Rookie Free Agents Could Be First Priority

July 8th, 2011

Joe just doesn’t get Dull Patrick, never did.

His show is literally no different than BSPN radio schlock. The same lame, predictable topics (GASP! — Tom Brady was spotted with Gisele instead of working out… hey, LUH-bron dribbled a basketball… OMG, Derek Jeter farted!), only in a delivery that would make insomniacs want to chug a 24-ounce Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Throw in how he just slurps guests worse than a Tijuana businesswoman and acts like he’s some intimate of his guests, it makes Joe just want to vomit on his keyboard.

Look, Dull Patrick is so lame, the only time his show was remotely interesting was when he had Rob Dibble of all people as a co-host. Joe’s last attempt to listen to this feces was the day Indiana University fired Bob Knight, truly a sports news item of historic proportions. Dull Patrick whined like the little girl that he is, “I don’t want to talk about Knight, I want to talk about TY-gggeeerrr.”


And to think that someone in a position of decision-making authority actually was of the mind that the Tampa Bay area would prefer to listen to Dull Patrick over Bobby Fenton if you can imagine such a thing.

It drives Joe nuts seeing Dull Patrick — only because he’s an NBC employee — working the Stanley Cup Finals on NBC. This guy Dull Patrick likely wouldn’t even know what the hell a plus/minus is!

(And there are actually people out there that wonder why satellite radio exists.)

Anyway, Dull Patrick’s show got infinitely better yesterday when instead of Dull Patrick invoking traffic accidents by boring people to sleep, the great Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru of, hosted the show. Florio had Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik as a guest and Dominik had many interesting things to say.

One piece of speculation from Dominik was about how free agency will play out. Now when/if this asinine lockout ends, there will likely be a landrush to sign free agents. Dominik, so he told Florio, projected that the NFL could offer a window to target undrafted free agents immediately because the process wouldn’t have a lot of rules and is “a fairly simple process to get through.”

Then Dominik said the process could move to traditional free agents and, subsequently, put drafted rookie contracts on the backburner.

The reason for this would be that with a small window to sign players, getting rookie draft picks signed is not a priority. Thus the process for signing a rookie will be delayed. What is interesting about this is, as ProFootballTalk’s Gregg Rosenthal suggested, there could be a lot of holdouts when practices begin, perhaps more than usual.

Basically, Dominik and other NFL general managers will have about three months of work to do in about three weeks.

12 Responses to “Rookie Free Agents Could Be First Priority”

  1. mike Says:

    Dan is the man is great and his show great also.. I think its you no one likes talk out of third person all the time your trash

  2. Macabee Says:

    Somebody help me out here, because I thought that a rookie could not participate in training camp without a signed contract. If training camp starts in late July, this could be a real problem as they have already missed OTAs and mini-camp.

  3. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Joe, you seem to be beating around the bush about this guy. Tell us how you really feel lol

  4. Joe Says:

    Mauha Deeb:

    Joe, you seem to be beating around the bush about this guy. Tell us how you really feel lol


  5. Garv Says:

    Dan definitely think he’s funnier than he is but so be it. Rarely hear his voice anyway.

    As for free agents? I have complete faith that Mark Dominik and his FO team have done and are continuing to do their homework and will be ready to roll the moment this nonsense ends.

  6. brian Says:

    Joe you have your head so far up 620’s butt it shows. Dan has a great show and atleast he changes things up. With your boys ron and ian it’s a the same jokes everyday and half the sahow is spent talking about sponsors. Check out 1010 it has more quality radio even though they don’t promote you does not mean they suck. Show some class and knowledge since your in the media business. I love your sight but things like this make you look bad.

  7. Captain Stagger Says:

    I’ll take 1 Mario Harvey, 1 Herzlich, 1 Maehl, and a RB (Grigsby, Spann, Locke, or Devine) in that order..:) Get it done Dom!

  8. McBuc Says:

    Great rant Joe, you need to spin one of these up every now and then…third person or not, it does not look like Mike will be a literary threat to you any time soon.

  9. ReaderM Says:

    Eh..Have to disagree with the Joe for the post here on the Dan Patrick Show. I honestly enjoy it very much. While I’m not going to get into a point on point breakdown of your rant since that is your own humble opinion on the matter, IMO your assertion that slurps his guest worse then a “Tijuana businesswoman ” is just wrong. Ye es, your critique of him being intimate with his guest are correct but honestly, one of the reasons why I like his show so much is that he never afraid to actually ask hard questions to his guest and go as they like to say on the show “jawbreaker” with them even if he does act like that at times.He asks pointed&hard questions in a Jon Stewart, I don’t need to raise my voice or act indignant manner to get my point across all the time. The L.A Times actually did a good write up of the show if you ever care to read it.

    Also like how a certain member of the blog network that the Joes’ are part of in did, the Dan Patrick show is a great medium of not only blending in Sports coverage but also with media & celebrity matters. All in all, I find it a very nice alternative to the normal “shock and radio schlock talk that other radio sports radio stations put on, but we each have our own different taste and opinions so to each their own right. Wouldn’t be the first and def not the last in which I heavily disagree with an opinion an author has typed on here;just thought I would share mine also.

    As to the topic at hand, think it says a lot of the Bucs Front Office philosophy in that signing drafted rookie Free Agents come before veteran FA’s. It make logistic sense but think it also another example of them preferring to groom in house talents over signing veteran.

  10. Brandon Says:

    If the new CBA goes the way it should, signing rookies will be no problem and will be dealt with on the predetermined slotting process a player was drafted in.

  11. Brandon Says:

    Undrafted free agents? Mmmmmm, now there’s a topic I can get excited about. There are quite a few guys out there that would be very attractive to us to sign.

    Pat Devlin-fairly smart, accurate enough passer that could make a roster
    Josh Portis-very athletic with strong arm, could be a Wildcat QB
    Jeff Van Camp-Tampa area product with good size and experience, should be in if the Bucs have a rookie tryout camp

    Derrick Locke-speedy change of pace back that excels in the passing game
    Mario Fannin-jack of all trades with fantastic speed and good receiving skills
    Noel Devine-change of pace runner
    Brandon Saine-intriguing measurables

    Henry Hynoski-big lead blocker that doesn’t offer much special teams, running, or receiving threat value

    Ricardo Lockette-great speed and good size, very raw but could become a downfield threat
    Terrence Tolliver-Very good size, decent speed
    Jeff Maehl-productive and quick, good slot WR option
    Dane Sanzenbacher-see Maehl but not as quick, tall, or as productive
    Vidal Hazelton-lots of ability coming off an ACL
    Armon Binns-Good hands, good size

    Deandre Brown (ex-WR)-6’5 233, runs well for his size, should be converted to TE
    Schuyler Oordt-intriguing measurables
    Weslye Saunders-supposedly uber-talented but 2 cent head. Could be another Raheem reclamation project
    Andre Smith-very good size and hands

    Willie Smith-pretty good feet
    Mike Smith (Nebraska)-former TE with good athleticism but little size and strength
    David Mims-small school Goliath, 6’8 330 lbs with decent strength and athleticism.

    Zane Taylor-tons of experience at C and G, is a figher
    Ryan Bartholomew-a combine star in both running and lifting, very short

    Danny Aiken-probably best LS available which is important with Economos injured

    Ugo Chianasa-great frame and good speed, not much production or power
    Pierre Allen-has prototype LDE measurables. Doesn’t get off blocks nor a pure pass rusher
    Zane Parr-excellent size, pretty good speed for LDE
    Steven Friday-DE/LB tweener that has speed to be a nickel rusher
    Tom Keiser-DE/LB tweener that is an intense competitor

    Mario Harvey- 6′ 250 and can fly (sub 4.5). Was EXTREMELY productive in college and at the very least, a core special teams player. How he went undrafted is nuts. London Fletcher 2.0.
    Mark Herzlich-smart, instinctive with a great frame. Could regain more athleticism as he recovers from cancer
    Adrian Moten-small and fast in mold of T-2 LBs of old
    Mike Morgan-small and fast (sub 4.5) in mold of T-2 LBs of old AND played for a year under Monte Kiffin at USC. Much better athlete than football player right now
    Keith Harbut-know very little about him other than he played at Baldin-Wallace and at his pro day he measured 6’4 230, ran 4.38, jumped 38 inche and 10’6, and benched 26 reps. Played DE in college and had 10.5 sacks and 43 tackles in 10games. Pretty good stats for Div III, but what an impressive athlete!
    Eric Gordon-started 52 games in career at SS and LB and was extremely productive. Has very good speed and also fits into the T-2 LB mold.

    Kendric Burney-small, slow productive CB
    Jason teague-lengthy CB with pretty decent athletic ability
    Josh Gatlin-lengthy small school CB with great quickness and speed
    Ryan Jones-good sized fairly athletic small school CB

    Devon Torrence (CB)-played CB at Ohio St but I would rather see him as a FS

    DeAndre McDaniel-good sized hitter with decent athletic ability
    Deaunta Williams-highly rated going into final season, has pretty good size and athletic ability.
    Jeron Johnson-athletic safety with decent size
    Jarrard Tarrant-decent sized S with good striking ability
    Joe Lefeged-decent sized S with excellent athletic ability that he doesn’t quite play up to.

    P Chas Henry-booming punter that could provide training camp competition.

    If I could handpick 6-8 guys from my list of who I would like the most…

    RB Derrick Locke
    WR Ricardo Lockette
    TE Deandre Brown
    LS Danny Aiken
    DE Steven Friday-we still need healthy DEs
    DE Pierre Allen
    LB Mario Harvey-these LBs would be great special teamers
    LB Eric Gordon

  12. Captain Stagger Says:


    Thanks for getting us back on an interesting topic….take a look at RB Nic Grigsby…I like this guy allot. He’s top of my list, 4.2 with great hands and production. For what maehl lacks in size, he makes up for with heart and production. Herzlich and Harvey are must haves!