Roger Goodell, Bucs Fans And Blackouts

June 9th, 2011

Joe didn’t have a chance to listen in on NFL chieftain Roger Goodell’s conference chat with Bucs season ticket holders yesterday because Joe was bouncing all over Pinellas County in his real job and away from a computer.

But Joe did monitor Twitter on his blackberry, as Joe is wont to do when away from his home PC (Joe is irritated at Blackberry at the moment because a forced “upgrade” has removed column views on his web browser, leaving Internet access on the device virtually useless), and noticed Derek Fournier of was Twittering while listening to Goodell and seemed generally depressed at what he heard.

Update from the call with the Commissioner: Absolutely nothing new. #FansScrewed

Now Joe clearly didn’t know what Goodell was going to say, but Joe knew what Goodell wasn’t going to say: He wasn’t going to tip his hand in any way about negotiations with the NFLPA.

Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune was monitoring the conference call and Joe found it interesting that Goodell seems to generally be concerned that fans are turned off by TV blackouts, as Bucs fans are all too aware of.

Though he offered no promise of imminent change, Goodell said he was on the side of those hoping to see the rule amended in a way that will make it easier for teams to sell out games and lift local TV blackouts.

“We need to continue to look at it and make modifications, whether they be in some of our policies with regard to discounting of tickets or comp tickets (or other options),” Goodell said. “We’ll continue to do that in a way that I think is responsive to the economic conditions that our fans are going through.”

Joe is firmly of the belief that technology is passing the NFL by and it’s a battle the NFL will be hard-pressed to win.

People love their HDTVs and with a DVR, gives fans the control to watch a replay a number of times. As a friend of Joe’s years ago said about watching games at home vs. going to The CITS: “I can get just as drunk at home and if I give away a couple of beers, I can have someone sit next to me and scream and jump up and block my view.”

Hopefully, part of the new upgrades at The CITS is a Bud Zone-like watering hole inside the stadium much like at the Gator Bowl (or whateverthehell the stadium in Jacksonville is called these days).

But more to the point about blackouts and sellouts, Joe absolutely believes that soon, once the NFL deems a Bucs game a blackout, DirecTV customers with NFL Sunday Ticket will, for say $75 a game, be able to watch a blacked out home Bucs home game.

Joe hopes some fan was able to ask Goodell if his way cute wife talks naughty at home as she did on her job?

“YouTube me!”

8 Responses to “Roger Goodell, Bucs Fans And Blackouts”

  1. Espo Says:

    go to the game

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    LOL! This chick has absolutely no clue. Joe you need to have your guests start rehearsing.

  3. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I think I saw transcripts or something on the Buccaneers website, joe…brb I’ll check.

  4. Pete Dutcher Says:

    No, not transcripts, but quite a bit about what he said though under “Commish: A Sense of Urgency for Everyone”

    http ://www news/article-1/Commish-A-Sense-of-Urgency-for-Everyone/20e2fa4d-66a5-4fab-886d-1e177e22ddb8

  5. Jorge Says:

    I’ve hear (in the closet) Shep say much worse…youtube him lol

  6. Nate Says:

    To be honest I thought Roger was a going to be a good Commissioner.. Now i know hes a bad Commissioner (Warden)! to be honest all the sports commissioners are pretty bad.. The NBA has a terrible commish also.. So this should not suprise anyone.. How about electing a ex player or coach or even a ex owner as a Commissioner..

  7. dan Says:

    i have a question. what is the comisioner’s actual job? like is it just spokesman? or does he have duties, other than being the head of the player behaviour regulatory committee? jw i mean id like to bash him too, but i dont think it would be fare for me to do so without a proper understanding of his purpose… like if its just spokesman for the owners… then cant fault him for doing his job-mouthpiece, if its pr guy, paid by the owners? then id say he’s doing the best he can under the circumstances… idk just want to hear what he’s supposed to do before i call him a failure haha

  8. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Try as I might, I just can’t warm up to this football commissioner. I don’t like him.