Josh Freeman: Quarterback, Coach

June 14th, 2011

The word has been sent by the unquestioned Bucs leader: It matters not if you once owned a haberdashery or are embroiled in a legal matter for your very own freedom or are trying to sample every eatery in Hillsborough County or simply are hiding behind your agent.

If you claim to be a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a three-day minicamp is mandatory.

Both Victoria Lim of Bright House Sports Network and Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune have put the word out: Josh Freeman is demanding anyone expecting to be on the Bucs roster this fall is expected, no, required to be in attendance for a three-day minicamp, replete with two-a-days, run by Freeman himself.

It seems the Bucs third-year quarterback is doing his best to prepare the Bucs for the upcoming season, despite the asinine NFL lockout. Hence, all hands on deck later this month or Freeman will consider missing players AWOL.

“I don’t know about some of the free agents and rookies, but we’re hoping to have about 45 guys there,” Freeman said Monday. “We’re going to try to get everybody in and go over some scheme stuff and even install some stuff.

“I held on to some of my playbooks from the (regular) season and we’re putting together scripts and everything and just trying to get things back to normal as much as possible.”

Damn, what the hell is not to like about Josh Freeman? He keeps this up, and Joe may have to make room among his lust for Rachel Watson and his mancrush Albert Pujols.

Joe just cannot say enough good things about what Freeman is trying to accomplish in this trying NFL time.

27 Responses to “Josh Freeman: Quarterback, Coach”

  1. Gary Says:

    Freeman just keeps impressing with no end in sight. What an unbelievable feeling to know we have a QB and leader that the entire team follows.

  2. Matt Says:

    We have our first ever real franchise QB. I thought this day would never come.

  3. Aldo Says:

    i hate myself when i booed that pick in 2009 draft….
    josh freeman for president

  4. Gary Says:

    Don’t worry Aldo, we all made that same mistake.

    Imagine where we would be if Rah didn’t go to K-state for that 1 year? He wouldn’t have picked Free and there wouldn’t be as much hope as we have today.

  5. Vince Says:

    I’m with you Aldo—-I will now eat my healthy dosage of Crow

  6. Macabee Says:

    We often hear the experts refer to the “Intangibiles”. Josh Freeman’s insatiable thirst for perfection and his innate leadership qualities coupled with Morris’ enthusiam and Dominiks eye for talent are the intangibles that define a championship team.

  7. Atrain WD40 Says:

    I for one was a Freeman believer before the draft….. Actually I’m lying but don’t tell anyone.

  8. Jrock Says:

    It’ll be interesting to see who all shows up. But I agree with all before me, Freeman is an amazing leader – SOO glad he’s our QB

  9. derek Says:

    Joe may have to make room among his lust for Rachel Watson and his mancrush Albert Pujols.

    how can you have to make room for freeman? he should be every guys bucs fan man crush

  10. TrueBlue Says:

    For the record, we ‘all’ didn’t make that same mistake. There were some who wisely said wait and see. Morris was there with this kid and knew things others didn’t. Give them their due. Morris, Freeman and those who had the patience to let it play out.

  11. Kevin Says:

    I count myself among those that raised an eyebrow when this pick was made. I was longing for the Glazers to make an offer to Cowher and surely he would come and save the Bucs from the 3-13 hell that we were in. Little did I know that the Glazers made a bold and very unpopular move that is looking better and better with each year. I don’t know about every one else, but this sure is an exciting time to be a Bucs fan. End the damn lockout and let’s see some football this fall!

  12. Chris FWC :) Says:

    Love to read this! A Pro’s PRO. A man’s MAN.

    Now if we just had a leader on D that would bow-up and be the Man.

    When the last particles of fodder are inhaled and the smoke has cleared, when the cry’s of mercy are echoing from the enemy… we need that nasty mean defensive Captain to rise up, carry the battle flag and show true grit while leading us to VICTORY.

    (Ok, yeah, just got back from vacation and stopped off in Appomattox Court house, VA.)

  13. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    There are going to be several leaders on Defense starting this year IMO… McCoy, McKenzie and McGrimm 🙂

  14. Chris FWC :) Says:

    @ Not A… LOL!

    I’m McStoked!

  15. lightningbuc Says:

    As good a football player as he is, he’s an even better leader. I wonder if Faine will be able to squeeze these 3 days into his tight schedule that is filled up with all of his “business interests.”

  16. Hunter Says:

    @TrueBlue: I agree I was one of those people that hated hearing everyone else whine about Josh Freeman. I thought he was going to be good, but I admit I didn’t think he would be near this good…

  17. Captain Stagger Says:

    I would hope the rookies show up, I wonder if Freeman is willing to pick up the tab to fly them in seeing as though they have yet to cash in. I also think it will be very telling which free agents show up, and it might give you an idea if they want to come back. As for a defensive leader, McCoy seems to have tried, but I think you will see Foster and Clayborn really step up as rookies or 2nd year the way Freeman has. But if we are looking that far ahead I’ll throw Manti Te’o in the mix as the QB of the D for the next decade….:)

  18. MOBucs Says:

    Big Free!!

  19. DieHard_Bob Says:

    @ TrueBlue – I agree. I was a Morris fan from day one and didn’t have a problem with the Bucs taking Freeman but I was totally sold on the pick when they moved up in the draft to make sure they got him. No way they would have moved up at that point in the draft unless they knew in advance that he was going to be something special.

  20. James Pearls Says:

    Next step for Freemoney, develop an individual celebration or something, like Rodgers championship belt

  21. Chris FWC :) Says:

    @ Captain Stagger

    Oh man could you imagine getting another Captain/Leader type? A stud at that.

    Manti Te’o:
    In high school, Te’o had a 3.5 grade-point average and did volunteer work with the Shriners Hospital, Head Start preschool program, Hawai’i Food Bank and Special Olympics. Te’o also became an Eagle Scout in November 2008.[21] Te’o is a devout member of the LDS community.[22]

    They don’t just give out Eagle Scout. That is very hard to obtain and true leaders are awarded that.

  22. vitarich Says:

    We don’t deserve this guy. he’s way to good for us.

  23. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    What a leader Freeman has become in Tampa. I was skeptical when we drafted him so high, I admit. Now I can see why Tampa did not take a chance of him getting away.

  24. Mauha Deeb Says:

    21 comments and a fight hasn’t broken out in the comment section!?!?!
    Freeman must be a really special guy. I wouldn’t take another QB over him right now.

  25. TrueBlue Says:

    @Hunter and Die-Hard Bob:

    I think it’s great when fans admit they misjudged a guy – player or coach. Just don’t look for cover by saying everyone made the same mistake. It just takes away from an otherwise honest admission.

  26. BigMacAttack Says:

    I love Freeman, but I believe Raheem is pulling the strings here and this was the product of Raheem and Josh talking every day. As soon as I read “Mandatory” I thought of Raheem. Just a guess but I think Josh and Rah are about as tight as it gets, and that’s a good thing.

  27. Captain Stagger Says:


    I’ve been pushing Te’o on PewterReport since the draft ended. People seen infatuated with Burfict, but he seems like a haynesworth headache waiting to happen. I’m not seeing him in the first round of many mocks lately, but I am guessing late rd 1 early rd 2. Where ever he falls I pray we go get him. He would by far surpass clayborn, bowers, McCoy and evereyone else on the defence as the leader. For those that don’t know, go look him up. Tackling machine, physical, extremely bright, and an absolute field general!

    Ok enough man crush…..FYI I’m an eagle scout myself and it’s a 5-10 year commitment to earn it, and I mean earn!