Dominik Lauds Quincy Black, McCoy

August 23rd, 2011

So who does the rockstar general manager think were standout performers against the Patriots?

Mark Dominik, without being asked, volunteered his assessment while speaking to Dan Sileo Monday on WDAE-AM 620. A staunch film guy, Dominik likes what he sees from his highest priced talent on defense.

“But the thing that was really encouraging I think that a lot of Buccaneer fans probably are seeing already is the way that Quincy Black is playing. Now that he’s been in the system with Coach Morris and what we want to do and how fast he’s playing on this football field,” Dominik said.

“I was very encouraged by the way Gerald McCoy played the game. I thought he was very disruptive.  [The Patriots] had to change their blocking schemes and start trapping him just because he was getting off the ball so good and getting in the backfield, which is what we want from a 3-technique — is to be disruptive and have guys behind him make the plays. So there were some encouraging signs out there. Obviously, the score is very disappointing — 28-0 is what it is. Bottom line. But we can improve because we have time to look at the film and we still have half a month before we play the Detroit Lions here at home.”

Joe was intrigued to hear Dominik refer to the Bucs-Patriots game score as 28-0. Of course, the final score was 31-17. The 28-0 score was at halftime. More evidence how worthless much of the preaseason is.

As for Quincy Black, Joe thought he played well last week, but Black’s got a mountain to prove on the field. And Joe would say that even if the Bucs hadn’t guaranteed him $11 million.

22 Responses to “Dominik Lauds Quincy Black, McCoy”

  1. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Funny How dom makes a special point to inflate the play of the players that he overpaid. Coincidence I think not.

    BTW – I am glad that he confirmed that a lot of what you sheep called penetration was in fact trap blocking by the Pats.

    Ask yourself this: How does Dom know why they were trapping GMC? He doesn’t. I believe it was the gameplan to let him rush himself out of position and direct runs and passing lanes to the area he vacated.

    This is a common gameplan when you know that you have an over-excited not too bright defensive lineman – particularly one highly criticized and just coming back after a layoff.

    You use that emotion to trap him all day long!

  2. Joe Says:

    thomas 2.2 is in midseason form of late. 🙂

  3. Eric Says:

    penetration is a concept often misunderstood.

  4. Dave Says:

    Yes Thomas, they “trapped” him right into the running lane just knowing he would miss the tackle…. seriously, go away.

    McCoy played very well. Yes he got himself a little out of position at times and yes the Patriots CHANGED to trap blocking him (they did not start that way as you claim), but it is also preseason and it is also his first game action since November last year.

    I see Sapp, White, Milliard, and many others saying how good McCoy can be and the potential he has…. yet you know best, he’s a bust already.

    As far as Black, yes Mark D is hyping a guy the organization is high on and has been high on. He shows all the ability and tools but so far has been average in his game play. We’ll see.
    I don’t blame him for the little hype though because Black has been a playmaker so far in preseason. I mean what do you expect him to say “I paid him alot and he needs to show up starting 9/11 because so I don’t look like an idiot” ?

    Get real Thomas

  5. Matt Says:

    Let’s all just accept that Thomas will not get off McCoy’s case until he has more than 8 sacks this year. Can we agree to just ignore his commentary on McCoy until then?

  6. Eric Says:

    @Thomas 2.2

    I am pretty sure McCoy was the second gunman on the grassy knoll.

    Dang non-penetrating trap inducing overzealous nincompoop!

    Wtf, you can’t call a guy a bust at that position when he just finished his rookie year (and missed the last part of the season). The position takes time to master even for the greats, like Sapp.

    If he sucks it up this regular season – ok – fair game. But geez man.

  7. thomas 2.2 Says:

    I am not calling him a bust yet. I am saying that he hasn’t done anything yet. He did not play well against the Pats. The missed tackle play was his best play of the night (surprisingly) because hie did earn penetration.

    Most of the other plays where he got penetration he was being trapped. That is not penetration. They trapped him on the first passing play of the game. They let him rip to the lineman’s outside shoulder and used the vacated lane to complete a mid-range timing pass. It looked as if he got penetration and almost got to Brady; however, an astute fan realizes that they trapped him into taking the long route and opening up the lane to hit welker for a quick 30 route completion.

    Mccoy was never going to have the time to get to the QB.

    If he gets 8 sacks I will say good job on that component. If he makes a pro-bowl I will commend him. Ifhe continues to play like he has, he should be called out for it by all of us.

    Instead, the org (and his own mouth) is trying to hype him bc his play can’t speak for itself. I will not call him a bust until sometime after this year if he earns that tag.

  8. Buc_The_World Says:

    Well Thomas 2.2 was right about the fact that the Pats were “Trapping”, Dom confirmed it, so we can give him credit. However He is wrong about pretty much everything else.

    Thomas 2.2 you say “Ask yourself this: How does Dom know why they were trapping GMC? He doesn’t.”

    Well ask yourself this: How does Thomas 2.2 know why they were trapping GMC? Were you standing on the Patriots sideline? Well……now that I think about it maybe you were. How does Thomas 2.2. know what Dom does or doesn’t know? Are you secretly Mark Dominik?

  9. nick Says:

    Dang, even Eric knows Thomas is full of ish. And that’s no knock on you E. That was his only ally. Thomas, you do spew a lot of verbal diarrhea

  10. dr.buc Says:

    Thomas sounds like he should be an NFL talent scout *sarcasm*

    Anyway, i think w/ Millard (former pro bowler) coaching him up , and playing as well as he did against a top 5 offensive line for the first time since he got injured last year, McCoy is poised for a huge year

  11. OAR Says:

    Did you guys hear the one about the laywer, who called out the real “penetrator”?

  12. Dave Says:

    “Well Thomas 2.2 was right about the fact that the Pats were “Trapping”, Dom confirmed it, so we can give him credit. However He is wrong about pretty much everything else. ”

    Uh,….. no…. He said it after reading how Dom said “they STARTED to TRAP him because blocking him earlier was not working.”

    But Thomasa screwed that up and insinuated it was the Pats game plan to trap him the whole night because he is an “over-excited not too bright defensive lineman”

    which of course is not what actually happened and not what the Pats did.

    Regardless, Thomasa drives traffic and gets us to comment (maybe it’s Joe being an antagonist)

  13. OAR Says:

    Thomass drives traffic? Maybe on Dale Mabry at 5:00pm in a Yugo!

  14. OAR Says:

    BTW Please don’t insult Joe!

  15. CalicoJack Says:

    I was a couple of places ahead of the ABBA star in line to use this nifty card to get a coke. Heard someone humming “Waterloo” and it was Dom! You know, that song got old after about an hour. He probably didn’t get to see the second half…

  16. MOBucs Says:

    McCoy looked great against the best O-line in the league. One of the only bright spots about Thursday. This weekend against Miami will give all of us a good idea of where the pass rush stands. Bucs o-line definately needs to rebound in a big way. Their performance was by far the most disappointing.

  17. Gary Says:

    It’s amazing the lack of dignity required to repeatedly make comments that are roundly critized and dismissed by all; then counter that by claiming all others are ignorant of the facts. All the while being told how much everyone dislikes you. Bravo sir.

  18. WeNeedDefense Says:

    When will some poeple stop bashing their own team’s players???

  19. Brandon Says:

    What most of the Black-bashers likely missed was an impressive individual play on his part amid the smackdown. Early in the game while in nickel, the Bucs were on D with their backs close to the endzone. Brady handed off to Woodhead on a draw play, Black initially started to drop off the pass look, then he stepped up, a Pat OLineman tried to block him, Black held off the Patriot with his right hand, waited a second or two for Woodhead and then tackled Woodhead with his left hand. Most other players, partidularly Barrett Ruud, Tyrone McKenzie, would have taken on the blocker with both hands, been pushed out of the way and wouldn’t have been able to make the play. Black showed the ability to shed blocks AND make a play. He made a similiar play in the nickle the week before against the Chiefs, taking on a block with one hand and then forcing the RB to cut outside where Grimm tackled him before the 1st down marker. It sounds like a simple enough play, but when you’re used to Ruud getting pushed 10 yards down the field, it is pretty impressive.

  20. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    2.2 is an expert on anal-yzing penetration.

  21. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Gary – Indeed man. You have to be possessed of a serious psychological disorder to spend so much time giving your opinion to people who continually ridicule you and let you know how little they actually want to read your opinion. It’s just attention mongering. Its why internet trolls do what they do. They are such massive dorks in real life that no one wants to speak to them or hang out with them. So they turn to the one place they can spew their crap without people either walking away or punching them in the face- the internet. Those of us on here ridiculing Thomas posts on a daily basis are probably the closest thing Thomas has to “friends”.

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    My dog just took a big fat Thomas in the yard.