Bucs Don’t Scare Jaws; Gruden Selling Saints

August 31st, 2011

"I tell ya, Jaws. If they got me Calvin Johnson, I could have won a Super Bowl with Griese."

Joe sure hopes Mike Williams is reading.

In a Monday Night Football conference call today former Eagles quarterback turned talking head Ron Jaworski says he doesn’t think the Bucs receiving corps is keeping defensive coordinators awake at night, so noted veteran Tampa Tribune NFL scribe eye!-RAH Kaufman.

Gruden’s fellow ESPN analyst, Ron Jaworski, said he doesn’t think Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman is surrounded by enough weapons.

“I really don’t,’’ Jaworski said. “I think Josh Freeman is a rising star and he’s everything you’d want in a quarterback. But I think the Bucs have to run the football a lot more consistently. They have some quality at wide receiver, but I don’t see a team that makes you say, ‘Wow, they’re going to scare me.’ ’’

Of course, Jaworski works alongside Chucky on Monday Night Football. You can read some of Chucky’s thoughts by clicking through the link above. Chucky loves every player and coach in the NFL, but this year he especially loves his protoge Sean Payton.

Joe’s focus is on opening day, but the Bucs-Colts game on Monday, Oct. 3, is going to be a heck of a lot of fun. Joe wonders whether at the game the Bucs officially will acknowledge the return of their lone Super Bowl coach.

69 Responses to “Bucs Don’t Scare Jaws; Gruden Selling Saints”

  1. Garv Says:

    I think Jaws is a typical “expert” who has not done his homework or even TRIED to do hos homework. Not only is Mike Williams here but we’re going to have two TE’s who can catch the ball, running backs including LaGarrett Blount who has learned to use his hands for that purpose, the return of Regis Benn and don’t forget Briscoe. These guys work well with Freeman and will continue to. I totally get they are under the national radar but these lazy “experts” ought to keep their mouths shut when they no not of what they are babbling.

  2. Anthony Says:

    Did anyone catch their “More or Less: NFC South” segment on SportsCenter yesterday? I missed it and am curious to hear what they said.

  3. kh Says:

    agree Garv, Jaws doesnt see any names he recognizes so he thinks they’re not good.

  4. Joe Says:


    I think Jaws is a typical “expert” who has not done his homework or even TRIED to do hos homework.

    From everything Joe has read, Jaws may do more homework than any national analyst. Dude lives at the NFL Films offices poring over video.

    Of course, BSPN producers may have told him what subject to talk about, which is a whole other discussion.

  5. Dave Says:

    I agree with him. Mike Williams showed 1 year. Blount has not done it for a complete year. K2 is one awkward twist or tackle away from being done.
    Otherwise they have Benn, Briscoe, Stroughter, Parker, Spurlock, and TE Stocker…. all players who have potential and youth and have shown flashes but have proved nothing yet.

    I am optimistic benn is going to be a beast, but we shall see.

  6. Architek Says:

    ESNEfFI agree with Jaws. This offense has no real speed and lack explosion. Not to say they can’t be a good offense but if I were game planning they wouldn’t scare me either, especially with this subpar Oline. RB is not our issue, backup RB is concerning but hey Dominik says draft only so we have to draft more offensive firepower.

  7. Nick2 Says:

    Sadly to say Jaws is right on this one. Now Benn could just start to put up crazy numbers and prove him wrong but outside of Mike Williams and Winslow there is no fear in opposing defenses. If I am the GM that is where I would have made a move in Free Agency. Josh Freeman is a bonefide franchise QB with average talent around him or at least talent which has not been proven. I am still wondering why we did not resign Cadillac Williams and instead we are going with unproven 3rd down backs who we HOPE are going to protect our Franchise QB when the blitz comes. To me that smacks of cost cutting or frugality. Anyone want to argue this point? Come on koolaid drinkers I am sure you will tell me how Lumpkin or EG are beasts at blitz pickup.

  8. Architek Says:

    At WR we have a group of short to medium range wideouts but none have true speed to scare safeties out of the box. Stocker better become a solid contributor because that was our RB pick

  9. Dave Says:

    Forget Caddy, Graham blocks just as well and will average better than 2.9 yards a run.

    Personally I think they do have speed : Benn, Parker, and even Williams because he can go up and get the ball when covered deep.

    Most of it is unproven though.

  10. Garv Says:

    Jaws is no different than the FANTASY/MADDEN dweebs who only deal with name players. I’m sorry but I think we have a LOT of talent on offense including at all the receiving positions. I also believe that EG AND Blount continue to improve at blitz pick up.

    I’d venture to type that Joe knows FAR more about the Bucs than ANY of the national “experts” to rave about guys already “famous” and, a lot of the time, past their career peaks simply because they have BIG MOUTHS or were on the cover of SL or ESPN Magazine once.

    And have the FANTASY/MADDEN dweebs would STILL like to see TO or Randy Moss here. You know it and I know it. The national “experts” play up to those “fans” to get attention and are rarely, if EVER, right when it comes to their “predictions!” LOL

    That was FUN!!!!

  11. Andrew Says:

    Funny, no one was ever scared of Gruden’s offense!!!

  12. flmike Says:

    Show me a WR with World Class speed and I’ll show you an out of the league ex-Raider. Go back and watch the tape, Williams is a lot faster than you think, so is Benn. Also, take a look around the league, WRs are getting bigger and stronger, not necessarily faster. Let the DBs earn their money with speed. Give me a big, strong receiver with avg speed or better and who’s got hops any day, over a small speedster, who plays best in the slot.

  13. Vince Says:

    Williams may not have elite 4.3 speed but he has what is called “football speed”. When the ball was in his hands last year I remember seeing him pull away from multiple defenders.

  14. Eric Says:

    Actually, I think the bigger issue is whether the o-line will give Free enough time to throw to who he has.

    And, whether the running game can get going to help with the play action.

    I would have thought that a good vet for third down would have been a nice compliment, but thats crazy talk.

    October and Chucky ought to be very interesting.

  15. Freeman4President Says:

    No speed on offence…Mike Williams and A. Benn both ran 4.45 and 4.48 respectivly. Now I am not a 40 time guys and think playing speed and tape is more important, but when you combine that speed with 6’2 210lb bodies that is a formitable package for a reciever.

    However as others have said the O-line doesn’t look great so far this year, and did anyone else notice that Free wasn’t stepping into his throws against the Fins? That looked like the reason everything was sailing high on him…I wonder if that is a result of lack of confidence in protection, injury, or just bad technique from reduced off season coaching.

  16. WeNeedADefensiveCoordinator Says:

    I agree that Freeman doesn’t have enough WR weapons. Why would you guys not want the best for your franchise QB? What planet are you fans from?

    Give Freeman the best of the best for the love of God.

    I have always hated the fact that Peyton Manning has had to go it alone essentially. Manning has made all his WRs who they are. Why does Freeman have to MAKE his WRs good?

    Come on, if the offense sputters this year, DEMAND that the team management go get WRs for Freeman. Why the f not???

  17. mike Says:

    if we are being honest… jaws is right. I love freeman, but i’d rather have brese. I love blount, but i’d rather have ingram. p thomes, and sprolles. I like benn and williams, but would rather have j jones and roddy white. We are a playoff team if we were in the nfc west. Go bucs!!!!!!!!

  18. ShortyBuc Says:

    I dont think Dom will go after free agents till Bucs are a playoff team..Oh wait he already said that and Bucs are not a playoff team yet..last thing we need is another Brandon Marshall or Randy Moss to come bust up the lockerroom..Im excited about Benn and Williams and Briscoe..be optimistic the media doesnt love the Bucs and BSPN jedi tricks them into no love for Bucs..

  19. flmike Says:

    Remember who we are talking about, BSPN and it’s minions, according to the dark lords in Bristol, there are only 4 professional sports teams, period. The Patriots, The Red Sox, The Yankees and The Cowboys, to them no one else matters.

  20. kh Says:

    “I have always hated the fact that Peyton Manning has had to go it alone essentially. Manning has made all his WRs who they are. Why does Freeman have to MAKE his WRs good?”

    Good grief, you gotta be kidding me?

    Marvin Harrison was on the 2000’s all-decade team you moron. Reggie Wayne?!? Buy a clue.

  21. ATLBucsFan Says:

    I don’t have a problem with what Jaws says. We’re young and inexperienced. We’ll get there.

  22. RastaMon Says:

    The teams weakest position is RUNNING BACK….all of this years frustations will attributed to the defense….The 2011 Bucs DO NOT a running game to make it anywhere close to “Play Off ” talk

  23. td32 Says:


    The “More or Less” segment, set the line for the Bucs total wins at 8 wins. Gruden said over, and I cant remember what Jaws said. Think he had the Bucs pegged at 8 or 9 wins.

  24. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Wrong FreemanforPres: Williams ANd benn ran 4.53 and 4.57 respectively, very pedestrian. In fact, Sammy stroughter a known possession receiver ran faster than both.

    Jaws is right on. Free is excellent, Williams and Blount have skills, Benn shows signs of physicality but who knows what he can do for 16 games.

    There is no top end speed on this offense. That makes it easier on the defense.

    There offense will be productive but it could be top 10 with a couple of more weapons, a long the lines of a Desean Jackson, Julio Jones, Greg Jennings, Pierre Garçon type. Too bad free agency is the anti-Christ.

  25. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Btw: the experts are coming down more and more frequently on the side of us “haters.” I appreciated Ira’s honesty today on talk-radio involving many of these subjects. This list is growing longer of those in disagreement with the “plan” and the motivation behind it – whether it is mostly motivated by cost-cutting.

    If these team under-performs this year and real improvements starting with the head coach and defensive coordinator aren’t made, you may see rock-bottom fan interest. yes, including the 80’s to mid 90’s.

    My anecdotal poll of associates who follows he team closely, is really down to just 1 remaining who has kept his season tickets and is in approval of what is going on. I believe my data is confirmed by the empty-seats and community apathy.

  26. jason Says:

    Hey Joe are you going to be doing the football pick em again this year? It was alot of fun whipping you last year I know you want some payback lol.

  27. Garv Says:

    My data say 2.2 is an asshole.

  28. BigMacAttack Says:

    I am a homer, most definitely, but those that are doubting this receiving corps before the first game of the season are next to clueless, including Jaws. If they don’t produce any results by the 3’rd game of the season, I may be inclined to go along with that theory, but right now, no way. It is too early to tell and based on last year’s performance by this unit, all of the receivers that will make the roster have proven themselves very capable. It definitely takes blocking up front and that is the key to this whole equation, both run game and passing. No blocking, no production, but look for changes to the offensive line personnel by the 3’rd game if these “highly paid veterans” can’t get it done any better that what the pre-season has showed us. We’ll find out very soon, but it is uneducated at best to pull the plug on any of these players right now. If Jaws had watched all the Buc tape from last year, he wouldn’t have made such an uninformed statement. I for one am calling BS on that. Jaws and Chucky are both in the Buc hater crowd. I can understand Chucky’s reasoning, but he made his own bed, and Jaws shouldn’t lay down with him or he might wake up with fleas too.

  29. gotbbucs Says:

    weneed, what an ridiculous comment, qb’s make the reciever. and mike, im sure the fan bases for the saints and falcons would love to have you, take a hike.

  30. BigMacAttack Says:

    Again Thomas shows his stupidity by saying the team sucks before they have played a single yet. Either he is not a Buc Fan as we all suggest, or a little boy begging for attention. The reason only one his 3 friends in the entire world still has season tickets is because he is the only one with a job, and he hates Thomas so much he won’t even take him to the games anymore. T2 is D-baggin it all the way.

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    Damn Joe, you need to call an exterminator and kill the roaches.

  32. josh Says:

    Hey Joe, Will there be a JoeBucsFan Picks Pool this year?

  33. RichinNC Says:

    We don’t have a scary offense or even proven offense. I would not be scared if I was watching game film of this preseasons o-line.

    Win a few games with an unstoppable proven offense and then we will be scary.


    Really liking the cheerleader tryout pics. Nice addition.

  34. SHIVVER Says:

    The Bucs are lack one major thing on offense………… SPEED!!!!!!!!

  35. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Actually, Thomas, the numbers FreemanforPres gave were were their lowest times at the combine. What you gave was an average. Which means they are capable of running faster than their “official” time.

    And on your note that “the experts are coming down more and more frequently on the side of us haters.” Doesn’t that really depend on which expert? A large majority are in favor of the Bucs. I love how you leave that stuff out of your posts.
    LMAO at your “data”. Scum. Pure scum.

  36. Freeman4President Says:

    Hey jackass 2.2 I was using their pro day times not their combine times. I consider fastest timed as the measure of potential not just the 1 time they receive in the underware olympics. Oh yeah btw how come you never answer any of my questions when I ask you to point out technique flaws in the players you rip on….oh yeah you don’t k.ow the first thing about football. The closest trolls like you have been to a footbal field is your ps3 playing madden.

  37. Freeman4President Says:

    Btw Db 2.2 which of those receivers were available for us this or last off season? BTW my anecdotal poll says you’re a joke go follow the falcons tool.

  38. kh Says:

    lol at Thomas for calling 4.5 speed pedestrian! Anyone who has seen someone run a 4.5 wouldnt call that speed pedestrian.

  39. nick Says:

    a long the lines of a Desean Jackson, Julio Jones


    Julio Jones??? As of right now, he’s as good as Dexter Jackson, yeah the one your boy Gruden drafted in the 2nd round and ran a 4.3. And everyone knows it’s not the speed, it’s the route. Ask Jerry Rice.

  40. nick Says:

    And don’t go to the games. You’re probably the old guy behind me asking me to sit down on third down defense.

  41. Freeman4President Says:

    Mauha Deeb you might be right they may have run those at the combine..either way you were spot on…measure of potential speed…

  42. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    We should just scout like the Raiders, go after the player with the fastest 40 times. That has worked out so well for them. Thomas thinks just like Al Davis.

  43. Piratic Says:

    Joe, you definitely need a proofreader.

    Grammatical errors are not uncommon on this site, but to see “one” in a headline caption is a new low. Embarrassing.

  44. BigMacAttack Says:

    Thomas is more like festered pus squeezed from an Al Davis zit.

  45. Mike Mullen Says:

    Jaws is frustrated because Eagles have not won a championship since 1960.Bucs shut down the Vet and ruined opening day at Lincoln Field.All the film he professes to watch? Lazy anaylst.Mike Wiliams had 11 Td’s last year and Blount didn’t start until week 7.Learn to discern what these jounalists say.

  46. tommy Says:

    if it were just me who thinks thomas is such an idiot id have to rethink it, but mob rules!!!! you thomas are an idiot!!!! hate the bucs, hate tampa??? take 75 north loser!!

  47. Architek Says:

    Guys, I agree Thomas is a dirt bag but all I stated was I do not like Lumpkin or our backup RB situation when we could have had better. I also stated that the offense lacks explosion. I am good with our WR corps as long as we can produce but to threaten we must have threats. Don’t get me wrong, I love Benn and Williams production but make no mistake they are no Wallace or Desean Jackson but it’s ok because there are not many of those players. But i do see what Jaws is saying, let’s surround our qb with weapons to succeed.

  48. Danny Says:

    Bucs have some weapons on offense(Freeman,Blount,Williams,Winslow) &
    I expect Benn and Briscoe to play well also. It’s the O-line that has me worried.

  49. Buzzsaw Says:

    I agree, Piratic. I pointed this out over a year ago. I’m not sure if Joe is using some kind of phonetic “speech to script” software or if sports writers in general have lost the art of the written word. My guess is Joe is using an unpaid intern with 36Ds to do the proofreading. But it’s definitely gotten worse over time. Lots of people think sports fans are morons anyway and that they really don’t notice if you spell it “one” or “won”. I’m starting to believe they’re right. It’s a continuation of the dumbing down of America.

  50. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Just so everyone knows- Rejus Benn ran may have ran in the 4.4 range at the combine but dropped his time to 4.36 at his pro day. He has shown that pro day speed in a couple of his 40+ yard receptions from last year. Rejus is a true deep threat. Even if he isn’t the kind of guy who can run a 4.3 40 yard dash every single time he makes up for it by being one of the strongest receivers in the league. If he can refine his route running and master the art of the subtle pushoff he can become a true deep threat. As with most of the Bucs extremely young an promising players he just needs a little time to continue developing.

  51. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Buzzsaw- Get a life.

  52. Joe Says:


    Thanks for catching that. Corrected, and you are correct, Joe’s better than that.

  53. Joe Says:


    Nope. Just the two Joes doing this on top of their normal weekday gigs. Sadly, it doesn’t help to write at 2 a.m., but Joe has to feed the beast.

    Joe is human. And Joe will be the first person to admit AP style is not always proper grammar (sorry English teachers). However, to hire a copy editor would mean either Joe would have to double the ad revenue or go pay-per-read.

    Joe knows of no copy editor who will work for free.
    . Sadly, Joe doesn’t have any intern, much less one with 36Ds.

  54. Joe Says:


    Really liking the cheerleader tryout pics. Nice addition.

    You can think Joe’s new media partner WTSP-TV Channel 10 for that! 🙂 And click on through that image for more pictures.

  55. Joe Says:


    No, Buzzsaw raised a legitimate issue. He’s right. Joe needs to be a bit more careful. Sadly, one of the first things Joe learned in journalism school is that a reporter should never ever proof his own copy. Others will catch things an author of a piece will never notice.

    Sadly, Joe breaks that rule daily on this site. Not much of a choice however. 🙁

  56. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Jaworski is semi-right on this one. But only semi-right. The Mike Will + K2 #1 receiver elite tight end combo is enough to give a lot of coordinators a headache but not the best ones. However, if Rejus and Briscoe step up and fulfills the promise they showed in the 2nd half of last year then there aren’t many coordinators in the league that won’t be pulling their hair out over a legit four way #1 + #2 + oversized and dangerous slot receiver(Briscoe) + elite receiving tight end unit.

    At the end of the day Jaws is right in that there is no one receiver the Bucs have that really SCARES you. But how many teams have a receiver like that? Lions(Calvin Johnson)? Texans(Andre Johnson)? Cardinals(Fitzgerald)? Eagles(DeSean Jackson) Broncos(Brandon Lloyd) Falcons(Roddy White)?

    How many other receivers in the league force d-coordinators to revolve whole gameplans around them?

    Where Jaws is wrong is that many of the teams I just listed don’t have many receiving threats beyond the #1 receiver I just listed, whereas the Bucs do.

    I can’t think of many teams in the league with as many legitimate receiving threats as the Bucs even if none of them on their own are “scary”.

  57. admin Says:

    Other Joe here,

    @Buzzsaw — Agree with BigMacAttack that you need to get a life. ..Same for @Piratic. … Oh, Joe had a grammatical error. Oh, Joe mis-spelled a word in a caption. Oh, this represents the dumbing down of America. Get over yourselves. You won’t find any publications in the history of the written word that don’t have errors regularly. The nice thing in the 21st century is the ability to correct online writing. Not sure how fast you read Joe’s content when it’s posted, but a post is often edited shortly after it appears for grammar and spelling — just a function of a second or third read with fresh eyes. … … Joe knows nobody wants to read a bunch of poorly written garbage. That’s why most blogs fail — and a big reason this one has succeeded. Joe’s pleased to put his writing up against anyone around who’s cranking out the same style of content.

  58. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Joe- before buzzsaw and piratic complain- I haven’t seen them post a lot on here. If they posted daily they would have occasional errors just like anyone. What more do they expect from you two guys when you are providing a FREE blog(but more like a paid service in regards to quality of content) with CONSTANT updates!!! I see just as many if not more errors on a site like Pewter Report when they ARE a paid subscription service. If the most those two have to say about the topic you posted is to comment on a single spelling error then why bother posting at all. I know a lot on here don’t love Jim Rome but one of his favorite sayings is very apropos here- “Have a take or go home”.

    Keep up with the constant flow of Bucs news and chat fodder Joes, even if it means an occasional spelling error.

  59. Joe Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Beckles. Much appreciated.

    Trust Joe, this is a labor of love for him.

  60. Piratic Says:

    Other Joe (admin):

    The First Joe wrote a “thank you” for pointing out an obviously fundamental error, was contrite while doing so, and even went so far as to profess that it’s a legitimate issue. That was an excellent example of being responsible for your actions.

    You, on the other hand, took the low road. Instead of flinging insults at me for pointing out that your site posted something embarrassing, you should be mad at yourself for allowing it to happen all too often. Furthermore, you should take that anger and channel it into making sure that your site is bulletproof against such rudimentary errors, because Buzzsaw was right, it HAS become worse over time. First Joe was right when he posted “Joe’s better than that.”

    OF COURSE “nobody (sic) wants to read a bunch of poorly written garbage.” And while I’ll agree that this site has prospered (in part) due to the amount of authoring that is performed here, First Joe has already stated: “Joe needs to be a bit more careful.”

    Finally, Other Joe (admin), you should be ashamed of yourself for telling your readers to “get a life” and to “get over yourselves”. Your arrogance will most assuredly dry up in a hurry when your readers decide to forego this site.

    Don’t you ever forget that.

  61. Piratic Says:


    Incorrect supposition. Regardless of how much I post, here or elsewhere, I ALWAYS MAKE EVERY EFFORT to ensure that my posts make complete sense.

    What more do I expect? That’s easy: A Top Buccaneers Blog!

    With their constant mentioning of how this site has blown up over the years comes the responsibility of producing a website that is far better than the rest, and typos and grammatical errors are indicative of mediocrity.

    If you want to debate Buccaneers football, bring it, but your feelings on this matter are irrelevant to me.

  62. Architek Says:

    @Piratic, dude don’t come around here trying to make a name for yourself by correcting someone’s grammatical errors. This is a FOOTBALL blog site. We have enough idiots taking up space as it is. We all have degrees, businesses, and our own lives that is monitored so I do not the use for clowns like you to come here and attack people. You’re lucky Joe or Joe replied to your asinine comments. People make mistakes but not for you to expound on. Talk Bucs or take your inadequate arse somewhere else because I will personally find every mistake or err you post. Beckles you are right, this newby is coming around and thinking he or she can talk crazy without being served. No sir, Thomas is the only non-Bucs fan allowed here to say stupid stuff.

  63. Dave Says:


    WOW… I guess Marvin harrison (Hall Of Famer) and Reggie Wayne are nothing without Manning to you? Laughable

  64. BigMacAttack Says:

    you do a great job, and don’t change a thing. Nick Houllis also does a great job as well, and I like what he writes for your blog too. I respect what you guys do on top of a full time job. I try not to judge a man unless I have walked in his shoes. I make an exception for Thomas. Talent like yours is hard to find and it makes up for any short comings. Keep on Rockin Guys, it’s going to be an interesting season.

  65. Brisbee Says:

    @Piratic — Frankly, I find it engaging and entertaining when Joe fires back sensible emotion at a commenter. So Joe, don’t listen to this guy’s high and mighty drivel.

  66. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Piratic — Oh, it’s ok for you to criticize and insult Joe’s work anonymously, but Joe fires back and you’re upset? Very thin skin. … So Joe should be “embarrassed” to make a mistake, to use your word. Well, Joe recognizes it’s a byproduct of humanity as it is everywhere else. Again, Joe puts all aspects of his content here up against anyone else.

    If you must know, since you know everything, Joe’s “arrogance” as you call it is far less prevalent here than it used to be. When Joe had 95 percent fewer readers, he was telling the legions of Joe haters here to take a walk if they don’t like it. And Joe has the same attitude. If you don’t like it, run for the hills. Joe’s just trying to keep it real and serve the fan base and his own interests. When Joe frets over reader criticism, then that’s the day Joe’s should hang it up, because this blog is not about pleasing anyone.

  67. Karl Says:

    Get Em Joe!
    The O line will be fine,we got a brand new O line coach,three O line Pro Bowlers,lots of depth.The Offence is always behind the Defence before the season.If I remember correctly the O line started slow last year also and still had 2 Pro Bowl Alt.

    Benn blew by Deangelo Hall last year in the Redskins game,go back and look at the film,He blew him out of the water.Benn was a Rookie.
    Williams had 11 TD’s last year,only C Johnson had more,12,remember Williams was a Rookie.
    Blount had a 1000 yds & wasn’t even on the team this time last year & started less than half of the season.Blount was a Rookie.
    Briscoe IS FAST and looked VERY promising at the end of last year.He also was not on the team this time last year.Briscoe was a Rookie.
    These rookies Will get better.
    K2 is an Amazing TE!
    EG is a solid 3rd down player (until one of the young guys steps up)
    Luke Stocker could be just what we need in a 2ND TE.
    This Offence is VERY YOUNG and will only get better.
    Jaws couldn’t believe the Bucs fired Gruden (His butt buddy for a long time)
    Yeah a lot of these young players are not fully proven yet but Jaws should understand what the Bucs are doing as far as rebuilding with youth and to say they don’t have enough weapons on Offence for Freeman with all this young talent is wrong because there’s not enough evidence to say that these young players wont be “enough weapons” for Freeman,yet.We will know a lot more about what kind of weapons we truly have this year on Offence very soon.But Jaws don’t know yet.
    All of the great WR’s in the league right now are Not the fastest WR’s even though Jaws never brought up speed as being a factor anyways.
    I believe the Bucs will be scaring DC’s before this year is over.

  68. Nate Says:

    Jon how about a lil faith in the bucs?

  69. BigMacAttack Says:

    I always liked Jon Gruden as our coach and hated to see him go. Since his dismissal he never says anything about the Bucs, good bad or indifferent. The Glazers paid him some $15 Mil over the last 3 years and I would expect him to be man enough to get over it and move on. It appears that Jon is still bitter, harbors resentment towards Raheem and his young team, and still only talks about the Saints when someone mentions the Bucs to him. I honestly expected more from Jon and thought he was a bigger man than that. I am glad to be going to the MNF Game so I don’t have to listen to him talk all things “Not Bucs”. Grow up Jon and pay a young coach, building a winning team the respect he deserves.