“Average Linebacker That Can Be Upgraded”

June 22nd, 2011

The lovely and talented Sarah Tyson returns to the infamous JoeBucsFan TV studio to interview a very large draft guru who makes a strong case against Barrett Ruud getting a fat contract from the Bucs.

Must-watch television!

42 Responses to ““Average Linebacker That Can Be Upgraded””

  1. Bucnjim Says:


    Great job breaking down the Ruud situation. Makes perfect sense! Physical, Violent & Aggressive is what they’ve been preaching; now let’s see if Foster and some of these other young players can deliver.

  2. CalicoJack Says:

    Leadership myth busted: https://www.joebucsfan.com/?p=49551

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @CalicoJack — First, this video was recorded before that post, but I think Justin’s talking more about leadership style and effectiveness.

  4. Jampersands Says:

    Lol Joe, why would you put Justin RIGHT NEXT to the CAMERA! He looks big enough as it is!!

  5. Big Marlon B Says:

    Thanks to the Commish for finally stressing something I have tried saying on numerous occasions….THIS IS NO LONGER A PURE TAMPA 2 DEFENSE!! Don’t get me wrong, I think Barrett Ruud is a solid player as well as a great influence on the players around him. But everyone who tries to justify re-signing him strictly based on him being an ideal fit for the Tampa 2 is simply misinformed. Raheem is trying to turn this into more of a hybrid style defense, incorporating some aggressive play calling at times, attacking opposing offenses….as opposed to the “bend but don’t break” type of philosophy used by Monte Kiffin with the Tampa 2.

    Just because this is Tampa, where Kiffin’s Tampa 2 defense become a dominant force, does not mean the Bucs will use this type of defensive philosophy until the end of time. Thanks again Justin for trying to make this clear to everyone.

  6. Joe Says:


    Justin (and Sarah) are maybe 8-10 feet from the cameras.

  7. Jampersands Says:

    Ah, my bad, just looks that way I guess. Great, insightful stuff from the Commish.

  8. dan Says:

    when did they EVER say he ‘is going to play inside linebacker’ ? only thing i have ever heard ‘them’ say is that he ‘CAN play any position’ stop all dramatic misquoting.

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @ Joe,

    It is definitely the right thing to put Justin closer to the camera, for Sarah Tyson’s sake. You always want to put the female further away, so they look smaller. However, there are numerous shots where you cut off the top half of Justin’s head while filming tight shots of Sarah. This is a big no-no in video. You can cut off the top half of the forehead, but you can’t cut off half his head. I know that’s my dorky video production side, but it was kind of bothering me. But loved the video!!!

  10. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Hawaiian — Appreciate your feedback. Justin’s at least 6-5 and Sarah’s probably around 5-1, which is part of it. No biggie. We’re cool with not being perfect on the video side.

  11. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:


    I’m pretty sure Rah said they were going to play him at MLB during a post draft interview

  12. Hector Says:

    **Capt Tim**, I have been waiting for you to chime in on this since you take Ruud side on the LB’s argument. I’ve also said it before this is no linger a cover 2 scheme that Tampa is running. Ruud needs to go. i don’t care who says that he is a good LB( Brooks is nothing more than a yes man) media or writers ( they don’t watch the games they just look at stats). Ruud is smart, and lines up the D yesh that all good, but damn it make a freaking play when it comes your way. the the ball carrier know your playing the game.

  13. dan Says:

    in both raheem and mark dom’s post draft interview both said he is ‘versatile’ and can play ‘all three positions, no where have they said he ‘will play middle’ or we ‘want him in the middle’ it is a dramatic jump that the media (espn.com, tampabay.com, and also this site) has made, just because both raheem and mark dominic said that he COULD play all three positions, that means they intend to play him at middle…. an irrational jump (partially helped by the fact that raheem in his answer said once you figure out what goes on in free agency then you can put guys where you want on the depth chart) so the jump was made (not a huge jump, but an unfair one) that- ruud will be lost in FA and Mason will replace him.

  14. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I can hear Ruud singing this song: (set to Evita, Don’t cry for me Argentina”)

    “Don’t Cry For Me Buccanears”

    It won’t be easy, you’ll think it strange
    When I try to explain how I feel
    That I still need my contract after all that I’ve done

    You won’t believe me
    All you will see is a linebacker you once knew
    Although I’ve made nine tackles
    You just look at the yardage you’ve lost

    I had to let it happen, I had to change
    Couldn’t stay all my life at Raymond James
    Missing out on the playoffs, lying flat on my back

    So I chose New York
    Running around, trying everything new
    But nothing impressed me at all
    I never expected it to


    Don’t cry for me Buccanears
    The truth is I really screwed up
    All through my wild days
    My bad tackling
    I called the defense
    Don’t keep your contract

    And as for fortune, and as for fame
    I never invited them in
    Though it seemed to the world they were all I desired

    They are illusions
    They are not the solutions they promised to be
    The answer was here all the time
    Shed blocks and tackle for loss
    Don’t cry for me Tampa fans


    Have I said too much?
    There’s nothing more I can think of to say to you.
    But all you have to do is look at me to know
    That every word is true

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    Hail to the Commish! I agree with the Justin 100%.

  16. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Mr. Lucky — Way to funny. … You know we all need some football when people are busting out Evita song parodies.

  17. Architek Says:

    Thanks Justin for communicating and being honest. Can’t say that about everyone on this blog. I like the fact Justin hasn’t wavered all off-season and he/Ian Beckles has made it a point to disqualify some people arguments that he is so “smart” and “productive” in what the Bucs ask of him. Has anyone said “this guy is a physical leader that always responds when the defense is getting gutted?” Or “when a play needs to be made, he always finds a way to get it done.”

    No or maybe he’s on the playoff linebacker list that another credible media-outlet highlighted that all playoff teams had last post-season. And for the grand-finally, Ruud’s agent probably paid-off Kirwan to speak highly of Ruud to counter all of the negative from the Bucs fan-base only because he doesn’t even register on other team’s fan bases.

    Thanks Commish! Keep up the great journalism and integrity to your argument by not letting some old goober sway your opinion.

  18. Architek Says:

    Mr. Lucky, that is HILARIOUS!!!!!

  19. Capt.Tim Says:

    Justin and Hector> Kiwan, Brooks,White, Kiffin,Morris, Miller etc . Etc.

    Yeah , Ok! I’ll call and let all the real experts know that Justin and Hector said they’re wrong. Hope they can take it. Lmao.

    Nice try. As I’ve said, all of you who listen to Ian” the Pied Piper” Beckles will figure it out around July 5 or 6, when FA hits and Ruud starts to get offers. After all you’ve read about Ruud from the experts posted he, I’m not wasting time saying anything else here. Obviously facts or expert opinions aren’t enough for the Ruud haters.

  20. Irwin Scheister Says:

    Bwahahahaha buh bye Ruud… That guy in the video is probably just as fierce as scrub Ruud .50 cal or whatever he wants to be called. I’ll call him anything he desires if he never lines up in a Buc uniform again.

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t listen to anybody, I watch the games. I haven’t liked what I’ve seen out of Ruud since Carolina totally gutted the Bucs on National TV a few years ago. They were 9-3, destined for the playoffs and the Captain of the Defense lead them to 3 straight losses and the worst stretch of defense in years. Monti got blamed but Ruud has pretty much sucked ever since, maybe a little before. He’s weak, he’s slow, he doesn’t move well laterally. Justin nailed it, if they wanted to keep him he would have had a contract way before this. Truthfully, I doubt Tom Coughlin will want him either. Film doesn’t lie and Ruud will be out of the NFL by 2012. His 15 minutes is up. Sorry Kirwan, you’re wrong and don’t watch the Bucs’ games.

  22. D-Rome Says:

    Hmmmmmm….did Justin ever play in the NFL? What do former NFL players and insiders say about Ruud? That’s right, almost all of them think he’s great and that it would be a great mistake to let him go. Yeah…

  23. USFBULLS89 Says:

    It’s the D-Line that’s the problem not LB’s. Ruud’s performance will go up with an improved D-Line. Raheem likes to have a lot of depth so I expect to see both Rudd and Foster split time at MLB and eventually Foster or someone else taking over.

  24. gotbbucs Says:

    I don’t think Ruud is a terrible player by any means and I think that once this D-line gets a little more seasoning that he’ll probably look a little better back there, but he’ll probably never be the type of thumper that the majority of us want him to be.
    He’s always going to need a clear path to make plays near the line of scrimmage, any amount of traffic pretty much eliminates him from the play. For me personally, I like to see linebackers that have a little bit of fire to them, maybe look and play like they’re pissed off at the world. Ruud will never be that type of guy and that drives me nuts.
    Three years ago I thought Ruud was on his way to being a perennial pro bowler, but ever since his failed attempt at a holdout he’s looked timid out there. I won’t be overly mad either way if they keep him or not, I just feel like it’s time to part ways.

  25. Bucnjim Says:

    No expert anywhere at anytime ever refered to Ruud as a PRO BOWL LB or even GREAT! His best complement has ALWAYS been he’s a smart player who plays WELL in the Tampa2 system. He makes tackles, but never splash plays and NEVER makes a play when the game is on the line. There is nothing that Ruud does on the field that Barber can’t take over. All you need to do is check out the Bucs top 10 defensive plays of 2010. Guess who stars in that video? NOT RUDD!! It’s that spark plug in the secondary called Ronde Barber! He was responsible for 3 of the top 10 defensive plays and 2 of them sealed victories for the Bucs. Hell; Cody Grimm got video time then our team captain.

  26. Bucnjim Says:

    Let me break out the Snow Plow and clear Ruud a path to the Running back…..Opps; he just got plowed over! Never mind….

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I think you have to take what these experts say about Ruud with a grain of salt. With the exception of White (kind of), none of them are known for ripping anyone. Even with White, I don’t think it’s out of the question that he may someday be a part of our coaching staff, which means he could potentially coach Ruud. That would be a bad start, don’t you think. I haven’t hear #55 say anything bad about anyone at anytime. I’m pretty sure if you asked him about Sabby, he would say he’s got great instincts and incredible talent. That’s just the kind of guy he is. And why would Morris rip Ruud? That would be the stupidest thing any coach could ever do, not to mention very low class. Same applies for Monte Kiffin. Fact is, very rarely do you see anyone close to any organization rip a player. When they do, it becomes a Tiki Barber situation, and we all know how that is received. It’s just not a smart move, and little to no good will ever come out of it. As for what Pat Kirwin thinks, that means about as much to me as what Thomas 2.2″ thinks (no offense to either).

    The true value of Ruud to this organization will be determined when the lockout is over. I’m sorry, but him signing with another organization for big money means jack sh&^ to me (even though I don’t think that will happen). Teams overpay for free agents all the time. Look no further than our own team for proof. Now if we give him a big long-term contract, then that will show how Morris (and the rest of the coaches) really feels about him. That goes a lot further than what they say in a stupid interview. Like the old saying goes, “money talks…….”. And yes, the MLB is extremely important in ANY and EVERY defense at ANY and EVERY level.

  28. Jimmy Says:

    Sarah would be more physical than Ruud!

  29. PWNASAURUS Says:

    Can we just stop using praise from Supposed experts, coaches, former players, current players, and other teams players to defend Ruud. When was the last time you heard a Coach, current teammate, former teammate, or other teams players say anything bad about another player outside of having a “personal” issue??? The answer: Never. Every player, coach, and former teammate says that other players are great players ALWAYS when asked. The real truth will come from action or inaction in regards to a new deal for Ruud. My Prediction, Ruud sucks and will not be a Buc in 2011.

  30. Capt.Tim Says:

    HawaiianBuc. True. NFL players and coaches do not rip on current players. Ever. It’s considered classless and clueless( see ” Ian Beckles”). But that’s not what we are talking about. This guys gave ringing endorsements. If they don’t like a player, they just don’t comment. All of them made a deliberate effort( via interview, post, etc) to educate the fans as to Barretts true duties and value in the Tampa 2. To say that Derrick Brooks is wrong, to me is almost sacrilege. Pat Kirwan was a LB coach here, in the Tampa 2. Also a pro scout. To ignore his post on Ruud is really arrogant beyond belief. Kiffin perfected the Tampa 2. he doesn’t know Ruud’s job?? Morris has turned the Tampa 2.1 into even more of a pass defense oriented scheme. He’s out eating dinner with Barrett cause Barrett sucks?

    You guys must REALLY think you know Football, to just disregard all those legends. But I know one thing. You aren’t watching film. If you were, and saw how many times he chased down a RB, and singlehandedly saved a TD last year, you( like the experts) would get a cold chill down your spine at the though of him leaving.

    Again, a couple more weeks, and I believe he’s gone. Get ready for some serious “I told you so’s”.

  31. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Capt. Tim,

    These guys were asked questions about Ruud in particular. That’s why they gave him a “ringing endorsement”. Ruud has been ripped left and right, and I’m sure they feel a sense of brotherhood with Ruud.

    You have yet to answer the question as to why we haven’t signed him to a long term deal despite his pissing and moaning for over 2 years now. What does that tell you? Sounds to me like they are going to use him until they can find an upgrade. And before you say his MLB position isn’t important in the Tampa 2, remind us again how much Tampa 2 we actually play now.

  32. Bucnjim Says:

    Sapp chasing down RB’s from behind was extremely impressive. For a man his size; he was quick off the ball and even fast in pursuit. LB’s are supposed to be road blocks not revolving doors. The reason Ruud chases RB’s down is because he is being blocked at the point of attack and the only way to make the tackle IS from behind. Did he cover for other players mistakes? Sometimes! Did Cody Grimm cover for Ruud’s mistakes? More times than not! Also; I’ve watched so many replays of Bucs games looking for any reason to support Ruud. As a Captain and a leader of the D; he has failed miserably. He has only succeeded to be an average player with a above average IQ.

  33. Architek Says:

    You have some points as far as Mr. Brooks and Pat Kirwan resume but couldn’t you make the same argument for Todd Wash coaching versus his lack of productivity. Does the fact that he was a NFL coach validate his opinion considering he was insufficient last year? My point is we all see and know what Ruud is as we don’t need a qualifier to tell me what we see weekly. No one said he wasn’t average but thats just what he is. Whether you stay with him or get another MLB, there are going to be learning curves throughout the season but over the course of the season young explosive players get better and not receive a serving by Chris Ivory (even the Commish brought it up).

    Change is good and we wouldn’t be a young and growing team without change. Don’t stop the progression now.

  34. OAR Says:

    So, if Brooks, Kirwan, or White say anything good or positive about Raheem, we can’t take their word for it? That’s what you guys are saying! Afterall, they are all just professor positives and don’t say anything bad! Too funny!
    I don’t think anyone is saying Ruud is great or a HOFer. Of course, some were asked to give their opinion of Ruud’s play. And, why not? They played with him and/or are familiar with our defensive scheme. I’m sure they just feel Ruud isn’t as bad as some fans think he is. I’ll listen to the experts, coaches, and players that actually played with him on the field. Just because we watch the games, doesn’t mean were experts on a players worth to the team. Let’s let Dom and Raheem worry about the roster. We all have varying wish list rosters!

  35. Capt.Tim Says:

    Again, I am not a huge Ruud fan. I’m sick of talking about him. But I can’t stand seeing the guy trashed so badly, for something that isn’t his job. I will say this again. Ruud does NOT play “in the Box”. He has no gap assignment.EVER. NEVER EVER! EVER. He has Zone assignment. Like Barber, Talib, and Jones. ZONE. At the Snap- Ruud, Barber, Talib, and Jones do the same thing- BACKPEDAL! To get to their Zone!

    How much do we play the Tampa 2? About 30% of the time. We play the Tampa2.1 about 50 percent if the time- which is a 3-3-5 defense, and commits Ruud even MORE to zone coverage. To make a tackle 6 yards behind the line of scrimmage, Ruud has ran Foward at least 6 yards, as his mid Zone is about 12 yards off center.

    If you watch any tape from last year, any PLAY from last year, you’ll see exactly what I’m saying. Unless they call for a mike LB blitz( very rare) he drops EVERY PLAY! If you cat see that. I don’t know what else I can say to you.I just don’t .

  36. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Actually, Capt. Tim called him tremendous on the last Ruud post. That’s what gets me. I’m not saying he’s horrible, I’m just saying let’s stop with the tremendous talk. I still hope we keep him, but I don’t think he is ever going to be a great MLB. He certainly isn’t one now.

    As for the experts, I just said we should take it with a grain of salt. I’m not saying we should ignore them completely, but an endorsement from them is exactly what I would expect. And yes, the same applies for Raheem Morris.

  37. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    There are so many flaws in your last comment I dont know where to start. We don’t even play the 3-3-5 10% of the time. That is not the 2.1. The 3-3-5 was created and used to keep Quincy Black on the field on passing 3rd downs. Look it up. That is the only time we used it, and we never used it once when Black was hurt. And we played quite a bit of man. I have no idea what you are watching when you say Ruud, Barber, and Talib backpedal at every snap. Did you not see Barber flying around at the line of scrimage making plays in every game? Are you telling me that on 3rd and short, Ruud still backpedals???? Are you saying we never play man defense? Simply not true. I dont hate Ruud, but you just can’t make him into something he is not. But I am enjoying our daily disagreements about him. It’s so much more fun than arguing with Thomas the idiot!!!

  38. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I could be wrong, but i don’t think Kirwan was a coach here. I even looked it up, and all I could find was that he was a scout in the mid 80s. That puts him about 30 years removed, which was well before the Tampa 2 was born, not to mention Barrett Ruud. Sorry, but that doesn’t make him an expert on our defense.

  39. Joe Says:

    Hawaiian Buc:

    Pat Kirwan was a linebackers coach under Monte Kiffin with the Jets and they ran a Cover-2. He learned to coach linebackers from Monte Kiffin.

  40. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Thanks Joe, I stand corrected on the Kirwan comments.

  41. OAR Says:

    Thanks Joe, was just about to say that about Kirwan.

    I realize, you said with a grain of salt, etc. I guess I shouldn’t have been so general with the “you guys” statement. I didn’t necessarily mean you directly, sorry.
    And, I do agree with you on keeping him and the tremendous stuff/fluff.
    BTW even if we don’t run “the True” Tampa-2 all the time, it is still the basics and foundation of Raheem’s “hybrid” Tampa-2! So fundamently, we do run it.

  42. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Its all good. I think we are on the same page. I just don’t want to be labeled as a Ruud hater. I actually like the guy. There aren’t many guys on this team I want to get rid of. Unfortunately, you just can’t do that. I would like to see us keep Ruud, because he definitely brings a lot of positives, but I don’t think he is great by any means.

    As for the Tampa 2.1, I’m sure you are right. I’m much better at telling you what our defense isn’t versus what it is. I can, however easily recognize a 3-3-5 defense and know that it has nothing to do with the 2.1. I also know that Ruud does attack the line of scrimmage with some regularity, and with not a whole lot of success. I don’t think we can run the defense Raheem really wants to run with Ruud as our MLB.