“We’ll Be Taking Our Own Players Out To Dinner”

July 26th, 2011

No surprise that rockstar general manager didn’t stray far from his we-take-care-of-our-own mantra during his afternoon press conference today.

Dominik didn’t engage in much that would make anyone listening believe the Bucs would be players for big-name free agents. (Sorry, Nnamdi-lovers.) Of course, that could change quickly. But still, that was Dominik’s tone.

The GM even went so far to say that he is eager to wine and woo the Bucs’ homegrown free agents because they deserve it. Though Barrett Ruud sure didn’t seem to be in the club.

“We’ll be taking our own players out to dinner,” Dominik said.

Bucs icon Ronde Barber wasn’t the least bit surprised, so he told J.P. Peterson this afternoon on 1010 AM. Per Barber, the Bucs don’t roll any other way.

“I’ve been here 15 years and we’ve never been overactive players in free agency,” Barber said.

Given the apparent likelihood of Ruud being gone, Joe’s wondering whether Davin Joseph was really serious when he said a factor in his decision in free agency would be whether guys like Ruud, Jeremy Trueblood and others returned to the Bucs.

Joe highly doubts that.

34 Responses to ““We’ll Be Taking Our Own Players Out To Dinner””

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    It’s all about the big CHECK.

    Sign the dotted line.


  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    “Hey Barrett, we brought you back a couple double cheese burgers from McDonalds. We don’t want you to lose any more strength”

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    “Good luck coaching Mighty-Mites in Nebraska”

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    “Sorry, I mean Flag. No contact right?”

  5. BucFan941 Says:


    all day..watch nfl network to keep updated..for you guys with brigthhouse

  6. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    They need to sign their free agents (except for Quincy “Jane” black and maybe True) in addition to some high end UFAs in order to advance into second place in the division.

    I know they won’t unless the hard salary cap floor isn’t fully effective now. I haven’t heard when the new floor requirement becomes effective or what the penalty is for failure to meet it. knowing then cheap as- Glazers, if the penalty is less $ than they would have to spend to make the floor – the Glazers will pay the penalty. Any opportunity to save a penny.

  7. barton1017 Says:

    so if we dont sign a big name free agent how in the name of zueses butt hole are we gna reach the cap floor? Johnson just got a 6 yr $72mil contract from the Panthers, if were gonna over pay to reach the floor then why not over pay Ray Edwards or Reggie Bush? i think Bush would be absolutly amazing in this offence, jst think if Free can aviod a few rushers and just 1 LB then dumps it off to Bush! wow forget Nnamdi lets sit back with a “Blount and a Bush”! it almost markets itself. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!

  8. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @barton1017 — Some around the JoeBucsFan headquarters (translation: one of the Joe’s) would love to seee Ray Edwards on the left side and the rookies rotating in at the ends.

  9. MOBucs Says:

    Not even 12 hours into FA and some are already bitching! Laughable!

  10. Fernando Says:

    Not signing Ruud is a mistake!! When you have a strike short season. Not good.

  11. barton1017 Says:

    @ Joe

    so how do we get this to the “powers that be” we wont need Nnamdi if we can generate some pass rush and take the pressure off our DBs! i say put all our eggs in the Edwards Bush baskets! then give Free an extention. god i love this team!! BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!

  12. BucFan941 Says:

    ill take Ray Edwards

  13. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    admin Says:
    July 26th, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    Joe here,

    @barton1017 — Some around the JoeBucsFan headquarters (translation: one of the Joe’s) would love to seee Ray Edwards on the left side and the rookies rotating in at the ends.


    I completely agree. If we’re going to spend in FA, it should include a vet or two on the DLine. Edwards and Cullen Jenkins together would do more for this team than Asomugha. Everyone wants to anoint Suh as the second coming (which I agree with half the time) forgets how many years of experience he had around him. Just because we got 10 wins out of all those rookies last year, doesn’t mean we’re entitled to those wins this year. Why put so much pressure on Clayborn/McCoy/Bowers/Miller/Price??

  14. Jerry Says:

    Doesnt surprise me at all. We have by far the cheapest owners in the NFL.

  15. TopDoggie Says:

    @Jerry hopefully this new cap floor will eliminate the cheapness.

  16. Eric Says:

    Not really 15 years Ronde, more like 8 or so.

    At one time, they wanted to win and would pay the price(and did).

    Days gone by I am afraid.

  17. barton1017 Says:

    @ Eric

    im pretty sure that Ronde is entering his 15th season with the Bucs, unless your being sarcastic but i dont see where the sarcasim would come into play. hes been a great playeer for the orginazation and possibly a hall of famer. but i agree with the cheap ownership and days gone by.

  18. barton1017 Says:

    oh i almost forgot BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!

  19. gotbbucs Says:

    Different year, same cry baby BS. If the Bucs don’t sign somebody within the first ten minutes of free agency everybody is up in arms.
    This is a ridiculously close locker room, Dominik is not going to upset that by throwing a $15-20 million salary in that room. Everybody wants to be a perrenial winner like the Colts, Pats, Steelers, and Packers but nobody wants to stick to the blueprint that brings you that kind of success.
    Dominik will sign a couple FA’s, and I don’t think they’ll be nobodies, so hold your horses. He’s never been one that wanted to jump in early, but there are still tons and tons of FA’s that aren’t going to make any decisions until after the Friday shotgun start to official signings. This is not over people.

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    I could definitely see Dom signing Reggie Bush. That one makes sense. He is a 3’rd down nightmare and can return kicks like thunder…… when he’s healthy. I heard he would like to play here and he knows the Saint’s playbook. This one FA has value and the price may be right, not cheap, but right. I agree with Edwards, but I don’t think Dom would do it unless he couldn’t get Crowder back. Not that Crowder is better by any means, but I think Dom has a lot of confidence in the players he has, now that Price should be ready to go soon.

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    FYI, there is a big difference between smart and cheap. It takes a little business sense to understand this.

    Live like a king, die like a pauper.

  22. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Yes! PFT is reporting that the Bucs and Cowboys are in a “dog fight” over the signing of Doug Free. This is the guy I REALLY, REALLY wanted the Bucs to target in free agency to replace Trueblood. I live in Dallas and watched Free play lights out last year. Come on, Dominik! Kick Jerry Jones’ ass and sign this guy!

  23. Eric Says:

    Love Ronde, I meant that the bucs have stopped being legit FA participants for about the last eight years, not 15.

    Ronde is awesome.

  24. Brandon Says:

    Yeah, read about the “dog fight” between the Cowboys and Bucs. I would think we have a lot more to deal with than the Cowboys… they still want to make some kind of splash in free agency, we still NEED to spend money. Free would solidify the RT position for years to come, could even play OG if he had to.

    I don’t see us having ANY interest in Reggie Bush. This team has not EVER (ok, just since Dungy) really gone out of their way to sign players that can’t stay healthy. Bush shouldn’t be any different. Darren Sproles is a far better option.

  25. BigMacAttack Says:

    Haven’t the Cowboys has Salary cap problems as of late, where as the Bucs are not even close.

  26. gotbbucs Says:

    BigMac, the Cowboys dropped a ton of salary earlier today when they got rid of Marion Barber and Roy Williams.

  27. MOBucs Says:

    Really hoping Dom can land Free without grossly overpaying for him. That guy added to the line would make for a scary bunch for a long time. Assuming Joseph re-signs of course.

  28. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Brandon’s never heard of Charlie Garner or Luke Petitgout…?

  29. jEsteR Says:

    Joseph is a done deal,if we land Free we will be nasty!!! Ruud is moving on?!$%I would still like to see Joseph the CB or Cromartie.the Colts are going to cut Robert Mathis would be a nice fit maybe Cullin Jenkins.Deangelo Williams or Reggie Bush would be great fits too!

  30. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Doug Free was going to get paid all along anyway, so it might as well be the Bucs who do it. He was ranked in the top 10-12 on most free agent lists I looked at. He’s a very good LT and projects to be a Pro Bowl caliber RT. It’s still about #5 and a top shelf RT goes a long way towards keeping with that philosophy.

  31. HolyBuc Says:

    Free signed with Cowboys 4 years $32 mil 17 guaranted…Adam Schefter reporting it on twitter.

  32. Niko (The Optimist) Says:

    I recall a day when the Bucs spent big money on Free Agency. Bert Emmanuel because the Bucs were a WR away from being dangerous, Keyshawn Johnson because the Bucs were one WR away from being dangerous, Simeon Rice, then the FLOOD of FA players for Grudens first year, Joe Jurevicious, Romen Oben, Kerry Jenkins, Michael Pittman, Ricky Dudley, etc. The first group gave the Glazers ulcers because they kept starting 3-4 even with these FA, then the second Group was the Alka Seltzer winning a SB, but the cap hell afterwards required another trip to CVS for more stomach remedies!

  33. Niko (The Optimist) Says:

    The Bucs will not add a corner, they are very sold on the ones they have. Even if Talib gets a 4 game suspension which is what I think is going to happen at some point, it may not happen until next year. E.J. Junior and Myron Lewis have sold the Bucs on their talents. Then the new crop thats coming in…

    secondary is a major strength of depth for the Bucs, not a need.
    RB, LB, those are needs.

  34. Dave Says:

    I got to believe Davin Joseph will be one of the first guys to ink a deal come Friday.