“Those Who Aren’t Here Will Have To Catch Up”

June 28th, 2011

Don’t think for a second that the Bucs players practicing here in Bradenton today are doing this for show or think it’s just an effort-free, coach-free exercise.

Kellen Winslow issued some hard words to Joe about the meaning of the three-day minicamp.

“Those who aren’t here will have to catch up,” Winslow said.

Asked if that will be difficult for those absent, Winslow said, “We all will have to catch up. This is just [the equivalent of] walking. … “You can lift weights all you want. I have to run routes.”

Make no mistake. The Bucs receivers here are running routes. But Winslow’s point is well taken. There’s no substitute for the learning and pressure of training under the watchful eye of coaches.

10 Responses to ““Those Who Aren’t Here Will Have To Catch Up””

  1. Mauha Deeb Says:

    There is nothing more valid to a young player,with an iffy contract, than a veteran(with a guaranteed contract showing up to a voluntary player organized practice)calling out those who do not participate. I am sure Winslow’s words will hit deep with the Bucs’ young guns.
    I’m sure day 2’s turnout will be more fruitful.

  2. Gary Says:

    seriously though, where the hell is Blount? He is the exact type of player that should be there.

    I hope he isnt there for all the right reasons.

  3. K2theSoldier Says:

    There’s a problem with the Blount thing. He updated his Facebook yesterday saying he’s going to be at the workouts today. I’m pretty confused now.

  4. Dave Says:

    K2the Soldier:

    I saw that he plans on being there also. Maybe Joe missed him or maybe he shows up late.

    Ruud, with his contract thing… I understand.

    Caddy, even though he has a contract issue, surprises me, figured he would have shown up.

  5. the_buc_realist Says:

    How does K2 know that if you are not at mini camp that you are missing something. Isn’t this his 1st mini camp????

  6. MOBucs Says:

    Good point Buc Realist. I’m glad he’s showing the dedication now but he was known for only showing up to training camp his first couple years with Tampa. Obviously this is a much different offseason though. Either way, it’s great to see such a great turnout.

  7. SkookumSmitty Says:

    I seem to remember reading a quote from K2 last year where he mentioned that he has realized he has to work harder to stay fast…Fast enough to remain at the top. I applaud his dedication, and have no problem with him calling out those that are not there.

    Leadership is doing what you expect others to do, not telling them what to do. He is a good example.

  8. the_buc_realist Says:

    Of course he realized he has to stay fast. That is because he cannot block. If he loses his speed then he is worthless.

    And if a guy who does not show up for voluntary workouts during the offseason, only does half his job on the field, is a leader. Then we can expect to finish third in the division again.

  9. Jon L. Says:

    I wonder how well Winslow will play this year. Maybe he will regain his form when he played so well in Cleveland a few years back.

  10. Bucnjim Says:

    If you think Winslow didn’t play well for the Bucs last year then I guess you didn’t watch ANY games. He was one of the most clutch players we had on offense. Whether it was a third down reception to move the chains or a circus catch down the middle of the field; Winslow was one of the main reasons the Bucs were so successful on offense. That catch against the Lions that was called offensive pass interference; (BS) was one of the sickest grabs I’ve ever seen.