Media Still Blackout Obsessed

July 30th, 2011

This FOX-13 video below is somewhat interesting since it offers a good look at the training camp set-up and on-field highlights. But the theme of the segment is blackouts and their dreaded return.

C’mon, fellas. Single game tickets haven’t even gone on sale yet.

Joe’s sort of over the blackout thing. Unless Joe’s way off, blackouts are a given early in the season except for Monday Night Football on Oct. 3, and hopefully ancient history while the Bucs own first place come November.

43 Responses to “Media Still Blackout Obsessed”

  1. Mauha Deeb Says:

    The media fear machine at it again.

  2. chrisfwc :) Says:

    Is there a new web site to get NFL games live streamed? The one I used last year is shut down.

  3. justin Says:

    lol discounted parking now for as low as 13:50$ what a joke it should cost 5 or 10 bucks at the most for parking and tickets now 35$ ya for third level in 115 degree heat you will be lucky to not have heat stroke at that cost

  4. justin Says:

    ya all those websites the government shut down im sure there will be new ones on gameday

  5. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @chrisfwc Sorry buddy. Not allowed to divulge that type of information on this site. I think I got banned for a while for it once before. I was unaware of the policy, so I’m just letting you know. I’d try another message board.

  6. chrisfwc :) Says:

    Sweet! Oh you forgot my greatest annoyance Justin. Drunk obnoxious people! It brings out my mean side.

  7. chrisfwc :) Says:

    Cool cool. I’ll find a way. I can’t get to all the games. Whatever goose step this NFL regime wants me to step I will.

  8. Mauha Deeb Says:

    I will say this, most of those sites still exist, but they are no longer available to US IP addresses. If you want to watch them, you’ll have to route your computer through a proxy server. It is legal, free, and anonymous. Just google it.

  9. chrisfwc :) Says:

    +1 for Mauha Deeb. Thank you for the knowledge.

    My other option was to get a home antenna and point it towards Ft. Myers.

  10. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @chrisfwc hahaha! Let me know how that works out.

  11. chrisfwc :) Says:

    Soon boys we will be waking up to College football on Saturday and NFL on Sunday. I wanna paint. I wanna sculpt…Anyone see a bathroom around here?

  12. YesSirTampa Says:

    I Don’t Understand The Bucs , maybe If They Started Signing players that are well known. In F.A or in trades. Wouldn’t you think that would bring and attract fans to come even more then just signing bunch of unknown players that have to prove they have talent ???

  13. Thomas "the Truth" 2.2 Says:

    What would make anyone that this team would draw any more fans than last year? We havent added anything meaningful to a third place division team. We appear to be losing key contributors, while all of the division rivals are improving their rosters – especially atlanta. Dimitrioff learned something from Bellichick.

  14. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @YesSirTampa It doesn’t matter how many big names free agents a team has. If they don’t win games, they won’t sell tickets. The buccaneers have a long history of losing, and it will take a long history of winning before fans stick it out all the way through the hard times. Teams like Dallas or Green Bay or Pittsburgh have storied histories with many HOFers and multiple Superbowls. Tampa Bay has one HOFer and one Superbowl. When this teams sets a long trend of winning(which I believe we are currently in) and maintains it with multiple playoff victories and superbowls, we will become as fortunate as those aforementioned teams. Until then, we will have to deal with low ticket sales after scrub seasons. Especially with a new team that doesn’t have homegrown names like Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, ALstott etc. Those guys were selling tickets even in the bad years. We don’t have them anymore and Tampa Fans have “lost touch” with the players on the team because since them no has stood out as a true star. Until now. This is the beginning of many future ticket sales. We have new homegrown talent developing in Freeman, Williams, Blount, McCoy, Bowers, Clayborn, and Grimm etc. These guys could all possibly be the next big Jersey sellers for our team. Once fans reacquaint themselves with this budding Bucs teams, sell out and waiting lists are bound to occur. So long as this Bucs team keeps winning and I believe they shall.

  15. Thomas "the Truth" 2.2 Says:

    Muah Dweeb: big names sell tickets, including coaches. See seattle and the thousands of tix sold immediately after his hiring. We have gone to a 15 year low tix base since rah rah began cheerleading. If cowher was named HC, the team would sell out all games. A well-intentioned but fraud of a HC, no stars (though Free appears headed there) and a team that is third best in the division with the other 2 increasing their margin this offseason, people arent interested. Ho hum, another pedestrian no playoff season. The amazing thing, you brainwashed sheep will say things are rosy and grand.

  16. Pete Dutcher Says:

    @chrisfwc 🙂
    I would never, never tell you that most of those websites are .me or .eu now. Nope, not gonna do it.

    I will tell you that I believe the NFL will do whatever they can to avoid blackouts this year…so we might see the Glazers buying up tickets again…for this year only.

  17. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Thomas That is because right now, things are rosy. Perhaps not grand yet. But certainly Rosy. There are so few people who are down on the Bucs this year. A whole lot less than last year.
    You seem to be the one of the few who constantly refuses to see positive steps. You’ll give freeman a maybe, but crap on everything else.
    There is no point in you. Now I am wondering why I even replied to your gibberish.

  18. Dan Says:

    i think it has more to do with showing up and watching a low quality monitor being supplied with poor camera angles and poor graphics, maybe it was because of low ticket sales last and because of blackouts they didnt think it was worth putting cameras at games that wouldnt be aired but my first buccaneers game was last year and it appeared they had three cameras to choose from for each play. and the replays were slow to play and often showed no more than a pile of bodies. Not an improvement over seeing it on TV (does the replay booth in tampa not have access to the network cameras?)

  19. Mauha Deeb Says:

    And Thomas, where did you get you reference for the Seahawks ticket sales. Not that I don’t believe you may be right, I’d just prefer some sort of evidence.

  20. Thomas "the Truth" 2.2 Says:

    Joe: i know that you dont really believe that this team will own first place in November, unless you no something that I dont like they will be participating in the UFL or Big 10 or something.
    Atlanta and there idiotic use of free agency (errr tony gonzalez, michael turner, john abraham etc) have seperated with new orleans (and free agents brees and vilma among others are close.

  21. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Dan No. They do not have access.

  22. Dan Says:

    and before anyone attacks me, yes i was there to watch the players, not stare at some screen but im talking game experience and when you look up to see a replay show a replay. And when they are on the opposite side of the field you want to be able to have some idea of what is going on. As someone (i hate saying stuff like this it sounds haughty) who edits media and does audio video productions i must say either the bucs were skimping it last year because of poor ticket sales, or they are satisfied with mediocre production value. i understand they are getting a new screen in what 2 years? what are they doing to improve the experience now?

  23. Pete Dutcher Says:

    @Thomas “the Truth” 2.2
    Captain Negative as always. You seem to forget that ticket sales began to plummet the last two years Gruden was here.

    No stars? Hmmn.

    Freeman (who you mentioned), Williams, GMC (who will step up this year), our two new Dline guys Bowers & Clayborn, Benn (soon), Blount, Talib (even with the legal issues, he’s a great CB), The Grimm Reaper, Sergeant Stroughter, Donald Penn, Jeff Faine…really, do I have to go on?

    Are they superstars? Yes, in the making…and that’s fine with those of us that actually are fans of the Bucs instead of trolls seeking attention because their lives are so forgettable.

    I’ll give you that the first year of the Morris/Dominick reign was horrible…a nightmare really. But you seem to stop there. Last year we went 10-6…in almost every other division that would have gotten us into the playoffs. Morris could have stuck with a plan that was not working after that first year. Gruden would have. But he saw it wasn’t going to work and he changed the plan. He did exactly what Billichek (sp) is doing…he adjusted his plan to fit his talent.

    You are being stolen for, you know that don’t you?

    You are robbing yourself. Do you not realize what we are seeing? Morris is building a dynasty…a team that in 10 years will be looked upon as one of the all time great NFL teams.

    Dungy built a contender.
    Gruden brought a Superbowl.
    Morris will make us a dynasty with multiple Superbowls.

    Since the Glazers took over, each coach has brought something better. Another step higher in the food chain.

  24. Dan Says:

    to pre-empt thomas he will talk about nothing having been proven, from last year you cannot extrapalate ten years into the future… blah blah bla

    in a way he is right, but as fans we love to raise expectations. we love the idea that this seems possible to us now when it didnt prior to last season. No there is no gurantee that any player on our team will be better this year, but there is hope

  25. Leighroy Says:

    Let Thomas keep blustering all he wants. It’s much more enjoyable to watch him eat crow as this team succeeds.

    And regarding ticket sales, its not about FA’s or high profile names or whether Thomas got laid the night before so today he might have a rosy outlook. To quote an old adage, “It’s the economy, stupid.” News flash!! It’s still not recovered here.

  26. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I know he will. And in 3 years when this team is one of the best, he’ll claim he was here supporting them the whole time.

  27. m.wesley Says:

    Thomas all the free agents they signed and money they spent,how many playoff games did they win,I missed that? I really wish you would explain how you say we are overated last year because of a weak schedule but now you feel we are close so its time to grab up fre agents to put us over the top?Did anyone see that Ruud just signed with the Ravens!2 years

  28. Dan Says:

    are you for seriuos, i still had my hopes

  29. m.wesley Says:

    He is there till Lewis leaves, carrying his jockstrap!

  30. Dan Says:

    amazed that he would leave a starting spot to be a backup?

  31. Dan Says:

    im not seeing this anywhere? where are you reading this?

  32. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Ruud is not built for 3-4

  33. Dan Says:

    ive concluded that ruud to the ravens is a joke till i read it haha

  34. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Yeah, I’m not buying that.

  35. Dan Says:

    however allen bradford DID sign

  36. Dan Says:

    entire draft class intact

  37. m.wesley Says:

    Im sorry,but I couldnt resist

  38. Dan Says:

    i bit. googled meticulously

  39. Kenny Says:

    Thomas 2.douche — Atlanta traded for Tony Gonzalez.

  40. Dan Says:

    and we traded for winslow?

  41. Thomas "the Truth" 2.2 Says:

    If ruud signed with baltimore it wouldnt be as a backup to lewis, they run a 3-4.

    The carroll story was a real sports episode i believe last season. The tix sales post-carroll were incredible, the reverse of rah rah. Trading for stars is okay too.

  42. K2theSoldier Says:

    Thomas, you CANT be serious about a head coach bringing in fans. Really? The fans LOVE Raheem. He’s much more fan friendly than a grouch like Cowher. That point is ridiculous. I don’t know why I bother responding to Thomas anymore, you know zero about football and the Bucs. I’d be SHOCKED if you actually showed your face at a Bucs practice.

  43. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @K2 I know, bro. He is comparing “the twelfth man” to Tampa fans. There is no comparison. But Thomas just likes to make up facts as he pleases and then deny facts he dislikes.