on Moore a bit too quickly. It’s easy to say, “This is a players 3rd year, so he should step up or be considered a bust.” But what if that player is badly coached?

    It’s an interesting train of thought.

  6. Joe Says:


    Short interview this time, Joe!

    On purpose. It was after the Patriots game and not only did players want to get the heck out of the locker room and go home, but Joe wanted to interview others and get back to work on the laptop. It was late.

  7. Eric Says:

    Mo Stovall was one of the stars for the Lions vs. the Browns the other night.

    Must not realize he always does that in pre-season.