Not Looking Good For Ruud’s Return

July 26th, 2011

Sounds like Raheem won't get his quarterback

As one might expect, Bucs rockstar general manager was peppered with questions today about Barrett Ruud at his 4 o’clock news conference. The GM was given every opportunity to give Ruud an endorsement, but it never happened.

Instead, Dominik deflected some questions about Ruud toward discussion of “Mike linebacker” Mason Foster.

Maybe Dominik’s focus on Foster was more contract negotiating ploy than anything else, but that remains to be seen. However, the GM previously had repeatedly said through the offseason that a priority was re-signing his own free agents.

Dominik announced that Foster has signed a four-year contract, and Dominik said he’s very confident that his coaching staff has proven itself with young players last year.

“Young players will be able to blend in quickly,” Dominik said. “In four weeks, [Ted Larsen] was our starting guard.”

Dominik went on to cite Larsen, LeGarrette Blount and Dezmon Briscoe has proof guys can develop and be ready to play at a high level quickly.

After hearing the news conference, Joe would put the odds of Ruud returning at about 10 percent.

50 Responses to “Not Looking Good For Ruud’s Return”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Look, I don’t think Ruud is anything great, he’s ok. But they’re really playing with fire by expecting a 3rd round rookie LB to come in right away and perform up to Ruud’s level

  2. jvato24 Says:

    I think we will let Ruud walk .. then everyone will Pine for Poluszny and Barnett and we will pass on them also … Although dangerous I believe we will let McKenzie and FOster battle

    But Barnett would be a smart deal .. 3 year deal with 2 year opt out

  3. McBuc Says:

    Agreed Joe, I was way off on this one. I thought they would sign him for sure. It also sounded like the Nmandi (or however he spells his name) is not coming either.

  4. Bob Says:

    Im going to be completely honest, Dom keeps stating how he wants to “re-sign his own” and building without going into FA but is signing Davin Joseph and possibly Barret Ruud really going to get even close to hitting the cap floor…..Not even remotely close

  5. Dan Says:

    well obviously dominik saw it differently than i did haha o well trust his decisions

  6. woo Says:

    It was a lot more blunt than you characterize it Joe. It wasn’t deflecting. He was asked to characterize the state of the negotiations with Ruud and his answer was essentially “It’s important to remember we just signed Mason Foster” and then, as you said, continued to refer to him as their Mike linebacker. That’s less than 10%… that’s in the same ballpark as Brett Favre unretiring again… and this time he’s serious.

    I thought it was interesting that he showed how much he wanted Joseph back and that he was willing to let Caddy find his market value. This isn’t really news but it’s pretty telling to see the difference in each one’s situation.

  7. Patrick Says:

    I’ve never seen Barnett play, but I just looked up his stats and he doesn’t really seem any better than Ruud.

  8. Picked Off Says:

    I think all the speculation has more to do with Dominik having a great poker face. Why would he show his hand here? He has nothing to gain by announcing his plans. I think we would learn by now that he’s got a lot more going on below the surface.

    We’ll have to see how it plays out, but I don’t blame him for not focusing on Ruud, Caddy or any of the other UFAs out there. I don’t really have a reason to doubt him….yet.

  9. Dave Says:

    First rookie to sign a contract: Mason Foster.

    Mark D is becoming even more awesome.

  10. Dave Says:

    PATRICK says
    “I’ve never seen Barnett play, but I just looked up his stats and he doesn’t really seem any better than Ruud.”

    No offense, but you sound like another person who just does not get it.

    Stats are for baseball.

    Ruud can have 200 tackles while chasing people 7 yards down field because he couldn’t get off his block or the RB ran him over in the hole….

    I don’t know about Barnett either, but I am pretty sure there is not a SOFTER MLB in the league than Ruud.

    Let McKenzie or Faoster learn on the fly.

  11. Jesse Says:

    “I’ve never seen Barnett play, but I just looked up his stats and he doesn’t really seem any better than Ruud.”

    Implying stats of defensive players are good indications of their talent.

  12. Patrick Says:


    You said: “Let McKenzie or Foster learn on the fly.”

    Good luck trying to make a playoff push with two rookie DE’s, two unproven DT’s, and a rookie MLB. Don’t forget the possibility that Talib gets cut/suspended and we don’t get Asomugha. Don’t forget that we have a much harder schedule this year.

  13. OB Says:

    Joe, doesn’t this position on defense wear the helmet with the radio, the one that Raheem would be talking to on the field like the QB? I am with you on the tackles downfield but I don’t know enough to say was this due to the play of others or just him.

  14. Pete Dutcher Says:

    No offense, but what exactly are stats? A written record of a players ability and production.

    You say they don’t matter? I say you are mistaken. If you look deep enough, there are stats on everything. And when you take all of them into mind, they always tell an accurate story.

    I believe heart plays a role…yes…but heart can be measures by stats. If a guy isn’t doing well, he clearly does not have enough heart.

    A perfect example is the top CB in the FA this year. His picks are low. If that were the only stats you looked at, he wouldn’t look any good.

    But when you look at passes defended and other things, he shows up as elite.

    Stats don’t lie. People just have to take all of them into consideration.

  15. Dew Says:

    I just think the Bucs don’t plan to give Ruud the longterm deal he wants. But I do expect them to hire a veteran like Barnett to play until Foster or someone else is ready.

  16. Nick2 Says:

    The tears are rolling down my cheek. Lets sign another middle linebacker veteran and let him mentor Mason Foster and the problem is solved. I would have rather had one of our backup middle linebackers start instead of Ruud anyway. All of these people who argue that our system is too complex to be learned in a short period of time needs to watch tapes from last year where our run defense was gashed over and over and over and ofcourse Barret Ruud had nothing to do with that he’s only our middle linebacker he can’t play every position (garbage.) Apparently Mr. Ruud didn’t have our system down either he was repeatedly out of his lane last year. I wish people would actually watch the Bucs play before they called Ruud a runstopper. Thats just unbelievable.

  17. Fish Says:

    Patrick – we made a playoff push last year with half of our team being rookies.

    I just checked some of the other transcripts and I would put the percentage of re-signing Ruud at about 1%, Joe. Dominik basically shot down every question pertaining to Ruud and, like Joe mentioned, literally endorsed Foster the entire time. He mentioned McKenzie once or twice, but it seems like he may just provide a short-term bridge to Foster IF they need it.

    Check this:

    Foster is the man, now, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I also love how direct Dom is – it’s kind of a breath of fresh air after being in the dark for so long.

  18. Nick2 Says:

    Pete you are right. I will bet no middle linebacker in the NFL ran down more players from behind than Barrett Ruud. In fact if you take out those glancing shoelace tackles that he makes so he can preserve his NFL career I will bet you take out 90% of those statistical tackles. In this situation statistics are for losers and lie. To judge a middle linebacker you have to watch film not look at how many tackles he has.

  19. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Foster’s being groomed but you can bet your azz that McKenzie will be the opening day starter at MLB. I’m not worried one little bit. McKenzie is ready to take the helm at that position and I’m excited as all get-out to see what he can bring. My money is on him bringing a lot.

  20. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    As for Ruud’s numbers, any starting MLB who plays all 16 games in the NFL will have over 100 tackles. Big deal. The fact is, most tackles came 4-7 yards away from scrimmage.

    Most teams ran up the gut on us the past two years so the RB was smack in the middle of Ruud’s area. Of course he had lots of opportunities to make tackles. That by itself means nothing whatsoever about his talent or value to the team. In fact, through his words today Dominik made it quite clear how much he values Ruud: very little. That says it all.

    Ruud has above average intelligence, average physical ability and way below average physicality & toughness. Won’t be missed.

  21. Patrick Says:

    You’re kidding. McKenzie starting? Wasn’t he on the practice squad not too long ago?


    Yes, we won with a lot of rookies last year. Raheem and Dom did a great job finding young talent but really, a lot of luck came with it too. Be realistic, you can’t expect every guy we get to be a Mike Williams, Blount, or Cody Grimm in their first year.

  22. MOBucs Says:

    Dom mentioned every single MLB on the Bucs roster (even the rookie free agent he had signed mere moments before) except Ruud! Adios Barrett. Good luck.

  23. Kevin Says:

    Well, 3 hours ago I posted that I hoped Ruud was resigned… guess that isn’t in the cards. I thought Dom was very clear in the presser that Ruud is out. Oh well, next man up! I just want to see some football! Can’t wait for Friday at 5:15…

  24. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    No I’m not kidding. McKenzie will start. Write it down in ink if you have to. He’s far more talented and knows this defense far better than you realize, and he’s known to be just as intelligent as Ruud and an extremely hard worker with very high character. I’m so certain I’d put money on it. No doubt.

  25. Patrick Says:

    What about Lamarr Woodley?

  26. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    There aren’t any more MLB spots left for Woodley or anyone else. Teams usually keep two players at each LB position on the 53 man roster. Dominik made it clear today he considers Foster to be a MLB for the Bucs. That fills the two slots right there with McKenzie and Foster.

    At WLB we have Hayes and at SLB we have Watson and most likely Hayward. That leaves one WLB spot left to be filled. If we re-sign Black at SLB then Hayward can easily back up Hayes on the other side since he knows the defense so well.

    In any event we have 5 LB’s almost for sure already. If Black re-signs that makes 6. All spots filled in that case. If Black doesn’t re-sign then we have room for one more LB.

    How would Woodley fit into all this? I don’t see it.

  27. gotbbucs Says:

    give it up patrick. i’ve read plenty of your posts to know that you’re in way over your head buddy.

  28. Eric Says:

    Who needs an experienced Middle Linebacker.


  29. Bucnjim Says:

    Yeah Eric; maybe we won’t be LAST again in run defense! So valuable!

  30. D-Rome Says:

    Great! We’ll be last in pass defense and the D-Line still won’t be able to stop anybody on the run.

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    I can’t say it quite yet, but I will any way. I told you idiot Ruud lovers he won’t be back. Dom would have signed him last year if was so great. Again “Film doesn’t lie”.

    Dom has McKenzie and he praised him today, Foster whom he specifically said was brought in to play the Mike, and then he signed another undrafted rookie MLB today. What does that tell you, Ruud lovers? It tells me Pat Kirwan doesn’t know Jack Squat about the Bucs.

    In Dom We Trust.

    Ruud’s 15 minutes of fame are up and he will be out of the NFL by 2012′.


  32. Bucnjim Says:

    The D line had the same run stats as Atlanta 7th and New Orleans 15th. Stop trying to blame an improved Defensive line for Ruud’s shortfalls

  33. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    It has to be negotiating leverage. Surely these guys aren’t this clueless.

  34. McBuc Says:

    Now that T2 chimed in, I am 110% on the other side.

  35. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    bwahahahaha I love that all the Ruud homers won’t get their way. Ruud reminds me of that kicker from the Replacements with his tiny arms and chest. I see high school kids that look much more the part of a MLB than Ruud does at age 28? I don’t even know how old he is, I’m just thrilled he’s good as gone.

  36. BamBamBuc Says:

    Personally, I don’t care if we resign Ruud or go with a young guy or get a FA. Whatever they do, I’m hoping will be in the best interest of the team, both short term and long term.

    However, in response to all those who say the tackles don’t matter, especially because they were 4-7 yards downfield, I must take offense. The object of the game is to keep the opponent from scoring while scoring yourself. When a team scores, there is no tackle. If there is a tackle, that means the opponent didn’t score. No matter where the tackle was made, the tackle is important. It means we prevented a score. I should add that some of those tackles 7 yards downfield were basically score saving tackles, which made them even MORE important. For those crying about Ruud being run over by Chris Ivory, I’ll say that Ivory was one of the most proficient at breaking tackles in the NFL last year (along with Blount), and that was one play of the game. He also made many plays in that game at the line of scrimmage, and forced a fumble at the goal line. For those that have yelled about the Redskins game and Torrain getting 150 yards in the first half, I’ve watched the game many times over and the zone blocking and Torrain’s running in that scheme were very well done, just as Shannahan was able to do in Denver. Ruud made some very good adjustments to the “cut back” lane to slow that running approach in the 2nd half.

    No, I’m not saying keep Ruud. I am saying he has been valuable to this defense even if he’s been run over from time to time or the D (yeah, all 11 of them) has been poor against the run.

  37. Capt.Tim Says:

    Sad. Ah, as I’ve said all along, we would lose Ruud. I know none of you realized this yet- Ruud doesn’t want to resign, and has a better offer with another team. As I’ve been saying for months- Ruud has mote value to a traditional defense than we can pay for a MLB in the Tampa 2. Raheem badly wanted Ruud back. All the experts( NOT you guys) said we desperately needed Ruud back . He’s not coming back- Because he doesn’t want to. While they are still throwing money at him, it is pretty apparent He doesn’t want to come back.

    So we’ll have a rookie, with no Otas and a shortened off season, playing MlB and calling our defense- and some of you are happy?? You are clueless.

    One wasted year in the Freeman era.

  38. Jonny Says:

    Capt. Tim, do you have any source or proof that it is Ruud that does not want to be back in Tampa? I am quite confident your post is an attempt to cover up for a guy our management does not want to bring back.

  39. Fish Says:

    Capt. Tim, you kind of sound like an insecure jackass. Who cares if you’ve been saying that all along and is what’s funny is that the Bucs have rejected to signing him to a long-term deal for years. You sure it was Ruud’s choice? Sure as hell seemed like Dom was ready to move on by his own accord. He doesn’t want to come back anymore because the team has passed on extending him for a while, now, and he’s sick of the rejection.

    Either way, it doesn’t matter because they found THEIR (the current regime, not Gruden/Allen) guy in the 3rd round this year. One wasted year??? Our run defense has been a joke with Ruud at the helm. Have you seen the film on Foster? He looks like a beast – something Ruud has never looked like.

    Even the Ruud supporters haven’t attempted to call him anything more than “intelligent” and “the defensive leader.” Ask Freeman or Gerald McCoy how long it takes to become a leader – oh wait, that’s specifically a focus of just about ALL the players the Bucs have targeted since Dom took over.

    Literally the only reason to keep Ruud was because of the shortened offseason, but that’s a weak answer and we know the current team always has an eye on the future (which is awesome – especially considering Gruden/Allen’s deficiencies in that area).

    Honestly, I could make like 7 more points to prove you wrong, but I’m getting bored, so this is all you get.

  40. m.wesley Says:

    Like I have said all summer if he was so great wheres the pro bowl wheres the top 100,wheres the top linebacker money,he is a great guy but not a great linebacker Ruud knew he was gone at the end of the season,I cant believe we have fans that actually tried to justify him not laying a hit on someone,the same experts that said he is great are the same ones that said we would win 2 games last year the same ones that said we reached for Freeman and lets not forget the great Steve White remember he also said he could teach Bennet a few moves and turn him into a beast but couldnt do it for himself

  41. m.wesley Says:

    Talib is staying looks like im 2 for 2 Capt.Tim

  42. Capt.Tim Says:

    “Foster looks like a beast on film”. He has never played a single down in the NFL- and he looks like a beast.. Incredible . I guess he has mastered our defense, without ever being in camp or being coached also! Idiots! Yes, if any of you could “read and comprehend” , I’ve said all summer that We would not pay Ruud what he could get from another team, as MLB is not that critical in our Scheme. But what I also said is that his lose, with no one to replace him, would step this defense back, and cost us games. It will . But I’m wasting time. Anytime you have idiots excited that a rookie is calling your Defense, then intelligent discussion won’t be possible. I know Dominick will be scrambling to find a replacement. We’ll see how well he does.

    Mike W. We are losing Ruud- you wanted it, I didn’t, but we both said he would leave. No winner there. I originally called for Talib to be released, but after All the post by Barber, etc, I said we need to sign a shutdown corner for security. If they don’t sign a another top corner- you’ll win that one. But I know they are trying to sign one.

  43. Capt.Tim Says:

    FA can’t sign with different teams yet. As all the experts have said repeatedly , we couldn’t afford to lose Ruud.. Unfortunately we will. Dominick wasn’t ignoring Ruud. He knows he has already received an offer that he will accept. And it isn’t here.

  44. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    First of all, we are all fans of the Bucs, and we all THINK we know what is best for the team because we watch every game for years. However, realistically, we know jack! That goes for me, Thomas, Tim, and everyone else on this board. If any of us ever got in a room with Dominik (or any other GM or coach in the league for that matter) it would be laughable how out of place we would be. It would be like me helping a doctor perform heart surgery. My point is that if he doesn’t sign Ruud or another player, there’s a reason. Name me one player Dominik has ever got rid of that did ANYTHING somewhere else. And if you really have to say Matt Bryant, then you are just proving my point. To say that you know it is going to cost us games when obviously Dominik doesn’t feel that way is absurd. It’s an opinion that may end up being correct, but you do not know it. You are guessing. None of us really know the assignments and responsibilities of ANY player on this team, especially not one as complex as a MLB.

    It’s great to have an opinion on what the team should do (I’d love to sign Nnamdi). However, keep in mind what you do for a living. If it’s not as a member of an NFL franchise, then there’s a reason for that – because you are not qualified. You do not know what is best for this team. We don’t know what the hell we are talking about 90% of the time (even higher for some), so just keep that in perspective before you go around calling people idiots.

  45. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “As all the experts have said repeatedly , we couldn’t afford to lose Ruud.. Unfortunately we will. Dominick wasn’t ignoring Ruud. He knows he has already received an offer that he will accept. And it isn’t here.”


    Then exactly what has stopped Dominik from signing Ruud long term for the last 2 years? You know, the 2 years Ruud has been b!%ching and moaning for a new deal. And the experts have said he is a very good player and valuable to our team. They didn’t say we couldn’t afford to lose him. Big difference. With the exception of QB, players rarely have that big of an impact. And the ones that do are considerably better than Barrett Ruud.

  46. Bucnjim Says:

    Well stated as usual and you’re right I don’t know squat about the pro game. I played 4 years of college ball mostly on the bench & special teams. The only thing I do know is the difference between physical & finesse. I myself prefer physical! That’s really all it comes down to. A leader on the football field NEEDS to be physical.

  47. jarrett Says:

    capt tim back to self glossing and acting like you have inside sources that you do not have. shocking . Stop acting like your connected inside one buc place, im not the only one who thinks you sound like a turd.

  48. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    When Foster flew to Nebraska to study film with Ruud, that told me something.
    I think Tampa may have told Ruud there is a good chance he is not coming back, and to help Foster to bolster his value to other teams.

  49. Dave Says:


    I firmly believe McKenzie might be the opening day starter at MLB as well.
    I would not be surprised to see Foster play alot on the outside and get some reps at MLB, although I would rather have him focus on one position.

    People are discounting McKenzie, They forget he was a a very good LB in college. Played as a true freshman in Mich St. before transferring to Iowa St and having a great year there. He then left for USF because his mother ( a widow) was in a car accident. Th guy worked nights to help here while playing football.
    He was the Patriots 3rd round pick and MLB of the future but then blew out his ACL and went to IR.

    He is considered an intelligent leader to boot.

    I think his time has come and we will see him playing… alot.

  50. McBuc Says:

    HI Buc…The voice of reason returns, well stated.

    Dave, I agree on McKenzie. Hhe has also spent a year in the system. I would not be shocked if he opens the season, and keeps the position for a long time.

    BigMac…LOL at the replacement kicker joke, can you see Ruud smoking on the field…Madden “I think he’s smoking”. Too funny.