Black “On Point” With Defensive Calls

August 14th, 2011

As most fans know, Raheem Morris pulled the plug on rookie Mason Foster making defensive calls as a starting middle linebacker shortly before the preseason opener Friday.

The concept was simple: free Foster’s brain to let him play fast, plus the plan was for him to be off the field on most third downs anyway. Quincy Black got the headset to take over the playcalling duties.

So how did Black do? Raheem was extremely pleased, so he told reporters Sunday.

“He did a great job. First time out of the box to call the calls and really be on point. And plus with the two messed up personnel [situations on the field], you know, he handled that really nice,” Raheem said.

“Ronde lined up at SAM [linebacker]. [Quincy] lined up at mike [linebacker].And [Quincy] looked over and laughed and they giggled about it later.”

Raheem went on to say Black will continue to wear the headset and make defensive calls for the forseeable future. Raheem also said mental mistakes were very minimal with his first unit defense and he was extremely pleased.

At this point, Fosters’ priority is to play the run like an animal. Pretty much exactly what many pundits said Barrett Ruud wasn’t asked to do.

Joe finds this all very intriguing.

17 Responses to “Black “On Point” With Defensive Calls”

  1. SteveK Says:

    Foster looked good, like the “hit you” mentality and motor ge brings.

  2. Captain Stagger Says:

    Why this is a big win:

    Rah is adjusting the scheme to fit his personel. Ruud was a coverage & QB MLB and that is what he was asked to do. Foster is a run stuffer and it seems that is all he will be asked to do. So who is covering the TE’s on the deep seem routes?

  3. Tommy Boy Says:

    Waiting to see how Thomas Douche.Douche spins this into negative…

  4. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Hey all you chicken littles- Is the sky still falling? Did you really think the Bucs were just going to let Foster screw things up all season if he wasn’t ready to make the calls?

  5. Architek Says:

    Change is always good in any organization that is stagnent and the Bucs run defense was just that and change is here. God speed to the youngsters and I believe in them. All I know is I saw some thumping on the field that I haven’t seen in 4 years.

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I watched the Titans game just so I could see Locker (I’m a UW alum) and also see how Ruud fared with his new team. I must’ve watched Ruud on a dozen plays. I was not impressed. He was late to the pile almost every time and didn’t come close to putting a good hit on anyone. Same as it ever was. Which is to say: mediocre.

    As for Foster he was impressive with his speed, quickness, fearlessness and motor. But after re-watching the game I have to say I was also very impressed with Black and Clayborn. Those two guys were very active, physical and stood out on film. Kudos to Watson as well. I’m really liking our revamped LB corps.

  7. CharlieB Says:

    I’m pleased that Raheem is the kind of coach to fit scheme to personnel. Those are the best kinds of coaches. Schemes are tools not answers.

    Honestly, the biggest question for this unit was the run game. The only 2 plays where a real starter was in there he ran for 25 yards. I liked the hustle by the young guys, especially Foster on the botched snap recovery, but the Thomas Jones runs still looked ugly. I hope they try putting Foster, McKenzie, and Black in at the same time. Hayes misses too many assignments.

  8. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Bennett was the guy pushed out of position on Jones long run. He’s going to have to play better against the run if he wants to keep the starting spot at LDE.

  9. BOb Says:

    Hayes has always been too small for my liking. And after reading that post some days ago about how dominick wants to be a big defense, I wouldnt be surprised if we have another starting rookie linebacker to talk about next year.
    actually, this makes me think of something else. Does anyone else see the possibility of us drafting toward moving to a 3-4? Ok, the ends being clayborn and mcCoy and the big boy in the middle still needing to be drafted. Then your linebackers being black, foster, a drafted LB and then hayes or watson ???? Totally talkin out of myarse but hey……..maybe

  10. BOb Says:

    Also, did anyone see blount and penn get into it for a minute immediately after the “fight” that started with faine and one of the chiefs? A little surprised the four letter didnt jump all over that. Especially since that video of blount and that titan teamate of him getting into it didnt leave my damn screen until he was released by the team.
    It all started with penn coming to the aid of faine while getting into a glorified pushing match after one of the plays, blount went over and snatched penn up as if to say, ” hey, screw that guy, its not worth getting the penalty!” Penn didnt like the way blount grabbed him and basically tossed him aside. Then blount got mad himself and was talkin some serious trash to his teamate while running off the field (he was out for the next play).
    Anyway, it didnt look good at the time but stuff like that happens. Hell, I watched winslow and mack get into a pretty good physical fight last friday at training camp, but 30 seconds later they were best friends.
    Moral of the story? sometimes its better to be an under the radar small market team, otherwise we would have to sit and watch the video of that arguement over and over and over……………….

  11. Macabee Says:

    I think this will relieve some of the concern some of us had about the MLB position. That concern comes from our traditional understanding of the Tampa2 and the role the MLB played in that defense. I think the defensive scheme is evolving as well as the role of the LB in that scheme as shown by the predominant schemes deployed in the KC game. I think Morris eventually wants the Will, Mike, or Sam to be a function or role instead of a specific person. And he wants people (LBs) to be multi-functional -play 2 or more positions. The function may move and the man may move from one function to another depending on the play. Black may play sam on play x and play will on play y. This would create mass confusion for offenses, but would require cerebral, multi-functional LBs with size and speed. This may explain some of the personnel moves and the decision to make them now.

  12. Leighroy Says:

    Bob, I might even say the 4th OLB is already on this team and we may not need to draft anyone; Daquan Bowers could be a nasty pass rushing OLB. Just an opinion tho….

    I think you’re on the right track, but 4-3 will always be our base. But Raheem has shown the range to go to 3-4 and 3-3-5 as well, which I think is really smart. If anything we’ve started to draft for versatility, and when this defense matures, omg.

    I think we saw the potential on display that night. But considering KC’s line and Jamaal Charles not toting the rock for the Chief’s I would still temper my optimism for complete turnaround success this year. We still need to prove it against 1st string competition in reg. season.

  13. Leighroy Says:

    Macabee, I think you’re spot on too brother. Seems like even Rah is adjusting and growing this year like his youngry team….

  14. Macabee Says:

    BOb, I think Morris’ hydrid idea – some 4-3, some 3-4, some 3-3-5 is catching on. The Patriots are the latest to join the movement (see NationalFootballPost).

  15. Brandon Says:

    Macabee, all 3-4 teams have 4-3 packages, the Pats have run 4-3 looks many times throughout the seasons… I don’t think it is catching on, I think the media is only now noticing.

  16. Macabee Says:

    Brandon, according to YahooSports-Shutdown Corner, you’re right. They believe that the reports that the Patriots are moving to a 4-3 front is overbaked and probably inaccurate. They further say that Belichick practically invented the hybrid front some 30 years ago with the Giants.

  17. mjmoody Says:

    Again, this is exactly what Brooks did when Ruud came into the starting MLB role. Joe called it, as did other football fans. I’m surprised how short on faith some of the faithful are. When Ra said Grimm is going to start he earned some. So far, I’m pleased. The play down the line against the QB was a thing of beauty.