Mark Dominik Isn’t “Dumb”

July 28th, 2011

In recent days, Joe has been totally bombed with questions about Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik spending money.


People are totally obsessed with this topic and Joe is at a loss to figure out why.

As Joe has often answered, Joe does not care about the salary cap. Joe thinks about the salary cap about as much as he thinks about a nude Rosie O’Donnell, which is to say unless someone asks Joe about the salary cap, it never crosses Joe’s mind.

Joe is not an accountant. He’s a football guy, not a numbers guy. Dollars do not equate to wins in the NFL. They just don’t. If anything, fans would want Dominik to pay less. The Bucs got 10 wins and lost a playoff tiebreaker and had one of the lower payrolls in the NFL.

If Joe was so worried about dollars, he’d watch Jim Cramer.

Apparently Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski of WDAE-AM 620 is getting hounded by people who can’t sleep wondering if Dominik will make it rain. Pawlowski lashed out at Dominik’s critics on his Twitter account.

@Commish620wdae Does everyone think that Mark Dominik is dumb and won’t spend enough to get to the floor which would end with fines and loss of draft picks? … Hmmm, would a team and GM that prides itself in building through the draft risk losing draft picks? I think not. … Everyone bitched about Bruce allen lying, but when Mark Dominik tells truth that #Bucs are building through the draft, people get mad too. … There’s much more to building a team than “just spend the money” … I think the #Bucs already have the big names people want to see, but they won’t become big names until we get into this season!

Joe couldn’t have written it better himself. Sans possibly having a rookie linebacker playing out of position calling defensive plays, has Dominik done anything the past 18 months that would suggest he doesn’t know what he is doing?

If fans are bent because Dominik isn’t playing fantasy football, may Joe suggest following the Redskins or perhaps the Cowboys? Danny Snyder and Jerry Jones never met a big-name splash they didn’t like. How’s that worked out for them the past 15 years or so?

And no, once again, Joe doesn’t care about the salary cap. Joe’s the last guy to ask about it because he doesn’t give a damn.

Those that thought that a high salary floor meant Dominik would run wild in free agency clearly haven’t been following the man in recent months. Dominik doesn’t roll like that.

189 Responses to “Mark Dominik Isn’t “Dumb””

  1. Dan Says:

    but we keep bidding *i am starting to think its a farce* on people (haynesworth, free, joseph) either he is trying to screw with other gms … or he does think some people are worth a certain price.

    *im referencing the report on your previous post’s comments that we are pursuing joseph

  2. Posey99 Says:

    They have a plan.

  3. McBuc Says:

    AMEN Joe and Commish

  4. Dave Says:

    I have been harping on people screaming “SIGN THE BIG NAME!” “MAKE A SPLASH!” because I think it is idiotic to do so.
    That said here are 3 FAs I think they will make offers to:

    1. Mike-Simms Walker WR (not sure if they are sold on their no. 3 guys)

    2. Jonathan Joseph CB (I don’t think they need one this year but with the prospect of losing Barber AND possibly Talib next year, would be a smart move for a damn good CB who is young)

    3. Snelling or Sproles (Not buying the young RBs they brought in and don’t trust Huggin’s injury)

    I would really love to see them get another DT because I do not care that Price passed his physical. At this point no one knows how he will be and if he can even play half this year. Plus he looked very out of shape.

  5. Dave Says:

    “That said here are 3 FAs I think they will make offers to:”

    I should have said “That said here are 3 FAs I WOULD LIKE THEM to make offers to:”

  6. Buddhaboy Says:

    Sproles? Why not have someone that can take it to the house on any play……talk about thunder and lightning….blount and sproles…wouldnt sproles want to play with an ex k-state QB considering he went to kstate? Reaching…?

  7. Nick P. Says:

    For a guy who’s job performance is graded on an hour to hour basis, I say he’s done quite well.

    Haynesworth and Favre. Two high priced talents that would have set us back years if they had signed here. Which means Freeman just now takes his first snaps and we never even draft McCoy.

    There ARE multiple future pro bowlers on this roster. Let’s just sit back and watch it happen! Can’t wait!

  8. Wienaman Says:


    I agree with you; there are three other names I would like to see involved with the Bucs as well though: Davin Joseph, Vonta Leach, and Tyson Clabo. As I see it, if we want to go after Doug Free for RT duties, why not go after Clabo? If Dom feels we need to have a new RT, Clabo is probably the best one left on the market, and it hurts Atlanta too. DJ is obvious; I think we most all want to see him back. Insofar as Vonta Leach, I understand that we want a “change of pace” back; however, with Leach as our lead blocker, it allows us to keep Blount on the field for passing downs (Leach is a beast, he could cover up Blount’s shortcomings I think) and it would make Blount look as good or better than Arian Foster; I personally feel that Vonta was a lot more than half the reason why Arian Foster was able to break for all the big runs. Take away Leach and I wonder to myself if Foster even has a 1,000 yard season.

  9. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Wow. The Commish killed it with that one. Perfectly minded and written. One of the most complete responses I’ve ever read out of a twitter feed.

  10. Leighroy Says:

    A lot of teams without cap room are trying to sign these bigger name guys as well. Not to mention with a cap this year and training camp cuts on the way, look for a second wave of FA’s to hit the board in a couple weeks. I think that’s where we make a splash, because frankly I’m not sure Dominik is sold on anyone outside our organization who is available right now.

    And if he is, we are only bidding against ourselves if we try to rush and spend this week anyway! Just cuz you have the $$$ doesn’t mean you don’t have to bargain and negotiate.

    I certainly wouldn’t want us to shoot our wad by making it rain this year and then be stuck against the cap next year or the year after.

    But none of our more idiotic fans can see beyond this year anyway so i’m sure this just falls on a bunch of deaf ears.

  11. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Nick P “For a guy who’s job performance is graded on an hour to hour basis, I say he’s done quite well.”
    HAHA No kidding.

  12. Wienaman Says:

    On another note about Vonta Leach: might call me dumb for making this comparison, but I know that on Madden games, Fullbacks are always one of the cheapest positions; having said that I would guess we might be able to get a top tier fullback for less than a third down RB, just a thought.

  13. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Wienaman I like your thinking.

  14. Mauha Deeb Says:

    And yes, they are generally inexpensive in comparison to other positions.

  15. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Joseph and Trueblood have agreed to terms!!!

  16. Wienaman Says:


    AWESOME!! Hope this doesn’t kill the thoughts of going for Clabo or some other RT after losing out on Doug Free, but if we stand pat on our Oline, after how they performed last year, I would still be pleased as punch to watch.

  17. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @HGO Do you have a link for that or something?

  18. DSZ Says:

    Ok, here’s the problem: you HAVE to spend the money. Does anybody here believe that we’re taking the same team as last year (+rookies) and raising the team salary by 50 million? Really? By waiting it means that the most desired FA’s will be gone and then we’ll end up spending a lot of money on scrubs to meet the floor.

  19. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    I’m as big of a Rah/Dom fan as there is, but…..

    “has Dominik done anything the past 18 months that would suggest he doesn’t know what he is doing?”

    Zero production from our first and second rd picks last yr (I know they were rookies etc, but I’m just saying…..), offering fat Albert a $100M + contract, resigning Clayton to that ridiculous deal……Personally, I love the picks of Clayborn and Bowers, but would you be SHOCKED if medical issues made them irrelevant in 3 years?

    I’ll put it this way…..Dom is a Cody Grimm, Lagerrette Blount, and Mike Williams away from having the city of Tampa outside One Buc with torches and pitchforks.

  20. Travis Says:

    Olson, what are your sources?

  21. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Last, the Commish said: “Does everyone think that Mark Dominik is dumb and won’t spend enough to get to the floor which would end with fines and loss of draft picks?”

    I just want analysis of how you think we’re going to get there is all……

    I mean, I’m going to be pretty upset if we pay Joseph and Trueblood double what they’re worth just to get to the cap, and refuse to spend on outside talent just bc they weren’t drafted here.

    I’m a firm believer that you’re either getting better or you are getting worse….you don’t remain stagnant in this league. What are the Bucs doing to get better?

    Joe said: “Joe is not an accountant. He’s a football guy, not a numbers guy. ”

    Whether you like it or not Joe, dollars and cents are just as much a part of the NFL and will have just as big of an effect on this team as who we draft in the first round……it’s a part of the game, and I’m just bumfuzzled that you’re so disinterested in how we’re going to spend the money we are required to spend

  22. Buddhaboy Says:

    creamsickle banana hammock – ha ha

    not to mention signing that horrible injury plagued linebacker from buffalo not once, but twice,

    then drafting a punter to whom was cut, ahead of the likes of blount, and dont forget about the whole byron leftwich debacle…and releasing luke mccown in favor of keeping leftwhich….

    i understand these all happened early on in dominiks tenure, but things certainly played out better last year, mainly because of #5 and coach rah in my opinion….

  23. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Banana “Dom is a Cody Grimm, Lagerrette Blount, and Mike Williams away from having the city of Tampa outside One Buc with torches and pitchforks.” You are right, But he saw them, signed them, and here we are. When you point out ‘fans would hate him if wasn’t making the great signs’ you are really only strengthening the argument that he knows what he is doing an that he is doing a great job.

  24. Snook Says:

    A salary floor in theory is great. I get it. It makes sense.

    But if you’re a team like the Bucs with a GM like MD, it can get difficult. The Bucs rebuilt last year. With young players. And with young players come lower salaries.

    Now, the Bucs are FORCED to go out and spend money. Its not the great situation that everyone makes it out to be.

    This salary floor is going to make a lot of teams make dumb financial decisions… just to make the salary floor.

  25. K2theSoldier Says:

    Nobody is saying that we want to be like the Cowboys and Redskins and spend millions upon millions upon millions on every free agent we see. Stop taking it to the extreme.
    The fans want to see just a few people brought in. Just one would make me happy! Fill a hole on the O line or prepare for the eventual loss of Talib!
    Sure, Asomugha would be great, but I won’t be pissed if we don’t get him.
    I’ll be pissed if we get NOBODY. You have to add a piece every once in awhile.

  26. Dan Says:

    the bucs could easily give freeman a 20mill bonus this year at the end of the year and extend his new 5 contract to a lower per year basis than he deserves. something like that would solve the salary cap, and something like that, is what they are going to do

  27. Wienaman Says:


    Dom brought in Kellen Winslow, drafted Josh Freeman, drafted Sammie Stroughter, re-signed Donald Penn, picked up Arrelious Benn who may, MAY be the next big thing, grabbed a top five pick talent with the #52 pick in 2010…I think Dom is more than a “Williams, Blount and Grimm” from being a bust.

  28. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:


    Completely forgot about that punter, but you’re right.

    Again, I want to stress that personally I’m very excited about Dominik and what he’s done…..any GM out there whose had success has also had their fair share of luck.

    ……and I love the “rock star” moniker, the national attention, etc etc….I’m just saying that the man is not infallible.

  29. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Creamsicle — C’mon. Joe’s obviously interested in how the Bucs operate. But the over the top point is the money end of reaching the floor isn’t that exciting. They’ll get where they need to be. Some fans are actually freaking out that the Bucs won’t even do what they have to do, as if in some sort of protest. … Also, to say Dominik is three guys away from a riot on the streets is ridiculous. They’re here. And none of those three guys were lucky finds.

  30. K2theSoldier Says:

    I like what someone above said, why in the hell does it make sense to over pay Black, Trueblood and Davin just so we don’t have to bring outsiders in? It’s like Dom isn’t confident that he can get a good free agent in here.

  31. BOb Says:

    bucsnation reported via j.p. peterson from 1010 cbssports radio that davin and trueblood have agreed

  32. Buddhaboy Says:

    Very well said K2 – maybe dom will supplement the talent once they are ready to make a run at the super bowl, i.e. the bucs of old brought in brad johnson and keyshawn and simeon rice. Mabybe they just are still rebuilding, and need some more seasoning. Let them all fight it out and see who sticks, then supplement with bringing in ufa’s.

    YOu mean you didnt love when the bucs brought in jon alston and the backup tight end, i cant remember his name….what about sean jones, or niko kutievideos…blah blah blacksheep, ,,,,bring in some talent and the fans might show up more….

    look at the rays, they have built through the draft and trades, won the division 2 out of 3 years, and they dont get fans…..they teaase us every year at the trade deadline and end up trading prospects for prospects…it is an epidemic hear in tampa to be frugile right now….things may change down the road, but not anytime soon i am afraid….

  33. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Well the 3 guys away from being fired “might” have been a little hyperbolic. Just trying to point out that his mistakes have been glossed over because of his successes……nothing wrong with that, but just pointing out how thin the line is between love and hate.

    One of my favorite football quotes ever:

    Reporter: Bobby, how do you feel about the nickname “St. Bobby”?

    Bobby Bowden: “Ya know, you’re only a few losses away from that halo sliding down a few inches and becoming a noose.”

  34. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    JP Peterson tweeted it. Joe retweeted it.

    You guys really need to get on Twitter…

  35. Dan Says:

    so let me re-go over the attempted aquisitions of this and past ofseasons
    Bush (
    and now im hearing Joeseph

    i wonder if he is just screwing with peoples heads, or actually trying to make a splash?

  36. Brad Says:

    I’m not a dollar and cents guy either but to ignore a portion of football completely is not smart IMO . So if things stay the same were going with rookies at key positions on the defense? I just think it adds the overall thought the team is cheap ( I dont believe that) By going after key FA you creates a buzz which hopefully gets more fans in the seats, makes certain positions better, helps the rookies in having a veteran show them the way, adds depth. Dom has said he is doing what the Packers, Steelers, etc are doing in building through draft but those teams have veterans throughout the team. We don’t. I believe we need a Hardy Nickerson type to put us over the top.

  37. Buddhaboy Says:

    brad – u still got Ronde , and maybe Ruud,

  38. Dan Says:

    to clarify, i meant the cb jonathan Joseph not davin

  39. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Dan — That New Orleans story from the only paper in that town says the Bucs were “reportedly” pursuing a Reggie Bush trade. In the news business, “reportedly” means somebody else said it and we have no idea it’s true. Really can’t trust that at all.

  40. Wienaman Says:

    I will definitely say one thing:

    If our coaches are truly up to the task, which I do not put out of the question, of putting a rookie or near rookie whole defense on the field and getting them to perform even to a “middle of the pack” standard (say top 20 defense), we have an amazing future in the cards.

  41. K2theSoldier Says:

    Davin and Trueblood have been resigned, sweet.

  42. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Creamsicle (and others) — Dominik’s epic failures of Jagodzinski, Bates McCown, Clayton and others early in his tenure aren’t forgotten, they’re just ancient history at this point on the heels of last season and successes in the draft compared to the previous regime. 10-6 with last year’s roster effectively created a whole new era.

  43. Dave Says:


    I didn’t mention Davin Joseph because I assume he is coming back. I was just speculating about good players who would be good fits and not break the bank…. also known as the Buc philospohy.

  44. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Brad Are you actually saying that somehow a free agent acquisition adds people to the stands? How exactly? So people can “see the new guy” Aren’t draft picks new?

    So if we signed Doug Free, Asomugha, Bush etc we would sell out games? That is crazy talk. Winning teams sell tickets. Not free agent acquisitions.
    No one in Oakland went to games to see Asomugha lose. They went to see the Raiders win. Just like no one came to Bucs games to see Kellen Winslow lose. They came to see the Bucs win. So when the Bucs were losing, tothe fans stopped coming. It i as simple as that.

  45. Dave Says:

    Snook Says

    “salaray floor dumb”

    newsfalsh, there has been a salary floor for DECADES. last year was an anomoly. This year is an anomoly because some teams (Tampa) were way under for a year.

    It does not mean they have to spend and make dumb decisions. I have not seen Mark D do that yet.

    My guess is somewhere during the season Freeman gets a massive raise for about 10 years.

  46. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Joe said: “That New Orleans story from the only paper in that town says the Bucs were ‘reportedly’ pursuing a Reggie Bush trade. In the news business, “reportedly” means somebody else said it and we have no idea it’s true. Really can’t trust that at all.”

    Additionally, anyone who thinks the Saints would have traded Bush intra-division is just delusional. The only hope we had of getting him would have been if he was cut…..I think the Bucs reported interest in Bush is what drove the Saints to trade him rather than cut him

  47. Brad Says:

    @mauha.. How did that work out last year? We are a team of no names to the average fan (I’m a season ticket holder). I didn’t say go out and sign a bunch of FA but by making one good FA acquisition would IMO create a buzz and help out. The perception in this town is we don’t spend money. I just think a FA sign would accomplish many things.

  48. Brad Says:

    And doing nothing creates a big negative just ask Joe and the commish.

  49. K2theSoldier Says:

    I believe the overpayment of Quincy Black is going to be considered another epic failure by Mark in a few years, just saying.

  50. Dave Says:


    If you think Grimm, Blount, and Williams are the only good things Mark D has done, then you are not paying attention.

    So he almost made a mistake on Haynesworth… big deal, he didn’t.

    Signing Clayton was a mistake and now they did the same think with Black (signing a player who has shown signs but has not doen it yet. Basically banking on their future). We’ll see how it pans out.

    Bottom line is in 2 years he has proven himslef to be better than 85% of the GMs out there and he is trending up… as the head coach… QB… D-Line… WRs…. etc….

    See the trend yet?

    Every GM makes mistakes and Dom will make some too. But he has been more right than wrong and has spent wisely while positioning the team from scrap heap 2 years ago to potential perenial power with the youngest team in the NFL.
    A fan base can not ask for much more than that

  51. Dave Says:


    What does it matter that the media or fans perception is they don’t spend money?

    I would like them to sign Jonathan Joseph, Mike Simms-Walker, and Sproles… but if they don’t, I do not really care what the media or other fans think about the money they spent.

    Asf ar as I can tell they have some damn good young talent they are going to need to give bigger contracts to over the year and years.

  52. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Brad It worked out great considering we are set to sell far more tickets. Most if not all games will be shown as well. Certainly all if they blanket some of the seats.
    No one cares about the money a team spends when the team is winning. This is just something they can look at and say “Hey! Look! A reason to be angry over losing!” If the team were close to cap and losing, fans would find another reason to bitch.
    Win football games and the fans will come. Look what happened after we won the Super Bowl. A waiting list a 100,000 strong.
    The only reason we should be signing free agents is to win games. If Dominik thinks there are better ways of doing, I’m with him until he proves incapable of making good decisions.

  53. Brad Says:

    @Dave that would be a half full stadium. Going to a game and having the visiting team take over my stadium pisses me off. Do you go to games?

  54. Capt.Tim Says:

    Wow- finishing 3rd in a four team division sure makes you a hero in these parts. For a minute, I thought we musts won the SuperBowl last year!

  55. Brad Says:

    @mauha where are u getting your ticket info from? Did u go to a game last year? That 100,000 waiting list was not true. You must be a new fan.

  56. Buddhaboy Says:

    Damn, freaking Jacksonville keeps signing quality free agents, freaking jax, i know people would rather come to tampa to play than dirty ol jax….only if we would SHOW THEM THE FFFFFFINNNGGG Money………….

    instead we get a press release of the undrafted players from hamilton college

  57. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Brad “In 2007, the Bucs estimated the waiting list at 145,000.”

    Heck, looks like Joe was even stuck on a waiting list for three years:

    I certainly didn’t even imply that there was a waiting list this year. I was pointing out the ticket sales of the past and how they boomed after the Super Bowl.
    Do you not remember the giant billboards outside Raymond James after the super bowl boasting the waiting lists? That is where I get my information from. The waiting list was all over the local news and papers.
    You simply stating the number isn’t true means nothing. Nice attempt at attacking my “fanhood”, though. If you can’t attack my argument, you might as well attack me.

  58. K2theSoldier Says:

    Hamilton college is a breeding ground for NFL talent, duh.
    Because striking gold with 7th round and undrafted talent is definitely the way to win Super Bowls.

  59. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    I think we can all agree that letting Barrett Ruud walk is pure genius

  60. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @BuddaBoy Bet you all those free agents wont lead to a sell out in Jacksonville.

  61. K2theSoldier Says:

    @Ian, pure genius if you want a rookie putting guys in there place on the defense

  62. D-Rome Says:

    I dreamed about the salary cap last night. I was frightened.

  63. Buddhaboy Says:

    anyone else think Gerald Mccoy should maybe spend less time trying to be in front of the camera and more time trying to get better on the field…he is too nice….need some more nasty from the kid.

  64. Dave Says:


    Yes I go to games.

    And no I don’t by that argument for 1 minute.

    The famous quote “it’s the economy, stupid”. There is a reason EVERY SINGLE team in Flordia was hurting in attendance the last few years.

    They slashed prices (a few years too late) and have built a solid young team, fans will be back because of those reasons and as the economy rebounds… around 2012 is when I expect that.

    Regardless, NOT signing a “big name free agent” has absolutely nothing to do with attendance.

  65. Jerry Says:

    I think this team will regress big time this year. We are overhyped. We do not have the talent level to compete for a playoff spot. This roster and schedule screams 7-9 at best. If you want playoffs, you need to beat WINNING teams.

    We could be going out and signing PROVEN talent. Instead, we sign our own mediocre players like Black and Joseph and Trueblood to big contracts. Dominik is an idiot. I’m sorry but anyone that thinks Black is worth Derrick Brooks and Bart Scott money is a fool. A damn fool! With this GM we will end up with nothing but a bunch of overpaid mediocre players.

  66. Dave Says:


    From all reports this off season, he re-sculpted his body and worked and talked to everyone he could about getting better.

    Seems like he is well on his way.

  67. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Dave “….as the economy rebounds” lolol
    Look man, we won’t sell anything if we start losing. The reason we will have some games on TV this year is because our team is good and becoming great. People pay to see their teams win.

  68. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    a rookie at MLB with upside can’t be any worse that what we got from Ruud the past 3 seasons. I’d rather watch a rookie learn from his mistakes and get better than waste another snap with Ruud getting trucked by a 4th string RB or consistently making tackles 7 yards past the LOS

    It might look ugly early on but the defense will be better with Foster or McKenzie at MLB

  69. Buddhaboy Says:

    i heard the same Dave, but i just need to see that mean streak you want in a defensive lineman….especially playin buc ball

  70. Dave Says:


    is that Thomas? or just another troll trying to stir things up?

    Pretty funny how every “expert” out there sees the Bucs as a great up and coming team with a great up and coming head coach and GM, but you and a couple others here seem to know better.

    Pretty damn funny really.

    I supposed you screamed to sign Favre and Haynesworth and puked at the Freeman pick wish they would sign T.O. and Moss as well huh?

    LOL you idiots crack me up

  71. Bucs#7Fan Says:

    JUSTIN P: used to be good on the radio. i don’t understand how he got worse at it. his tweets are lame too.

    good luck dude

  72. Buddhaboy Says:

    Bucs fans need to unite, and get behind all things the spurlock signing

    No more petty bickering..

  73. Richard Says:

    And if we let Black and Joseph and Trueblood go to sign all these free agents, we’d be hearing “Why are we losing all our home-grown talent??”

  74. BigMacAttack Says:

    I trust Dom all the way. Let’s get this party started!!!

  75. Coburn Says:

    Can anyone actually confirm we would be penalized in such a way? This is the first I’ve heard of it. From everything I’ve heard the only real penalty is dishing out some bonus checks to all 53 guys on the roster to reach the amount deemed as the floor, which isn’t such a big deal as it leaves future cap space.

  76. chargedcbh Says:

    we go through this every year! the fans just want to hear the bucs in the news. they don’t understand football, it’s the same people that were crying about hire raheem, crying about not getting haynesworth, they have no clue. seriously…. Joe are you REALLY surprised? I’m not… And it will happen again next year during free agency. the team was 10-6 last year, so I think they know what there doing. we live in the Madden (video game) era. I said it last year, I’ll say it again now and I’ll say it next year. Your not going to have Bucs news everyday, there not going to be the redskins, shut up and relax…..

  77. Brandon Says:

    Foster was considered a Will prospect and he’s playing Mike. Just for anybody’s info that isn’t sure, the Mike and Will in the T-2 are interchangeable… and as Monte Kiffin once said, “If a guy can play the Sam in the T-2, then he can play all 3 positions.”

    That being said, I expect Quincy Black to somehow find himself at the Mike at the start of the season where he will be the second Buc Sam to acclimate to the Mike (Quarles being the other).

    As for calling plays, Joe, you realize that there is a headset in the helmet of the MLB, right? Foster, or McKenzie, or Black, or Jeff Brantley… or whomever is back there, won’t have to call a single play on his own. Raheem Morris calls the plays.

  78. Tampa--->Baaaaaaayyyy Says:

    Trueblood signed. Ahmad Black signed. Joseph deal in the works.


  79. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:


    MLB’s don’t audible/change coverage?? Go back to managing your Dynasty League on Madden…

  80. Tampa--->Baaaaaaayyyy Says:

    At least they re-|signed there own.

    Joe is a little behind with sources today 🙂

  81. Tampa--->Baaaaaaayyyy Says:

    Luke Stocker signed.

  82. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Brandon The MLB is responsible for deep coverage and a completely different set of line gaps in the Tampa 2. The positions are quite different.

  83. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    the thing a lot of you are missing is the fact that this is no longer a Cover 2 defense. They play a lot more man to man with 3-4 and 3-3-5 schemes. The MLB in Raheem’s defense is being asked to stuff the run and make more plays at the LOS vs the Kiffen cover 2 which required the MLB to act as a 3rd safety and cover the deep middle of the field on passing downs.

    This is why Ruud has been shown the door and they are looking for a more traditional MLB that will occasionally cover the deep middle but majority of the time make plays at and/or behind the LOS

  84. Eric Says:

    I would think to qualify for “rock star” one would have to manage a team into the playoffs.

    Naturally all local media hacks on deck to protect the regime, as usual.

  85. Oahubuc Says:

    I’m actually pretty damn worried about this season right now. But I do like the long-term plan. Black’s contract is a head-scratcher though. No way on earth is this season more painful than ’09.

  86. Patrick Says:

    What the hell is wrong with adding a couple of free agents?!?! Is it going to POISON our team?!?!

    “Hmmm, would a team and GM that prides itself in building through the draft risk losing draft picks?”

    So every stinkin draft pick is valuable? Even the 5th and 6th round picks? Seriously, this team is not gonna progress like it should if we continue to rely on nothing but rookies every year. I’m not being negative, I’m seeing it for the way it is. We DID have a soft schedule last year guys, you can’t deny that. This year, we don’t have that break. I would not say this team is a lock for the playoffs at all yet.

    I think we could add a wide receiver for sure. Seriously, other than Benn and Williams, who else do we have? Sammie Stroughter? I really don’t know why everyone loves him so much. He’s okay for a 7th rounder, but I think he’s best suited as a returner. Once again, I’m not against Dominick, I just don’t know why the team and fans love so many of the mediocre at best players that we have.

    We definitely need to sign a couple of linebackers. Black and Hayes should be backups, not starters. Though, I’m not too critical on Hayes because as I recall he was a 6th round pick and still has played decent. But Black was a higher pick and is making a lot of money now. So he better produce.

    I don’t really expect much from our D line this year given the fact that they’re so damn young.

  87. Eric Says:

    How long a freakin plan do we have?

  88. TJ Says:

    They just signed Joseph and Trueblood and they offered a deal to Joseph from the Bengals

  89. Joe Says:

    Dom is a Cody Grimm, Lagerrette Blount, and Mike Williams away from having the city of Tampa outside One Buc with torches and pitchforks.


    How many games did the Bucs win last year with Cody Grimm on the shelf?

    Blount I’ll give you. This team changed for the better when he was a full-time back.

  90. josh Says:


  91. Patrick Says:

    “This is why Ruud has been shown the door and they are looking for a more traditional MLB that will occasionally cover the deep middle but majority of the time make plays at and/or behind the LOS”

    Do you like how they’re showing Ruud the door and just immediately giving the job to Foster/McKenzie?! Really, I’ve never even seen McKenzie play. As I recall, he was on the practice squad, yes, practice squad not too long ago!

  92. Tampa--->Baaaaaaayyyy Says:

    The Bucs said they were going to re-sign there own. They did.

    When are the fans going to stand up for their team? Their players?

    Its one thing to question the coaching or management decisions, but hating on the players is crossing the line.

    You know why Carolina was able to re-sign their HB? Because he said that the fans were so great in NC that he had so many people on his Facebook account requesting him to return, that he felt compelled to come back to that awesome fanbase. That’s moving if you ask me.

    But with Tampa fans, a lot of you whiners are such little biotches that you go as far as destroying your very own players just so you can be right… that’s freakin sick man. Get off the players nuts for a change.

    Question the coaching or the GM or ownership, but stay off the players backs… losers.

  93. josh Says:

    Predicted Signings

    Nick Barnett
    Nmandi Aso(i believe bucs are the darkhorse team)
    Bring back caddy and joseph
    Maybe a vet DE

  94. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Patrick They will definitely add a free agent or two. They just clearly want to make sure it fits with their plans.
    As far as relying on rookies every year, the guys last year arent rookies anymore and the guys will drafted this year won’t be rookies next year. The Bucs are drafting well so soon many of the future draftees wont be able to find a home on our team, or the new draftees will beat out the vets. The point of drafting is to find talent that doesn’t need to be replaced. If this draft is a hit, I bet next year will find us picking up a premier free agent to fill the last hole/s left. There isn’t much more room for improvement if this year’s draft class is solid. We would be ready for a potent run at a championship for years to come.
    Perhaps Dominik already believes we have the pieces in place for a run already.

  95. Wienaman Says:


    The frustrating part was watching Sapp speak two sentences about the Bucs and listening to Jamie Dukes say, and I quote: “Thought we were gonna move on.” What the hell? Why can’t Sapp talk about the Bucs? Hell, that is the first time in the last three days that I have heard more than a single sentence mentioned about the Bucs; and the only thing I HAVE heard about the Bucs is that they were the first team to sign their first round pick. I have been watching NFL Network pretty religiously, and they are not covering the Bucs at all; guess it just really ticks me off to watch them shut it down as soon as Sapp tries to bring them into the conversation.

  96. josh Says:

    Yea it is very frustrating, we have 60 million in cap space and havent signed any impact players (aso) that would really help this young team get to the playoffs, these networks like espn go after talk about the juicy teams like the pats. I have trust in Dom but id really like to see us bring in a player that can help us right now.

  97. Patrick Says:


    You’re just a sheep who thinks that it’s wrong to criticize our team at all. We’re not bitching about them re-signing our players, we’re disappointed that it’s the only thing they’re doing. That and relying on rookies again. Do you agree with giving Black, a mediocre at best player, money that could’ve gotten us someone much more productive in free agency? I was fine with Black coming back, but for less money and maybe as a backup.

    Why don’t you actually read people’s posts before calling little “biotches”? People are simply just concerned about the team. No one is destroying the players, people are just saying that he’s mediocre and didn’t deserve the overpaid contact he got. Sorry, that you can’t see that.

  98. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Dom is not dumb. The people commenting on this board are just smarter. All the plumbers, doctors, truck drivers, lawyers, students . . . they all no more about running the Bucs than the Bucs GM 🙂

  99. Lucas Jackson Says:

    No reason to have any faith in Dom either. I mean he has absolutely sucked as a GM. One bonehead move after another. I say the Bucs fire Dom and hire the brainchild Thomas 2.2 (or whatever version he is on)!!!!!!

  100. m.wesley Says:

    Yeah you guys are right we need to get rid of the whole roster and bye a new team with all the money we have,nevermind the fact that these rookies may get a little better and we may need to pay them later,we really need a cornerback no pass rush last year and we were still in the top ten against the pass,Biggers injured all rookie season and had a great season for a first year player.why cant you guys take the advice you gave me when I said Ruud was a liability I guess you know more than the experts.Let them do their job!

  101. nick Says:

    Sapp is on NFL network now screaming and begging for the bucs to spend some money and get into the race.

  102. Capt.Tim Says:

    Mark Dominick has been Amazing the last two years, and has earned our trust.

    Buuuut, this is year 3. The team is like a race car. It l

  103. Tampa--->Baaaaaaayyyy Says:

    No need to get defensive there ghey-Pat.

    ESPN had Black ranked as thed 3rd best LB in the free agency class. Ruud was at least 12th on the list.

    You don’t know more than the scouts at ESPN, sorry Patty.

  104. Bobby Says:

    Lets see Dom is so smart, all together guys how many playoff games have we won with him>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>wait for it……………….. O , smart to me, if you think staying the same while others around you is ok, then your as dumb as a box of rocks, Look at the Rays, winners, winners, and now because of not spending money to keep it going, its exploding in there faces. The people who told you the Rays would be ok, are the same ones telling you that the Bucs not spending Money is ok, Think about it people. Wake up, Looked good last year, but guess what the wheels are going to come off the car, and all of you will be sitting here saying what happened and start calling for Rheem and Dom firing.

  105. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Bobby No I won’t.

  106. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Bobby C’mon, now. The team was 10-6 last year and will spend a pile more money this year. They HAVE to. … The Rays analogy is ludicrous. The Rays are competing year in and year out with a mere fraction of their Falcons and Saints budgets (Sox and Yanks.) There’s no comparison.

    Regardless, the Bucs have to win. But after 10-6 with the 2010 roster, it makes no sense to start saying they don’t what they’re doing.

  107. Capt.Tim Says:

    Damn it!

    This team is like a race car. It looks great, but it hasn’t accomplished anything yet. A horrible season, a third place finish, and most of the posters here act like we are the defending champs!

    Meybe I’m missing something, but isn’t the point of this to get better, not just keep throwing rookies in the line up. So far, with “rewarded” some of last years biggest underachievers with new contracts- if that makes you guys cheer, ok. But Black stunk up the stadium last year, and Hardman outplayed Joseph.

    Our defense is the big concern.will it be better next year? How ? More rookies, and possibly an inexperienced rookie calling the defense or Quincy Jane. Not improved.

    I mean, there is still plenty of time to improve the team, but it starts to feel like “the plan” is an excuse for perpetually running undrafted rookies on the field- and claiming “improvement”

    I have always been a big supporter of this regime. But it’s year 3 of “the Freeman Dynasty”. Don’t think we want to sit and watch those years go by in a continual” improvement by Rookie!” plan.

    Team needs to start the playoff runs soon. Josh is doing his part. Everyone else with the team needs to be doing the same.

    Year 3- a Lot of bragging. But we still haven’t even made the playoffs yet. Time to stop saying how much we’ve accomplished, and actually accomplish something!!

  108. Tampa--->Baaaaaaayyyy Says:

    They said the plan was to draft well, scout well and build from within. They are re-signing their home grown talent… Ruud most likey wants to leave anyway. But they re-signed Black and the olinemen… all in all, I am happy with that. Like their drafting and udfa pick ups. The plan is to build long term not just next year. And guess what, whom ever doesn’t fit in, wil not return. And I believe that also includes Raheem Morris.

    The Glazers are doing this guys.

  109. Bobby Says:

    Come on Joe, You know im telling the truth, the schedule is going to kill them this year, and they are only at best a seven win team, Winning ten games last year didnt fill the stadium, you think a step back will. The draft picks have to have vets leading the way, im not saying go out and spend like crazy, but do something, anything to make this team better. When was mediocre ok, because thats what we are. Give these guys some help and see what happens.

  110. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Whiny babies aren’t getting their way in free agency. Waaaahhhh!

  111. Bobby Says:

    The rays line of thinking, we will build with young prospects and we will be ok, sounds like the Bucs to me, compete for awhile and then watch as the teams around you pass you, Carolina is rebuilding, Atlanta is a stud, New Orleans is coming back and you say dont worry, I say You dont know the car runs you over, until it happens, because if you saw it coming you would have gotten out of the way, the Bucs are driving a GEO at 100 miles an hour, it only a matter of time till it falls apart, just hold on its coming.

  112. Patrick Says:

    I thought the plan was to draft, build a good nucleus, and then add free agents. Haven’t we build a good young nucleus?

  113. m.wesley Says:

    Bobby the Rays did not keep there best player sorry to inform you of that,overpaying for players is what the panthers are doing,I heard a lot of the same guys complaining say that we were set at most positions some want a change at corner but I sure would hate to get rid of the next great player like we have done so much of in the pass.Now lets get to this Black situation I said Ruud stunk up the joint explained why everyone told me what the experts had to say,well I dont see any one of those experts saying Black dont deserve the money they are now saying Ruud played kinda soft .Money talks bullspit runs a marathon,linebackers are falling off the board no one has Ruud and you guys are still mad

  114. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Booby you must be a Bruce Allen fan

  115. Jim Says:


  116. p.o.'d bucs fan Says:

    I like how the Cowgirls haven’t done anything in FA and yet are talked about constantly on NFL network were as the bucs are lucky to be mentioned at all…SMH

  117. Bobby Says:

    Wesley, thats my point, The Bucs will figure out someway to get to the cap number and not bring any help to the team, Crawford leaving hurt the rays tremendously, and the team is falling further and further out of contention, because, ownership refused to pay the price, they told us if you dont come then we are going to let the talent walk out the door, if they continue to do the same with the bucs the same will happen, it wont be long till the Glazers turn into the Culverhouses and we are seeing the same result as in the past. Business 101, you have to spend money to make money. It wont be long before the fan base falls to levels not seen in years as more people find other things to do on Sundays instead of watching a mediocre team.

  118. Bobby Says:

    Lucas, not really,

  119. BigMacAttack Says:

    I can’t believe that so many of you idiots are throwing in the towel before the first practice begins. The kids were stellar last season, the coaching is top notch, and the experience level is better than before. Really, losing Ruud and not having another FA big name vet is going to hurt us? Get real. Dominick knows what he has and from all indications, physicals, weigh-ins, and body mass shows these guys have been working their butts off to get ready for a better year than last. The Bucs will be fine with what they have now. Dom knows more than any of us, including Ian, SGW, or any of the beat writers. The time for panic was when Chucky stopped running the ball and started passing against the Giants. Even 3-13 was an improvement over that, or the MNF Carolina beatdown. WTF, life is good and be thankful for what we have….. which isn’t a rookie coach, rookie QB, losing record, and a bunch of new players without a clue. We have a handful of rookies but everyone else knows the system.

    Wake up People. Football is back. Relax and enjoy the show. If you don’t have tickets you better get them soon.

  120. Bobby Says:

    No playoffs wins in his tenure, Genius, Genius, You guys need to take your pewter glasses off and look at the product before you call him a great leader.

  121. Wienaman Says:

    Another one down; Johnathan Joseph to Texans 🙁

  122. Patrick Says:

    BigMacAttack said:

    “Really, losing Ruud and not having another FA big name vet is going to hurt us?”

    I think having a guy who was on the practice squad last year (Mike McKenzie), possibly start is going to hurt us. I’ve been hearing his name a lot lately. Throwing Mason Foster into the fire right away is gonna hurt us too.

  123. Patrick Says:

    *Tyrone McKenzie

  124. BigMacAttack Says:

    You don’t have to spend money to make money. That’s a myth. You have to be smarter than the competition, work harder, and have a better plan. And for God’s sake, don’t venture into a business that you know nothing about. Business 101 is a joke taught by a professor, taught by another professor who never had a successful business or he wouldn’t be teaching in the first place. However, everyone gets lucky and there are exceptions to every rule. Think outside the box. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Raheem’s strongest point is he thinks outside the box and isn’t afraid to try new ideas. What the hell is this? A clueless convention?

  125. Bobby Says:

    The weather in Tampa tore the Bucs flag, that cant be a good sign, if Gods trying to tell you people, spend some money.

  126. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Bobby — You’ve written off the season at 7 wins. C’mon. What was your prediction for last year. Surely you didn’t project 10, or 8, or 6. The call here was 5. …After going 10-6 they deserve the benefit of the doubt on that. The “organic” growth they like to talk about with a young team, part of that is getting better with experience, which they expect quite a bit of this year. …If you can’t give 10-6 the benefit of the doubt with the youngest roster in the league, then Joe can’t help you. … As for filling the seats, that’s a whole seperate issue and not one you want your GM and coaching giving two beans about.

  127. BigMacAttack Says:

    You can not prove that losing Ruud will hurt the Bucs. Maybe in a month, or after a couple games you might be able to say that. But no one knows what the future holds for the Bucs, and none of you have seen enough film on McKenzie, Foster or any other Buc newbie to know if they will perform worse than Ruud or not. You just don’t know, but obviously Dominick is pretty confident in someone or something that He and Raheem have going. It’s all speculation. No hard facts. All hot air and BS. Wait and see. I’m sure Dom is more qualified to run this team than any of us.

  128. Patrick Says:

    @Wienamen’s Steve Wyche has reported that the Bucs aren’t pursuing Asumugha.

  129. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    BObby wrote: “the Bucs are driving a GEO at 100 miles an hour, it only a matter of time till it falls apart, just hold on its coming.”

    Really? A Geo with Josh Freeman at quarterback, a thousand yard rusher, a veteran, deep offensive line with talent, plus Mike Williams, a guy his PEERS voted as one of the 100 best players in the entire league. …Interesting take.

  130. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Patrick, @Wienamen — We don’t need a cornerback.

  131. Wienaman Says:


    I know, Dom said that last night in not so many words during a press conference; makes losing out on Johnathan Joseph hurt a little more (imo)…we definitely don’t want baby daddy…err, Antonio Cromartie…not sure that really leaves anyone elite to sign; guess we go after a CB next year in the draft, hope we get a good one

  132. tony2cents Says:

    How could we not lock down J Joseph?! Come on Dom!

  133. Patrick Says:


    We could possibly lose both Barber and Talib next offseason

  134. Wienaman Says:

    Aqib Talib is a question mark, Ronde Barber plays two more years AT MOST, EJ Biggers and Myron Lewis are somewhat questionable; Anthony Gaitor and D.J. Johnson (the other two CBs listed on Wikipedia atm) are not even certainties to make the team…another CB would most DEFINITELY be a very very nice addition.

  135. Bobby Says:

    You just made my point, The Bucs have not brought anybody in the last couple of years, think out of the box, that means do something different, not the same thing we have done over the last few years, again if mediocre is ok, thats what we will be, because if you think the Bucs right now can make a playoff run and compete with the big boys your crazy, yes a blind squirrel does find a nut every once in a while, thats what the bucs were last year at 10-6, the fact is that eventually, what you are comes out, see exhibit a with the rays, You are looking at a mediocre team that without top tier talent will at some point be able to do only so much, its not there fault, its the glazers fault and your Buddy DOM the great, please!!!!

  136. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Patrick — And they both very well might be around, and they drafted a corner in the third round last year, which many considered the deepest draft in NFL history. And E.J. Biggers performed in his second year.

    Not a position of need in 2011, therefore no point in grabbing a free agent starter there.

  137. Patrick Says:

    Barber is on a 1 year contract, if the Bucs wanted him longer than they would’ve signed him for more years. Unfortunately, I think this will be his last year.

  138. Brad Says:

    All I know this was supposed to be the most exciting FA period in the NFL and I feel like the Bucs are in a lockout still. I’m so sick of watching NFL network and hearing about every other team but the Bucs. It makes no sense to me that we can’t have the best of both worlds. How can our team be great at scouting talent for the draft and other teams practice squad players but not at veteran players. I get what the plan is… Build team through the draft but to totally ignore the biggest FA period ever is just stupid!! We have the money to sign our rookies, our FA , have money to extend contracts when needed, and add new FA. I cant believe there are no players out there that would be a huge upgrade to what we have. These rookies and young players need some veterans to show them the way. Dominic ignoring FA is as frustrating as Dungy staying with the same OC and watching our offense suck every year.

  139. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Bobby — Simple question. Do you think the Bucs will be better on the field than they were last year?

  140. Patrick Says:


    If we both Barber and Talib next offseason, that means we’ll have two new starters. With the possibility of that happening, signing Asomugha is a good move. E.J Biggers is ok, nothing great. Lewis…..well we don’t know. But even if Lewis became a great player, we would still need another cornerback. Biggers is a good backup/3rd cornerback. He can still get playing time.

  141. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:


    Every single fan of every single team is answering “yes” to that question right now.

  142. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Brad — Millard and Stretz should be a huge upgrade for the D-line when it comes to leadership and “showing the way.” The linebackers could use a veteran, the secondary has Ronde. Freeman has a quality QB coach who played. The running backs have veterans. Winslow has an astounding work ethic all receivers can emulate. The offensive line is a veteran line. Sure seems to be enough leadership in place.

  143. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Creamsicle — Joe’s not talking about record when looking at perceived difficulty of schedule. Joe’s talking about play on the field.

    Sure. Every fan thinks that, but in the Bucs’ case it should be reality, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

  144. BigMacAttack Says:

    I was kinda hoping the Bucs would sign Nnamdi, but so what if they didn’t? I was kinda hoping they’d let Ruud go, but so what if they keep him. I can’t see how a team with another year of experience under their belt, from top to bottom would not improve. It just defies all logic. What if the Bucs signed Nnamdi or Joseph or Free or whomever the Phuc, paid him mass millions and he tore his ACL in camp? What then? Now you crybabies would really be jumping on the Thomas little dick bandwagon. Get a clue people, watch the practices and a couple of preseason games and then make an EDUCATED INFORMED decision and how they are doing.

  145. Brad Says:

    @Joe .. I think the question should be.. Are we doing everything we can to make our team better?

  146. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Patrick wrote: “Barber is on a 1 year contract, if the Bucs wanted him longer than they would’ve signed him four more years. Unfortunately, I think this will be his last year.”

    Hard to believe the Bucs would be foolish enough on the PR side to let Ronde leave if he wants to say. Sure, if he sucks, that’s one thing. But there’s no reason to think he’ll go at this point. Why would he want to? Another $5 million to play for good team with far less OTAs and other commitments. …Easy money.

  147. tony2cents Says:


    You can’t tell me that a few players aren’t turned off by some of Dom’s moves as of late. First by putting a rookie at the center of the D, and then standing idly by as potential starters get nabbed left & right.

  148. Bobby Says:

    I know the draft picks are going to be improvements over some of the guys that we had last year, but to say that there is not one free agent out there that is an improvement as well is insane. The Rookies are good, but they will make mistakes, and they need leadership to guide them along the way, but when you hear reports saying that the bucs are not intrested in the asmuwa, it just makes you shake your head, Barber is not going to be here forever and talib, God i hope thats not the leadership the new guys lean on.

  149. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Good post, Joe.

  150. Patrick Says:

    Sorry, I meant “for” not “four” more years

  151. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Brad — … Absolutely, which again goes back to the point of the post, which is the regime has earned the benefit of the doubt after last season.

    Joe gets that the approach (what we see so far) looks like the Bucs aren’t going all-in for a Super Bowl in 2011, and that’s got people ready to jump off a bridge. …Joe will address in a post tomorrow.

  152. Nick P. Says:


    Just post some fake signings. That’s what JP Peterson does. Seems to make people happy.

  153. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Tony2cents — Can’t please all the players. No reason to try. Can’t bring back Ruud because Winslow thinks it’s important. It’s also not over yet. All the second-tier guys are still out there, Ruud included in that bunch. As for Mason Foster, really no reason yet to believe he’s the guaranteed annointed starter. Have to see how that plays out.

  154. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Joe, I just had 2 different sports videos start playing in the right sidebar after commenting.

    Both at the same time. And not football. Baseball. Ew.

  155. Bobby Says:

    once again, show me. No playoffs wins in his tenure, Genius, Genius, You guys need to take your pewter glasses off and look at the product before you call him a great leader. Let me know when we win a playoff game and then i will listen.

  156. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Nick P — Yes, Joe heard JPs reports of Truebood and Joseph signed. Probably came direct from JPs buddy Faine. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong, but Joe’s not running with it yet.

  157. tony2cents Says:

    Well when it’s all said and done, I’m with you Joe – In Dom I trust…but dammit he makes it hard sometimes

  158. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Bobby — Damn right. The Bucs better “show me,” as you say. But to chalk up last year to luck is ludicrous.

  159. Wienaman Says:

    Schefter announces Clabo re-signed to the Falcons…oh well, another pipe dream down the drain, just hope our current guys step up on the O-Line I suppose

  160. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I’ll say this…I’m excited about where this tem is going.

    But forgive me if I hold back a little until players prove they are not flukes. I see nothing wrong with it. After Clayton, White and Sabby, it’s hard to accept until we see the proof before our eyes.

    The only negative I see this year is caused by the lockout. IT prevented rookie players that will start from getting acclimated sooner. I suspect the first half of the season might be a little harsh vfor the defense.

    Hopefully the offense will pick up the slack.

  161. tony2cents Says:

    wow Joe, I’m a daily reader and I cant remeber seeing 150+ comments…just saying

  162. Bobby Says:

    ok Joe, i will back away from the knifes and wait and see what happens, I just hope that its sooner than later, I hope your right and im wrong, but the track record, that during Doms tenure, all we have are, we should have been in the playoffs, and i say beat the Lions, i hear we are a great team and i see no playoff victory, I hear we will win if have home field advantage, all i see is the giants running off the field in victory, In this day and time, all we have is what have you done for me lately, I dont want to hear about a great 10-6 year, i want to have a team thats going after the Championship, not just good seasons.

  163. josh Says:

    It’s not clear just when the Bucs entered the race, though it is worth noting that their name appeared just as the Texans dropped out. The Jets are widely considered the favorites, and they are reportedly asking for a decision by the end of the night. The Niners may up the ante as well after losing out on Johnathan Joseph

    Source: Newark Star-Ledger

  164. FWIW Says:

    would be nice to snag em

  165. Patrick Says:

    How about adding Ahmad Bradshaw to the Bucs backfield? He’s only 25 years old and he would be a great compliment to Blount.

  166. Brad Says:

    @Joe if that’s the plan that were not gearing up for a Superbowl run then I get it. I like Dom, I like how were building the team into (hopefully) a lasting contender, I like our future stars. I’m still hoping we get some FA that would be considered upgrades to key positions. At this point were not sure if any of this years draft class or last years draft class are all hits. I would think FA could help protect the team in the event 1 or more drafted players don’t pan out or aren’t ready to be a starter. I believe were putting a lot of pressure on these young players.

  167. Dew Says:

    You can’t compare the NFL to MLB. The NFL has a program that ensures similar levels of spending for all teams. MLB likes to keep the large market teams superior by not having equal payrolls. The Rays have to play with one arm behind there back in the MLB system. Yet they expect us to attend games like they really have a chance. The Bucs have to spend the same amount basically as the Giants and Cowboys. That’s a huge difference.

    I expect a few splash signings but I also expect Dom to reward the best players this year near the end of the season with nice longterm contracts. Like Freeman, Blount, Williams, etc.

    Keep the faith. And go BUCS.

  168. Wienaman Says:

    Will make another general statement btw…Johnathan Joseph would/could have been a long term investment, with three extra years pushing him into two contracts; Asomugha, if we happen to get him, would be a “win now” move, from my perspective; strange things going on, if Newark Post Ledger knows what they are talking about

  169. m.wesley Says:

    Sorry Bobby but we are resigning our players and have the money to sign the Blunts, Williams and Freemans the RAYS on the other hand let them go,you think because they are young we should upgrade with vets because we have the money,what do you do with the youngsters than,we spend the money on a corner and talib or biggers has twice the ints.We get a vet at reciever and Williams or Benn keeps him off the field we cant pay them because we were doing our best Bruce Allen impersonation and spent the money on someone else,and then they are gone in free agency to another team.Was it me imagining things but I thougt I heard Dom say he was not signing backups so what do you want them to do?stop the progress of young players that deserve to start just to try and make the playoffs than you are over the cap and your core is gone because they feel betrayed when a vet came in and took their position?Having young good players is a problem but its a good one,everyone on this site claims to be so smart but I remember a saying those who dont remember the past is bound to repeat it so I guess we need to repeat what we went through after the superbowl with no trade value from misuse of free agency and not letting young players develope?

  170. josh Says:


  171. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    See……that’s all I really need to hear right now to put a smile on my face.

    You can’t tell me that signing him and adding either Sproles or Bradshaw wouldn’t send shockwaves both through the fan base and more importantly, the Bucs locker room

  172. tony2cents Says:

    wow, if newark star post is legit

  173. Pete Dutcher Says:

    wesley, everyone here isn’t “smart”, we just have very strong opinions…


  174. Ben Huynh Says:

    I understand Dominik may be biding his time, but i am getting frustrated with the lack of action from the bucs front office. If you need to spend money, THEN SPEND IT!!!!

  175. Patrick Says:


    what source did you get that from?

  176. Dew Says:

    I was at the Bucs/Giants playoff game when Bradshaw torched us. I would love to see him and Blount together. Better than Bradshaw/Jacobs IMO. And ASO also. Wow that would be exciting.

  177. gotbbucs Says:

    m.wesley, exactly right.

    Unfortunately, none of the whiners on this comment board can se any farther in front of thier faces than this season.

  178. Bobby Says:

    The Jets initially contacted Asomugha Tuesday. The 49ers and the Texans were also in hot pursuit, but now the Joseph deal presumably eliminates Houston from the race. But Tampa Bay — which has been relatively quiet in free agency thus far — has also been in the mix, per a person with knowledge of the teams competing for Asomugha’s services.

  179. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:


    I would hope anyone they signed would be for a little longer than just 1 yr contracts

  180. thats the truth truth Says:

    Mark D isn’t dumb but if the bucs want to put fans in the seats they are going to have to bring in someone i am as big of a buc fan as there is but if you want people too spend the money to go to a game in this economy a team of unproven players isn’t the way to accomplish that last year is over with its a what can you do for me now league and you have to admit the schedule was pretty weak last year ( i know they play the teams they have to play) but its not going to be easy this year and because a player does something one year doesn’t mean they can do it every year lets not forget freeman won quiet a few games at the end of games last year some of them games we could have easily lost i remain optimistic because the bucs are the team i have watched since i was a little guy but with that said i think we should be bringing in players because we are way under the cap and alot of these players are signing long term deals and free agency isnt always chock full of good talented proven players who can come in and start tomorrow and fill some holes!

  181. Patrick Says:

    You think it would work to have Cadillac, Blount, Bradshaw, and Bradford on the same roster? Cadillac is not effective as a runner anymore but the way he saved Freeman on blocking last year is very important to us so I’m not sure what we should do. Because signing Bradshaw would be an upgrade to Caddy as far as running the ball goes.

  182. IBleedPewter Says:


  183. BigMacAttack Says:

    Creamsiclebanana, you are absolutely correct that signing 1 big name FA would definitely drum up fan support as well as team morale, IMO.Perception is reality…… and Pete, I know for a fact that I’m not smart.

  184. Patrick Says:

    Wow Joe, have you ever had this many comments on a single discussion before?

  185. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:


    There’s a classic morning cup of Joe that turned into a discussion on politics… had to be around this long

  186. BigMacAttack Says:

    Hmmm? I must have slept in that day. Sorry, I’m just trying to help boost this over 200. I haven’t seen 200 yet. Anybody?

  187. gotbbucs Says:

    Patrick, why on earth would Dominik go after a high dollar Rb in free agency when we just had an undrafted rookie rush for 1000 yards in 3/4 of a season? Think about it!

    It’s obvious you don’t care who they sign, just so you can see somebodies name in a Bucs caption on Rotoworld.

  188. Dan Says:

    i think a big name signing couldnt hurt…

    (thinks about it)

    unless that big name signing pans out like derrick ward. in that case no signing would have been better for attendence than a big splash

  189. The “Wisdom” of ESPN | Speculative Thinker Says:

    […] then you understand that the Bucs are operating as well as any team in football. Over at JoeBucsFan that point was made just earlier today. Think about what Tampa has done so far, they learned the in’s and out’s of the new CBA so […]